The workplace is the most vulnerable career

The workplace is the most vulnerable career

Entertainment industry film, television and singing industry entertainers index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ love life is too rich, handsome men and women around, such as clouds, huge temptation, there are too many reasons for derailment.

Looks like a lot of choices, but I don’t know how to choose.

Those who are famous also have to stay single, make the lovers behind them invisible, and occasionally even create some gossip, and have a good reputation for audience support and career.

The outside world is wonderful, but the outside world is helpless.

  Military make-up, styling, photography professional dating index: ★★★★★ This performance is outstanding among male workers. Due to the work relationship, a large number of beautiful women have become the beautiful objects of their services in the places where women are piled up. TheyChange clothes and pose in front of the man without fear.

Working in such an environment for a long time, I can see that the man has severe visual fatigue, does not feel to the woman, does not blame him, his character is affected, and the quality of love is also affected.

  Fashion designer, artist’s love affair index: ★★★★ Never satisfy your own design clothes, often creative and seeking new things without hesitation in design, almost all passion is created, so it is difficult to maintain a long-lasting friendship with friends.Passion.

Costume design is also a matter of acquaintance with art. If the road is different, it is difficult to conspire, and there are always some people who are inexplicable and difficult to get along with the artist!

  Military financial, financial management, accounting professional dating index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Want to date on time, unlikely.

Answering a call is also a long story.

Dealing with digital money every day, he is too busy to be black and white, counting money to live, people easily become stingy.

People in the financial industry are well-developed and intelligent.

There are many opportunities to make a fortune. There are more days in the sky than on the ground. Opportunities will always wait for these people. They cannot see today and do not know where they will appear tomorrow.

The suitcase is always ready for use.

Busy, high-intensity work is also difficult to maintain stable feelings.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the man marry a flight attendant of the frequent flight route.

In this way, the two can be anytime, anywhere.

If you unfortunately take a different plane, that’s okay.

  Lawyer Broken Heart Index: ★★★ Men: Because of his professional relationship, he must be rigorous and rarely smile from the heart. “Romantic” is not a word for lawyers.

A decent gentleman.

Difficult to communicate with.

That serious face only made the girl sigh.

  Woman: The woman’s lawyer is very eloquent. It can make men afraid, and it is difficult for men to get close. It is really “only look at it from a distance, but not play”.

Finding such a person as a partner is as scary as finding a psychologist as a partner.

One is sharp and logical; the other can see the bottom of your heart at a glance.

Slightly wrong step, either they flew you, or you can’t stand the drool.

  Journalist for military propaganda, editor’s broken love index: ★★★ Generally think that they have more contact with the society, know more things, are very narcissistic, a little clear, and have a low attitude of learning tolerance.

They are more paranoid about things and accept suggestions slowly.

Those in the military journalism industry do not know which one must stay up all night to engage in surprise attacks.

In order to “news ideals”, sometimes I really have to dedicate myself, and the risk of falling in love is high.

There are many recipes for olives

There are many recipes for olives

Olive has certain medical effects and is a traditional Chinese medicinal material.

Olive flavor is astringent and astringent, it is flat, enters the lungs and stomach meridians, has the functions of clearing the lungs, clearing throat, regenerating Jin, and detoxifying.

In folks, there are many prescriptions for the diet of olives. They are ready-made as follows: 3-5 fresh olives for cough, 1 fresh radish, cut open radish, cook a total of tea for several days.

  For measles fresh olives, 3 grams each of licorice. Broken olives with licorice and decoction once a day for 7 days.

  Thirty olives for abdominal distention, calcined charcoal, finely ground, 5 grams per serving, 3 times a day.

Ginger soup is taken after meals, for 2-3 days as a course of treatment.

  Treatment of pregnancy vomiting green olives are not restricted, smashed, decoction.

  100 grams of fresh olives poisoned by mushrooms, pitted and smashed, add a small amount of water and mix thoroughly, take the juice.

