Jifeng shares (603997): The main business continues to explore and acquire Gramer to open up growth space

Jifeng shares (603997): The main business continues to explore and acquire Gramer to open up growth space
Years of accumulation have formed a positive cycle to help the main industry continue to develop.Jifeng is a leading domestic manufacturer 成都桑拿网 of passenger car seat headrests. It is a rare supplier of interior parts that fully covers independent, German, Japanese and American customers. Its core customers include FAW-Volkswagen, BMW Brilliance, Dongfeng Honda and other joint ventures.Auto companies, Great Wall, Geely, BYD and other independent car companies, as well as new energy car companies such as Che Hejia, Weilai, Xiaopeng, etc., and continue to develop.At present, the company has entered into the improvement of scale efficiency, opened up the positive cycle of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and the gross profit margin has remained at a high level in the industry above 30% for a long time.In 2018, the production of domestic narrowly-defined passenger cars increased by -5%. Against this background, the company still achieved 13% revenue growth, of which domestic revenue increased by 9.3%; Looking at 4Q18 alone, the domestic output growth rate was -17%, and the company’s revenue was -0.4%; operating conditions are obviously short-term industry average.Short-term net profit is affected by fair incentives, intermediary fees, etc. In 2018, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers + 3% was lower than revenue. Excluding this effect, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers managed to rise to 12%. Continuous breakthroughs in competitive management.In the short term, domestic joint ventures and independent customers continue to increase performance.At first glance, the company has global competitiveness, and it is sensitive in its growth path.Among them, the European factory has received orders for mid- to high-end products such as Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, BMW, Daimler, etc.The company’s overseas revenue growth rate in 2018 was 53%, mainly due to the continued mass production of European factory orders (suchClose 2.2 trillion, net profit -0.3 ppm), it is expected that with the increase in production capacity, European factories are expected to gradually reduce losses to normal profit within two years.The North American business is in continuous development. At present, it has synchronized design with Ford and GM in the United States. In the future, it will also realize localized synchronous design and supporting supply through the established American Jifeng. The acquisition of Grammer further opened up room for growth.The company’s headquarters issued an intentional plan for additional issuance (revised on October 12, 2018), and plans to issue about 3.0 billion shares (10.19 yuan / share) for 30.550,000 yuan, plus cash 0.700 million, totaling 31.2.5 billion acquisition of 100% equity of Jilin Investment, Jilin Investment holds Gramer 84.23% equity.Grammer is a global leader in commercial vehicle seating systems, and seat accessories are also one of its core businesses, with a total revenue of 18 in 2018.600 million euros, net profit 0.At 2.3 billion euros (of which 3 quarters were affected by one-time expenses such as mergers and acquisitions), at an exchange rate of 8: 1, Grammer’s 2017 revenue was 6 peaks.9 times, but the net profit margin is 1.2% is much lower than 14 of Jifeng in 2018.7%.Jifeng and Grammer’s planning of the acquisition target began three years ago. In February 2017, Jifeng shareholders and Grammer exchanged for convertible bond notes.Due to the overlap between these two business areas and the long-term acquisition plan, Jifeng’s acquisition of Grammer is significantly different from most overseas mergers and acquisitions.We believe that after the merger and acquisition, Jifeng will shift from the field of seat accessories to the more valuable commercial vehicle seat assembly field, and gradually become a cockpit system integrator, which will further open up the growth space.Refined management and improved profitability. Investment suggestion: Considering the impact of fair incentives, intermediary agencies and other expenses, we will forecast the company’s net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 2020 by 3.400 million and 4.0 million is adjusted to 3.300 million and 3.9 trillion, annual growth of 8% and 21%, EPS is 0.51 yuan and 0.62 yuan, corresponding to 19X and 16 times the current PE.Assume that the additional issuance and merger is completed in 2019, the additional issuance is 30-50 trillion, and the additional issuance price is 8.0-10.0 yuan / share, Grammer’s 19-year net profit is 0.5.8 billion Euros (excluding the impact of one-time expenses and an increase of 15%), the company’s EPS is expected to be 0 after the consolidation in 2019.63-0.71 yuan, corresponding to the current PE of 13.8-15.6X.Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Czech factory progress is lower than expected, supporting model sales are lower than expected, Gramer’s acquisition progress is lower than expected, and the issuance plan is adjusted.

Xinhualian (000620): 19H1 performance pressured by increased financial costs, Xining project landed and continues to expand cultural and tourism landscape

Xinhualian (000620): 19H1 performance pressured by increased financial costs, Xining project landed and continues to expand cultural and tourism landscape

The company issued 19 interim reports: 1) 19H1: revenue 32.

7.1 billion / + 10.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

06 billion / -19.

1%, mainly due to the increase in management and financial costs.

Deduct non-attributed net profit -0.

35 billion / -127.

42%, net operating cash flow.

9.5 billion / + 2.

3%; 2) 19Q2: Revenue 23.

7.3 billion / + 23.

5%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

98 ppm / + 6.

6%, net of non-attributed net profit 0.

91ppm / -3.

3%, net operating cash flow.

32 ppm / -34.


