Paradoxical understanding that beauty has gone the wrong way_1

Paradoxical understanding that beauty has gone the wrong way

Do you really know the tips for beauty care?

According to relevant surveys, only 10 out of 100 Chinese women clearly know how to choose their own cosmetics, and it is tedious to reduce beauty knowledge, beauty knowledge, and maintenance skills. Therefore, quite a few women have some self-righteousness or seem to beFei’s understanding led to many wrongdoings during beauty.


Freckles with precious skincare products Many women with freckles, stains, and butterfly spots often feel inferior and miserable for their “full bloom”.

Therefore, they often stop in front of the high-end cosmetics counters in various shopping malls, preferring to cut down on food and clothing, and spend a lot of money to find a panacea.

  In fact, there are many reasons for facial spots. In addition to genetic influences, most of them are caused by acquired factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency, and so on.

However, the most obvious factor is the ultraviolet radiation.

Because the skin has a self-protection function, everyone has melanin cells in response to ultraviolet rays, and its metabolism takes about 28 days. If self-care and conditioning are good, the melanin cells will automatically disappear, instead they will stay on the skin surface.The dark spots only absorb and not reflect the ultraviolet rays, and the colors can only get deeper and deeper. Over time, they become obvious stains and dark spots.


There are also ultraviolet rays A and B. In order to avoid ultraviolet rays, some women go out as little as possible.

However, according to some expert tests, there are two types of ultraviolet rays, A and B. Type B is called vacation UV. It generally does not penetrate deep into the skin and only changes on the surface of the human skin, such as darkened swimming skin, direct sunlight orAfter climbing the mountain and peeling, etc., it will return to its original state after re-naturalization.

Type A is called living ultraviolet light. Generally people think that there will be no ultraviolet radiation when it is raining or hiding at home, and the front spot will be reduced or not generated.

Actually, we still think wrong.

Even if you don’t go out, you still can’t escape UV rays on cloudy or rainy days.

Because the ultraviolet rays of life can pass through the window glass, the curtains penetrate into the deep parts of the skin, and the formation of stains and freckles is distorted.


 Valuable care products do not cure the symptoms, so many women with spots have pinned their hopes on high-end cosmetics.

Of course, some beauty drugs and expensive cosmetics have certain effects on pigmentation and freckles, but that can only prevent melanin cells from moving, and it cannot completely eliminate melanocytes.

  The scientific method is for women to pay attention to the use of solid powder when applying makeup.

Now many brand-name products are technically lead-free, and solid powders can make makeup more uniform and adhere, and can also protect against UV rays and contain skin care products and other health effects.

  On rainy or cloudy days, make up the habit of going out, even if you do n’t go out, you should wear a little light makeup.


Perfume is applied to exposed areas. Some women like to apply perfume on exposed areas such as skin, back of hands, neck, etc., thinking that this can not only bring a faint fragrance to people, but also play a role in skin care.

As everyone knows, this is a completely wrong use.

  The trace amount of copper contained in the perfume will accelerate the aging of the facial skin, weaken the skin’s elasticity and tarnish the skin.

At the same time, some of the fragrances in perfumes are volatile oils extracted from natural plants. Some of these volatile oils contain ingredients such as furan bean essence, such as bergamot oil.The long-wave ultraviolet rays will combine with these chemicals sprayed on the skin, and a photochemical reaction will occur, which will eventually lead to the appearance of skin and skin-like spots.

  The correct method of use is: if you use a perfume bottle with a spray head, you can use the spray method, and those without a spray head, use your finger to dip the perfume to apply.

The amount and range of smearing is easier to control.

This method is generally used for high concentration perfumes.

The most suitable parts for applying perfume are the pulse beats. These parts make the fragrance molecules vibrate and become active, and the diffusion and transformation are more thorough.


Long-term use of children’s skin care products Anti-aging There are some people who use children’s skin care products for a long time, such as children’s cream, Yumeijing, baby cream and so on.

Some people think that children’s cream does not age the skin and has no side effects.

  In fact, the aging of human skin is an irresistible natural law. Generally, the skin epidermis begins to age at about 25 years of age.

Children’s skin moisture point is 90%, and adults only account for 70%. Adult skin needs to be replenished and children do not need it. There is no substitute for children’s creams, but it can’t replace their own insufficient effect.

Therefore, it is ridiculous to think that the use of children’s cream can block the natural aging of human beings. The scientific attitude is to choose the appropriate skin care products for care according to their skin characteristics, so that the signal of skin aging will appear.


Dare to use alcohol?  Similar misunderstandings include toners, shrinkage water, and many people dare not use them because they contain alcohol. In fact, the formula of brand-name cosmetics is very scientific.

Alcohol is different from people’s imagination, as long as the content in cosmetics does not exceed the proportion that the human body can tolerate, it will not be harmful to the human body.Can be used on sensitive skin.

Of course, cosmetics such as shrinking water, as special cosmetics, have the effect of tightening pores. People with oily skin are naturally very effective, while those with medium and dry skin are harmful and useless.It requires us to choose to use according to our skin.


It is a very popular method to use the same cosmetics all year round.

The reason comes from people’s misunderstanding of the relationship between skin attributes and cosmetics. It is believed that skin with different attributes should choose different cosmetics. Long-term selection of a cosmetic can adapt to the skin’s care, consolidation, and nutrition.

  Indeed, human skin is divided into dry, neutral and oily, but this property is not static, but changes with the change of season and temperature. For example, oily skin will be neutral in winter; dry skinIt may also become neutral in summer, with the most common changes in normal skin.

Therefore, skin care should be changed according to the changes in the skin properties in order to obtain the best skin care effect.

For example, people with oily skin should choose milk-type nutritional creams, honey and the like in the spring, and powdery skincare cosmetics can be used in summer; skin creams that can be comfortable for normal skin in autumn and winter.


