5 bad phenomena after getting up indicate that you are getting older

5 bad phenomena after getting up indicate that you are getting older

Five bad phenomena after getting up indicate that you are getting older-unclean you didn’t expect-this guy coiled up to 5–6 meters is the place where your aging begins-indeed, because interconnection is ourAn important digestive and absorption system in the body, where nutrients are absorbed, toxins, and waste are discharged from here.

Medical experts point out that 90% of diseases in the human body are related to uncleanness in the body, and one day of not defecation is equivalent to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

  The most direct problem caused by initial aging is constipation, which can accumulate up to about 6 during initialization.

5 kg of stool, a large amount of stool was inserted in it, resulting in toxins, garbage can not be transferred in time or even re-absorbed as “nutrition”, resulting in a large amount of dullness, spotted acne, bad breath, both.With too much waste oil, the small “waist” essence was upgraded directly into a small “belly” woman.

  Dietary recommendations: sweet potatoes, miscellaneous grains, and other foods that add expected fiber.

Spine-After 35 years of age, the spine and lumbar spine begin to recede.

The S-shaped figure that women desire is not to say that your spine has to be S-shaped.

Scoliosis of the spine can cause many diseases.

The proportion of women to men is 3 times that of men with scoliosis. Women with scoliosis are particularly vulnerable, and a slight movement of one thing may result in lying in bed for a month.

Spinal diseases may also affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health.

  The investigation found that long-term distortion of Erlang’s legs could easily lead to bending over and hump, resulting in uneven pressure distribution between the lumbar and thoracic spine. In the long run, it will inevitably compress the spinal nerves, and warping Erlang’s legs will distort blood circulation in the legs and cause leg varicose veins.

  Dietary recommendations: Proper supplementation of collagen and calcium, sun exposure!

Teeth-rabbit incisors. If you find that your teeth have become longer than before, it’s not because they are growing, but because the gums are shrinking, and even some of the roots are exposed.

The average length of the incisors is usually 10-12 mm. The roots are exposed through the shrinkage of the gums. This number will increase to 15-17 mm.

The gradual aging of body functions causes the skin to lose its elasticity and the gums begin to relax.

  The best way to protect yourself is to keep your gums free from germs: make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and clean them with dental floss.

Gingival peristalsis caused by bacteria will aggravate the condition of gingival atrophy. Similarly, excessive brushing of the teeth will also take away the gingival tissue, which must be avoided.

Nose-Pinocchio effect The nose has a beautiful time limit. The most beautiful time of the nose is 20–40 years.

After 40 years of age, you wake up every morning and you will find that your nostrils are drooping, your nose shape changes, and the bridge of your nose is slightly sunken. Even, you can feel that your nose is much larger than before, so after 45, you can’t tell any more lies!!

This is because the nose atrophies like other soft tissues (skin, aunt, and muscle).

Over time, the bones will shrink, and without the support of the bones, these soft tissues will lack a supported base frame.

  Hair-getting thinner Under normal conditions, everyone replaces some hair every day.

However, if you find that your hair is thinner and thinner, and you have retreated the hairline, or the place where the hair replacement becomes thinner is getting bigger, then you are aware of the problem.

After the age of 35, the same proportion of men and women will gradually leak thinning hair.

The reason is also related to the secretion of estrogen, which has been considered as a protective umbrella for hair growth.

  Dietary recommendations: sesame, walnut, jujube and other foods for brain and kidney.


Stomach and Yiqi Nourishing Brain and Enoki Mushroom Big Fish Head Soup

Stomach and Yiqi Nourishing Brain and Enoki Mushroom Big Fish Head Soup

Allergic diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema are common diseases in spring.

To fight against allergies, you can eat some enoki mushrooms.

Flammulina velutipes contains proteins that can stimulate the body to produce more antioxidant factors, accelerate the body’s metabolism, strengthen the body’s immunity, and prevent allergic diseases.

Today, I particularly recommend this Enoki Mushroom Soup, as well as the effects of strengthening the stomach and nourishing qi, and improving the brain and brain, especially for young children.

  Practice: 1.

Cut off the roots of Flammulina velutipes and wash; wash and chop the onions; 2.

