Gynecological consultation how to ask about menstruation

Gynecological consultation how to ask about menstruation

Inquiring about women’s menstrual periods and taking off conditions can help to understand the status of patients’ internal organs, meridians and qi and blood, which is of great significance for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

  Menstruation Menstruation is regular, and the uterine bleeding caused by it is the main feature of women’s maturity.

Menstruation has a normal cycle, menstrual period (indicating duration), menstrual flow, menstrual color and menstrual quality.

Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle is about 28 days. It is normal to lead or lag 7 days. The menstrual period is 3-7 days. The volume of a menstrual period is 50-80 ml.Sticky, blood-free, and odorless.


Periodic anomalies: Physiological periodic anomalies: there are points of conjunctive month, declining period, avoiding year and dark period.

Menstruation occurs once every two months and is called bimonthly. Menstruation occurs once every three months and is called menstrual period. It is called menstrual period once a year. Menstruation does not come for life and is pregnant.Dark scripture.

  Pathological cycle abnormalities: usually divided into early menstruation, late menstruation, menstruation has no regular difference.

  (1) Premenstrual period: refers to the menstrual cycle more than 7 days in advance, or even twice a month, known as the premenstrual period.

The causes of this disease are mostly related to Qi deficiency and blood heat.

If the menstruation is early and the amount is large, the color of the menstruation is purple or crimson, the texture is thick, and the patient’s tongue is red, it is blood fever, causing blood to be delusional.

If the menstruation is early and the color is light, the menstrual scale is thin, and the patient’s lips and tongue are pale, it is a deficiency of qi, because the qi deficiency is incapable of controlling the whole body, causing the menstruation to advance.

  (2) Late menstruation: Refers to the menstrual cycle that recedes more than 7 days, or even once every 40-50 days. It is called late menstruation, also known as delayed menstruation.

The cause is both deficient and real. Most of the deficient ones are caused by camp blood, and the yang deficiency is caused by insufficient blood, and the blood is not filled.

Most of them are blocked due to qi stagnation and blood stagnation, or cold coagulation and stasis.

If the amount is small in the late menstrual period and the color is dark, there is a block in the cold abdomen and the person who refuses to press is a blood cold; if the amount is small in the late period, the color is dim, the menstruation is thin, the abdomen is cold and painful, and the person who likes to press the temperature is a cold.In the later period of menstruation, the amount is small, pale, and the quality is thin, which belongs to blood deficiency; in the later period, the amount is small or normal, the color is dull or red, and the abdomen is full and painful, which is Qi stagnation.

  (3) Irregular menstrual cycle: It means that the menstrual cycle is indefinite, or one after the other, advanced, and more than 7 days back, it is called irregular menstrual cycle, also known as menstrual disorder.

The pathogenesis is mostly liver stagnation and qi stagnation, but also kidney deficiency.

If the menstrual cycle is not fixed, the menstrual flow is more or less, the color is dark and red, or there is chest pain, breast cancer pain symptoms, mostly liver depression, emotional damage, liver dysfunction, qi and blood disorders, Blood Sea’s ability to accumulate blood is abnormal.


Abnormal menstrual flow Under normal circumstances, the amount of menstrual flow may vary slightly due to individual differences (physical or age). When the human body is affected by pathogenic factors, there will be too little or too much menstruation, or even suddenlyPathological changes that continue to shed blood.

  (1) Menstrual cycle: refers to the menstrual cycle is generally normal, but the menstrual flow is increased than usual, and the menstrual cycle is said to be more.

Mostly due to qi deficiency, blood is not taken, or blood heat precipitates blood, and blood stasis is cohesive and blood is not due to menstruation.

Those with a large amount of light and light color, thin water, and shortness of breath are mostly qi-deficient. If the amount is large and bright red or purple, sticky with spots and accompanied by upset and thirsty, it is blood heat;If the amount is large and the color is dark with blood clots, and those who refuse to press with abdominal pain are blood stasis.

  (2) Lack of menstruation: It means that the menstrual cycle is basically normal and the menstrual flow is significantly reduced; or the menstrual period is shortened and the menstrual flow is reduced, which is called less menstrual flow.

The disease is mostly caused by insufficient blood, empty blood, or blood stasis, dampness of phlegm, blocking blood vessels, and poor blood flow.

Usually the menstrual flow is small and the color is light, and the person with dizziness is blood deficiency; the menstrual flow is light, red or dark, the space is thin, and the lumbar spine is weak, the kidney is deficient in essence and blood;And the color is purple and black with blood stasis, accompanied by lower abdomen, pain and refusal to press, belongs to blood stasis; less menstruation and reddish color, thick gaps, mostly phlegm dampness.

  (3) Collapse: refers to a sudden vaginal bleeding or inexhaustible bleeding during menstruation. The former comes rapidly and the amount of bleeding is large, such as landslides, which are called collapses, and most drips are constantly leaking like a house.

The two can be transformed into each other and often appear alternately, so they are generally referred to as collapse.

The formation of metrorrhagia is mostly caused by blood heat, spleen or kidney deficiency, blood stasis and other factors that damage the impulse, which leads to loss of solidity, which can not overcome menstrual blood and cause blood delusion.

Those who have a lot of blood and are eager or inexhaustible, with bright red and thick gaps, are blood heat; if they are both upset and hot, they are hypothermia; if they are thirsty and hot, they are real heat.

When the blood is faint and thin, accompanied by shortness of breath and fatigue, the person with pale face is spleen deficiency and Qi depression; if the waist and knees are weak, the person with cold chills and limbs is a kidney yang deficiency; the color is bright red and slightly sticky, andThose with dizziness, tinnitus, and weak waists and knees are of kidney yin deficiency.