Immediately after bathing, make-up moisture-proof and wrinkle-proof bathing will have certain effects on the nervous system, endocrine system, skin pH and temperature of the human body, causing the capillaries to dilate.

Make-up immediately after bathing can cause bacteria or chemicals in cosmetics to infiltrate the skin and easily cause infection.

Therefore, even if the skin feels tight after bathing, you should wait for an hour, and then make up when the skin pH and physical functions recover.


“Dead skin” is a common name for the cuticle of the skin. “Dead skin” is to help the keratinized cells in the skin to leave the mother body, remove the deep dirt on the pores, and make the skin breathe.

Depending on the cell growth cycle, this need only be done once a month.

If the skin is exfoliated every time the skin is removed, the skin loses a protective layer, which has the opposite effect.

Eat meat to maintain women’s youthful vitality

Eat meat to maintain women’s youthful vitality

Health guide: In order to maintain a slim body or smooth skin, many women often refuse meat and use vegetables and fruits to fill their hunger.

There are also some women who often skip meals because of the tight pace of life, and use cookies, snacks, and instant noodles to make up a meal.

  However, such an estimate cannot supply enough iron, and it is easy to feel tired.

Therefore, eating more traces of red meat of heme iron is very important to maintain women’s abundance.

  Anemia is one of the important causes of unexplained fatigue.

Even women with normal hemoglobin can easily feel very tired.

Red blood cells have a lifespan of about 120 days, so hemoglobin content does not reflect a recent indicator of whether the body is deficient in iron.

The ferritin content in the blood can better reflect the recent iron nutrition status, but more experts believe that the iron reserve in the red pyramid is the most sensitive iron nutrition indicator.

  Researchers believe that the human body may be very sensitive to the supply of iron. If the amount of iron is insufficient, the body’s anti-fatigue ability will begin to decline before hemoglobin decreases.

Therefore, women must pay special attention to their supply of precipitated iron.

  New research has found that after iron supplementation, women’s physical, emotional and concentration levels have improved.

An experiment in the United States confirmed that the fatigue level of women of childbearing age has significantly decreased after using high-speed rail replacement, and the quality of life has been effectively improved.

  Heme iron in meat and internal organs has a high absorption of iron and is most beneficial for iron supplementation.

Initially, the redder the meat, the more heme iron it contains.

Heart, liver, kidney and other viscera and animal blood contain the most abundant heme iron.

In some cases, iron absorption in plant foods has generally improved, and dairy products contain enough iron.

  For a normal young woman, eating 100 grams of red meat such as beef, lamb, lean pork, etc. every day is necessary to stay beneficial.

Chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, and other animal offal are also delicious low-fat iron supplements.

If you are concerned about the small number of meats, you may wish to work hard on the case, choosing steaming, cooking, roasting, braising, etc.

  Conversely, if men have too much iron, it will increase the incidence of cancer and diabetes, and reducing iron reserves by donating blood will help prevent heart disease.

Men who eat a lot of meat often can cause sufficient vigilance.

Long cough?

Please 40
cough diet remedies

Long cough?
Please 40 cough diet remedies

When you have a cold, often after you have a fever, many people are even coughed for a short time.

For cough, there are many “remedies” for food therapy in the folk. We have collected the most complete cough and food treatment methods for you in history, so that you will not be prevented from trying to see these “remedies” when you have a long cough.

However, it is reminded that diet therapy can only be used as an adjuvant therapy, and you must first perform distance medication under the guidance of a doctor.


Radish, spring onion and white to cure cold and cold cough: 1 radish, 6 spring onions, 15
grams of ginger, cook the radish in three bowls of water, then put the spring onion, ginger, and cook into a bowl of soup.

  Application: Xuanfeijie table, Huatan cough.

Cough, cold, cough, frothy sputum, chills, fatigue and soreness.


Brown sugar, ginger and jujube soup to treat cold and cough: 30 grams of brown sugar, 15 grams of fresh ginger, 30 grams of red dates.

Use three bowls of water to fry over half, and then take it, and it will heal after a little sweat.

  Application: Dispel wind and dispel cold.

Cure cold, tingling of cold stomach, postpartum cold diarrhea, Yin and so on.


Xiangtangping cough practice: 30 grams of coriander (cilantro), 30 grams of sugar, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the rice first and add water to make the soup.

Take three tablespoons of rice soup and coriander, stir the sugar for 10 minutes, and take it once while hot, taking care to avoid wind and cold.

  Application: Sweating through the table to cure cough caused by colds.


White radish honey cures cold and cough: 1 large white radish, 30 grams of honey, 5 white peppers, and 2 grams of ephedra.

Wash the radishes, slice them, put them in a bowl, pour in honey and white pepper, ephedra, etc., and steam them for half an hour.

  Application: Sweating and dispersing cold, relieving cough and phlegm, and treating cold and cough.


Steamed Fritillary Turtle Nourishing Yin and Reinforcing Lungs: 5 g of Sichuan Fritillaria, 1 soft-shelled turtle (about 500 g), 1 kg of chicken broth, green onion, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, and salt.

Slaughter turtles, remove heads and internal organs, and cut into pieces for later use.

Put the soft-shelled turtle into the steaming bowl, add fritillary, salt, cooking wine, pepper, spring onion, ginger, and steam for 1 hour.

Take while hot.

  Application: nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing lungs and relieving cough, and reducing fever.

Treatment of Yin deficiency cough, low fever, night sweats, etc.


Fresh pear fritillaria treatment of cough and lungs: 500 grams of fresh pears, 6 grams of fritillary, 30 grams of sugar.

Peel and peel the pears, pit them, fill in the powdered fritillary and sugar, put them together and steam them in a bowl.