2. Remove the gills from the fish head, cut in half, and drain the water;

Crack a small piece of ginger, heat the pan, wipe the pan with ginger cubes, put two tablespoons of oil, heat the fish head after the oil is 60%, and fry on both sides until slightly yellow; 4.

Pour the water into a wide-mouth cooker and boil. Add the fried fish head, enoki mushrooms and ginger slices. After boiling, turn to medium-low heat to simmer until the soup becomes milky white. Add the enoki mushrooms and roll for 5 minutes. Season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: line qi and blood, nourish the spleen and stomach, and relax the muscles.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy “Yixiu mushroom”-Flammulina velutipes Flammulina velutipes is a very common edible mushroom. It has a smooth texture and is suitable for cooking and soup. It is also very popular for shabu-shabu.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Flammulina velutipes is beneficial for liver and gallbladder recuperation, and has an effect of strengthening the stomach and invigorating qi. Modern nutrition research indicates that the body’s essential amino acids are higher than the whole body. Among them, the content of lysine and arginine is particularly rich, and the zinc content is relatively high.Intelligence, in particular, has a good effect on children’s height and intellectual development. It has the reputation of “Zeng Zhi Mushroom” and “Yixiu Mushroom”.

Another kind of Flammulina velutipes can also suppress the rise of blood lipids, lower plasma, and anti-tumor, so it is also a gourmet food for patients with hypertension, obesity and middle-aged and elderly people.

  Flammulina velutipes has many delicious home-style dishes, such as cold Flavored Flammulina Flavor, Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavor

If it is soup, there is enoki mushroom meat soup, which can nourish the stomach and intestines; enoki mushroom boiled chicken, nourishing qi and blood; enoki mushroom pork liver soup, liver and gallbladder, qi and eyesight; enoki mushroom shrimp soup, nourishing yang and kidney, nourishing brain, Through milk.

  Here is a more western-style bacon golden needle roll, sweet and delicious: Material: 80 grams of enoki mushroom, bacon amount, black pepper crumbs.

  Method: Cut off the root of Flammulina velutipes, wash and drain the water; take a piece of bacon and roll it into a small handful of Flammulina velutipes, and fix it with a toothpick; put a small amount of oil in the pan, put in bacon rolls, fry over low heat, sprinkle with crushed black pepper.Out of the pan.

Singles should master self-decompression

Singles should master self-decompression

A survey showed that about 75% of single people in cities in mainland China were unhappy, of which 22.

2% felt lonely, 30% were worried, tired, depressed and frustrated, 13.

9% lack interest in the surrounding population; life, marriage stress, psychological burden and sexual depression have become potential killers threatening their health.

This is the information disclosed in the “2010 China Urban Health Survey” for singles’ health reports released today.

  A total of 160,570 valid questionnaires were collected in ten cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Chongqing.

Of these, 54 were male.

3%, women accounted for 45.

7%; college education or above accounted for 81 of the respondents.

6%, 18 with secondary education or below.

4%; annual income above 50,000 yuan accounts for 54%.

  The survey revealed that 17 of the respondents.

6% have stable sexual partners; 31.

4% resolve sexual stress with masturbation; 3.

9% use sex toys.

The survey found that the proportion of women with endocrine system diseases such as breast disease, gynecological diseases and hormonal disorders, and men with prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract infections and other urinary system complications increased in this population, which have all exceeded lifestyles such as obesity, hypertension and mild liverdisease.
  Experts point out that single women over 30 are more susceptible to gynecological diseases. Last year’s health checkup data showed that the average detection rate of breast hyperplasia in this group can be reduced.

12%, the average detection rate of cervicitis reached 40.


High stress, poor sleep, and irregular life can easily lead to endocrine disorders. Breastfeeding is also a risk factor for increasing kinases.

  In addition, sexual life can increase the amount of human immunoglobulin, promote women’s endocrine balance, improve the immune system function, maintain mental health, etc., and long-term depression can cause sleep disorders, neurasthenia and other neurological diseases, and even cause psychological abnormalities.

  Experts suggest that singles pay attention to self-care, actively cope with stress, learn to self-regulate, and maintain a good psychological state to prevent disease and maintain health.

How to care for fragrant shoulders


How to care for fragrant shoulders

Guide: how to care for fragrant shoulders, beauty experts have coups.

