7 big skincare habits that can lead to enlarged pores


7 big skincare habits that can lead to enlarged pores

Are the girls worrying, why are the pores on the faces getting thicker?

In fact, in daily skin care, some bad habits are the cause of large pores.

Which skin care habit will lead to enlarged pores?

How to shrink pores?

  The delicate skin is envied by every woman, and women who love beauty often use every means to carry out the big battle to refine the pores for the large pores.

However, everyone knows that some wrong skin care habits will gradually reverse their effects, leading to the infinite expansion of pores, and a series of skin problems such as blackheads and acne.

Let’s take a look at the bad skin care habits that lead to enlarged pores.

  Skin care habits that lead to enlarged pores1. Makeup is very serious, but makeup removal is lazy. Many MMs are very serious about makeup, but they like to be lazy when removing makeup. Doing good makeup removal work can even clean the makeup dirt on the face.You can also do an absolute cleansing of your pores.

  2, too much skin care products, although skin care is important, but also pay attention to moderation.

Too much care products, nutrition, skin can not absorb, stay on the skin, causing pores to be blocked, as a result, the pores will be more sustained.

If you want to shrink your pores, you need to be patient and take the right treatments to let your skin breathe again.

  3. Excessive makeup make-up As long as the skin is slightly shiny, as long as there is sweat, women who love beauty will constantly make up makeup. Although the “patch” powder is used to make up, but for the pores, it is difficult to clear the drainage channel., Immediately block it again!

This keeps adding powder, and it is difficult to breathe pores.

  4. Touch the skin directly with your hands to absorb the skin water. Directly contact the skin and easily bring the bacteria in your hands to the skin. You should pour the lotion into a cotton pad to wipe the skin on the entire face to moisturize.

Therefore, when using lotion, it is recommended to use a cotton pad as a skin care tool.

One is that the cotton pad can save the amount of lotion.

In addition, it can wipe the entire face.

When using a cotton pad, contour around the eyes and face.

Even both ends of the nose can be taken into account.

  5. Without using lotion, when cleaning with cleansing products, it has actually helped to open the pores and remove dirt. After cleaning, we need to use the lotion to help astringent pores and clean again at the same time to balance the effect of water and oil secretion.

  6. It is not expected that exfoliating skin will be more difficult to replace with age. After accumulation, it is easy to replace the pores, and the pores will become increasingly visible and enlarged.

  7, too much oil can not help but take out oil-absorbing paper and deep cleansing mask, but beware of excessive oil absorption will be chaotic and normal secretion, and many deep film first of all to expand the pores, in order to penetrate the pores and oil and dirt beltfrom.

  What to do if my pores are enlarged?

How to reduce pores, skincare and conditioning1. Do your daily makeup and cleansing carefully, and exfoliate your face regularly.

When cleaning, you can use makeup remover or cleansing oil to pour into the palm of your hand, without using water, point on the face and gently push it to the entire face; then use cleansing milk to clean it once.Both can be clean and refreshed to achieve a thorough cleansing effect.

You can apply it once or twice a week for a deep cleansing and firming effect. It can absorb excess oil until it gradually condenses pores.

However, be sure to pay attention to the frequency and method of use of the mask.

  2, lemon juice wash face-people with oily skin can add a few drops of lemon juice in clean water when washing their face, in addition to converging pores, can also reduce the generation of acne and facial blisters (but be careful not to be too thick, not toLemon juice is applied directly on the face).

  3, emergency ice compress-use a cotton pad dipped in iced lotion and apply it to the shell or pores with large pores to achieve a good convergence effect.

Yoga for 10 minutes away from office syndrome

Yoga for 10 minutes away from office syndrome

For the usually shortened “sitting group”, only a comfortable chair, through a few sets of scientific and reasonable yoga movements, insist on 10 minutes a day, can help you alleviate the “office syndrome”.

  Deep abdominal breathing: sit straight on a chair with your eyes closed and your lips slightly closed. When you exhale, the abdomen is taken in and the breath is completely exhausted. When you inhale, the breath enters the abdomen and the abdomen is swollen.

  Best relaxation: Sit on the chair 1/3, straighten your back, put your hands on your knees, and relax your shoulders.

When exhaling, rotate the neck to the left and right in order to inhale. Then exhale and lower your chin to find the collarbone. Inhale and return to normal.

Exhale your left ear against your left shoulder and inhale back to right, exhale your right ear against your right shoulder and inhale back to right.

Breathe naturally for six seconds at each step.

Repeat ten groups.

  Shoulder and arm relaxation: sitting on the chair 1/3, straightening the back, inhaling the left hand from top to back bending, exhaling the right hand from the back to the bottom, the fingers behind the hands are interlocked, the limit extension can not reachYes, try to expand your chest and waist as much as possible, and keep breathing naturally for six seconds.

Do the exercises in the opposite direction.