Eat morning and evening.

  Application: clearing heat and resolving phlegm

It can be used to treat cough or dysentery, and the symptoms include chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth, dry throat, yellow sputum, pus, bloody sputum, etc.


Rock sugar bird’s nest porridge to cure lung deficiency and long cough: 10 grams of bird’s nest, 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of rock sugar, etc. After the rice has been washed, put it in a pot, add three large bowls of water, boil over high heat, and cook with gentle heat.
Put the pure bird’s nest in the pot and boil it with rice for about 1 hour. Add sugar to dissolve.
  Application: nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, treating chronic lung deficiency and cough and asthma.


Swallow’s Nest Pear Big Yang Yang Yin method: 5 grams of bird’s nest (water immersion), 2 white pears, 10 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong, 5 grams of rock sugar.

The white pear is cut out of the core, and the other three flavors are placed inside the pear.

  Application: nourishing yin, moistening dryness, relieving cough and phlegm.

Treatment of phlegm and cough for many years, shortness of breath and fatigue.


Radish pepper cough and expectorant method: 1 turnip, 5 white pepper, 3 ginger, 1 peel.

Add water for 30 minutes and drink soup 2 times a day.

  Application: Relieve phlegm, relieve cough and sputum.


Soy beans are soaked in grated sauce and boiled with rock sugar.

Drink 1 bowl on an empty stomach every morning.

  Application: spleen and wide, moisturize and dry water; clear lungs and cough, and reduce phlegm.

Treatment of emaciated emaciation, lung cough, etc.


Tofu sugar cough, phlegm and asthma practice: 500 grams of tofu, 100 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of white sugar.

Dig a hole in the tofu, separate the red and white sugar, and boil for 30 minutes in a bowl.

Finished once and served 4 times.

  Application: Qingre, Shengjin, moistening, cure cough, breathing asthma.


Corn crust and orange peel for coughing practices: corn beard, orange peel each amount, add water to fry, take 2 times a day.

  Application: Cough and phlegm.

Cough and cold, phlegm.


Radish pig lung antitussive soup method: 1 turnip, 1 pig lung, 15 grams of almonds.

Add water for 1 hour and eat meat and soup.

  Application: clearing heat and resolving phlegm, relieving cough and relieving asthma, resolving cough for a long time, phlegm and shortness of breath


Tangshui red eggs tonic deficiency cough practice: 50 grams of sugar, 1 egg, fresh ginger amount.

First beat the eggs into a bowl and stir well.

Add half a bowl of white sugar and boil, stir the eggs while hot, stir, then pour the ginger juice that has been taken out and mix thoroughly.

Served once daily in the morning and evening.

  Application: tonication, cure cough for a long time.

Sesame rock sugar water for night cough practices: 15 grams of raw sesame, 10 grams of rock sugar.

Put sesame and rock sugar in a bowl, and drink with water.

  Application: lungs, Shengjin.

Zhiye had more than depression and had no cough and phlegm.
Note: 1 sesame seed, 50 grams of ginger, a total of smashed sauce, also has the above effects.


Fried clams with sesame oil for long-term cough: 60 grams of sheep liver, 30 grams of sesame oil, salted out.

Slice the goat liver, add sesame oil to the pan to 80% heat, stir-fry the goat liver and salt to serve.
  Application: Runfei cough, cure long cough.


Steamed pear honey cures long coughs: 1 pear, 50 grams of honey.

First remove the core of the pear, fill in the honey, and heat and steam.

Eat 1 morning and evening each day for several days.

  Application: Shengjin Runzao, cough and phlegm.

Treatment of yin deficiency, lung dryness, long cough, hot hands and feet.

  18 years old

Bird’s nest Tremella treatment of dry cough and night sweats: 10 grams of bird’s nest, 15 grams of white fungus, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Pass the bird’s nest once with clear water, soak it in hot water for 3-4 hours, then remove the fluff, and soak in the hot water for 1 hour.

Put into a bird’s nest, tremella, rock sugar, stew in water, and serve in a porcelain pot or lid.

  Application: Tonic deficiency, nourishing the lung and yin, retreating deficiency of heat, treating dry cough, night sweats, or deficiency of the lung and yin.


Candied pork with yam for treating lung deficiency and long-lasting cough: 1000 g of yam, 10 candied dates, 100 g of diced oil, 350 g of sugar, osmanthus juice, wet starch, and a small amount of cooked lard.

  (1) Wash the yam, put it in the pot, add water to submerge the yam, and cook with high heat.

When the yam is bad, remove it, peel it, cut it into a 6 cm long and 3 cm wide panel with a knife, and pat it flat.

Candied dates are halved and ready for use.

  (2) Absorb the cooked lard in the soup bowl, line the candied dates with a layer of yam, sandwich a layer of sugar, and diced butter, layer by layer to the mouth of the bowl, sprinkle the sugar, and fasten the cover plate.

Steamed in the basket for about 1 hour, then removed and turned over into the dish.

  (3) Heat the wok, filter the soup in the dish, put 100 grams of water, 150 grams of sugar and boiled osmanthus juice, boil with water starch, and pour it on the yam to serve.

  Application: tonify the kidneys and lungs, cure the lungs for a long time, cough, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, fatigue and tiredness, weak limbs.

Long food tonic kidney.


Pork and almond soup for sore throat and cough: 50 grams of lean pork, 10 grams of almonds, and 15 grams of North American ginseng.

A total of decoctions are taken 2 times a day.

  Application: clearing the lungs, resolving phlegm, regenerating jin, treating cough, reducing phlegm, thirst, dry throat, itching and so on.

  twenty one

Peanut Jujube Decoction for cough and phlegm: 30 grams each of peanut rice, jujube and honey.

Fried with water, rotten, drink soup, take 2 daily.