Experts say that the usual office life causes us to rarely wear off-the-shoulder clothes. It is precisely because of this that it is difficult for us to find problems on the top.

First of all, if the daily cleaning work is not in place, it is easy to block the pores on the shoulder skin, thicken the stratum corneum, and feel like sandpaper.

How to do.

So how to care for fragrant shoulders?

Cosmetologists say it’s very simple. What to do with your arms, just do it with your shoulders.


The first trick of shoulder care: beauty is born from the heart.

  How to care for shoulders, long-term mental stress and irregular daily life and other psychological and physiological problems all cause abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands. Therefore, in order to ensure the health of the skin inside the shoulders and the health of the entire body, you should adjust yourself.Working state, to ensure adequate sleep, so that happy mood blooms again.


Shoulder care second trick: clean and moisturize.

  How to care for fragrant shoulders, first of all, exfoliate.

When bathing, first use a cleansing product suitable for your skin to clean your whole body, then take natural washing products such as loofah, and use the exfoliating product to wipe in a circular manner on your shoulder.

Obviously, be gentle, especially to avoid irritating acne on your shoulders.

In addition, for OLs with long hair, as the oil on the hair or styling products are also likely to be the source of acne, it is best to avoid letting long hair contact the neck and tibia.

  The second step is to replenish the water.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin on your shoulders, apply body toner and moisturizing lotion to prevent moisture loss.

Avoid using excessively moisturizing care products in the summer, because these products have high oil content, which easily clogs pores and breeds acne.


The third measure of care: focus on care.

  The shoulder is where our sebaceous glands secrete too much.

Not only that, with age, the metabolism of the shoulder skin will gradually decrease, which can easily cause skin problems such as clogged pores.

In addition, in summer, people’s skin is more prone to oil and sweat, all blocked in the hair follicles, and acne will come out relentlessly.

In this case, it may be possible to use a deep cleansing film to remove dirt from the pores, so that you can apply some fruit juice like a mask.

In my experience, massaging the shoulders with cucumbers, tomatoes, or honey after replacement can make the skin on the shoulders smooth, tender and beautiful.

Message from the editor: In addition to the habitual problems mentioned above, beauty professionals also said that in daily life, they can also strengthen physical exercise, enhance the beauty of shoulder lines, and enhance the metabolism of the body and skin.

Pore problems are always pervasive


Pore problems are always pervasive

Although the pores are small, there is always a “big” problem-whether you are oily, normal, combination skin, or whether you are 20, 30 or 40 this year, we are always trying to reduce its volume, but we do n’t want toUnderstand whether it is often congenital deficiency or acquired calamity that is often hit by it?

The harsh reality is that pore problems are always pervasive!

Is it really impossible to choose to delete or permanently delete like solving spam?

Take a closer look at the experts now!

  Contributing Analyst: Dr.

YAPING E Member of the Medical Aesthetics Group of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Dermatology Branch, member of the Professional Committee of Photobiology and Photochemistry, senior dermatologist, we have no magic means to reduce pores, but it can make it look smaller!

  Enlarged pores are caused by two main causes: genetic factors and age.

When everyone is born, the tightness of their skin pores is determined by genetic factors; when someone is gradually aging, our skin, including those that can keep the pores tight, begin to suffer from elastic attenuation problems, so large pores will appear.The problem.

  Many internal and external causes can cause and exacerbate the problem of enlarged pores. From a scientific perspective, some known factors that may cause enlarged pores include: gender, genetic constitution, aging, chronic light radiation, sterile microorganisms on the skin, keratinocytes.Poor metabolism, double secretion of sebaceous glands and pores.

The size of the pores in different parts of the skin is also different, such as the nose, the forehead and the middle of the cheeks are blocked.

The pores secreted by grease are broken, and dirt and dead dandruff are more likely to break the pores, leading to the generation of blackheads and whiteheads, which further expands the pores.

The correctness of the day after tomorrow’s skin care will also directly affect the size of skin pores.

  At the current scientific level, there is no magic method to reduce pores, but people can use skin care products and skin care processes to solve the problem of skin pores and make pores look smaller.

  Prevent pores from getting bigger!

  The problem of enlarged pores is not unique to oily skin.