Repeat ten groups.
  Waist-bend type: Sit on the chair 1/3, straighten your back, relax your shoulders, and put your feet together.

The inhaling arm is raised high above the head and the hands are folded together. With the big arm behind the ear, the exhaling arm drives the upper body to bend to the right. Here, you keep breathing naturally for six seconds, and the inhalation returns to normal.

Do the exercises in the opposite direction.
Repeat ten groups.
  Eye-pushing type: Sit on the chair 1/3, straighten the waist and do deep abdominal breathing.

Rub the palms of your hands back and forth in front of your chest, and press the palms of your warm hands against your eyes, turning the eyeballs three times to the left and right.

  Special reminder: Always practice abdominal breathing in practice.

Each step is preferably 2 minutes.

Rehabilitation female hands and feet cold diet

Rehabilitation female hands and feet cold diet

Nuts, nuts, walnuts, sesame, pine nuts, etc .

; vegetables, chives, carrots, cabbage, spinach, etc .; fruits, apricots, peaches, papaya, etc., are the best choices to warm up, others such as beef, lamb,Seafood, four gods, glutinous rice, coarse rice, soybeans, tofu, sesame, brown sugar, etc. are all warm foods, and are the ingredients that should be replaced by people with cold hands and feet.

People who are prone to cold hands and feet should avoid eating cold food, ice products or cold drinks throughout the year.

  Vitamin E supplementation can expand peripheral blood vessels, which is very helpful for peripheral blood circulation, but the effect of vitamin E is slow and should be taken for a long time.

  Foods rich in vitamin E include wheat germ, cottonseed oil, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, nuts, meat and dairy products.

  Coffee nicotinic acid is very helpful for stabilizing the nervous system and the circulatory system. It can also improve nervous tension, tension diarrhea, dermatitis, expand peripheral blood vessels, and improve coldness of hands and feet.

  Foods with higher concentrations of nicotinic acid include animal liver, eggs, milk, cheese, coarse rice, whole wheat products, sesame, mushrooms, peanuts, mung beans, and coffee.

  Eating spicy food in moderation can keep the star shape and warm up hot spices such as chili, pepper, mustard, garlic, shallots, curry and other spices, which can promote blood circulation. When using the normal diet, pair it with food, such as eating fried noodles and adding rice noodles.Chili sauce; add more pepper when drinking soup; when eating dumplings, with a bowl of hot and sour soup, eat a lot of spicy spices 啰.

  In winter, you should eat warm foods such as ginseng tea, ginger duck, longan tea, black sesame, and sweet dumplings.


Wait, eating in winter can even keep your body warm, you can achieve the effect of body replenishment, hands and feet can no longer be cold.

  There are also many drugs in Chinese medicine that can improve and prevent cold hands and feet, such as ginseng, codonopsis, angelica, salvia, north scallion, velvet antler, rabbit silkworm, Morinda officinalis, hosta, cistanche, curculin, hosta, cinnamon stick, ephedra,Dried ginger, peppercorns, pepper, nutmeg, straw cardamom.

.Wait, unless you make tea, boil it, add it to the dish, eat as much as you like.

  Don’t be too hungry to stay in shape. Don’t be partial to eclipse. Excessive weight loss. Let your body store some proper aunts to help maintain body temperature.

If you know in advance that you can’t eat on time due to busy work today, you can prepare some cookies, bread, or ginseng tea.

Yoga clearing meridian breath regulation method

Yoga clearing meridian breath regulation method

The first stage: a posture that can sit comfortably for fifteen minutes.

Keep the front end straight. Use your right index finger and middle finger to place them in the center of your forehead, and place your thumbs and ring fingers on both sides of your nostrils to control airflow through your nostrils.

Let the left and right nostrils practise five complete breaths. It is best that there is no sound when the air comes in and out of the nostrils; the length of time to breathe (counting one to five) is the same.

  The second stage: exhaling and breathing alternately through the left and right nostrils, breathing deep and natural.

The position of the hand and the number of exercises are the same as the first stage.

  [Note]During these breathing exercises, you shouldn’t have the feeling of shortness of breath. Breathing should be natural, deep and comfortable without any effort. Under the conditions you feel comfortable, gradually increase the amount of air you breathe.

  The third stage: advanced method of clearing meridian interest rate adjustment (internal suspension).

When you can practice the first and second stages comfortably, you can start the third stage.

At this stage, the time to inhale, rest, and exhale (one to five or eight dark numbers) should be approximated.

  The fourth stage: internal and external suspension.

At this stage, no matter if you breathe or breathe, the time should be changed.

  [Note]People with hypertension, intracranial pressure, or vertigo suffer from suspending.

  The meridian-clearing and breath-regulating supplement can remove toxins from the blood system in terms of physical health.

Gives the body extra oxygen to nourish the body.

All the old breath in the lungs is also excreted.