The operation of the Tongguan Kiln project has boosted Hunan’s revenue and gross profit, and sales of commercial housing have grown steadily.

① In terms of different industries, the company’s 19H1 commercial housing sales achieved 19 revenue.

7.5 billion / + 9.

7%, gross margin 41.

57% /-0.

98 points; other business revenue 12.

9.5 billion / + 14.

1%, gross profit margin 8.

73% /-2.


② In terms of different regions, Beijing has realized revenue3.

53 ppm / +79.

1%, gross margin 25.

77% / + 19.

97 points; revenue of Hunan area 8.

7.2 billion / + 23.

27%, gross margin 27.

55% / + 15.

7pct; Shanghai area revenue 4.

63 ppm / -49.3%, gross margin 44.

45% /-5.

8 points; revenue from overseas areas 3.

8.4 billion / + 489.

9%, gross margin 35.

48% / + 32.

9 points.

The completion of the cultural tourism project led to increased financial costs, and short-term 19H1 performance increased pressure.

1) 19H1: Gross profit margin is 28.

6% /-1.

9pct, period cost rate is 29.

6% / + 4.

2pct, mainly due to rising financial expense ratio.

Among them, the selling expense ratio is 7.

2% /-0.

1pct, overhead cost rate 9.

0% / + 1.

0pct, financial expense ratio 13.

4% / + 3.

3pct, mainly due to the completion and delivery of cultural tourism projects, 19H1 net interest rate 3.

3% /-1.

2) 19Q2: The company’s gross profit margin is 31.

7% /-1.

4pct, the overall period cost rate is 25.

3% / + 1.


Among them, the sales expense ratio is 6.

8% / + 0.

31pct, management expense ratio 7.

2% /-0.

1pct, financial expense ratio 11.

3% / + 1.

3 points.

The cultural tourism industry is the focus of the company’s future development. The completion of the Xining Children’s Dream Park project continues to promote the expansion of the cultural tourism sector.

① Tongguanyao Ancient Town: Grand opening in August 2018, covering 5D theaters, museums, performing arts centers, hotels, inns, and other large-scale cultural tourism projects. It is a nationally preferred tourism project and a key project in Hunan Province.

The three major cultural and tourism products of the second phase have been launched in 19H1; ② The ancient town of Jiuzi has been fully opened at the end of 18 years, and the completion and delivery of the west bank have been completed.Q3 achieved the overall opening of the park; ③ Zhongzhong Ancient City: The company successfully acquired in 2018, and officially opened in early 19, ending 19H1 passenger traffic and revenue growth; ④ Xining Tongmeng Paradise: Fully launched interior and exterior installation in 18 years and 8Opened in January.

⑤ The Fairview Villa in South Korea: Approved and approved by the local council in the report merger, and has obtained the “Development Permit for the Xinhualian Fairview Village Tourism Park Project” of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province in March 2019.

⑥ Beiwai Xining International Middle School & Changsha Beiwai Yali International Middle School: The company tests the water education industry in order to realize the linkage of education, culture, tourism and other industries.

The real estate business in 19H1 has not yet obtained land due to a macro breakthrough, and will continue to serve as the company’s performance and cash flow support during the cultural and tourism conversion.In the first half of 2019, affected by the macroeconomic environment of the national macro-control policy, the company adopted regional prudent measures. During the period, it did not add any new land reserves and realized the resumed work area of 298.

50,000 square meters, 80 completed and delivered.

40,000 square meters.

The company achieved 西安耍耍网 contracted sales area of 22.

820,000 square meters, sales amount 29.

5 billion with a settlement area of 15.

740,000 square meters, with a settlement amount of 19.

7.5 billion yuan.

Taking into account the transition period of the cultural tourism project, we believe that the company’s real estate business will still provide the company with documentary performance and cash flow support in the future to achieve a stable transformation of cultural tourism.

Investment advice: Buy-A investment rating.

The company’s existing cultural and tourism projects in Jiuzi Ancient Town and Changsha Tongguan Kiln have gradually matured. Langzhong Ancient City, Xining Tourism City, and South Korea’s Jinxiu Mountain have steadily advanced. The “cultural and tourism + finance” business is expected to enter a continuous harvest period.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother for 2019-2021 will be 13.

7 ppm / 15.

8 ppm / 17.

90,000 yuan, EPS is 0.



94 yuan, PE is 6.

6x / 5.

7x / 5.

0x, given a 6-month target price of 5.

50 RMB.

Risk reminders: competition in the real estate market and policy uncertainty, large expenditures on cultural and tourism projects, long development cycles, less-than-expected climbing, and macroeconomic risks.

Praco (603566): Poultry seedlings, high growth of chemical drugs actively participate in the development of non-blast vaccines

Praco (603566): Poultry seedlings, high growth of chemical drugs actively participate in the development of non-blast vaccines

1. The event company released its semi-annual report for 2019.

2. Our analysis and judgments 1) Benefiting poultry seedlings, high growth of chemical drugs, interim report performance slightly exceeded expectations 2019H1, the company achieved operating income3.

2 ‰, +12 per year.

02%, of which, poultry vaccines and antibodies, chemical drugs, swine vaccines, technology licensing or transfer respectively contribute revenue.