If a person has dry skin, when her pores have complications and cannot keep the skin clean and healthy, the skin’s pores will be filled and accumulated; poor keratinocyte metabolism will also cause the cells around the pores to accumulate., Double-sided pores, so the pores will also look more noticeable.

In addition, dry skin can also relax due to skin aging, making pores more visible.

Therefore, the problem of enlarged pores is not unique to people with oily skin.

  There are many types of pore care products, including cleaning products, nutrition products, repair products and covering products.

The effects of these products on pores at different levels include cleaning skin dirt, reducing skin oil secretion, improving keratinocyte differentiation, maintaining skin moisturization and health, visual coverage, etc., so as to prevent pore enlargement, improve pore morphology and immediateCovers pores and other effects.

In a certain sense, pore care products can make pores compact and become less visible visually.

Eight Branch Yoga

Eight Branch Yoga

I have always felt that the yoga instructors in the gym are very watery, thinking that they only understand yoga asana, but do not understand the core of yoga-spiritual cultivation.

  Unexpectedly, a Chinese dance teacher I have always liked, but I have been practicing yoga for many years.

I talked to her that day, and I simply learned about the eight-point yoga, also called “King Yoga”.

  The eight-point method is the principle followed by yogis. Through these yoga practices, practitioners replace discriminative power, which allows us to produce false appearances in life and gain the ability to relieve pain.

  The colonial aspects of the eight-part yoga: 1) Yamas: refers to external control, the moral precepts of the universe.

This includes observing the commandments, not killing, being honest, not stealing, acting cleanly, and not greedy.

  2) Niyamas: Internal control, self-purification through self-discipline.

Quietness, contentment, asceticism, chanting scriptures, respect for God.

  3) Asanas: refers to yoga postures.

Also called tune up.

Keep your posture straight and keep your body stable. 4) Pranayama: refers to breathing rhythmically and controlling exhalation.

Also called interest rate adjustment.

Control breathing.

  5) Pratyahara: The spirit is freed from the enslavement of feelings and external things.

It means the feeling disappears and the heart is controlled.

Also called tune.

Control the senses.

  6) Dharana: Concentrate on your attention.

Interest rates are concentrated and focused.

  7) Dhyana: Meditation.

The spirit continues to the object of meditation. 8) Samadhi: The superconsciousness from meditation is fully concentrated in the soul and unites with the universe.

Into the setting, the so-called oneness of mind.

  Then she suggested that I start with the simplest and most core meditation practice, half an hour morning and evening.

Came back and searched the relevant knowledge online.

  The essentials of yoga meditation need to be mastered; first, as soon as we are seated, we must adjust our body, then adjust our breath, and then adjust our heart.

So how can we adjust our body, breath and heart?

  To readjust, you should first sit in your own sitting position. You can take different sitting positions according to your specific situation. For example, you can sit at random, sit loose, and sit with your left foot on the lower right foot in the single lotus position on your thigh.Double lotus seat on thigh, perfect seat and gold steel seat with lower left foot and lower right foot on lower leg.

The two thumbs with overlapping hands lightly touch each other, and various fingerprints can also be arranged; the thumbs of both hands touch the forefinger, the other three fingers are opened, and they are gently placed on the plated Tenggai, which is naturally comfortable.
  The performance at this time is to sit sideways, notice relaxation, and relax appropriately and appropriately. Use the top of the head as the reference point for adjusting the posture. Notice that there is a thin string pulling your head up, and then use thisLine to adjust the midline of the body to support it with the front end, not to align and support the head.

And feel that the head is empty, it may be empty, the front is loose, and even in normal walking, in terms of sitting posture and so on.

We need to meditate with bones, not with muscles.

The so-called meditation without muscles means that we don’t use muscle strength and let the center of gravity of the body form a triangle.

That is to sit on the bottom, shoulders, and then to the top of the head.

Note; our skeleton is used for balance, not for support. In the sense, muscles have no force at all, such as sitting, standing, and walking.

Yoga predicate is called the blue sky above the head.

  Then, adjust your breath, adjust the posture of the sitting position, start to adjust your breath, take two natural breaths easily, then take a few deep breaths, then relax again, and then breathe with your thoughts, knowing when exhalingI’m exhaling. I know that I’m inhaling when I inhale. During the entire exhalation process, my thoughts are only exhalation. During the entire inhalation process, my thoughts are only inhalation.