  100 grams of fresh olives for eczema, smashed, add an appropriate amount of decoction, so that the medicinal solution is blue.

Apply sterilized cotton inhalation solution to the affected area.

  For the treatment of sore throat olives 2 pieces, including chewing in the mouth, soothing its juice, 3 times a day.

Will I be addicted to a single drug?

Will I be addicted to a single drug?

It is another 626 days of anti-drug.

In order to help netizens understand the types and harms of drugs in a deeper and clearer way, and understand ways to better quit drug addiction; remind everyone to be alert to the invasion of drugs in their lives and stay away from drugs. Here we interviewed specifically on drug related issuesDirector Li Ling, Department of Psychological Rehabilitation, Guangzhou Baiyun Voluntary Detoxification Center.

  1. Many young people are addicted to curiosity when they hear that drug use is not addictive once.

Are drugs addictive once they are used?

  Physically, drug addiction is not necessarily addictive once, but from the willingness to test drugs in person, it is psychologically addictive once.

Many people who are addicted to drugs start from the first time and end up in a terrible situation.

Once drug addicts, ten years of quitting drugs, want to poison for life, so young people must not trust the temptation that one test will not be addictive, resolutely can not try.

  2. Will drug use bring some harm to people?

  No matter what type of drug, it will affect the normal function of the various organs of the body.

The main damage of traditional drugs is the normal function of the five internal organs, which in turn affects the nervous system.

The main damage of the new type of drugs is the mental and nervous system, which leads to mental disorders, and becomes a mental patient, followed by physical viscera.

In addition, people’s psychology and personality will change after taking drugs, causing depression, worry, insomnia, etc., and will seriously affect people’s social functions, so family and friends will also be emotionally affected.

  3. What kinds of drugs are most accessible to teen friends in life?

  If teenagers make friends accidentally, or do not have sufficient prevention and resistance to drugs, they will be easily exposed to various drugs.

New drugs such as methamphetamine, ecstasy, K powder, cough water containing codeine, and prescription drugs such as tramadol, which are illegally sold in many pharmacies, are all types of drugs abused by the population, which are very harmful.

  4. How can I help my relatives and friends get rid of drugs?

  If you discover that your loved one is taking drugs, do n’t cause panic, do n’t blame, and do n’t feel guilty. Keep calm and caring for your loved ones, because a person also regrets and feels uncomfortable after taking drugs. At this time, accepting reality is more important than solving the problemOnly when the family accepts and cares can the drug addict feel warmth and help him to actively receive the drug treatment.

At this time, actively seeking help from drug treatment institutions at a distance, and receiving systematic drug treatment are the best choices to help drug addicts’ family members or friends to detoxify.

  5. What are the commonly used detox methods?

  The severity of detoxification methods is generally the first: cold turkey therapy is to dry abstinence, without any drugs, to forcibly lock the detoxifier, allow the body to bear and adjust on its own, and wait for the body to detoxify naturally. The biggest feature of this method isDrug addicts will spend in pain. At the same time, the biggest danger is the occurrence of complications caused by drug use, such as the onset of bronchial injection, the onset of the attack, and it is easy to cause life-threatening.

  The second type: family detoxification means that a family member compulsorily detains the detoxified person at home, and allows the detoxified person to take some detoxification drugs to reduce the pain of detoxification and achieve the purpose of detoxification.

This method has almost the same characteristics as the first one, with less pain.

Because detox drugs are not formulated for drug abusers, all detox patients are the type of drug. At the same time, considering the safety of medication, they can only achieve the purpose of reducing pain.

  The third type: Scientific treatment at a detoxification hospital at a distance not only treats diseases caused by physical detoxification and drug use, but also requires psychological counseling and treatment.

After taking drugs, both the body and the heart will be damaged and affected to varying degrees. Comprehensive treatment is the targeted treatment. It is also the best method among various methods, but this method requires scientific medical treatment and a large number of technical personnel.Expenditure requires significant material and financial resources.