4.4 billion, 1.

0.5 billion, 0.

5.4 billion, 0.

120,000 yuan, +38 a year.

76%, +30.

47%, -40.

11%, +43.


The company’s net profit attributable to the parent is 0.

650,000 yuan, at least -14.

86%; net profit after deduction is 0.

450,000 yuan, at least -20.


The company’s consolidated gross profit margin was 64.

82% every year -3.

17 points.

The company’s period expense accounted for 45.

5%, +3 per night.

97pct, mainly due to the increase in the company’s external technical cooperation costs caused by increased research and development costs.

In Q2 2019, the company achieved revenue 1.

72 ppm, +21 a year.

77%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

51 ppm, +33 for ten years.

72%; net profit after deduction is 0.

41 trillion, +54 for ten years.


Taken together, the company’s first-half performance benefited from poultry seedlings and high growth in chemical drugs. Q1 suffered a significant increase in external research and development cooperation costs, leading to a decline in performance, and Q2 performed better than expected.

2) Excellent performance of poultry seedling business, actively deploying heavy products. The 19H1 company’s poultry seedling business grew at an excellent rate (+ 39%), mainly benefiting from the increase in the volume and price of downstream meat and poultry, and the positive use of farmer’s seedlings, which is good for the performance of poultry seedlings;The company continues to promote the “434” series of epidemic programs, the new one-day immunization and other scientific burden reduction programs, which will create value for customers and significantly improve the company’s performance.

In the field of poultry seedlings, the company actively cooperates with 深圳spa会所 external research and development institutions to start the development of avian influenza (H5 + H7 subtype) vaccines and plans to enter the field of poultry seedling recruitment.

In addition, chicken new (genotype) -branch-flow-method quadruple genetically engineered inactivated vaccine and other two products passed the preliminary examination of new veterinary drug registration; chicken new-flow (H9 subtype) gland (group I, type 4) tripleThree products including inactivated vaccines have obtained clinical trial approvals, and the company has a rich new product reserve, and future performance growth can be expected.

3) Downstream production of down-sold piglets has declined. Active participation in African swine fever vaccine research. Affected by African swine fever, downstream swine production has continued to decline, and vaccines for swine use have been hindered by consumer products, with 19H1 exceeding -40%.

The company’s new pseudorabies genetically engineered inactivated vaccines and round-branched two-unit vaccines are on sale. Swine foot-and-mouth disease OA divalent inactivated vaccines are at the application stage for production approval and are expected to be listed in 19H2.

We believe that the company has abundant reserves of large pig seed products, and through the subsequent recovery of downstream production capacity, the company has a potential breakthrough.

In addition, the company actively participates in the research and development of African swine fever vaccine. First, it has developed an African swine fever antibody antibody immunoassay kit, which has a typical double-gene indeed attenuated live attenuated vaccine for immune effect evaluation and quality standard research. The second is around the African swine fever subunit.The research and development of vaccines, series of live vector genetically engineered vaccines, has successfully constructed dozens of African swine fever virus structural proteins and transformed antibodies targeting these proteins.The company has its own strong R & D system, participates in the development of African swine fever vaccine in many aspects, and is optimistic about the company’s future development.


The investment proposal benefited from the improvement of the downstream meat and poultry boom, and the company’s poultry performance was excellent. Considering the future rise in meat and poultry prices, the company is optimistic about the high growth and sustainability of the company’s poultry performance. In addition, the company actively participates in the research and development of African swine fever vaccine for future developmentExpected.
We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.



74 yuan, corresponding to PE is 32/27/24 times, given a “recommended” rating.


Risks indicate the risk of animal epidemics, the risk of fluctuations in pig prices, the risk of quality, and the risk of market competition.

Dongfang Cable (603606): Substantial increase in profit, offshore cable accounts for nearly 50% of revenue

Dongfang Cable (603606): Substantial increase in profit, offshore cable accounts for nearly 50% of revenue

Key financial report data In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s operating income increased by 4 per year.

25% to 6.

US $ 0.6 billion, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 1.

44 times to 0.

$ 49.4 billion, net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses grows annually.

52 times to 0.

5.09 million yuan, achieving EPS 0.

10 yuan.

Performance is in line with expectations.

Key points of investment: The proportion of submarine cable revenue increased and profitability improved. According to estimates,深圳桑拿网 the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin for the first quarter of 2019 was 23.

8%, an increase of 6 per year.

83 units; net sales margin is 8.

16%, an increase of 4 per year.

67 units.

We believe that optimization of product structure is the first priority to improve profitability in advance.

According to the announcement, the current income of submarine cable products increased by 0 every year.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 41.

1%, the income share increases by 12 every year.

57 up to 48.


According to this calculation, the revenue from submarine cable products in the first quarter was about 2.

900 million.

Based on the analysis of orders, gross margin data and market competition pattern in the past year, we expect that the submarine cable system’s 2019 revenue is expected to exceed $ 1.5 billion, and its contribution to total revenue will remain above 40%, and it will remain olderHigh gross profit margin (not less than 28%) has become an important performance growth point.