If the speed of thoughts is properly controlled, the speed of breathing must follow the thoughts. If the breathing is like a human body, the thoughts are the shadows under the lamp or the night light. Let the thoughts follow the breathing, and follow the pace.

Let your thoughts follow your breath step by step, and follow them easily and freely, but do n’t leave at all. When you follow your breath, you are inseparable. When you exhale, you know that the entire process of exhaling is exhaling.  And then there’s aligning.

This stage of reconciliation refers to the thoughts other than breathing, and this thought we call miscellaneous thoughts. Then, we have no resistance to miscellaneous thoughts, no unnecessary, any resistance to and disregarding miscellaneous thoughts.Come back to our own breath, come back to the breath of in and out.

Know when you exhale and when you inhale.

During the entire exhalation process, the only thought is exhalation, and during the entire inhalation process, the only thought is inhalation.

No matter what the distraction comes, continue to[exhale, know exhalation, inhale, know inhalation], whether it is some kind of distraction, whether it is intentional or unintentional, let our physiology relax, do n’tTake care of it, don’t reject it, don’t don’t want it, but simply return to income and income. This is what we call tune-in.

  The first five branches of the eight branches of yoga are the outer branches, the last three branches are the internal branches, the first two branches are the moral respects, and the last six branches are the practice respects.

Through the last six exercises, you can use various magical powers, such as insight into the inner activities of others, invisibility, knowing the predecessor, and so on.

There are five sources of supernatural power: innate, herb, Sanskrit, asceticism, and shamisen.

  If the yogi later also causes magical power, that is, the elimination of all karma, troubles and impureness can produce Fa-rectification, and she can destroy everything and achieve liberation.

  The Eight Branch Method adheres to the concept of “a healthy body is appropriately contained in a healthy spirit.” It contains all aspects of life, it helps people to change wrong habits, establish a correct lifestyle, and thus avoid the attack of disease; itTeach people how to look at people and things around them and actively adjust their mentality.

.In summary, the eight-branch method clearly divides yoga practice into two steps. It is a major yoga genre in India that promotes the systematic exercise of body, mind, and spirit. It is the most suitable yoga genre for Easterners.

Outcome of coughing

Outcome of coughing

[其他疗法]  一、中成药剂  1.Lulu cough pills are 1 pill each time, 2-3 times a day.

Lung health for culprits and phlegm and fire resistance.


Winter cream 5-10g twice, twice a day.

For the recovery of pulmonary yin deficiency.

  Second, unilateral prescriptions 1.

Bile therapy Fresh chicken bile, add the right amount of sugar, tune into a paste, steamed clothes.

Take 1/2 of them per year, no more than 3 at most, and take twice.

Even for 5-7 days.

For phlegm and fire resistance lung syndrome.


Garlic Therapy Purple peel garlic is made into 50% syrup.

5-10mL each time under 5 years old, 10-20mL each time over 5 years old, 3 times a day for 7 days.

Suitable for coughing.


蜈蚣, licorice is divided equally.

Take 1-2g each time, 3 times a day.

Suitable for coughing.


Hundred volumes, each log before Bai, one white pear (washed in water, minced with skin).

Cook together, add a small amount of sugar, remove the residue and drink soup, 2-3 times a day, and even serve for 5-6 days.

Suitable for coughing.

  Third, acupuncture therapy 1.

After four disinfections, the mucus was punctured, and left and right hands were alternately treated for 7-14 days.

For acute cough and recovery.


The main acupoint is Hegu, Ruler Ze, Feishu, the acupoint is Ququ, Fenglong, Neiguan.

Laxative method, without leaving needles, once a day, 5 times for a course of treatment.

Suitable for coughing.

  Fourth, massage therapy goes against the gossip for 10 minutes, retreats for six minutes, pushes the spleen for 5 minutes, and rubs the small horizontal lines for 10 minutes.

Once a day, 10 times is a course of treatment.

Suitable for coughing.

  [预防护理]  一、预防  按时接种白百破三联疫苗。Vulnerable children avoid public places during the epidemic.

Children with whooping cough were found and quarantined for 4-7 weeks.

Susceptible children with a history of contact with whooping cough should be observed for 3 weeks, and take Chinese medicine for prevention, such as Houttuynia cordata or goose without herbage, some kind, 15-20g, decoction, and even take it for 5 days.