Treatment requires a certain cost of treatment, and a large portion of the cost of treatment is unaffordable.

And because of the budget each year, there is no corresponding financial support for voluntary medical detoxification.

  The first: Methadone community clinics take regular and quantitative methadone medications for drug addicts to replace the drugs needed by the body, and then gradually reduce the amount of methadone used to achieve the goal of not taking drugs, which is difficult to achieve the goal of detoxification.

Because only methadone is used to replace the drug, and the behavior of the drug addicts is difficult to control, it is difficult to ensure that the drug addicts do not take drugs at the same time. It is also difficult to ensure that the drug addicts take the methadone regularly and at the same time.It is difficult to achieve complete detoxification if required.

  6. Are the methods used for voluntary and compulsory detoxification the same?

  The fundamental difference between voluntary detoxification and compulsory detoxification is that voluntary and involuntary detoxification is a medical act. There are medical institutions prescribed by the state for treatment, treating patients with detoxification as patients, and recurrent encephalopathy patients for treatment.Go to a drug treatment agency voluntarily.

Compulsory detoxification is law enforcement.

It is executed by the National Public Security Bureau and the judicial department. It is a law enforcement agency that corrects the illegal behaviors of drug addicts. It treats drug addicts as offenders, and drug addicts themselves are forced to accept drug detoxification.

  For drug offenders, it is also the patient and the victim.

National laws stipulate that drug use is illegal, so drug addicts are illegal; drug users are recurrent encephalopathy from a medical perspective, a patient with impulse control disorders who cannot control themselves and themselves; China is under reform and opening upThe development of the market economy has led to social problems such as drug abuse. These social problems will hurt some people who do not know the truth. Drug users are also victims of society. Because of their victimization, they are the formulation and highlights of China ‘s anti-drug problem.

  7. Many drug addicts will relapse after giving up. How many people can really quit drugs?

  Relapse after detoxification is an eternal topic for the detoxification industry and drug addicts. The causes of drug abuse and relapse are very complicated. Re-drug use after detoxification is very high. At most, more than 90% will face the danger of drug abuse again. The reason is thatThe causes of drug abuse and re-drug abuse are complex, and incomplete detoxification leads to re-drug abuse.

There are four aspects of the problem and the tendency to addiction in drug use and re-use, which are physical addiction, psychological addiction, social relationship addiction, and mental addiction.Physical addiction is caused by physical factors and drug addiction again. Psychological addiction is caused by psychological and emotional problems and can not extricate themselves from taking drugs again. Social relationship addiction is the personality of drug addicts leading to a tendency to make friends.Drug abuse again for the influence of friends.

Psychological addiction is that people who are drug addicts often worry about the ultimate care of human beings and why they are alive, so they take drugs again.

So poison can abstain, but it can abstain. The treatment is complete and completely good.

It is said that the detoxification is successful.

How to eat carrots to make bunny girls

How to eat carrots to make bunny girls

Carrots are something you can’t see more often, but they have the amazing magic of weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you can easily achieve it by eating carrots.

Today the editor will teach you how to eat carrots. As long as you make 10 pounds a month, it will not be a problem.

  Carrot slimming highlights 1.

Contains carrots and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K as well as some nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber to make the body absorb nutrients more comprehensively.


The contained plant fiber can improve human metabolism and achieve the purpose of natural weight loss.


Not only can it inhibit the body’s desire to eat sweets and greasy foods, but it can also prevent colds and strengthen vision.

  Boiled carrots carrots are many ways to eat, and each method is particularly convenient to operate, which absolutely meets the requirements of MM.

  Material: 1?
2 carrot practices: 1.

Wash and slice carrots.


Pour two bowls of water into the pan, then add carrot slices and cook over medium heat until the carrot slices become soft.

  Slimming: Eat carrot and soup together on an empty stomach every morning, and eat lunch and dinner as usual.

If you want to continue to lose weight, take it every other week, and you will be able to achieve the expected goal of MM.