Land cable business has been developing steadily since 2019. The company issued the announcement of winning the land cable products on January 3, January 31, April 12, and April 24, with a total amount of about 2.

705 ppm, compressed power grid and rail transit areas.

We believe that the company’s land cable system will maintain stable development in the next few years, and it is expected to achieve revenue in 201919.

600 million.

Maintain “Buy” rating. We expect the company to achieve EPS 0 under the current equity in 2019-2021.

51 yuan, 0.

68 yuan, 0.

81 yuan, corresponding to 24.

6 times, 18.

5 times, 15.

6 times P / E.

Risks indicate that the construction progress of offshore wind power projects may exceed expectations; the company’s business development efforts and cost management controls may be less effective than expected; there is a certain degree of fluctuation risk in the industry’s valuation hub.

A-share banks’ non-performing loan ratio dropped by 23 and the average provision coverage ratio increased by 20%

A-share banks’ non-performing loan ratio dropped by 23 and the average provision coverage ratio increased by 20%

A-share banks’ non-performing loan ratio decreased by 23 and the average provision coverage increased by 20 substitutes. Each reporter Leng Hui and editor Yang Jun terminated at the end of April, including the five major banks, eight joint-stock banks, eight city commercial banks, and five farmers.The 2017 annual reports of 26 A-share listed banks within the commercial bank have all been reproduced in the first quarter of 2018.

  ”Daily Economic News” reporters sorted out wind information and financial report data and found that the average non-performing loan ratio of the 26 A-share banks at the end of 2017 was 1.

54%, 8BP lower than the previous year; NPL ratio at the end of the first quarter of 2018 averaged 1.

52%, continued to drop 2BP.

This is lower than the 2016 NBC Insurance (former China Banking Regulatory Commission) announced that the overall non-performing loan ratio of commercial banks in 2017 remained at 1.

The level of about 74% is better, which shows that the asset quality of A-share listed banks has improved significantly.

  Among the 26 A-share banks, only Pudong Development Bank (600000, SH), Hua Xia Bank (600015, SH), and Minsheng Bank (600016, SH) increased their non-performing loan ratios in 2017, increasing by 25BP, 9BP, and 3BP to 2, respectively.

14%, 1.

76%, 1.

71%, an annual increase of 13.

23%, 5.

39%, 1.


The non-performing loan ratio of the other 23 banks has always declined to varying degrees, and asset quality has generally improved.

  Tianfeng Securities Bank Liao Zhiming and Lin Jinlu’s team said that under the background of economic stability and the bank’s initiative to promote bad disposal in the past 5 years, the industry’s bad performance has continued to improve since the third quarter of 2016.

In 2017, most banks’ bad confirmations became stricter.

On this basis, relevant indicators of asset quality continued to improve.

The team of Tianfeng Securities Bank believes that the asset quality of the industry continues to improve, and the major banks have less adverse pressure and can continue to improve with a high probability.

At present, only some small and medium-sized banks, such as Pudong Development, Minsheng and Huaxia Bank, have certain adverse pressures.

   A share banks ‘non-performing loan ratios have fallen overall. In fact, in addition to the increase in the non-performing loan ratios of the only three banks mentioned above, in 2017, only additional banks had non-performing loan ratios exceeding 2%.2.

39% and SPD Bank’s 2.


Jiangyin Bank is a rural commercial bank.

  There are only two banks with a non-performing loan ratio below 1%, which are 0 for Bank of Ningbo (002142, SZ).

82%, 0 of Bank of Nanjing (601009, SH).

86%. The average non-performing loan ratio of the two banks in 2016 was less than 1%. In 2017, they fell by 9BP and 1BP, respectively.

  In 2017, the non-performing loan ratio decreased the most each year: Agricultural Bank (601288, SH) and Bank of Chengdu (601838, SH), which fell 56BP and 52BP to 1, respectively.

81%, 1.

69%, a year-on-year decline of more than 23%.

Changshu Bank (601128, SH) and China Merchants Bank (600036, SH) also saw their NPL ratio fall by more than 10% each year, falling by 18 respectively.

57%, 13.

90% to 1.

14%, 1.


  From the perspective of bank category, the non-performing loan ratio of the five major banks continued to decrease in 2017, with an average of 1.

56%, an average decrease of 14BP; 8 joint-stock banks have only three consecutive non-performing loan ratios rising, and the average of 8 is 1.
72%, the overall average remains stable; the average NPL ratio of 8 city commercial banks is 1.

26%, an average decrease of 10BP; the average non-performing loan ratio of five rural commercial banks was 1.
67%, an average decrease of 12BP.

  Compared with the data released by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the non-performing loan ratio of large commercial banks in the fourth quarter of 2017 was 1 overall.

53%, the shareholding commercial bank is 1.

71%, City Commercial Bank is 1.

52%, compared with 3 for rural commercial banks.


The data is relatively consistent as a whole, but the overall quality of city and rural commercial banks in A-share listed banks can be observed.

  In addition, the total non-performing loan balances of 26 A-share banks in 2017 were 1.

236 trillion yuan, an increase of 47.7 billion yuan each year; the average NPL provision coverage ratio is 219.