  Application: Cough and phlegm.

  twenty two

Peanut rice, ginkgo, lily, and North American ginseng each 25
grams, the right amount of rock sugar.

Decoction and add juice, 1 dose daily.

  Application: moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm, cure phlegm for a long time, shortness of breath and dry throat.

  twenty three.

Lily Sydney Soup nourish yin and lungs: 25 grams of lily, 1 large Sydney, 20 grams of rock sugar.
Soak the lily overnight with fresh water, pour the lily together with fresh water into the casserole the next day, add half a bowl of more water, and cook for 1.5 hours. When the lily is rotten, add peeled and sliced Sydney and rock sugar,Serve for 30 minutes.

  Application: nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, rests and relieves cough.

Consumption of those who suffer from lung deficiency and long-term cough can also benefit lung and stomach.

  twenty four

Tremella Duck Egg Soup Nourishing Yin and Clearing Lungs: Tremella 15, 25 grams of rock sugar, 1 duck egg.

Tremella and rock sugar are co-boiled. Duck eggs are boiled in water and taken twice daily.

Nourish the yin and clear the lungs, quench thirst and promote fluids.

  Application: Treatment of yin deficiency, lung dryness, cough, phlegm, dry throat and thirst.

Luo Han Guo Persimmon Soup Qingfei Lung Heat Practice: Luo Han Guo half, persimmon 3, rock sugar 30 grams.

Add two and a half bowls of water to a total of one and a half bowls, add rock sugar, remove the residue, and drink 3 times a day.
  Application: clearing lung heat, removing phlegm and relieving cough.

Treatment of pertussis and phlegm fire cough in children.


Fig rock sugar water treatment of lung fever cough: 30 grams of fig rock sugar, the right amount of rock sugar.

Wash the figs, cook with water and rock sugar.

Once a day, even for 3-5 days can be effective.

  Application: Expelling phlegm, nourishing lungs and cough, detoxifying and intestines.

Cough for lung fever, hoarseness, dry throat, mouth pain, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.


Sugarcane juice for lung deficiency fever and cough: half a cup of sugarcane juice, radish juice, 100 grams of wild lily.

Boil the lily first, then add the two juices.

Take before bedtime, once a day.

  Application: Runfei cough, Shengjin Runzao, Ningxin soothe the nerves, cure deficiency heat cough, the most suitable for weak people after tracheitis.


Milk soup pot fish cough and swelling method: 1 live carp, ham slices, magnolia slices, shiitake mushroom slices, green onions, ginger, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, “soup soup of chicken, duck elbow and bone stew” each amount.
Remove the scales from the carp, remove the internal organs, rinse them, cut them into the shape of a tile, take the oil frying spoon upside down a few times with the onion and ginger, add the cooking wine, salt and other spices.

Then add the “milk soup”, add the appropriate amount of ham slices, magnolia slices, shiitake mushroom slices, etc., and simmer in the hot pot for about 3 minutes and serve.

After serving, burn the white wine under the pot and serve with ginger and vinegar.

  Application: Cough, swelling, nourishing and strengthening, and sometimes coughing, asthma, and chest fullness.


Long-lasting peanut rice cough and phlegm practice: fried or cooked peanut rice.

Eat daily, uninterrupted, and replace after healing.

  Application: lungs and phlegm.

Treatment of elderly chronic bronchitis.

Note: Do not eat for people with virtual fire and fever.

  30 years old

Buckwheat noodles with egg cough for restless coughing methods: appropriate amount of buckwheat noodles and egg whites. Use egg whites and buckwheat noodles to form a ball.

  Application: Clear heat and breathe.

Use to cure chest fullness and bloating, coughing uneasy.

Lily honey treatment of lung heat and cough: 200 grams of new lily, honey amount.

Steamed with honey lilies, 1 tablet at a time, swallowed.

  Application: Qingfei Ningshen.

It can be used to cure lung fever and cough.


Qiuli cream cough relieving phlegm: 20 Qiuli pears, 1000 grams of red dates, 1500 grams of fresh lotus root, 300 grams of fresh ginger, 400 grams of rock sugar, moderate amount of honey.

   Application: Pear, jujube, coriander and ginger are smashed for juice, heated and boiled, melted with sugar, and then harvested with honey.

Can be taken at will sooner or later.

Clearing lungs and lowering fire, relieving cough and phlegm, moistening dysfunction, eliminating irritations and quenching thirst, dissipating alcohol poisoning, recuperating and recuperating, treating cough due to deficiency of labor, dry mouth and loss, thirst due to deficiency, and alcoholism.


Bird’s Nest Ginseng Decoction and Yifei Antitussive Method: 5 grams of bird’s nest and 5 grams of American ginseng.

First soak the bird’s nest with water, remove the feathers, wash it, and dry it with water.
Put it in a candle cup with American ginseng, pour 80% full water, cover, and simmer for 3 hours.


  Application: nourishing yin, moistening dryness, reducing fire and invigorating qi, treating dry cough, hemoptysis, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. caused by deficiency of lung and stomach yin, which is more suitable for patients with cardiovascular disease cough and asthma


Sugar overflow orange peel cough and phlegm practices: orange peel, sugar each amount.

Appropriate amount of fresh orange peel or soft dried orange peel, washed, cut into silk, put in an aluminum pan, add about half the weight of barrel skin sugar, add water to the barrel skin degree, boil over high heat, then use low heatCook until the remaining liquid is dry.

Put the orange peel in a plate, wait for it to cool, and then retreat to about half the weight of the bucket of white sugar, mix well and serve.

  Application: moisturizing the lungs, dryness, phlegm, Shengjin, cough and phlegm.

