Don’t eat brown sugar, you have to eat!


This is the most effective way to eat!

Don’t eat brown sugar, you have to eat!
This is the most effective way to eat!

Drink ginger tea and add some brown sugar!

Drink tea and add some brown sugar!

Dizziness, feeling anemia, eat brown sugar!

Anything to order brown sugar, right?

You are not suitable for eating brown sugar, do you know it?

As the old saying goes, “Women can’t be without sugar for a hundred days” means brown sugar.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: brown sugar has “and spleen and liver”, “blood, blood, sputum and sputum”.

In progress, Director Yu Meixiang pointed out that eating brown sugar has certain advantages, but not everyone is suitable, it varies from person to person, and it is best to eat it under the guidance of a doctor.

(Knock on the blackboard, the following is the key!

First, dysmenorrhea, menstrual bloody sputum for women with dysmenorrhea, if there is a cup of brown sugar water in the moment of pain, it is a gift!

Brown sugar has the effect of warming and activating blood. It has been a must-have item since ancient times.

And it has ergometrine inside, which can promote uterine contraction, help the discharge of blood stasis, and has the function of warming the palace.

Women with bloody cold, blood deficiency and dysmenorrhea, drinking brown sugar water can alleviate discomfort.

However, irregular menstruation, women with frequent dysmenorrhea should also go to the hospital to find out the reasons for the treatment.

And can’t rush to drink brown sugar water!

Second, postpartum women have such customary places in many places: after the maternal birth of the doll, her mother will certainly give her a bowl of brown sugar water to drink!

Brown sugar has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so it is the best product to recover during the maternal month. It can help the contraction of the uterus in the postpartum period of pregnant women and help the mother to discharge the lochia.

Generally, you can drink some brown sugar water after delivery, but don’t overdo it. Usually take 7?
10 days, use boiling water to boil or boil, 30 times a day?
50 grams is enough.

When the lochia turns yellow or white, it can be replaced. Otherwise, the blood circulation of brown sugar will lead to an increase in lochia and prolong the duration of lochia.

Third, yin deficiency and fire, obesity and dampness, brown sugar is completely useful for women, and the elderly and children with weak resistance can also be used.

However, the brown sugar is warm, and the yin deficiency is not suitable for consumption.

Common yin deficiency fire anger is irritability, libido, dry mouth, hand and foot fever, hot flashes, night sweats, red tongue and little moss, always feel the fire in the body, more common in menopausal syndrome, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure,Diabetes, etc.

Therefore, these people do not eat brown sugar!

In addition, brown sugar is sweet, obese, and people who are damp and heavy should not eat.

If you can’t tell if you are suitable, it is best to ask a doctor.

Fourth, sealed storage, to avoid dampness Xiaobian remember to buy brown sugar before, the whole bag is wet after pressing, and there are ants.

Therefore, brown sugar must pay attention to sealed storage.

It is best to seal it in a glassware. Do not put it together with other items with strong odor, otherwise it will easily “absorb odor”.

Many people mistakenly believe that brown sugar does not have a shelf life, and how long it takes to put it for a long time is not correct.

When brown sugar is selected, it is generally selected to have a package, and the product with the shelf life indication is stored in the storage, otherwise the brown sugar is prone to deterioration and mildew.

Brown sugar is best accumulated after an hour or so after a meal. It is not advisable to eat on an empty stomach. Eating brown sugar on an empty stomach will increase gastric acid secretion, cause digestive tract metabolism, and cause blood sugar to rise. Therefore, people with peptic ulcer and high blood sugar should not eat it.

The high-quality brown sugar is bright in color and has a strong sweet taste. It must be preserved in quality and taste, and the flavor effect is excellent.

Old people often drink some tea to have some harm


Old people often drink some tea to have some harm

Tea has a series of health effects such as lowering blood fat, anti-thrombosis, killing bacteria and preventing pollution.

However, although strong tea is often harmful to the body.

銆€銆€Can the old man drink strong tea?

Old people often drink strong tea, there is a certain harm to tea, which has a series of health effects such as lowering blood fat, anti-thrombosis, killing bacteria and preventing pollution.

However, although strong tea is often harmful to the body.