31%, an increase of 20 per year.

77 foreign countries.

In the first quarter of 2018, the average NPL provision coverage ratio was 231.

29%, continued to increase by 11.

98 single.

  Zhao Qing, senior accountant of Suning Financial Research Institute, analyzed and weighed this. On the whole, the growth rate of non-performing loan surplus of listed banks increased significantly. In 2017, the non-performing loan balance of listed banks continued to increase.

01%, a growth rate of 12 lower than the same period last year.

6 averages; over the same period, the overall NPL ratio was 1 in 2016.

70% recognized 1.

59%, asset quality stabilized and improved.

   The bad performance of some stock banks is still under pressure. The team of Yang Rong of CITIC Securities Bank said that the asset quality of A-share listed banks continued to improve in 2017, and all indicators have improved.

Specifically, the first is that the non-performing rate has dropped significantly.

The overall NPL ratio of listed banks in 2017 was about 1.

59%, down 11BP.

Bad interest rate for the first quarter of 20181.

57%, continued to fall by 2BP on the basis of the end of 2017.

The balance of non-performing loans in 2017 totaled approximately 1.

23 trillion, a previous growth rate of 4.

01%, the growth rate continued to 2 in the first quarter of 2018.

44%; Second, forward-looking indicators have improved.

Regardless of the proportion of concern categories or the proportion of bad 西安耍耍网 + concern categories, the division in 2017 and 2016 has basically decreased.

The proportion of loans overdue for more than 90 days also declined; third, the write-off situation was differentiated, and the rate of non-performing loans dropped significantly.

In 2017, the asset quality of each bank basically improved, so the level of write-offs of each bank showed differentiation, and overall listed banks wrote off 5,640.

23 trillion, an increase of 3 over the same period in 2016.


The average non-performing loan generation rate dropped sharply, and the average level in 2017 was about 0.

66%, a decrease of 49BP from 2015.
  Tianfeng Securities Bank Liao Zhiming and others also believe that the overall annual economic indicators for 2017 are stable and better, better than expected, and the economic vitality is continuously released.

The recovery of the macro economy has driven down the non-performing ratio of commercial banks. The non-performing ratio reversed the previous high in the third quarter of 2016.

76% fell to 1 at the end of 2016.

74%. In 2017, the non-performing rate kept trying, and the overall asset quality of the industry tended to be stable and better.
In 2017, the efforts of various banks to reduce the number of bad treatments proactively decreased, and the pressure on bad stocks was not great.

  Liao Zhiming’s team said that the non-performing rate of the first quarter of 2018 was high among the stock banks. Among them, the non-performing rates of SPDB, Huaxia, and the people’s livelihood were among the top listed banks.1 of the first quarter.

68%, asset quality continued to improve significantly, ICBC, Bank of China slightly lower; City Commercial Bank non-performing rate level has been and continues to decline.

Most listed banks paid attention to the decline in the loan ratio in 2017 compared to the middle of the year.

  Regarding the pressure of bad generation, the Bank added back the write-off of the variable of bad production rate in 2017, and some of the stock banks had pressure or blockage of the bad generation, and the bad was still under pressure.

Judging from the bad leading indicators, overdue loans and focus on loan growth within 90 days, the major banks are stabilizing or declining. ICBC and CCB have seen a significant decrease in their bad pressure. Among the stock banks, China Merchants Bank, Ping An, and Xingye have significantly improved their bad pressure.Pufa, people’s livelihood, and China Xia’s bad production pressure are broken.

Some city commercial banks have increased their negative pressure. Guiyang, Jiangsu, and Beijing have experienced negative pressure or cracks. Over 90 days, the overdue loan growth rate has exceeded 40%, and Nanjing and Ningbo have continued to reduce the negative pressure.

  In addition, major banks continue to be cautious in their bad confirmations, and some stock banks have become more severe in their bad confirmations.

The industry’s provision coverage ratio increased, and most banks increased their provision in the first quarter of 2018.

The overall pressure on big banks’ core capital is not great, and some small and medium-sized banks are under pressure to supplement core tier 1 capital.

Rehabilitation female hands and feet cold diet

Rehabilitation female hands and feet cold diet

Nuts, nuts, walnuts, sesame, pine nuts, etc .

; vegetables, chives, carrots, cabbage, spinach, etc .; fruits, apricots, peaches, papaya, etc., are the best choices to warm up, others such as beef, lamb,Seafood, four gods, glutinous rice, coarse rice, soybeans, tofu, sesame, brown sugar, etc. are all warm foods, and are the ingredients that should be replaced by people with cold hands and feet.

People who are prone to cold hands and feet should avoid eating cold food, ice products or cold drinks throughout the year.

  Vitamin E supplementation can expand peripheral blood vessels, which is very helpful for peripheral blood circulation, but the effect of vitamin E is slow and should be taken for a long time.

  Foods rich in vitamin E include wheat germ, cottonseed oil, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, nuts, meat and dairy products.

  Coffee nicotinic acid is very helpful for stabilizing the nervous system and the circulatory system. It can also improve nervous tension, tension diarrhea, dermatitis, expand peripheral blood vessels, and improve coldness of hands and feet.