In general, if done correctly, the body will feel refreshed, peaceful and peaceful, and the heart will become more peaceful and clear.

This exercise helps clear the “obstacles” in the meridian system and allows the vitality of life to flow through the meridian channels.

Withdraw all kinds of human senses and consciousness from the objects of perception.

How to do long-term insomnia medicated diet to help you sleep well

How to do long-term insomnia medicated diet to help you sleep well

Insomniacs are even present and are on the rise.

In the past four years, the number of patients attending the insomnia specialty clinic of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sleep Diseases in Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has increased by more than four times.

Zhang Xi, deputy director of the Chinese Sleep Research Association and the Department of Neurology of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, proposed that long-term insomnia is one of the risk factors for worrying about depression, so early medicine is necessary.

  Insomnia, multiple dreams, light sleep, and easy to wake up are the most familiar leaks in urban people in a sub-health state.

Tang Boxiang, deputy chief physician of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that these sleep disorders belong to the scope of traditional Chinese medicine theory, such as insomnia, insomnia, depression, depression, palpitations, and palpitations. They are related to various diseases and can cause different types of sleep disorders.

For example, depression is mostly related to depression and depression syndrome in western medicine; fatigue caused by senile debility or chronic illness can also affect sleep; sleep disorders caused by digestive disorders are interacting with traditional Chinese medicine “stomachDisagreement, then restlessness “is consistent; palpitations, shortness of breath, and paroxysmal dyspnea caused by cardiovascular disease can also affect sleep.

  Tang Boxiang has a simple and effective way to deal with insomnia.

Before going to bed, rinse an egg with boiling water, add a spoonful of Dong’e Ajiao powder, a spoonful of jujube kernel noodles, some fine salt, mix thoroughly and take it when the temperature is moderate.

  To treat insomnia and suicide often take Ejiao Bergamot: 5 grams of East Ejiao, 10 grams of bergamot tablets, 15 grams of Baiziren, one chicken liver, and 20 grams of rock sugar.

Put the cypress kernels into the pan and fry them.

Ejiao is mashed and mashed with water.

Rock sugar, bergamot slices and boil after adding water.

The chicken liver is washed and smashed, wrapped in gauze, added with bergamot tablets, rock sugar, boiling water, squeezed back and forth with a spoon, removed from the gauze bag, poured into the gelatin gelatin, and added cypress kernel powder, stir and serve immediatelyThe function of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, soothing nerves and removing annoyance, is especially suitable for those who have insomnia with blood deficiency and liver stagnation, who have difficulty sleeping at night or are awakened by dreams.

  For patients with nervous breakdown, dizziness, insomnia and dreams, and fatigued patients, Dong’e Ajiao’s eggs are a good choice.

Production method: Put 4 pigeon eggs in a stew pot, add 200 ml of water, cook, remove the shells for use, put 1 g of gelatin in a bowl and add 20 ml of water to steam for use.

Wash 100g broccoli, tear it into petals, cut onions, and slice ginger.

Heat in a wok on a wok. When the plain oil is added to the maturity, add ginger, spring onions and stir-fry, add broccoli, add 300 ml of water, add Ejiao, pigeon eggs, and cook for 25 minutes with a simmering pot.

Once a day, eat 2 pigeon eggs each time, and eat broccoli at will.

Replenishing qi and blood, rather mind.

Newborn baby, take extra care

Newborn baby, take extra care

The day of conceiving in October is finally over. It once made you think like a baby angel, so soft and tender.

How to make your unique baby healthy and happy to grow up?

These are learning.

  The “newborn period” is an adaptation period from the mother’s womb to the outside life. The organ functions of the newborn are mature, the immune function is low, the temperature regulation function is poor, and the infection is easy. Care must be careful, scientific and reasonable.

The experts gave specific guidance from the following aspects.

  1.Temperature and light newborns are a little uncomfortable with changes in the external temperature difference. Should the appropriate room temperature be kept at 25 ° C?
At 28 ℃, it is necessary to cool down in summer and keep warm in winter, but it is better to have a heater near you when you are ventilating; and the light in the room should not be too dark or too bright. Some parents think that the newborn is weak and afraid of irritation.Eyes often like to hang heavy curtains. In fact, this is not appropriate. Let your baby learn to adapt in natural indoor light, and avoid direct sunlight.

  2.Clothes and diapers. Underwear (including diapers) for newborns should be made of soft and absorbent cotton. It is best not to use chemical fiber or printing and dyeing. The color of clothes should be light, stains can be found, and dyes should not affect the newborn’s skin.The clothes should be as loose as possible, without interfering with the movement of the limbs, and easy to wear and take off; because the newborn’s head is penetrated by heat, a small hat should be worn when the weather is cold or the room is alternated, and it should also be soft and comfortable.