Drinking strong tea regularly is one of the reasons for promoting osteoporosis.

The main reason is the caffeine of carboxylic acid in tea, and caffeine can cause urinary calcium excretion and bone loss of bone.


Drinking strong tea often causes anemia.

Modern medical research has found that especially after drinking tea after a meal, iron in food is not easily absorbed and excreted to cause anemia.


Drink too much tea and lose a lot of nutrients.

Nutrition experts have found that excessive tea consumption will increase the amount of urine, causing the loss of important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin B, and excessive drinking of tea each year will increase the heart load.


Drinking a lot of strong tea, especially new tea, can lead to drunk tea.

The caffeine, active alkaloids and various aromatic substances in the new tea are high in content, which is easy to excite the nervous system of the human body, and is extremely unfavorable to patients with neurasthenia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

銆€銆€Light tea can not only give full play to the health care function of tea, but also reduce the adverse reactions caused by drinking strong tea. Therefore, tea should be light.

銆€銆€The alcohol in the wine is very irritating to the cardiovascular, and the strong tea also has the effect of exciting the heart.

Drinking strong tea after drinking increases the stimulation of the heart and brain, which is even more unfavorable for people with poor heart function.

Talk about the main dietary principles of vegetarian diet


Talk about the main dietary principles of vegetarian diet

The scientific mix of diet 1.

Proportion of vegetarian diet: Some scientists calculated according to the physiological structure of human body, and the optimal ratio of human and animal food to humans is 7:1.

The sedimentary structure of this vegan ratio is the perfect proportion that human beings have gradually evolved through the survival of the fittest after millions of years of hardship.

The Chinese Nutrition Society clearly stated in the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines”: “Different foods, cereals, eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes, often eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, eat less fat and simmeroil.

Experts have suggested limiting the intake of high-cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, animal offal, squid, squid, and quail eggs.


Reasonable structure formulated by nutrition experts: In 2000, the per capita annual consumption was 400kg for food and vegetables, 18kg for beans, 24kg for eggs, 10kg for eggs, 15kg for milk, 14kg for fish, and 24kg for meat. The annual consumption of vegetarian food was 442kg.The annual consumption of foraging is 63kg, of which the ratio is exactly 7 to 1.

Human beings are mainly vegetarian, which is determined by many factors such as human physiological structure, providing nutrition and reducing diseases.

銆€銆€Vegetarian makes healthy and long-lived plant foods provide most of the energy of the body’s life activities, about 60%-70%. Vegetarian food is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and vitamins and trace elements are irreplaceable important substances in life activities.


Vegetarians are healthier and less ill: Vegetarians contain a lot of crude fiber, which can reduce fat and prevent constipation.

Vegetarians can improve the body’s immunity. Vegetarians suffer from cardiovascular disease, cancer, gout, arthritis, kidney failure, and cerebral palsy.


The revelation of the emperor and the monk: long-term adherence to vegetarian diet is mainly beneficial to health and longevity.

A comparative study was conducted on the lifespans of 838 monks and 28 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As a result, there were 736 monks over 60 years old, accounting for 87.

8%, while the emperor over the age of 60 is only 9 people, only 32.


The difference between the life of the monk and the emperor is of course multifaceted, but the monk is vegetarian, the tea is light, the emperor is savory, the extravagant and extravagant, the overeating, the overnutrition can not be said to be one of the important reasons.


Vegetarians suffer from a significant reduction in cancer: modern research has shown that vegetarians have very few cancers, Mormons in the United States, and Harts in Germany have a lifelong vegetarian diet, and almost no one has had cancer for nearly a hundred years.

A comparison of the blood pressure of 700 monks and nuns with a lifetime vegetarian diet with a non-vegetarian social population resulted in a blood pressure of 77.


3, and the social population is 82.



Vegetarians are smarter and overcome endurance: when a person’s body fluid is slightly alkaline, the speed and effect of transmitting information between brain cells are at their best, and people become smart, while the body fluid is acidic, the brain reflectsSlow, slow, and the efficiency of learning and work are in a low state, people are awkward.

Alkaline, meat is an acidic food, which increases the body fluid to become acidic after being implanted into the human body.

Therefore, vegetarianism not only brings health, but also makes people smart.