  Foods with higher concentrations of nicotinic acid include animal liver, eggs, milk, cheese, coarse rice, whole wheat products, sesame, mushrooms, peanuts, mung beans, and coffee.

  Eating spicy food in moderation can keep the star shape and warm up hot spices such as chili, pepper, mustard, garlic, shallots, curry and other spices, which can promote blood circulation. When using the normal diet, pair it with food, such as eating fried noodles and adding rice noodles.Chili sauce; add more pepper when drinking soup; when eating dumplings, with a bowl of hot and sour soup, eat a lot of spicy spices 啰.

  In winter, you should eat warm foods such as ginseng tea, ginger duck, longan tea, black sesame, and sweet dumplings.


Wait, eating in winter can even keep your body warm, you can achieve the effect of body replenishment, hands and feet can no longer be cold.

  There are also many drugs in Chinese medicine that can improve and prevent cold hands and feet, such as ginseng, codonopsis, angelica, salvia, north scallion, velvet antler, rabbit silkworm, Morinda officinalis, hosta, cistanche, curculin, hosta, cinnamon stick, ephedra,Dried ginger, peppercorns, pepper, nutmeg, straw cardamom.

.Wait, unless you make tea, boil it, add it to the dish, eat as much as you like.

  Don’t be too hungry to stay in shape. Don’t be partial to eclipse. Excessive weight loss. Let your body store some proper aunts to help maintain body temperature.

If you know in advance that you can’t eat on time due to busy work today, you can prepare some cookies, bread, or ginseng tea.

Autumn tonic season is up

Autumn tonic season is up

Introduction: As the weather gets colder and colder, it is time to nourish.
Recently, the Chinese medicine hospital’s plaster prescription clinic can be described as full of patients, of which sub-healthy young people have become the main force of eating cream prescription.
Experts said that young people should start with diet and daily life conditioning, and excessive supplementation is counterproductive.
  Mr. Kong is a sales manager of a company. Mr. Kong has been working for more than a decade. Mr. Kong has been travelling around for his career.
Although he was only in his early thirties, Mr. Kong clearly felt that his body was not as good as before, and he was often tired, unmotivated, and incapable of doing things.
Listen to colleagues, sub-healthy people can take some tonic cream to enhance their physique.
So, Mr. Kong introduced an acquaintance in a hospital, said by an acquaintance, which is said to have a nourishing effect on the body.
  With regard to this cream, which was said to be very effective by doctors, Mr. Kong, if he was given the treasure, took it regularly every day. At the beginning, he felt that the effect was not wrong, and his sleep improved.
Who knew that after eating for a while, Mr. Kong felt bloated and had no interest in what to eat.
This feeling lasted for more than a week. Mr. Kong couldn’t sit still. He went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that Mr. Kong’s constitution was not too weak, and the cream had been made up, which damaged his spleen and stomach functions.
  The young people take ointment as much as possible to avoid tonics. The hospital’s statistics on the people taking ointment in the hospital found that about 40% of them were sub-healthy, and chronic diseases include the respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.
Experts basically do not use precious Chinese medicinal materials such as Cordyceps sinensis and Pseudostellariae when prescribing creams to patients.
According to experts, the hospital opened a total of 1.
20,000 ingredients, 30% of them are young people aged 30-40.
Regarding young people taking ointment, experts said that with the increase in work and living pressure, young people in Central Asia are many healthy people. The ointment can indeed regulate their physique, but for young people, the ointment cannot be supplemented. Mainly, therefore, rare Chinese medicinal materials such as Cordyceps and Pseudostellariae are still less used.
  Young people mainly have dysfunction of qi and blood yin and yang disorders, and there is no obvious deficiency of qi and blood yin and yang. Therefore, the main role of the cream is to correct deviations, that is, to correct functional disorders. The cream can strengthen the spleen, activate blood, and moisturize.
Usually, one ointment needs to be eaten for two months. If there are more nourishing herbs in the ointment, after a long time of eating, young people will make up for the spleen and stomach, which will affect their health.
  Who is suitable for anointing?
  First, patients with chronic diseases have some chronic diseases that have recovered or are not cured but are relatively stable. Taking the ointment to continue treatment, consolidate the efficacy, improve symptoms, and enhance physical fitness.
Such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, cardio-cerebral vascular disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, chronic liver disease, chronic stomach disease, chronic nephritis, anemia, waist and leg pain, menopausal syndrome, male sexual dysfunction, women’s menstruationNot reconciled.
  The second is patients in the recovery period, such as the recovery period of myocardial infarction or stroke, after surgery, after bleeding, after serious illness, postpartum and so on.
  Elderly people are the best to take the ointment for a certain age, and their vitality is getting weaker and weaker: Liver qi begins to decline at the age of 50, heart qi begins to decline at the age of 60, spleen deficiency at the age of 70, lung qi at the age of 80, and kidney qi at the age of 90.
It can be seen that the visceral function of the elderly declines, yin, yang and blood are insufficient, and the disease resistance is reduced . dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, falling teeth, back pain, insomnia, forgetfulness, shortness of breath, lazy speech, fatigue, etc.It is a manifestation of senile deficiency.
Tonic conditioning with ointment can help restore viscera function, insufficiency of yin and yang, qi and blood, delay aging, reduce the incidence of senile diseases, improve cardio-cerebral vascular function, and improve quality of life, so it is very suitable for elderly people to take ointment.
  进补膏方要注意什么  进补的膏方必须由经验丰富的中医师开具处方,根据每个人的具体体质情况,辨别其阴阳气血的盛衰,结合其原有的疾病,遵循补虚益损的原则, Formulate a cream suitable for their physical condition.
However, the following people are not suitable for tonics: 1.
Adolescents with strong constitution; 2.
People with acute illness and infection; 3.
Patients with chronic disease onset and active phase; 4.
Authors of stomach pain, diarrhea, cholecystitis, and cholelithiasis; 5.
People with chronic hepatitis and high transaminase; 6.
Those with high autoimmunoglobulins and antibodies.
  Tips: When taking the ointment, use the red punch to take it, one morning and one evening.
If you have a cold, stomach pain, or indigestion, you need to stop taking it for several days to prevent evil spirits from staying in your body.
Avoid taking tea, mustard and radishes while taking the medicine, so as not to affect the effect of the medicine.