  Freshly squeezed carrot juice material: 2 carrots: 1.

Wash the carrots and cut them into round pieces.


Put the chopped carrots into the juicer until you have a sticky carrot puree.

  How to lose weight: drink carrot juice 1?
2 times, drink before meals, do not have to control your diet, determine the appropriate amount according to your physical fitness and physical condition, as long as you have the willpower to persist for a month, you can easily lose 10 pounds.

  Carrot and tomato drink ingredients: 50 grams of carrots, 1 tomato, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Wash the carrots and cut them into pieces. Remove the tomatoes and cut them into combs.


Put carrots and tomatoes into the juicer, crush them at high speed, pour the juice into a glass, add yogurt, and lemon juice to taste.

  Slimming: Put it in the morning with breakfast, it’s delicious, and it’s super thin.

Foods not recommended for liver disease patients

Foods not recommended for liver disease patients

For patients with liver disease, nutrient-rich foods can help liver cells repair, but some foods are not easy to eat. Xiaobian reminds you: to master the amount, eating more will affect the recovery of liver disease.

1. Chocolate, sugar and various sweets are not easy to eat in one day, and the enzyme secretion of the fermentation tract is over-digested, which affects appetite; sugar is easy to ferment, which can increase combustion and expand gas, and is easily converted intoAunt, speed up the liver’s storage of aunt, and increase the occurrence of aunt.

2, eat less sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, eat more will consume a large amount of choline in the body, easy to cause early accumulation of liver, affecting the function of liver cells.

3, Songhua eggs contain a certain amount of lead, lead can replace calcium in the human body, often eat Songhua eggs toward calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, will cause lead poisoning.

4, monosodium glutamate is a good seasoning. Patients with liver disease can take a supplement or take it too often, which may cause symptoms such as transient headache, palpitation and even nausea.

5. Instant noodles, sausages and canned foods often contain food colorings and preservatives that are not good for the human body. Regular consumption will increase the burden on liver metabolism and detoxification functions.

6. The salt content of various pickled foods is too high. Patients with liver disease tend to affect water and sodium metabolism, and should be contraindicated in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis.

7, should not eat wheat, potatoes and other foods.

Previously, it was thought that symptoms such as lethargy, memory loss, stiffness, and unconsciousness in patients with advanced liver disease were caused by liver dysfunction.

But in recent years, according to research by American scientists, the unconsciousness in patients with advanced liver disease is related to a type of “natural benzodiazepine-like compound” that accumulates in patients’ blood.

The researchers said that wheat and potato foods contain small amounts of natural diazines, but because of the small amount, they cannot tolerate sedation in healthy people.

However, patients with chronic liver disease eat such foods as usual. Due to liver dysfunction, the body cannot decompose and clear the natural sedatives contained in food in time, causing food-based diazo compounds to accumulate in the body.

When a certain amount of substances is reached, it can cause patients to become lethargic, stiff and unconscious.

Therefore, researchers point out that, in addition to the contraindication to the use of synthetic diazines (such as diazepam) in patients with chronic liver disease, it is not advisable to eat wheat and potato foods containing the natural sedative substance.

Running alternately, burning 姨


Running alternately, burning 濮?

Summer is the season for ladies to lose weight.

They either run or go fast, each with a different method.

But now the situation has changed, runners will insert a few fast-moving stages on the way to ease the impact of running on the joints, and walkers will add some jogging to improve exercise intensity.

銆€銆€鈥淐hoose to run or walk is purely a matter of personal hobbies,鈥?said Ms. Eknoan, author of two books, Fitness Walk and Fasting. 鈥淩unners like the feeling of vacating, but if your joints can’tAdapting to the impact of landing, then walking is also a very effective sport.”

銆€銆€In essence, running and walking have something in common.

The difference between the two is consumed across the same distance.

But they have an important difference, that is, time, if you run 4 in 28-30 minutes.

8 kilometers, it takes about 45 minutes to walk, which means that it takes more time to run in the same direction of consumption.