  35 years old

Candied pomelo meat asthma and phlegm measures: 500 grams of fresh grapefruit, 250 grams of honey, appropriate amount of white wine, pit the grapefruit meat, cut into pieces, put in a bottle, pour white wine, and seal tightly.

Then pour it into an aluminum pan and cook until the remaining liquid is dry. Add honey, mix well and serve.

  Application: Runfei, cough, phlegm, cure cough, phlegm or elderly cough.


Candied Shuangren Bushen Yifei practices: 250 grams of sweet almonds, 250 grams of walnut kernels, 500 grams of honey.

First fry the sweet almonds until they are yellow (do not burn), put them in an aluminum pan and boil for 1 hour, then place the walnuts. When the juice is collected, add honey to the pan, mix well, and then boil.Take 2 times a day.
  Application: Runfei and kidney, often eaten, can cure chronic lung and kidney deficiency, long asthma.


Lard honey cream tonic deficiency lungs: 100 grams of lard, 100 grams of honey.

The above two flavors are respectively boiled over low heat to boil, cease to heat and air, and mix and mix thoroughly.

1 tablespoon each time, 2 times daily.

  Application: Runfei cough, tonic, cure cough of lung dryness.


Broad bean flower rock sugar solution for hemoptysis: 9 grams of broad bean flower, the amount of rock sugar, add water to fry, take 2 or 3 times a day.

  Application: It has astringent effect and treats hemoptysis.


Amaranth white radish juice is used to treat hemoptysis: amaranth (also known as water spinach) with 2 roots, 1 white radish, and honey.

Wash amaranth and white radish, and smash a cup of ground juice.
Serve with honey.

  Application: For treating hemoptysis caused by pulmonary fever.

Mustard ginger soup expectorant cough: 80 grams of fresh mustard, 10 grams of fresh ginger, seasoned with salt.

Wash the mustard and cut into small pieces. Ginger slices, add four bowls of water to fry, and season with salt.

Take 2 times a day for 3 consecutive days.

  Application: Xuanfei cough, dredge wind and cold.

Cough, cold, cough, headache, nasal congestion, sore limbs.

How to eat carrots to make bunny girls

How to eat carrots to make bunny girls

Carrots are something you can’t see more often, but they have the amazing magic of weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you can easily achieve it by eating carrots.

Today the editor will teach you how to eat carrots. As long as you make 10 pounds a month, it will not be a problem.

  Carrot slimming highlights 1.

Contains carrots and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K as well as some nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber to make the body absorb nutrients more comprehensively.


The contained plant fiber can improve human metabolism and achieve the purpose of natural weight loss.


Not only can it inhibit the body’s desire to eat sweets and greasy foods, but it can also prevent colds and strengthen vision.

  Boiled carrots carrots are many ways to eat, and each method is particularly convenient to operate, which absolutely meets the requirements of MM.

  Material: 1?
2 carrot practices: 1.

Wash and slice carrots.


Pour two bowls of water into the pan, then add carrot slices and cook over medium heat until the carrot slices become soft.

  Slimming: Eat carrot and soup together on an empty stomach every morning, and eat lunch and dinner as usual.

If you want to continue to lose weight, take it every other week, and you will be able to achieve the expected goal of MM.

  Freshly squeezed carrot juice material: 2 carrots: 1.

Wash the carrots and cut them into round pieces.


Put the chopped carrots into the juicer until you have a sticky carrot puree.

  How to lose weight: drink carrot juice 1?
2 times, drink before meals, do not have to control your diet, determine the appropriate amount according to your physical fitness and physical condition, as long as you have the willpower to persist for a month, you can easily lose 10 pounds.

  Carrot and tomato drink ingredients: 50 grams of carrots, 1 tomato, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Wash the carrots and cut them into pieces. Remove the tomatoes and cut them into combs.


Put carrots and tomatoes into the juicer, crush them at high speed, pour the juice into a glass, add yogurt, and lemon juice to taste.

  Slimming: Put it in the morning with breakfast, it’s delicious, and it’s super thin.

Are you doing the basic skin care steps right?

Are you doing the basic skin care steps right?

I believe that many MMs who love beauty will not neglect the maintenance of their skin and will never tire of it.

However, if the steps of skin care are done wrong, it is not worth it.

Especially now, after experiencing severe winter, various skin problems gradually appear.

Then, quickly check through the following five aspects to see if your maintenance work is correct and whether it is most suitable for your skin condition.


hzh {display: none; }  A肌肤护理并非需要使用同一系列产品  商家一般都会建议我们最好使用同一系列的护肤产品。In fact, we should choose the product that suits you best according to the skin condition.

For example, if you like certain series of lotions, but do not like this series of beauty liquids, then you can choose your own beauty liquids.

In fact, all skin care products are similar, even if they are mixed, after 2?
After 3 minutes, it can penetrate into the skin, so it is OK to mix it.

  B clarify the effectiveness and order of use of various skin care products. Toner, beauty lotion, lotion, and cream all have their own functions.

Toner: moisturizes and tightens the skin; beauty liquid: further tightens the skin; lotion: keeps the skin supple; cream: further moisturizes the skin.

  Cosmetic liquid is a special care liquid. Generally, if the skin condition is good, you don’t need to use it.

The difference between lotions and creams is that the moisture and oil content are uniform.

The oily and rich texture is a cream. In the period when it is easy to dry, if you still feel that your skin is not moisturized after using the lotion, you can apply the cream again.

  In addition, the horny skin becomes harder when the skin is dry, and suddenly it is difficult to absorb liquid skin care products at that time.

You should use a less greasy lotion to soften and soften the skin before doing other treatments in order to receive better results.

You cannot easily determine that cheap skin care products are not good. C cannot easily determine that cheap skin care products are not good. The prices of various skin care products are generally determined by composition, packaging, advertising, company size, etc.