  The diapers use soft absorbent cotton wool for frequent washing and changing. Usually, they need to be changed more than 4 times during the day and more than 2 times at night. The buttocks should be cleaned every time they are changed, and an appropriate amount of skin care oil should be applied on the outside.If not wet, choose better quality and good breathability. Use diapers when you are at home, and use “urine not wet” when you go out or sleep. Note that the diapers or urine should not be wrapped too tightly, and the free volume of the limbs will be trampled to death.

  3.Sleep and sleeping position Sleeping position affects breathing, and the newborn’s head is relatively soft. A good sleeping position is conducive to the development of the skull.

Suggest a comfortable one with a thickness of 1?
A small pillow of 2 cm with a slight depression in the middle and slightly raised ends.

  The best sleeping position is lying on the back or on the side, which compresses the chest and lungs. It is recommended to take more sleep on side after supplementation to avoid choking caused by milk overflow or coughing. When taking the supine position, change the position as appropriate;Due to the reduced activity, you can take a prone position in the first few days of birth to facilitate the discharge of respiratory secretions to prevent the vomit from flowing down the intake pipe.
  Newborns usually sleep 18 a day?
20 hours, but the baby under the full moon should not sleep for a long time, parents should be every 2?
Wake up once every 3 hours for easy ride.

  4.Breastfeeding and pregnant newborns can enter a wide range of disciplines.

Experts’ opinion is that breast milk can be as early as possible after birth, usually about half an hour after birth.

If the mother does not secrete milk for the time being, it is also necessary to let the newborn absorb the nipple as much as possible to promote milk secretion and increase the feelings of the mother and baby, which is conducive to the healing of the postpartum wound caused by the mother.

  Breastfeeding should adopt the “vertical holding position”, that is, the head is slightly raised, which is the most ideal and most natural way of feeding.

In this position, the newborn and the parents are facing each other, and the intimacy should be increased. Before breastfeeding, wash your hands and replace the nipples. The mother should wear a mask when treating respiratory diseases, such as the skin on the breast.If there is a rupture or inflammation, you should consult your doctor to decide whether to continue breastfeeding according to the specific situation.

  When breastfeeding, it is best to breastfeed on one side and then replace the other breast to prevent the residual milk from accumulating in the breast. If one side of the breast is fed once, it is best to squeeze it out.To promote the normal lactation of the breast and avoid milk stasis or secondary infection.

  Artificial feeding should not try to directly feed fresh milk, because the protein and other nutrients contained in it are not suitable for newborns; mixed feeding (combination of breast milk replacement and milk substitutes) should be based on breast milk replacement.

  The size of the nipple hole during artificial feeding should be moderate and pay attention to the temperature. When the nipple is feeding, try not to let the baby inhale air to avoid vomiting. After feeding, you can pat the baby’s belly to avoid gas accumulation.

In addition, the bottles and pacifiers must be boiled and sterilized strictly.

  It is enough not to pay too much attention to timing. Generally, it is fed once every 3 hours, and the principle of eating and eating is good every time: that is, the baby does not cry and noisy after feeding, and the weight increases normally.

: Hot summer, can wash 1?
2 baths; spring, autumn or cold winter, due to the lowering of the ambient temperature, such as the family conditions to keep the room temperature at 26 ℃?
28 ℃, water temperature is 38 ℃?
Between 50 ° C, the supplemental bath or soap should be a special soap for infants with little skin irritation.

You can also take a shower once a day. If you can’t guarantee the room, you can wash it 1 weekly?
2 baths or scrubbing with warm water, armpits, groin and other skin creases. After each bowel movement, scrub the chest and perineum with warm water to ensure that the newborn is comfortable and clean.

The time of each bath is scheduled before breastfeeding?
2 hours to avoid vomiting.

  Bathe in the order of upper body first, lower body first, upper limbs then lower limbs, and then wash head and neck, arm sockets, palms, elbows, chest, abdomen, and finally groin, thigh and arm socket creases, feet, etc.

After washing, use the left forearm to support the newborn’s chest, hold the right chest of the newborn with the palm of the hand and fix it in a forward leaning posture, and then wash and hang down and the hips and buttocks.

After washing all, turn to the supine position, hold your head for the left hand for the time being, hold your ankle with your right hand to get out of the water, put it on a large dry towel blanket prepared in advance, wrap it and gently dry it, pay attention to the skinThe wrinkled area should be lightly dried.
  6.The facial features care should pay attention to the cleanliness of the newborn’s face and external ear canal mouth, nostrils, etc., but do not dig the external ear canal and nasal cavity.

  Because the oral mucosa is delicate, the blood vessels are abundant, and it is easy to be scratched to cause infection. Therefore, do not scrub the mouth often.

There are sometimes small yellow and white spots on the edge of the newborn’s teeth called epithelial beads (commonly known as “horse teeth”). This is a normal physiological phenomenon. It will disappear on its own within a few weeks after birth.Use needles, especially dirty needles, to prevent bacteria from entering the body from here and causing sepsis.