Instead, running at the same time can consume more time than walking.

Although running is more efficient, it is not suitable for everyone because it is a high-impact sport.

銆€銆€In order to solve this contradiction and to exploit the strengths of the two forms of running and walking, we designed this alternating exercise program.

It not only saves time, but also achieves the effect of losing weight and fat, and more importantly, letting you enjoy the fun of summer air sports.

銆€銆€This is a four-week plan.

For each exercise, insert a few short runs on the walk.

Don’t turn your running practice into a sprint. It should only be a little faster than walking fast.

If l-10 represents the level of effort, go to 4-6, and jogging is only between 5-7.

銆€銆€You must be able to easily complete the previous set before moving on to the next week’s workout.

If you feel strenuous, repeat the next week and move on to the next content.

銆€銆€One exercise includes warm-up (5 minutes slow walk) and pull (2 minutes), alternating running content, and finally relaxing and pulling again.

If you feel that the exercise is too long or not enough, you can reduce or increase the cycle.

This plan is a transition from running to running, but if you only like to go, you can just walk away.

銆€銆€Monday of the first week: 8 minutes walk, 2 groups of fast and slow loops (try to go 1 point, medium speed 3 is divided into 1 group).

銆€銆€Wednesday: 15 minutes at medium speed, 3 groups run alternately (1 jog and 4 points at medium speed).

銆€銆€Friday: 12 minutes in the middle speed, 4 groups alternately run (1 point + 3 points).

銆€銆€Monday of the second week: fast walk for 10 minutes, 3 groups of fast and slow loops (l points + 3 points).

銆€銆€Tuesday: 12 minutes in the middle speed, 3 groups run alternately (2 points + 4 points, 2 points + 5 points, 2 points + 6 points).

銆€銆€Thursday: 8 minutes at medium speed, 5 groups of fast and slow cycles (l points + 3 points).

銆€銆€Saturday: Take 10 minutes, 5 groups run alternately (2 points + 2 points).

銆€銆€Monday of the third week: 8 minutes in the middle speed, 5 groups alternately run (2 points + 2 points).

銆€銆€Wednesday: Take 6 minutes, 4 groups run alternately (3 points + 2 points, 3 points + 3 points, 3 points + 4 points, 3 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Thursday: Take 10 minutes, 6 groups run alternately (2 points + 2 points, 2 points + 3 points, 2 points + 4 points, 2 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Saturday: Take 4 minutes, 5 groups run alternately (4 points + 2 points, 4 points + 3 points, 4 points + 4 points, 3 points + 4 points, 2 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€If physical strength allows, increase the speed by 30 minutes on the fifth day.

銆€銆€Week 4th Monday: 4 minutes, 5 groups alternately run (4 points + l points, 3 points + 2 points, 3 points + 3 points, 2 points + 4 points, l points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Wednesday: Take 2 minutes, 4 groups run alternately (5 points + l points, 4 points + 2 points, 3 points + 3 points, 2 points + 4 points).

銆€銆€Thursday: Take 8 minutes, 6 groups run alternately (2 points + 2 points).

銆€銆€Saturday: Take 1 minute, 3 groups run alternately (8 points + 1 point, 5 points + 3 points, l points + 6 points).

銆€銆€If physical strength allows, you can add one day of training and repeat the Monday content.銆€銆€If you have some special needs, here are the accepted methods.


Just want to walk – you can use some techniques to increase the strength of walking.

The first is the fast pace, the second is the large swing arm, and the third is the uphill.

It is useless to step on the wrist or foot to tie the sandbag.


Just want to run – you can change the walk in the alternate walk to jogging, you can also use the uphill run instead of the speed run.


For a long time or never exercise – it takes 6-8 weeks to get the aerobic exercise capacity of the medium.

The first is to take a quick walk twice a week, every 10-20 minutes, then increase every 1 to 2 minutes every week until you can walk for 25 minutes. At this time, start three times a week, continue to add l-2 minutes, and finallyYou can go three times and 30 minutes a week, and you can start the above plan.