  Second, care for children with fresh air in the room, but also to prevent cold, soot, odor, and cough.Children should pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, maintain a happy mood, and prevent mental stimulation and mood swings.
The diet is nutritious and easy to digest. Avoid frying spicy foods such as spicy and salty.
Eat less and eat more to prevent vomiting during severe cough.
Young children should pay attention to prevent vomit from getting into the trachea and avoid suffocation.
  [文献摘要]  《诸病源候论,咳嗽候》:“肺咳,咳而引颈项而唾涎沫是也。. Jueyin cough, coughing and tongue-inducing is also.
“” Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica?
“Avian Ministry”: “Remove kidney cough, vulgar cough, cough up from the lower abdomen, even cough dozens of sounds, live and work again, even the cough will vomit, drag both threats, tears come out, evenThose who do not heal the month, use saliva, boil water to swallow, stop swallowing.
  Seven Encyclopedias of Juvenile Family?
“Clinical Coughing”: “A coughing disease is an old name. From Jie Fa Song of” Golden Mirror Records “, there is a continuous coughing and phlegm sticking.
俗从 而呼为顿咳,其嗽亦能传染,感之则发作无时,面赤腰曲,涕泪交流,每顿嗽至百声,必咳出大痰乃住,或所食乳食,尽Spit it out.
Coughing for a long time, swollen face, or bruises, hemoptysis, or nasal bleeding, when the doctor arrived, there was nothing he could do.
Therefore, it was the most difficult to get rid of this disease, and it will be cured after a hundred days.
“” True Medicine?
“Cough”: “The common name for cough is 呛, even coughing, that’s a stun.
Suddenly, twenty or thirty sounds in a row, ten sounds less, but the head tilted chest, even hand and foot cramps, sputum from the mouth, tears follow, from the chest to the lower abdomen.
Adults suffer from asthma, and children suffer from it.
. The medicine that is not associated with it is not lost.
If a person loves his son and takes medicine frequently, the healer treats his qi but not his blood, but he ignores his lungs and his liver.
”  [现代研究]  陈庚玲.中药治疗百日咳162例.陕西中医1988;9(8):342  中药治疗组162例,根据年龄大小,用地龙2-6g,全蝎0.3-1g, 3-6g each of Baibu and Silkworm, 3-4g of cicada, and 1 dose of Licorice 3So for 7-10 days.
A small number of patients with pulmonary infections are treated with antibiotics.
Results: 157 cases were cured and 5 cases were improved; 147 cases in the control group were treated with western medicine, 74 cases were cured, 36 cases were improved, and 37 cases were ineffective.
After treatment with more than 2-3 doses, the spasm cough was significantly reduced or disappeared without any side effects.
Those who were effective in the control group became effective after 7 days, and those who were ineffective in the control group were cured within 2-7 days after switching to Chinese medicine.
  Jiang Runlin.124 cases of whooping cough were treated by Jiejiezhike Decoction.Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine 1990; (3): 15 This group of 124 patients used Jiejiaozhike Decoction: cyanosis, 100 parts, almonds, pinellia, log, 30g of vermiculite (fried first), 6g of orange, 3g of licorice and licorice.
Phlegm, qi and phlegm, plus 10g each of gardeniae and loquat leaves; phlegm stickiness, cough and vomiting, add Ophiolog, gallbladder star 6g; red eyes, nasal scabs, cough blood, and white grass root 12g, Platycladus leaves log.
<3 years old, reduce the dosage, the course of treatment is 10 days. In the western medicine group, 112 patients were orally administered with erythromycin or chloramphenicol at 25-50me / ks / day, and those with severe gastrointestinal reactions or difficulty in oral administration were treated with gentamicin 3-6mg / kg / day or streptomycin 15-30mg / kg / day intramuscular injection, supplemented with sedative cough and expectorant, the course of treatment is the same as above. Results: This group and western medicine group were cured in 102 and 47 cases respectively, and improved in 13 cases. The total effective rate was 92. 7%, 66. 1%. There were significant differences between the two groups (P <0. 05), the average treatment time of the two groups 4. 4th, 7th. 7th (P <0. 01). % Gu Weizheng.50 cases of whooping cough were treated with Yuezheng and Banxia Decoction.Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Medicine 1995; 16 (1): 15% of this prescription contains 2-5g of ephedra, 15-30g of raw gypsum, 5-8g of Pinellia ternata, 5g each of licorice and ginger, 5 jujubes, thick sputum or yellowish yellow with scutellaria, Red chrysanthemum, fresh bamboo leaches (chongfu), coughing even before Huhu, almond, silkworm. 1-2 doses daily, decoction.Results: 43 cases (86%) were cured, 4 cases were improved, and 3 cases were ineffective. The total effective rate was 94%.