High-priced products use higher cosmetic ingredients, but they may also be expensive for packaging and advertising.

In addition, some are due to the high quality of products and the effect of brand effects.

To be assured, you should choose more expensive products, but some companies have lowered their prices due to their size and output, and the price of single products will decrease due to the large output. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that cheap skin care products are not good.

  D. Choose skin care products that are suitable for your skin instead of skin care products, you must first understand your skin texture.

How to judge your skin?

  After cleansing the face, do not apply any lotion or lotion. Look after 15 minutes: the skin is still dry and tight-dry skin; itching and reddening-dry sensitive skin; the skin is tight but T startsOily-normal skin; non-tight and soft to the touch-often skin as a whole begins to oily-oily skin.

  Due to different environmental and personal hormones, human skin is different at all ages.

It was oily skin in the twenties, and it was not necessarily oily skin in the thirties.

In addition, as the seasons change and the physical condition of an individual is good or bad, the state of the skin also changes.

Therefore, you should regularly check your skin quality and choose skin care products that are suitable for you according to the situation.

  E How to save skin care products There are products that are particular about unused or unopened products. If you store them in a cool place, you can generally save about two.

Pay attention to the preservation method after opening.

The best place to store is of course a cool place, but it should not be placed in the bathroom or near water.

If it is placed in a dressing room or closet, it is better to choose a moderately cool place.

  However, any skin care product may multiply bacteria after it is opened, so even in the best storage environment, please use it within one year after opening.

Of course, it is also necessary to keep in mind the shelf life of the product. If the product has odor, discoloration, etc. when it is opened, do not use it.

If you’re worried that you won’t run out in a year, buy the small one when you buy it.

For our skin, don’t reuse expired skincare products.

Foods not recommended for liver disease patients

Foods not recommended for liver disease patients

For patients with liver disease, nutrient-rich foods can help liver cells repair, but some foods are not easy to eat. Xiaobian reminds you: to master the amount, eating more will affect the recovery of liver disease.

1. Chocolate, sugar and various sweets are not easy to eat in one day, and the enzyme secretion of the fermentation tract is over-digested, which affects appetite; sugar is easy to ferment, which can increase combustion and expand gas, and is easily converted intoAunt, speed up the liver’s storage of aunt, and increase the occurrence of aunt.

2, eat less sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, eat more will consume a large amount of choline in the body, easy to cause early accumulation of liver, affecting the function of liver cells.

3, Songhua eggs contain a certain amount of lead, lead can replace calcium in the human body, often eat Songhua eggs toward calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, will cause lead poisoning.

4, monosodium glutamate is a good seasoning. Patients with liver disease can take a supplement or take it too often, which may cause symptoms such as transient headache, palpitation and even nausea.

5. Instant noodles, sausages and canned foods often contain food colorings and preservatives that are not good for the human body. Regular consumption will increase the burden on liver metabolism and detoxification functions.

6. The salt content of various pickled foods is too high. Patients with liver disease tend to affect water and sodium metabolism, and should be contraindicated in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis.

7, should not eat wheat, potatoes and other foods.

Previously, it was thought that symptoms such as lethargy, memory loss, stiffness, and unconsciousness in patients with advanced liver disease were caused by liver dysfunction.

But in recent years, according to research by American scientists, the unconsciousness in patients with advanced liver disease is related to a type of “natural benzodiazepine-like compound” that accumulates in patients’ blood.

The researchers said that wheat and potato foods contain small amounts of natural diazines, but because of the small amount, they cannot tolerate sedation in healthy people.

However, patients with chronic liver disease eat such foods as usual. Due to liver dysfunction, the body cannot decompose and clear the natural sedatives contained in food in time, causing food-based diazo compounds to accumulate in the body.

When a certain amount of substances is reached, it can cause patients to become lethargic, stiff and unconscious.

Therefore, researchers point out that, in addition to the contraindication to the use of synthetic diazines (such as diazepam) in patients with chronic liver disease, it is not advisable to eat wheat and potato foods containing the natural sedative substance.

Sleep less or longer can lead to reduced lifespan

Sleep less or longer can lead to reduced lifespan

Sleep length, less sleep or reduced life expectancy Less sleep or fatality Professor Francisco Capco, the leader of the “Sleep, Health and Society” project at the University of Warwick, UK, and colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine University of Federico II in Italy studied 16Xiang Yuan survey found the above impurities.

These surveys come from Europe, the United States, East Asia and other places, and the follow-up surveys last up to 25 years, involving a total of 1.5 million people.

  Findings show that lack of sleep is directly related to premature death.

For example, if all citizens over 16 years of age in the UK were not getting enough sleep, 6.3 million people would die as a result.

“The 5 hours of sleep a night is not enough for most people,” the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said on the 4th, citing Professor Jim Horne of the Loughborough Sleep Research Centre in the United Kingdom.

Insufficient sleep makes people doze, increasing the risk of driving and operating dangerous machines.

“Symptoms of sleeping more are less likely to lead to premature death, so is it beneficial to sleep more?”

  Investigations have shown that too much sleep is a sign of a loss of health, and that too much sleep may be a sign of latent serious illness in the body.

Horne believes that sleep reflects not only the quality of sleep itself, but also health issues.

“Sleep is an indicator of a person’s physical and mental health and is affected by emotions such as many illnesses and despair.

Capucho expressed a similar view: “Less sleep may cause the body to deteriorate, and more sleep is a manifestation that the body has deteriorated.

“Beware that sleep apnea is closely related to the length of sleep, and the public is distorted.

Sleep apnea is another “killer” that threatens people’s lives.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States published a report in the journal “Science and Public Library Medicine” in 2009. They reported that 6400 patients between the ages of 40 and 70 are closely related to sleep, sleep and breathing and no sleep breathingA survey of over 8 years of normal people found that the mortality rate of patients with severe sleep apnea is 46% higher than the average death rate.