銆€銆€The cheetah is a typical carnivore. It runs fast, but it doesn’t last much.

Non-carnivorous animals such as zebras, antelopes, and camels. Although they are not as fast as cheetahs, they are very endurable. They run faster in a single breath than carnivores such as cheetahs.

Scientific experiments have also proven that vegetarians exceed endurance.

銆€銆€The main principle of vegetarianism is 1.

Every day you must eat certain foods: such as oil, eggs, milk, oysters and other meat products, to ensure the body must be nutritious.


Eat more soy products: Soybeans have the best protein quality and rich calcium in plant foods.


The staple food should be mainly rice noodles: in addition to rice noodles, potatoes and corn can be added.Potatoes have high nutritional value and can be used as staple foods or as a scale.

Eat more yeast-fermented steamed bread, bread to improve the substitution of trace elements, try to avoid whitening.


Guarantee fresh vegetables and fruits: more than 500g per day, especially red and green vegetables.

The variety should not be single, to ensure 尾-carotene, vitamin C and enough dietary fiber.


Do not avoid oil: the right amount of vegetable oil can avoid artificial deficiency, but also avoid the lack of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.


There should be a variety of supplementary foods: such as seaweed, black fungus, sesame paste, peanut butter, black sesame, walnuts, etc., from which calcium and iron and other trace elements and vitamin E.


More sunshine: to supplement vitamin D, which is rarely contained in plant foods.


Change the net vegetarian habits: It is recommended that the net vegetarians be converted into a dairy egg vegetarian diet. Drinking 1 bottle of milk and eating 1 egg a day is good for health and helps to increase life.

Wrinkles are related to health?


Chinese medicine teaches you to look at your health

Wrinkles are related to health?
Chinese medicine teaches you to look at your health

Chinese medicine teaches you to look at the visceral health from the facial wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles: It is easy to make wrinkles on the forehead of migraine. This indicates that this person is probably a mental worker who often needs to think hard about it. People with such wrinkles are prone to headaches.

If there is a clear cross-shaped continuous wrinkle, such a person rarely gets sick.

Wrinkles on the forehead: The horizontal wrinkles on the forehead related to depression are signs of whether a person is diligent in thinking. A small wrinkle represents whether its owner has a keen observation and a positive attitude.

For brain power, the most important thing is memory. It needs the nourishment of diet and nutrition.

Peripheral wrinkles: A suggestion of emotional wrinkles: the skin around the eyes is very delicate, and its wrinkles are often called smile wrinkles or mood wrinkles.

However, we would rather call it an emotional wrinkle, because there is always a feeling of wrinkles around the eyes when the heart is smiling, and when it is worried, worried or sad.

Wrinkles at the moment: a sign of detoxification that suggests wrinkles: the wrinkles in the lower part of the eye are a sign of the ability of the kidneys and bladder to remove toxins from the body.

The skin under the eyes is extremely thin and the drying speed is extremely fast.

Eye bags seriously need kidney.

Half-moon wrinkles appear under the eyes, which are signs of kidney, bladder and heart disease.

Cheek wrinkles: The bad cheeks of the liver are places where the skin of the skin is weak, and it is easy to trim the blood vessels.

If the right face is deeper than the wrinkles on the left face, it is probably not good for the liver.

A twill appears on the cheeks to check for high blood pressure.

If a sickle-shaped wrinkle appears on the cheekbones, there may be a disease on the foot.

Nasal wrinkles: Heart wrinkles are genetic wrinkles that become more pronounced as they age.

The organ represented by the nasal wrinkles is the heart.

The finely distributed wrinkles produced by each wrinkle tiller have a corresponding significance for the facial diagnostician.

Lip side lines: may be a characteristic of wrinkles in stomach disease: wrinkles begin at the side edge of the lips and slope downward.

The wrinkles on the right reveal that the liver and gallbladder are overburdened, and the wrinkles on the left signal a problem with the spleen.

Small wrinkles in the corners of the mouth may be characterized by arrogance and stomach problems.

Chin wrinkles: A hint of wrinkles that are closely related to the overall state of the person: the chin skin is closely related to the overall state of the person, and can also comprehensively reflect the health of the stomach.