Willing to use a treadmill indoors 鈥?can move the mobile plan, but does not prevent the treadmill from increasing l-2% uphill to supplement the air resistance of the body movement.


Whether it should cross movement – can.

One way to cross-motion is to try to choose something close to your “main item.”

The most similar form to walking and running is the practice of a “space walker” (or elliptical exercise machine).

Since this is not a complete weight-bearing exercise, the effect of increasing bone density is compromised.

Another way to cross-motion is to choose the part that the “main item” ignores or trains less.

For runners, some muscle weight training should be done to strengthen the strength.

Happiness is one of the magic weapons


Happiness is one of the magic weapons

One of the magic weapons: What is our health for?



In fact, in the end we are only pursuing happiness.

But not everyone is happy?

What is happiness and how can it be happy?

銆€銆€There is an old fable: a teenager visits a wise man and asks, “How can I become a person who is happy and makes others happy?”

The wise man replied: “In fact, do four sentences: treat yourself as someone else, treat others as yourself, treat others as others, and treat yourself as yourself.

“What a philosophical word, how supernatural.”

Yes, in fact, many things in the world are so good or bad, all about how we look at it.

But when we face one thing, it is very important to learn how to maintain an optimistic and open-minded mood and avoid asking for trouble.

In the 19th century, the German philosopher Schopenhauer said that “some people are not affected by things, but they are affected by things.”

“It is even a famous saying.

銆€銆€Many people think that forgetting pain, remembering happiness, life can be happy, but real life is the opposite. Many people tend to forget happy things, but painful things can never be forgotten to be happy. We must learn to let go.

This is to let go of the card to interfere with your body and life, to have a happy thing, to let go after the same, the same, there are painful things to put down the two words as long as they can penetrate, you can leave the painHowever, most people don’t have the wisdom to get through. The so-called happiness and pain are two sides. One hand and one hand can’t be painful once you are happy. They always buy one get one free, as long as you want to have fun.The pain has already been ready to play in your heart. The same reason, pain, and happiness, therefore, you don’t need to be too smug when you are in the scene, and you don’t have to die yourself when you are against the scene!

Expanding the airport with diet _1

Expanding the “airport” with diet

It is definitely an insult to describe a woman’s body as an “airport.”
Today, the girls are going to stand up and Qi Qijian’s 鈥渃hest鈥?action.
銆€銆€Basic knowledge: a globally recognized standard breast According to reliable survey data, the 34b size chest is the perfect chest that can be accepted by the world’s aesthetic standards.
Of course, in addition to the size, the firmness and fullness of the breast is also very important.
And to ensure the fullness of the chest, in addition to the secretion of female cerebral pituitary and ovarian estradiol, the amount of free fat is also an important internal factor that determines the perfection of the chest, which is why whenever you lose weight, no matter whatSuccess or not, the reason why the cup will drop the number one.
銆€銆€Diet: Fruits, fruits, milk and fish can be rich in protein, such as papaya, fish, meat and fresh milk.
Seeds and nuts such as soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame seeds and corn are effective breast foods.
Foods containing vitamin C such as oranges, grapes, grapefruit and tomatoes prevent chest deformation.
Foods containing vitamin E such as celery, walnuts and red kidney beans help the development of the chest.
Foods containing vitamin A, such as broccoli, broccoli and sunflower oil, are beneficial for the secretion of hormones.
Foods containing vitamin B, such as beef, milk, beans and pig liver, also help in the synthesis of hormones.
Milk stewed chicken–with tender chicken added to the milk and stew, can have the effect of breast enhancement.

The effect of camel


The effect of camel

Camel scorpion (“Xinjiang Chinese Herbal Medicine”)[source]is the seed of the genus Pelican.

The plant form is detailed in the “Camel Puff” strip.

銆€銆€[Collection]Harvest at maturity.