Feel the job search life of the ivory tower

Feel the job search life of the ivory tower

As life in the Ivory Tower enters its fourth year, graduated citizens begin to look for jobs.

To be honest, I don’t know how to apply for a job.

Maybe, for example, I did n’t want to spend too much time on making amazing resumes, and I did n’t go to the so-called magic photo gallery to take a good job hunting photo.

So when I saw my roommate pulling out a well-decorated personal resume from the folder that I took care of, and it was thick enough to intersect with Clinton’s autobiography, I couldn’t help but stunned, and then felt ashamed of my “rude” rather than “simple”.

For another example, I really don’t want to change my good routine of going to bed early and getting up early.

So, when everyone glared like a copper bell day and night, and ears were like antennas, lest I miss a little news from the personnel department, only I would keep the pillows and smile peacefully at the corners of my mouth.

As a result, when I woke up, my roommates who were flushed with eyes were dancing to celebrate the success of the Nth online subscription, but I had no choice but to look at the envy of congratulations.

  Seeing that the differences in the job search path were being scaled, I was determined to rush to catch up.

Last Saturday, I braved the light rain, holding a small umbrella, and devoutly participated in the first large-scale talent recruitment fair in my life.

The job fair that was supposed to start at nine o’clock was more than half an hour ahead, but it was more than enough, but unexpectedly, “the strong one has the strong one.” When I happily opened the taxi door, I found that there was a long queue at the entrance.

The curious taxi driver didn’t know, and murmured, “Oh, isn’t it S.


E is going to have a Shanghai concert again?

“It’s not easy to enter the infield, and I saw that HR (Human Resource Managers) were being surrounded by job seekers from the inner three tiers and the outer three tiers.

I had planned to talk to them about “salary” for a while, but this time it was so good that even their body disappeared.

In fact, the girl in front of the team is still determined, and she is looking forward to carrying her resume from beginning to end.

The word “craving” is written on the cover of her resume, and it is bold and large, and the conflict of visual effects makes people “make a case”.

In this situation, I could not help but get my heart hot, and immediately re-filled Liang Jingru’s “Courage”, “Job search really needs courage / to believe that recruitment will have miracles / crowds of people must also rush up / put in your hands / myresume”.

  After the seeds of the first hope of the resume were spread around, waiting for strange calls became a great joy in life.

Every time I hear the ringing of the mobile phone ringing, I want to stand up with hope.

I was wondering if it would be a foreign company’s interview notice, but I couldn’t stop seeing the caller ID on my mobile phone-oh, it was mom!

The mother also did not know where to hear a job metaphor, saying that “job seekers are like a hawker selling potatoes, maybe the first day is not smooth, but as long as you work hard, you will eventually succeed.”

So occasionally, I really try to try myself into a happy hawker, diligently drink every day, and spare no effort to promote myself.

On a certain day and a month, when I went out of the house, I heard Sun Yue’s “Wishing You Peace” from the audio-video shop next door, and I suddenly felt something really touching.

“Are you in a good mood now? / Do you still have a smile on your face? / There is always something wrong with the way of life (job hunting) / Please don’t care too much / free and easy.”

Listening to the bright horn of the job search charge, this piece of music made me feel warm in the early winter.

Stomach and Yiqi Nourishing Brain and Enoki Mushroom Big Fish Head Soup

Stomach and Yiqi Nourishing Brain and Enoki Mushroom Big Fish Head Soup

Allergic diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema are common diseases in spring.

To fight against allergies, you can eat some enoki mushrooms.

Flammulina velutipes contains proteins that can stimulate the body to produce more antioxidant factors, accelerate the body’s metabolism, strengthen the body’s immunity, and prevent allergic diseases.

Today, I particularly recommend this Enoki Mushroom Soup, as well as the effects of strengthening the stomach and nourishing qi, and improving the brain and brain, especially for young children.

  Practice: 1.