Among them, the mortality rate of men with sleep respiration between the ages of 40 and 70 is the highest, which is twice that of healthy peers.

Running alternately, burning 姨


Running alternately, burning 濮?

Summer is the season for ladies to lose weight.

They either run or go fast, each with a different method.

But now the situation has changed, runners will insert a few fast-moving stages on the way to ease the impact of running on the joints, and walkers will add some jogging to improve exercise intensity.

銆€銆€鈥淐hoose to run or walk is purely a matter of personal hobbies,鈥?said Ms. Eknoan, author of two books, Fitness Walk and Fasting. 鈥淩unners like the feeling of vacating, but if your joints can’tAdapting to the impact of landing, then walking is also a very effective sport.”

銆€銆€In essence, running and walking have something in common.

The difference between the two is consumed across the same distance.

But they have an important difference, that is, time, if you run 4 in 28-30 minutes.

8 kilometers, it takes about 45 minutes to walk, which means that it takes more time to run in the same direction of consumption.

Instead, running at the same time can consume more time than walking.

Although running is more efficient, it is not suitable for everyone because it is a high-impact sport.

銆€銆€In order to solve this contradiction and to exploit the strengths of the two forms of running and walking, we designed this alternating exercise program.

It not only saves time, but also achieves the effect of losing weight and fat, and more importantly, letting you enjoy the fun of summer air sports.

銆€銆€This is a four-week plan.

For each exercise, insert a few short runs on the walk.

Don’t turn your running practice into a sprint. It should only be a little faster than walking fast.

If l-10 represents the level of effort, go to 4-6, and jogging is only between 5-7.

銆€銆€You must be able to easily complete the previous set before moving on to the next week’s workout.

If you feel strenuous, repeat the next week and move on to the next content.

銆€銆€One exercise includes warm-up (5 minutes slow walk) and pull (2 minutes), alternating running content, and finally relaxing and pulling again.

If you feel that the exercise is too long or not enough, you can reduce or increase the cycle.

This plan is a transition from running to running, but if you only like to go, you can just walk away.

銆€銆€Monday of the first week: 8 minutes walk, 2 groups of fast and slow loops (try to go 1 point, medium speed 3 is divided into 1 group).

銆€銆€Wednesday: 15 minutes at medium speed, 3 groups run alternately (1 jog and 4 points at medium speed).

銆€銆€Friday: 12 minutes in the middle speed, 4 groups alternately run (1 point + 3 points).

銆€銆€Monday of the second week: fast walk for 10 minutes, 3 groups of fast and slow loops (l points + 3 points).

銆€銆€Tuesday: 12 minutes in the middle speed, 3 groups run alternately (2 points + 4 points, 2 points + 5 points, 2 points + 6 points).

銆€銆€Thursday: 8 minutes at medium speed, 5 groups of fast and slow cycles (l points + 3 points).

銆€銆€Saturday: Take 10 minutes, 5 groups run alternately (2 points + 2 points).

銆€銆€Monday of the third week: 8 minutes in the middle speed, 5 groups alternately run (2 points + 2 points).

銆€銆€Wednesday: Take 6 minutes, 4 groups run alternately (3 points + 2 points, 3 points + 3 points, 3 points + 4 points, 3 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Thursday: Take 10 minutes, 6 groups run alternately (2 points + 2 points, 2 points + 3 points, 2 points + 4 points, 2 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Saturday: Take 4 minutes, 5 groups run alternately (4 points + 2 points, 4 points + 3 points, 4 points + 4 points, 3 points + 4 points, 2 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€If physical strength allows, increase the speed by 30 minutes on the fifth day.

銆€銆€Week 4th Monday: 4 minutes, 5 groups alternately run (4 points + l points, 3 points + 2 points, 3 points + 3 points, 2 points + 4 points, l points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Wednesday: Take 2 minutes, 4 groups run alternately (5 points + l points, 4 points + 2 points, 3 points + 3 points, 2 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Thursday: Take 8 minutes, 6 groups run alternately (2 points + 2 points).

銆€銆€Saturday: Take 1 minute, 3 groups run alternately (8 points + 1 point, 5 points + 3 points, l points + 6 points).

銆€銆€If physical strength allows, you can add one day of training and repeat the Monday content.銆€銆€If you have some special needs, here are the accepted methods.


Just want to walk – you can use some techniques to increase the strength of walking.

The first is the fast pace, the second is the large swing arm, and the third is the uphill.

It is useless to step on the wrist or foot to tie the sandbag.


Just want to run – you can change the walk in the alternate walk to jogging, you can also use the uphill run instead of the speed run.


For a long time or never exercise – it takes 6-8 weeks to get the aerobic exercise capacity of the medium.

The first is to take a quick walk twice a week, every 10-20 minutes, then increase every 1 to 2 minutes every week until you can walk for 25 minutes. At this time, start three times a week, continue to add l-2 minutes, and finallyYou can go three times and 30 minutes a week, and you can start the above plan.


Willing to use a treadmill indoors 鈥?can move the mobile plan, but does not prevent the treadmill from increasing l-2% uphill to supplement the air resistance of the body movement.


Whether it should cross movement – can.

One way to cross-motion is to try to choose something close to your “main item.”

The most similar form to walking and running is the practice of a “space walker” (or elliptical exercise machine).

Since this is not a complete weight-bearing exercise, the effect of increasing bone density is compromised.

Another way to cross-motion is to choose the part that the “main item” ignores or trains less.

For runners, some muscle weight training should be done to strengthen the strength.

Postpartum anemia with diet


Postpartum anemia with diet

In addition to active treatment with medical staff, postpartum anemia patients can also be supplemented with medicated diet.