  Eyes: Keep the eyes clean. If there are many secretions in the eyes, wipe them with warm water or normal saline, and then drop eye drops.

  Mouth: Do not wipe or pick with a cloth to avoid infection.

In some areas, the old custom of rinsing mouth with cyan cloth dipped in rice water may be resolutely unnecessary. Care should be taken not to clean the newborn’s skin and mouth with unclean things.

If the white mucosa of the oral mucosa is not easy to wipe off, it may be “thrush” caused by fracture infection, and you should go to the hospital for treatment.

  7.After the stool is observed for 24 hours, if the urine is not untied, the person should be fed warm water and wash the feet with warm water to promote urination.

  Most normal newborns begin to have bowel movements within 12 hours of birth. Newborns born 1?
The 2-hour stool is generally black-green, and it will gradually become yellow, soft, and sticky in the future. The stool is more viscous in nature and has a dark green color. It is called “meconium”. After 2?
It will be discharged within 3 days.

  Breast-fed newborns generally have golden yellow, thinner stools, and row about 6 times a day; artificial or mixed replacements have slightly dry stools, darker colors, and reduced relative frequency.
  Note that if there are yellow particles in the stool, it may be a digestive problem for the newborn. At this time, if it is breast milk replacement, the mother should reduce the amount of oil injected. The diet is slightly lighter, but lighter does not mean that it is vegetarian. It is just less salt andSpicy substance; if it is artificial or mixed with additives, it may be related to the concentration of milk powder, and it should be adjusted according to the matching standard in the manual.

But if there are too many particles, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

Vaccination newborns can be injected with BCG vaccine (prevention of tuberculosis) and hepatitis B vaccine within 6 hours after birth. Preterm infants, dystocia, congenital malformations, fever, diarrhea and severe eczema are not vaccinated for the time being.

  If the baby’s parents have hepatitis B, the baby should be intramuscularly injected with hepatitis B vaccine within one day after birth, or other measures should be added.

Hepatitis B vaccine will be re-injected intramuscularly at one month and six months later to achieve preventive immune effect against hepatitis B.

  About one and a half months, the newborns who received the hepatitis B vaccine had no abnormal reactions. The newborns implanted with the BCG vaccine may have redness, swelling, sclerosis, and suppuration in the left arm. Parents do not need to take it because suppuration is a successful manifestation of the immune effect.Abrasion. In case of breakage or excessive pus while bathing or dressing, go to the hospital for treatment.

  In addition, we must pay attention to the physical health of family members, especially family members who have more contact with children, whether they are healthy or not, and the health of the baby.

People with tuberculosis, hepatitis, dysentery and other infectious diseases should pay attention to isolation and should not contact the baby to avoid transmission.

What to do after 40 years of age

What to do after 40 years of age

Many people have this feeling. Every time they go home to visit their parents on holidays, they see that their presbyopia is getting worse and worse.

Relevant experts point out that presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon in the body, which means that the body begins to age.

Most people are at 40?
Presbyopia appears when you are about 45 years old.

So, how can we prevent presbyopia from “checking in” in advance?

The following editor came to believe the following: How to prevent presbyopia from “reporting” in advance?

  Presbyopia is just a normal aging phenomenon of the human body, but insisting on using the eyes scientifically can delay the early arrival of presbyopia.

The Beauty Island Vision Center recommends that you usually do a small axis training, that is, relax your eyes, look away, cover one eye, let the other eye work hard toward the ear on the same side, and then cover this eye.Change your eyes and train alternately.

  ”Under normal circumstances, after 35 years of age, a comprehensive examination of the eyes should be performed once a year, and when vision loss is found, appropriate glasses should be placed in time.

In daily life, to ensure adequate sleep, when using a computer for no more than an hour, you should rest your eyes and not use your eyes fatigue.

At this time, you can do office exercises, eye exercises, exercise the cervical spine, etc., just 10 minutes.

In your diet, you should take more vitamin A and B vitamin foods, such as eggs, soy products, carrots, etc. Try not to smoke and eat spicy spicy food.

What happens when I’m 40 years old?

  In reality, everyone regards presbyopia as a sign of old age. After presbyopia, many people in their early 40s refuse to wear presbyopic glasses to correct their vision because they do not accept the old.

Because presbyopia does not wear glasses and even barely sees nearby targets, it will also cause various eye fatigue phenomena such as eye pain, headache, blurred vision, etc. due to forced adjustment, excessive contraction of the ciliary muscles, etc.Adjust the appropriate reading glasses for correction.

  However, the optical principle of the traditional reading glasses determines that it can only look at the near place and take off the glasses when looking at the distance, which brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s work and life.

In particular, people who are short-sighted will become more inconvenient after having presbyopia.