Cut off the roots of Flammulina velutipes and wash; wash and chop the onions; 2.

2. Remove the gills from the fish head, cut in half, and drain the water;

Crack a small piece of ginger, heat the pan, wipe the pan with ginger cubes, put two tablespoons of oil, heat the fish head after the oil is 60%, and fry on both sides until slightly yellow; 4.

Pour the water into a wide-mouth cooker and boil. Add the fried fish head, enoki mushrooms and ginger slices. After boiling, turn to medium-low heat to simmer until the soup becomes milky white. Add the enoki mushrooms and roll for 5 minutes. Season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: line qi and blood, nourish the spleen and stomach, and relax the muscles.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy “Yixiu mushroom”-Flammulina velutipes Flammulina velutipes is a very common edible mushroom. It has a smooth texture and is suitable for cooking and soup. It is also very popular for shabu-shabu.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Flammulina velutipes is beneficial for liver and gallbladder recuperation, and has an effect of strengthening the stomach and invigorating qi. Modern nutrition research indicates that the body’s essential amino acids are higher than the whole body. Among them, the content of lysine and arginine is particularly rich, and the zinc content is relatively high.Intelligence, in particular, has a good effect on children’s height and intellectual development. It has the reputation of “Zeng Zhi Mushroom” and “Yixiu Mushroom”.

Another kind of Flammulina velutipes can also suppress the rise of blood lipids, lower plasma, and anti-tumor, so it is also a gourmet food for patients with hypertension, obesity and middle-aged and elderly people.

  Flammulina velutipes has many delicious home-style dishes, such as cold Flavored Flammulina Flavor, Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavored Flavor

If it is soup, there is enoki mushroom meat soup, which can nourish the stomach and intestines; enoki mushroom boiled chicken, nourishing qi and blood; enoki mushroom pork liver soup, liver and gallbladder, qi and eyesight; enoki mushroom shrimp soup, nourishing yang and kidney, nourishing brain, Through milk.

  Here is a more western-style bacon golden needle roll, sweet and delicious: Material: 80 grams of enoki mushroom, bacon amount, black pepper crumbs.

  Method: Cut off the root of Flammulina velutipes, wash and drain the water; take a piece of bacon and roll it into a small handful of Flammulina velutipes, and fix it with a toothpick; put a small amount of oil in the pan, put in bacon rolls, fry over low heat, sprinkle with crushed black pepper.Out of the pan.

Don’t forget to add vitamin K to nursing babies

Don’t forget to add vitamin K to nursing babies

Do n’t forget to add vitamin K to soldiers when they are breastfeeding. Parents decide to replace soldiers with breastmilk because they know that breastmilk is rich in nutrients and also contains immune and neurotrophic factors, which can enhance children’s resistance and promote children’s brain development.

  A few days ago, due to colds, coughing and diarrhea, Bingbing’s parents fed him a cold medicine for colds. The cold was better, but he hadn’t seen any signs of diarrhea, and suddenly he became unconscious after smoking.

After delivery to the hospital, a cranial CT examination revealed intracranial hemorrhage. During the blood test, the bleeding site was more than bleeding. The examination revealed clotting dysfunction. The doctor diagnosed intracranial hemorrhage caused by vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor deficiency.

Vitamin K was added immediately, and after 4 hours of review, Bingbing’s coagulation function was normal.

But Bingbing only woke up after 5 days, and left with the sequelae such as hemiplegia.

“What causes vitamin K deficiency?

Why are vitamin K deficiency causing such serious consequences?

“Parents are puzzled.

  According to the doctor, the body’s hemostasis and coagulation process requires the participation of multiple coagulation factors, and there are 4 important coagulation factors (coagulation factors Ⅱ, Ⅶ, Ⅸ, XX) in the liver from inactive to active essential vitaminsWith the participation of K, the lack of vitamin K can cause coagulation dysfunction, multi-site bleeding, and even intracranial hemorrhage.

  Vitamin K dependent factor deficiency mostly occurs in newborns less than one month old, and some occur after one month.

This is because the normal flora in an adult’s body can synthesize vitamin K for the body’s needs, while newborn babies are born without bacteria, and vitamin K synthesis is low; in addition, the content of vitamin K in breast milk is low, only about 14 in cow’s milk, and breast milkMore common in pregnant newborns.

  In addition, if the pregnant mother has used anti-tuberculosis drugs, anticoagulants, anticonvulsants and other drugs that can interfere with vitamin K metabolism, her child is more likely to develop vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor deficiency, and the onset is early and the condition is severe.; Infants with congenital hepatobiliary disease or chronic diarrhea, because of intestinal mucosal absorption of vitamin K, prone to vitamin K-dependent clotting factor deficiency.

  How can we prevent such tragedies from happening again?

  In fact, the preventive measure is simple, and that is to supplement vitamin K.

Normal children are usually supplemented with vitamin K once; children with congenital hepatobiliary disease, chronic diarrhea or pure breast milk replacement should be supplemented with vitamin K weekly to monthly, and breastfeeding mothers should also be supplemented with vitamin K regularly;K metabolism drugs pregnant women should be supplemented with an appropriate amount of vitamin K before giving birth.