If wrinkles appear between the chin and the lower lip, there may be acne.

The “cat-claw” wrinkles under the chin indicate that the sub-layer of the subcutaneous is destroyed.

There are mouth lines and chins with deep lines. You have to look up the stomach.

The phenomenon of psychological saturation of the elderly should not be ignored

The phenomenon of “psychological saturation” of the elderly should not be ignored

One day, I was sitting in the psychological clinic. I suddenly came to a 60-year-old man. When I sat down, I didn’t say a word. The weather-beaten face burst into tears and it took a few minutes to calm down.
From his whimper’s narrative, he learned that he was an old public security cadre, and both sons had established a family business. The old couple retired and spent their old age.
Three days ago, two sons and two daughter-in-law came to the old man’s house and immediately placed four laid-off certificates in front of the old man. They blamed the old man for not being assigned a good unit when they were in office. They are now laid off.What will I do in the future?
The old man’s psychology is very sad. The traditional concept of eating by the unit for a long time makes him unable to accept this fact. In these few days, he often feels headache and chest tightness. During the physical examination, he found that the heart beats faster and the blood pressure is higher.
After patient psychiatric treatment, the mood of the elderly has improved.
銆€銆€This psychological phenomenon of the elderly is called “psychological saturation” in the clinic, which means that the psychological endurance reaches the limit.
In life, this phenomenon can be seen everywhere and is a “unstable factor.”
It can bring great mental stress and psychological barriers to the elderly, such as: anxiety, fear, depression, insomnia, and even disease, such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease.
銆€銆€But “psychological saturation” is not an incurable disease. How can the elderly maintain mental health?
In this case, we must first have confidence in life. When our children are in a bad mood, we should give comfort and guidance, and discuss countermeasures. After analysis, we can’t solve it now and we don’t have to complain or be nervous. We should have the courage to change the environment.Create the world that suits you.
To reduce the psychological burden, you can also participate in some fitness exercises, explain your narrative with your friends and friends, and distract your nervousness. This will reduce the mental stress that 鈥減sychological saturation鈥?brings to the elderly.
If you have a mental illness, you can also consult a psychiatrist. After patience and counseling by the psychiatrist, and the cooperation between the family and the society, the physical and mental health of the elderly will definitely return to health.

What is the best for men with dermatitis?


What is the best for men with dermatitis?

Every day, people must have three meals a day. The food supplemented every day can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body. The doctor said that people who need to eat more need to strengthen the scientific diet. Male patients with dermatitis can replace the disease through dietary adjustment, then male foreskinWhat is good for inflammation?

The following article is mainly for everyone to share the treatment of male dermatitis.

Therapeutic method of male dermatitis 1, loofah previous rice porridge: 1 loofah, the previous rice 50g, white sugar right amount.

First porridge to semi-cooked, into the loofah to cook porridge, go to the loofah and add sugar, eat porridge, can clear away heat and detoxification, cooling blood to eliminate phlegm.

2, mung bean previous rice porridge: mung bean 50g, the previous rice 100g, a total of porridge to take food, can clear away heat and detoxification, eliminate edema.

3, winter melon drink: tender winter melon (about 500 grams), washed with green skin cut into pieces, add water, add salt, seasoning, cooked food, have the effect of heat and dampness.

4, stewed pig’s trotters: 4 pig’s trotters washed, add onion 50g, the right amount of salt, put into the pot Chinese fire stew until cooked, split into meat and soup, detoxification and swelling effect.

Care for male dermatitis 1, pay attention to personal hygiene penis is an important reproductive organ of males, easy to dirty.

Therefore, men should pay more attention to personal hygiene in daily life, and often clean, especially glans and foreskin hygiene. As a key part of men, care must be taken.

2, do not wear tight underwear men’s dermatitis men do not wear some tights and tight underwear, which will cause a certain squeeze of the glans.

Not enough glans are not comfortable.

3, living habits Male dermatitis patients in the usual life to develop good habits, but also pay attention to their own eating habits, do not eat spicy food, should eat light things.

The doctor said that balanitis patients not only need good therapeutic methods, but also need effective male dermatitis care methods, in order to more effectively treat the disease, away from the impact of male dermatitis, and have a healthy life.

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