銆€銆€[chemical composition]seeds contain alkaloids 3.

92%, 6.



0%, which is mainly Halminine and Hameling, and others still contain about 0 of the duckbill flower.

46% and tetrahydrohalamine base, deoxypterin and the like.

銆€銆€The seeds also contain a variety of amino acids, glucose, galactose, sucrose and polysaccharides.

The composition of the polyamide is galactose, galacturonic acid, xylose, arabinose and trace rhamnose.

銆€銆€[Pharmacological action]1 The role of the central nervous system The seed mainly contains cameline, similar to Halmin’s base. According to the cloud, people can produce illusions and dreams, first and then horrified.

Its derivative of Halol, demethoxyl chloramphenicol, has similar effects.

Oral administration of 4 mg/kg of chloramphenicol or halmidine can cause hallucinations.

6-methoxytetrahydro-halman is the natural hormone of pineal gland, 1.

5 mg / kg is also a fantasy.

In animal experiments, camelid has excitatory effects on the cortex and its motor center and spinal cord, which can cause hallucinations, tremors and paroxysmal convulsions. It can also excite the pons, causing certain specific movements and stiffness of the limbs;The role of the base seems to be in the subcortical center, which can cause convulsions with camelids; while the deoxynoplotone causes only progressive paralysis, followed by the initial excitement, a large number of inhibition of the central nervous system, inhibitionBreathing and the heart cause blood pressure to drop and die.

Pegansin has been used to relieve Parkinson’s disease after encephalitis. It has a short-term effect on voluntary exercise and stiffness of the eye muscles. However, it is ineffective for tremors, salivation, etc., and does not produce eutrophic symptoms of sputum.The principle is unknown, and the impulse may be better adjusted due to the excitation of the cortex, so that the movement can be better controlled.

銆€銆€2 cardiovascular effects of camellia 1:25000 can inhibit the isolated frog heart, slow heart rate; then the application of adrenaline can not play a role.

For the in-position frog heart, 3 mm camelina can slow down the heart rate and increase the amplitude. Even the addition of 2-substituted acetylcholine does not cause cardiac arrest; the test results on the lizard heart are the same.

The role of halmidine is similar to that of camelid.

The initial Halol, Halol, and the demethoxylated camel have a mild excitatory effect on the circulatory system, which can lower blood pressure.

Aqueous extracts initially cause a slight increase in blood pressure and a decrease.

The camelid has an expansion effect on the blood vessels of the rabbit ear, but it has a contractile effect on the lower limbs of the frog.

銆€銆€3 Effects on muscles Pegans can relax small intestinal smooth muscle.

The effect on the uterus is often excitatory in the overall animal test, while it is anti-relaxed in the isolated uterus with excessive tension.

High concentrations can also contract striated muscles.

The water extract of oral seeds has an exciting effect on the uterus of pregnant women.

The toxicity of camelid is twice as strong as that of hydrogenated harmine.

The duck’s mouth is similar in action and its toxicity is reduced. It also has anti-cholinesterase activity, which increases the sensitivity of tissues (frog rectus abdominis, leeches back muscle, rabbit small intestine) to acetylcholine.

In the experiment of isolated guinea pig tracheal ring, the low concentration of adiponectin showed very weak relaxation, while the high concentration caused it to contract. Intravenous injection of 400 渭g/kg in guinea pigs (integral experiment) can cause tracheal contraction, and acetylcholine enhances this.Atropine prevents the action, but the abalone is weak and transiently blocked by histamine-induced bronchial blockage.

In the in vitro experiment, the effect of relaxing bronchus was 1/2000 of adrenaline and 1/3800 of antihistamine. The whole experiment had no bronchodilating effect, and the high concentration caused contraction.

In the cat acute and dog chronic experiments, the duck’s mouth is intravenously injected with 5 mg/kg for bile, and the bile excretion after dog subcutaneous injection is increased by 40?