  ”Small eyes” should be wary of the five major error areas of opticians: ophthalmologists have found that people do not have enough protection and care for their eyes, especially in the case of presbyopia, many people have wrong views.

In fact, improper reading glasses not only can not correct the role of positive vision, but will be counterproductive.

Relevant experts remind the “few-eyed eyes” who have just appeared presbyopia to be vigilant of the following five optician error areas and correct these wrong ideas as soon as possible.

  Misunderstanding 1: Buy a cheap reading glasses without optometry.

I think presbyopia is a small problem and I don’t want to spend money. I just buy a pair of reading glasses and wear it. I mistakenly think that in the long run, I can only read the words clearly.

Reading glasses are a special kind of commodity, you can’t buy them casually. If you want to go to a professional institution with reading glasses, it is best to customize them.

  Myth 2: Wear a pair of reading glasses to the end.

Reading glasses are not a matter of once and for all. If the glasses are not replaced for a long time, frame deformation and lens aging will occur, affecting the visual effect and accelerating the increase in presbyopia.

Presbyopia should review their eyesight regularly every year, adjust the frames, and replace the lenses in time.

  Myth 3: Many people share a pair of reading glasses.

Regardless of the difference in vision between people, sharing a pair of reading glasses with others will cause the eyesight to become worse and worse.

Remember, reading glasses must be one person and one pair, and cannot be shared.

  Myth 4: Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon and there is no health problem.

When people reach a certain age, in addition to presbyopia, there will also be many eye diseases such as cataract, dry eye, glaucoma, etc., which will affect visual function.

You should not spend too much time reading or watching the computer. Do outdoor sports and eat properly.

  Misunderstanding 5: Presbyopia can be recovered through self-adjustment.

Presbyopia does not wear reading glasses. It is an extremely wrong view that presbyopia can be improved by self-adjustment.

Experts remind: presbyopia cannot be reversed by its own physical strength. Holding it without glasses will hinder normal work, study and life.

Mangosteen has some magical effect

Mangosteen has some magical effect

In our daily life, mangosteen is a relatively common food, and its nutritional value is very high. Many people like to eat it. Then do you know that there is some kind of efficacy and role of mangosteen?Let’s go and find out together.

  What is Mangosteen Mangosteen also known as Mangosteen, Mangosteen, Mangosteen, Mangosteen.

It can refer to both the plant mangosteen and the fruit of this plant.

The mangosteen was originally named Mangji, which is native to Southeast Asia and has very strict environmental requirements. Therefore, it is a veritable green fruit with the same name as durian, known as “Queen of Fruits”.

  Mangosteen phospholipid hydroxycitric acid, ketones and other ingredients, hydroxycitric acid has a good effect on inhibiting slight synthesis, suppressing appetite and reducing weight. If you want to lose weight better, eating mangosteen can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Mangosteen is rich in protein and lipids, which has a good nourishing effect on the body, and has a good conditioning effect on the weak, malnourished, and after illness.

  Efficacy and role of mangosteen 1. Mangosteen metabolizes proteins, sugars and lipids. It treats spleen deficiency and diarrhea, thirst and dryness, burns, burns, eczema, stomatitis.

  2, mangosteen supplement energy: contains carbohydrates, sugars, can quickly provide energy to the body.

  3. Mangosteen improves immunity: Mangosteen contains proteins and lipids, which have a good nourishing effect on the body, and have a good conditioning effect on frailty, malnutrition, and illness.

  4, mangosteen pulp contains a lot of supplementary fiber, sugars, vitamins and other mineral elements, these nutrients are effective enough to improve the body’s resistance.

  5. The content of phytonone in mangosteen has analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, antimutagenic effects, etc. In particular, phytoxanthine has the functions of antioxidation, elimination of oxygen free radicals, and good protection of the cardiovascular system.

  6. Mangosteen has a cold flesh, so after eating durian, which is liable to cause fire, edible mangosteen is used to remove the fire, but it should not be eaten more. It should not be eaten with caution in patients with kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and hot and abdominal pain.

  7, Mangosteen outer peel powder can be used to treat diarrhea, red dander, and external application can cure skin diseases. Dry mangosteen leaves can be used to make tea.

  8, mangosteen hypertension hydroxycitric acid, ketones and other ingredients, hydroxycitric acid has a good effect on inhibiting slight synthesis, suppressing appetite and reducing weight. If you want to lose weight better, you can adjust the effort with mangosteen or daily matching.Weight loss effect.
  9. The external application of mangosteen peel has the effect of treating burns.

  10, Mangosteen Shengjin quenches thirst: Mangosteen moisturizes throat to dry, making people refreshing and comfortable.

Suitable for people with dry mouth, dry eyes, excessive thought, insufficient sleep, excessive speech, burns, burns, eczema, and stomatitis.