Educational toys for fun

Educational toys for fun

How to develop children’s intelligence is a concern for many parents. Everyone knows that toys are good friends of children. In fact, there are many toys today, which are of great help to develop children’s intelligence at different ages.

Here are the latest and most popular educational toys for parents and moms, which are fun to teach.

  Storytelling Pleasant Goat suitable for age: 0?
12 years old “Mom and Dad, tell me a story!

“Every night before going to bed, many children will haunt their parents and tell stories. Although this is precious parent-child time for parents at work, telling a new story every day does give parents a headache: indeed.Where can I find interesting and appropriate stories to attend to my children every day?

  Recently, a reporter discovered a storytelling Pleasant Goat intelligent pet at the Yoshinoshima toy counter. It is not an ordinary doll. It is completely like the “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” children like. Its protagonist, and only one clickHand or foot, Yang Yang will tell a story to the child, and the story is not the same every day.

It is understood that this is a new type of smart pet. Their names are Pleasant Goat and Beautiful Goat. They can sing, tell stories, and talk to children.

  After purchasing a smart pet, parents can personalize the pet function by simply calling the designated hotline to register and reporting the child’s age, gender and other information as prompted.

  If you want to update the contents of the smart toy, as long as it is connected to the phone interface through the toy’s audio interface, you can use the phone to download new content for the toy, including fresh stories, English, nursery rhymes, password twisters, etc., and these contents are based onChildren’s age can be classified, and even if the child is still in the mother’s belly, it can be used as a prenatal education clip. Until the age of 12, there are related content, each paragraph is about 10 minutes, suitable for the growth characteristics of children.

Even if a parent is on a business trip, they can enter their account through a long-distance phone call and record what they want to say to the child. After downloading by phone at home, the child can hear what the parents of the business trip say to themselves.

  Having said that, children can also build a pet house for their pets online, so that the beloved smart pets can grow up with the children under the careful care.

  Simulation cash register suitable for age: 3?
Did you find it at the age of 9?

Most children are very showy, especially when they have played family games, they prefer “role-playing”, and they never tire of it.

Here is a toy simulation cash register that is particularly popular abroad. Foreign parents believe that it does not prevent teaching children to deal with money from an early age. It can also help children establish a correct concept of money.

This multi-function cash register is a preschool education toy that integrates entertainment, hand and eye with movement and brain thinking. It is brightly colored and emits a variety of beautiful music every time it is used.

  It is understood that this simulation cash register is very helpful for exercising children’s grasping, holding, gripping and other abilities, as well as intellectual development in the areas of creativity and role playing.

In addition, the simulation cash register is also equipped with microphones, electronic scales, shopping baskets, iron coins, banknotes, fruit and beverage bottles and other accessories, allowing children to play more focused.

  Climbing Winnie the Pooh is suitable for age: more than 6 months. This is a popular educational toy that sells on the Internet. It is very suitable for babies who have just started to learn to crawl.

  The well-known Disney cartoon character Winnie the Pooh will attract babies with its fun activities. When the baby taps Winnie the Pooh’s little fart, it will start to crawl and walk, and when the Winnie the Pooh crawls forward, it will be encouragedAt the beginning, turn your head from time to time to let the baby crawl behind, and at the same time, it will make a cute sound.

This toy can exercise the crawling ability of babies and make them full of interest in crawling. You must know that crawling will greatly help the development of coordination ability after the baby grows up in the future.

Don’t forget to add vitamin K to nursing babies

Don’t forget to add vitamin K to nursing babies

Do n’t forget to add vitamin K to soldiers when they are breastfeeding. Parents decide to replace soldiers with breastmilk because they know that breastmilk is rich in nutrients and also contains immune and neurotrophic factors, which can enhance children’s resistance and promote children’s brain development.