  Sea Cucumber and Pork Liver Soup 60 g sea cucumber, soaked hair, 60 g of pork liver, stewed soup, seasoned and served.

1 dose per day for 10-15 days, has an adjuvant treatment effect on postpartum anemia.

  Peanut jujube and pork trotter soup 100 grams of peanut rice, 10 jujubes, 2 trotters, put in a pot and cook with water, add a small amount of salt, effective for the treatment of postpartum anemia.

  Jujube quail soup 1 quail, wash, add 10 jujubes, 9 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of pork liver, add to the pot, add water and stew soup to take.

One dose per day for 7-10 days is a course of treatment, which can help treat postpartum anemia.

  30g black fungus soup with black fungus, soak it for 30 minutes, remove it, cook with 20 jujubes, and mix with brown sugar.

Adjuvant treatment for postpartum anemia.
  Longan mulberry soup 15g longan meat, 30g mulberry seeds, add water to the pot to cook, remove residue and juice, adjust honey drink, and use it for 10-15 days as a course of treatment, can help treat postpartum anemia.

Sex may cause some kind of genital damage


Sex may cause some kind of genital damage

The situation of genital damage caused by sexual intercourse is continually seen, unless there is a potential abnormality in the genitalia.

But then again, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases is mostly related to genital damage, because the damage allows the pathogenic microorganisms to enter the patient’s body, of course, the damage is mild, often difficult to detect with the naked eye.

What we are talking about here are all very obvious injuries.


Urethra – Intense sexual intercourse often causes urethritis in some men, especially if the patient has phimosis, poor personal hygiene, or when the woman has vaginitis.

The urethra will have tenderness and sometimes dysuria. Diagnosis and identification of the cause can be made by microscopic examination and culture.


Urethral injury – long-lasting intense sexual intercourse or excessive pressure on the urethra can cause urinary tract trauma and associated pain.

Because the corpus cavernosum is congested and hardened during erection, it is vulnerable.

Use of a vacuum suction device or a physiotherapy ring at the base of the penis to promote or prolong erection may damage the urethra.

Abnormal complications such as urethritis, urethral stones, urethral diverticulum, and urethral slenderness that have existed before have increased the likelihood of urethral injury.


Penile skin creation – common in bites, potential foreskin abnormalities and the use of tools.

In particular, the use of the appliance may suddenly become edematous and often difficult or impossible to remove the appliance.

Most of them can be fully recovered unless they are delayed for too long.

Sometimes urinary edema is a serious cause of dysuria, you may need to use a No. 2 catheter or a suprapubic bladder ostomy.


The foreskin is embedded in a man who is too long and tight in the foreskin. When the foreskin retreats to the coronal sulcus behind the glans, the foreskin cannot return to its original position due to congestion of the glans and edema of the foreskin.

At this time, the blood supply to the glans should be limited, so it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately to deal with this problem.


Retinal Pill Damage – In general, the retinal pill white film can withstand 50 months of force without rupture, and its mobility and location are deep, so the chance of lactic acid pill damage during sexual intercourse is rare.

If damage does occur, it is likely that the retinal pill is squeezed into the pubis or groin area.

If you suspect that the retinal pill is bleeding or the rupture of the tunica albuginea, you should go to the hospital for surgical exploration and repair.

It can usually preserve its spermatogenic function and hormone secretion function.

Diagnosis is difficult depending on the history and tenderness of the retinal pill, or the presence of surface rupture.

Whether there is previous epididymitis or hydrocele will cause sexual intercourse due to the activity of plasma pills in sexual intercourse.


Abnormal erection of the penis – rarely occurs when sexual intercourse is too long and the movement is too intense.

If this defect occurs, a blood test should be performed to rule out sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

Should also be asked whether there is a history of neurological disorders, trauma history, special drug history.


Penile folds – it is usually caused by a tear in one or two penis sponges, which only occurs when the penis is erect.

When the erection is thin, the white film is only 1 / 4-1 / 2 mm thick.

The tearing occurs mostly in the middle of the penis and longer.

The patient will report a snoring sound when the injury occurs, followed by severe pain and rapid swelling.

Swelling, discoloration and deformation are common clinical signs.

With urethral injury can account for 30%.

Urethral injury should be suspected when the urethral orifice bleeds, when urine or dysuria is difficult.
Sexual intercourse is not the only and not the cause of penile injury.
Most occur when you squeeze into the penis to reduce the erection of the penis, or when the erect penis rubs on the bed or on a hard object; it can also occur when the erect penis hits a kick, hit, or falls; the penis breaks during sexual intercourse.The erectile penis hits the woman’s pubic bone, perineum, squirting and slamming into the bed, or sharply changing the sexual position.

銆€銆€Retrograde urethrography can rule out urethral injury and identify the location of slender and hemorrhage.

If damage is suspected, the damage should be promptly explored and repaired.

If the penis is broken and the urethra is not damaged, surgical exploration or conservative treatment can be used.

Conservative treatment consists of pressure bandaging the penis, cold pack of ice packs, analgesia, sedatives, and injection of streptokinase (thrombinase). If the hematoma is obvious, blood stasis can be withdrawn.

About 10% of patients have residual penile deformation, erectile dysfunction, and due to residual traces and weak white membranes, it is difficult to have sexual intercourse, requiring incision and repair after surgery.

Conservative treatment requires hospitalization for 2 weeks.

Some people claim that active surgical exploration can make the function better restored, reduce the incidence of impotence, and shorten the hospital stay.

Regardless of whether or not treatment is used, erection should be avoided during rehabilitation, so estrogen should be taken orally for three weeks.

銆€銆€Genital damage during sexual intercourse is about to bring temporary psychological stress and shadow, but since most cases can recover quickly, it generally does not become a serious problem, so the prognosis is more optimistic.