  11. Mangosteen soothes and relieves anxiety: Waste can replenish the glucose consumed by the brain, relieve fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, sweating at night, distracted, forgetfulness, extreme thirst, relieve, reduceSulfonic acid disorder, even hallucinations.

  12, Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, and beauty the skin.

For people who usually like spicy food, have strong liver and fire, and have poor skin, eating mangosteen often can clear heat and detoxify and improve the skin.

  13. Mangosteen is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B and C. It has a good nutritional effect on the body, and it has a good nutritional effect on the frail, post-ill, malnutrition.

To stay up all night is still so beautiful!


To stay up all night is still so beautiful!

With the rapid development of the economy, the pressure is heavy and the work is numerous, it is a common phenomenon to stay up late and work overtime.

Don’t think that makeup alone can make you look energetic. Real beauty is real beauty.

Learn the following methods to make you beautiful from the inside out, staying up late is no longer an issue!


hzh {display: none; }  现代社会,少睡派不在少数.
The economic crisis, staying up late, working overtime, gathering with friends, and wandering online have created a large number of sleepless pie.

Don’t think that you are sleeping less. You can simply make yourself look radiant by applying makeup. The facial appearance after fat powder will affect your good impression.

  One of the less sleepy faces: the face is dull, and small spots are noticed throughout the body. The best sleep time from eleven to one point is missed. The skin cannot be smoothly metabolized. Old and dead keratin accumulates on the surface of the skin, and the skin is naturally dull.

Most people will find their cheekbones with spots under their eyes.

This is because the skin metabolism is slowed down and the pigmentation cannot be discharged in time.

If you are a video game player, the computer radiates, too strong light will also cause pigment generation.

  BiodorminTM plant dormant extract is extracted from the narcissus bulb of BiodorminTM plant dormant, which can effectively prolong the dormant period of skin cells, allow cells to grow and divide after obtaining more nutrients, and absorb more nutrients and reserve more energy for skin cellsLet you improve skin immunity from the source!

  Lancome Stereo Face Mask is a magical mask product with lifting and tightening effect, curling Lancome R.




Patented technology, once or twice a week, the skin gradually feels firm and energetic, deep skin cohesion Birou crystal moisturizing facial cleanser (100ml) mild and sensitive skin cleansing products, fine and soft foam, gentle cleansing dirt and excess sebumSkin is clean and comfortable from the inside out.

Water Sensitive Moisturizing Liquid Ingredients: Cleansing the face while helping to lock the skin’s natural moisture.

Ingredients of natural olive leaf cream: nourish every inch of skin from the inside out.

  Yaheya Brightening Whitening Night Cream prevents the reduction of diabetes and reduces the pigmentation of the skin. It also fully penetrates the whitening ingredients during sleep, creating a concentrated whitening night cream for “transparent and whitening” skin at night.

  The less sleep pie looks two: dark circles, the sign of “less sleep pie” almost no “less sleep pie” can avoid the problem of “panda eyes”, because sleep directly causes blood stasis in the veins around the eyes, showing bluegray.

It can be said that less sleep is the culprit of panda eyes.

  The way to cope 1: Correctly use eye mask gel. Essence type eye mask is generally used after eye cream. You can also add a little more amount to apply before bed.

Thick, nutritious eye masks are often used before eye creams.

  Coping Way 2: Doing Simple Eye Massage Exercises There is a set of the simplest and most effective eye massage exercises: rubbing with four fingers, putting it into the entire eyelid, pressing from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, and then placing the temple with the middle finger; every timeTo make a heavy press, lift it gently.

  SOFINA Water Mask Gel 30g / 270 yuan The last procedure of night maintenance, contains vitamin moisturizing granules. After massage to melt the granules, a mask is formed on the skin surface, and the moisturizing granules are tightly locked.

And add cuticle protective ingredients to moisturize the skin continuously overnight.

The skin becomes more moisturized and elastic after cleansing in the morning and morning.

  Orlevi Rejuvenating Night Cream is deeply nourished and repaired, and the essence of water infiltrates each cell.

Skin becomes moisturized and slippery during sleep.

  The less sleepy pie looks three: easy to edema, the face of melon seeds becomes bun face.

hzh {display: none; }  很多人熬夜后发现自己的脸“胖”了,虚搭搭地没有神采。This is because when you sleep less, your body’s metabolism slows down, and waste and water in the body can easily accumulate.

If you eat too much salt or drink too much water at night, edema is a “nightmare” that is difficult to escape.

  The way to cope 1: Put ice on the face, and raise the pillow against the “baozi face” after waking up. Big S once made a hard move. One is to drink black coffee immediately after getting up; the other is to soak the face in ice.Blocks of water.

In fact, the easiest way is to raise the pillows while sleeping to avoid the accumulation of moisture on the face or eyes.