  A few days ago, due to colds, coughing and diarrhea, Bingbing’s parents fed him a cold medicine for colds. The cold was better, but he hadn’t seen any signs of diarrhea, and suddenly he became unconscious after smoking.

After delivery to the hospital, a cranial CT examination revealed intracranial hemorrhage. During the blood test, the bleeding site was more than bleeding. The examination revealed clotting dysfunction. The doctor diagnosed intracranial hemorrhage caused by vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor deficiency.

Vitamin K was added immediately, and after 4 hours of review, Bingbing’s coagulation function was normal.

But Bingbing only woke up after 5 days, and left with the sequelae such as hemiplegia.

“What causes vitamin K deficiency?

Why are vitamin K deficiency causing such serious consequences?

“Parents are puzzled.

  According to the doctor, the body’s hemostasis and coagulation process requires the participation of multiple coagulation factors, and there are 4 important coagulation factors (coagulation factors Ⅱ, Ⅶ, Ⅸ, XX) in the liver from inactive to active essential vitaminsWith the participation of K, the lack of vitamin K can cause coagulation dysfunction, multi-site bleeding, and even intracranial hemorrhage.

  Vitamin K dependent factor deficiency mostly occurs in newborns less than one month old, and some occur after one month.

This is because the normal flora in an adult’s body can synthesize vitamin K for the body’s needs, while newborn babies are born without bacteria, and vitamin K synthesis is low; in addition, the content of vitamin K in breast milk is low, only about 14 in cow’s milk, and breast milkMore common in pregnant newborns.

  In addition, if the pregnant mother has used anti-tuberculosis drugs, anticoagulants, anticonvulsants and other drugs that can interfere with vitamin K metabolism, her child is more likely to develop vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor deficiency, and the onset is early and the condition is severe.; Infants with congenital hepatobiliary disease or chronic diarrhea, because of intestinal mucosal absorption of vitamin K, prone to vitamin K-dependent clotting factor deficiency.

  How can we prevent such tragedies from happening again?

  In fact, the preventive measure is simple, and that is to supplement vitamin K.

Normal children are usually supplemented with vitamin K once; children with congenital hepatobiliary disease, chronic diarrhea or pure breast milk replacement should be supplemented with vitamin K weekly to monthly, and breastfeeding mothers should also be supplemented with vitamin K regularly;K metabolism drugs pregnant women should be supplemented with an appropriate amount of vitamin K before giving birth.



Persimmon was originally called Persimmon.

There are many types, including red persimmon, yellow persimmon, green persimmon, home grown and wild.

Raw, dried fruits for food.

Persimmon cake, persimmon cream, persimmon syrup, persimmon paint, etc. are all used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual flavor of persimmon, sweet, cold, astringent, non-toxic.

Persimmon: Gan, Ping.

Shidi: Astringent, flat.

Persimmon paint: astringent and cold.

  Ingredients contain sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc.).

Diospyros contains tricarbonyl acid (for ursolic acid, leucolipid acid, oleanolic acid, etc.).

Persimmon contains mannitol, glucose, and fructose.

Persimmon leaves contain a lot of vitamin C.

  The antihypertensive ingredients contained in pharmacological persimmon paint are not clear, but the antihypertensive substances extracted in persimmon liquid can significantly reduce blood pressure in rabbits, which may be related to the tannin-containing substance-Yabunao.

  Function of raw persimmon: clearing heat, hangover poison.

Persimmon: Moisturize the heart and lungs.

Shidi: Hey, eh.

Persimmon is an excellent antihypertensive hemostatic drug, which is most suitable for hypertension, hemorrhoid bleeding and constipation potential.

  [高血压,有中风倾向时]  生柿(一般用野柿)榨汁 (名”柿漆”),以牛乳或米汤调服,每服半杯,作急救用。  [痔出血,大便干结]  柿饼适量,加水煮烂当点心吃,一日2次。  [慢性支气管炎,干咳喉痛]  柿霜12-18克,温水化服,每日2次分服。  [呃忒,咳逆不止]  柿蒂3-s个,刀豆子15-18克,水煎服。  [避孕]  柿蒂42个,于瓦上焙燥,研末,每月行经前后各服1次,每次7个,连服3个周期。