The scorpion saponin can stimulate the smooth muscle of the intestine, which leads to a stronger and more frequent contraction of the first stomach and an increase in gastric secretion.

銆€銆€4 Antibacterial effect The chemical structure of camelids is similar to that of quinoline, so it is toxic to protozoa such as amoeba and also has some antimalarial effects.

The effect of camelids on aphids is similar to that of mountain roads. It also inhibits bacteria (especially Gram-positive bacteria) and has a bactericidal effect of 1:10,000 in vitro.

銆€銆€[Sexual taste]1 “Xinjiang Chinese Herbal Medicine Handbook”: “Poisonous.
“2 “Shaan Gan, Ningqing Chinese herbal medicine selection”: “bitter, warm.

“[Indications]Cough, dysuria, numbness of the limbs, joint pain.
銆€銆€1 “Xinjiang Chinese Herbal Medicine Handbook”: “Xuanfei Cough.

Treatment of cough, asthma, urinary adverse.

“2 “Shaan Gan, Ningqing, Chinese herbal medicine selection”: “Antitussive and antiasthmatic, rheumatism.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]Oral: Research, 2?
4 points; or oil.

External use: oil coating.

銆€銆€[Selection]1 treatment flustered, rickets, limbs numbness: camel, oil, daily 1?
3 ml, orally.

(“Shaan Gan, Ningqing, Chinese herbal medicine selection”) 2 treatment of joint pain: camel canopy oil coated the affected area.

(“Shaan Gan, Ningqing Chinese herbal medicine selection”)[clinical application]for the trial and treatment of gastric cancer, take the camel scorpion into a powder, daily service 2?
3 times, 2 each time?
4 grams.

A total of 8 cases were treated, including 3 cases of gastric cardia and 3 cases of gastric cancer.

There were 6 cases of increased drug intake (2 cases of gastric cardia cancer, 4 cases of gastric cancer), 2 cases without change (cardiac cancer, 1 case of gastric cancer); 3 cases of upper abdominal pain reduction (stomach cancer), 5 cases of 2 cases?After 9 months of follow-up, 3 patients were alive, 1 died, and 1 patient lost contact after 2 months.

This medicine is toxic and must be dosed.

After taking the medicine, except for different degrees of vertigo and nausea, the liver, kidney, heart and blood showed no obvious changes.

Old people often drink some tea to have some harm


Old people often drink some tea to have some harm

Tea has a series of health effects such as lowering blood fat, anti-thrombosis, killing bacteria and preventing pollution.

However, although strong tea is often harmful to the body.

銆€銆€Can the old man drink strong tea?

Old people often drink strong tea, there is a certain harm to tea, which has a series of health effects such as lowering blood fat, anti-thrombosis, killing bacteria and preventing pollution.

However, although strong tea is often harmful to the body.


Drinking strong tea regularly is one of the reasons for promoting osteoporosis.

The main reason is the caffeine of carboxylic acid in tea, and caffeine can cause urinary calcium excretion and bone loss of bone.


Drinking strong tea often causes anemia.

Modern medical research has found that especially after drinking tea after a meal, iron in food is not easily absorbed and excreted to cause anemia.


Drink too much tea and lose a lot of nutrients.

Nutrition experts have found that excessive tea consumption will increase the amount of urine, causing the loss of important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin B, and excessive drinking of tea each year will increase the heart load.


Drinking a lot of strong tea, especially new tea, can lead to drunk tea.

The caffeine, active alkaloids and various aromatic substances in the new tea are high in content, which is easy to excite the nervous system of the human body, and is extremely unfavorable to patients with neurasthenia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

銆€銆€Light tea can not only give full play to the health care function of tea, but also reduce the adverse reactions caused by drinking strong tea. Therefore, tea should be light.

銆€銆€The alcohol in the wine is very irritating to the cardiovascular, and the strong tea also has the effect of exciting the heart.

Drinking strong tea after drinking increases the stimulation of the heart and brain, which is even more unfavorable for people with poor heart function.