  Coping Way 2: Exfoliate and massage. If you wake up in the morning and still swell, then use massage to help.
Massage your eye socket with your ring finger before bedtime to help lymph circulation.
In the morning, press the rotating bamboo on the brow, the clear between the eyes, the pupils and seats in the recesses of the eyes, press the breath, and inhale.

For the face, using your fingertips to press the breathing button short, from the earlobe to the nasal tip, the same is the exhalation button, inhalation and release, very simple but effective.

  Night eye cream that moisturizes dry and dull eye skin, leaving eyes shiny and transparent.

  Est Essence Rejuvenating Concentrate Firming Cream uses a new “elastic net strengthening theory”, which works from the inside of the skin through collagen firming essence to enhance the deep tenderness and elasticity of the skin, allowing you to re-radiate from the inside outOut of glory.

。   L’Oreal Paris New Creme Night Cream Every night, use the Creme New Creme Night Cream on the face and replace it, and repair it all night to make the skin elastic and rejuvenated.

  The fourth face of the less sleep pie: the face is as earthy as the makeup and the cheeks are hard to break, and the loose powder is not dare to use it.

The whole base makeup floats in brown, no matter how good the foundation is waiting, the tired face does not “eat” the makeup.

In addition, the complexion of the Sahara desert, unless a thick layer of powder, otherwise, no good brand cosmetics can not be covered.

  Way to cope 1: It is best to moisturize and wash your face with cold, warm water from the beginning of your face, so that the oil that has disappeared can be properly retained.

The basic skin care in the morning should always be “moisturizing”, and the foundation should also be moisturizing.

If the cheeks and the eyes are really dry, a mask or eye mask is the best first aid measure, and one piece can immediately increase the moisture content.

  Coping Way 2: 1: 1 Mixing of Lotion and Foundation Professional makeup artist taught us a trick to deal with “card powder”: Mix the lotion and foundation at a ratio of 1: 1, so that the humidity of the foundation is sufficient.

Use a slightly damp foundation brush to apply foundation cream over a large area, then push it away with your fingers.

  Impressive Beauty Vitality Firming Cream delivers the nourishing ingredients to the skin, creating a beautifully revitalizing cream.

A luxurious rejuvenating cream with linden tree essence, full and round to the touch.

Deliver rich nourishing ingredients to your skin during sleep, focus on skin care and create a vibrant impression.

  TCM experts say the fundamental solution: double the effect of sleep time maintenance!

.hzh {display: none; }  1、新陈代谢快   人体有自己的代谢行程表,当夜间11点-2点时,正是肌肤细胞修复新陈代谢最快的时期,也是预防老化的最佳时机。Apply nourishing anti-aging cream to the skin before going to bed, so that the ingredients “accelerated metabolism” effect will help you.

You can see the good race in the morning.

  2. Immunity becomes stronger. In “deep slow-wave sleep”, the body’s immunity is 10 times higher than when awake.

As we age, the body’s immune system functions gradually decrease.

This is why it seems that the older the skin, the more susceptible it is to allergies!

  3. Why do you pay more attention to the night maintenance than the morning?

This is because the sleeping environment is clean, without the interference of daytime dust and ultraviolet rays, coupled with the increase in skin temperature of the skin itself, the expansion of pores, and the opposite amount of oil output, which is a good time for nutrients to penetrate into the cells.

I usually feel a little greasy cream, you can move to the last step before going to bed, you can see the difference the next morning.

Health also needs to be pulled hard

Health also needs to be pulled hard

After entering middle age, the body develops more and more horizontally, and blood lipids and cholesterol also increase.

The gentleman who likes sports said: Come and learn to play table tennis with me, sports will help you get back to health.

The ancients: Do not learn art when you are over thirty!

But sir just dragged me to the event center.

  At the activity center, it made me an “eye girl in the study room” eye-opening, because they were live and alive, they were agile, little table tennis butterflies were flying in the air, and their mouths were still “degenerate””Ah” and laughter, joy filled everyone’s face.

  All of a sudden I was carefully rendered here, and whispered to the gentleman next to me: Well, you come to teach me to learn table tennis.

The gentleman briefly introduced me to the rules of the game, and I took a “blade” to shoot, and Fanmo appeared.

Only when I got on the “stage” did I know what it means “to watch the ball is easier to play than to play”. The racket was held in my hand and held the washing board.The racket and the ball fell out together.

There are a lot of people watching around, I feel very embarrassed.

However, I practiced again and again throughout the morning and finally sent the ball out. I was very happy.

  In fact, playing table tennis is a smart exercise. Every ball, hands, feet and eyes must keep up. Over time, you will practice sharp eyes and a strong body.

After about two or three months of practice, I can push back and forth with my husband for fifty or sixty times. Although I won’t smash it yet, I have developed a strong interest in the small national football.

  Now, not playing every weekend seems like something missing.

After more than half a year’s hard work, I almost “played” a slim figure, confident and healthy!