If the time is now, the time is collapsed, the time is leaked, the blood color is purple and black with bruises, the lower abdomen is painful, the tongue is dark, and the blood is dark.

  (4) Amenorrhea: Healthy women usually have menarche at about 14 years old. If they are more than 18 years old, they will have menarche, or if their menstruation is normal and interrupted for more than 3 months, it is called amenorrhea.

However, women’s temporary menopause during pregnancy, lactation and some girls may have menopause for 1-2 years after menarche, which are normal physiological phenomena and not amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is formed due to deficiency and reality. Most of those who are deficient are due to liver and kidney deficiency, weakness of qi and blood, yin deficiency, blood dryness, or spleen deficiency, resulting in insufficiency of essence and blood, emptiness of blood and sea, which leads to amenorrhea.Wet block, so that the blood vessels are blocked, and the menstrual blood does not flow down to form amenorrhea.

If the 18-year-old has not had menstruation, or the amount of menstrual flow is gradually reduced to amenorrhea, and the waist and legs are soft, dizziness and tinnitus are liver and kidney deficiency.

If the menstruation is gradually postponed, the menstrual flow is small, the color is light, and then the menstruation is dizzy, the palpitations are short, the patient’s tongue is pale, and most of them are weak in qi and blood.If the menstrual flow is small and gradually ceases, and the five are upset and hot, the two frowns are red, there is night sweats, the tongue is red, and the moss is less, it is Yin deficiency and blood dryness.

If menstruation is stopped for several months, it is accompanied by depression, irritability, irritation, fullness of the chest, or refusal to press the abdomen and pain, and those with spots on the tongue are qi stagnation and blood stasis.

If the menstruation is stopped, and the chest is full of stuffiness, vomiting, phlegm, and obesity, it is a dampness of phlegm.


The color and particle size of the abnormal color are generally dark red with thick consistency and blood heat. The light red color is thin and the particle size is small.Retention; dark red with bruises, blood stasis.


Women with menstrual abdominal pain have menstrual cramps and lower back pain during menstruation or before and after menstruation. They are called menstrual abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea.

The cause of the disease may be due to emotional injuries or six sexual kinks, causing choking and stasis, and impaired blood flow; or due to inadequate congenital endowment or acquired dietary fatigue, resulting in liver and kidney deficiency and lack of essential blood;Or the spleen and stomach are weak, the biochemistry is insufficient, and the responsibility is lost.

Clinically common symptoms include qi stagnation and blood stasis, cold and damp stagnation, damp and hot betting, qi and blood weakness and liver and kidney deficiency.

Angelica jujube tea office workers must drink

Angelica jujube tea office workers must drink

Now, office workers are sitting all day, tired and exhausted, especially their eyes.

Angelica red jujube tea has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the face, and regulating the effect of qi and blood. Here is how to make angelica red jujube tea.

  60 red dates and 100 grams of angelica slices.

  How to make it: Jujube is split open, Angelica sinensis is cut into thin slices, divided into 10 portions, and put into 10 tea bags.

  Usage: Take 1 bag at a time, brew with boiling water, exchange after 10 minutes, you can brew repeatedly.

  The above is the production method of Angelica jujube tea. Angelica jujube tea can effectively prevent eye fatigue, spleen and liver, nourish qi and blood, and make the complexion ruddy. What are the office workers waiting for?

Should not eat a lot of fruits in summer

Should not eat a lot of fruits in summer

On hot summer days, young girls like to eat a variety of different types of fruits, which can relieve summer heat, and can help digestion and weight loss.

However, not all fruits are suitable for large consumption.

  Lychee Lychee is a unique fruit unique to southern Washington. It has a very delicious and delicious taste.

But litchi should not be eaten too much, otherwise it may suffer from litchi disease.

Because most of the monosaccharides in lychee are fructose, fructose must be catalyzed by segmented enzymes after being absorbed by the body. It can be converted into glucose for energy or stored into glycogen for storage and oxidation by tissue cells.

If you consume too much lychee at one time, too much fructose will cause the blood glucose (blood glucose refers to the concentration of glucose in the blood) to be much lower than normal and cause hypoglycemia.

Therefore, litchi disease is an acute disease caused by hypoglycemia, manifested in the early morning, often with sweating, cold limbs, fatigue, abdominal pain, laxatives, etc. as the early symptoms, and then suddenly twitching and coma.

If left untreated, they can die within hours.

Children, especially, should pay attention not to eat more, otherwise they will seriously affect their health.

  Watermelon Watermelon tastes sweet and cold. Whenever the summer heat is thirsty, and your heart is upset, you can eat some watermelon to relieve the heat; but eating more is not good for your health.

This is because, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, watermelons are cold, and excessive consumption is likely to cause stomach colds, abdominal distension, and decreased gastrointestinal digestion.

In addition, watermelon is extremely rich in sugar. If you eat more watermelon, you will replenish a lot of sugar. The excess sugars will become tiny in the body, making the body fluids into an acidic environment, affecting human health, and affecting diet balance.Absorption of protein, minerals, etc., causes nutritional imbalances.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat more watermelon.

  Persimmons are seasonal fruits of the golden autumn.

Among the fruits, the sweetness of persimmon comes first. It is called “the sweetest fruit”, and the persimmon cake made of persimmon is even sweeter.

Persimmons are not only delicious, but also nutritious.

But persimmons also have shortcomings, and too much food is also harmful.

Persimmon contains a certain amount of tannin (inorganic acid), and the content of persimmon skin is higher. When eating persimmons, the mouth is astringent.

Tannin has a strong astringent effect, and it is easy to combine with gastric acid in the stomach, thereby coagulating into agglomerates, and the combination of synthetic acid and protein is prone to cause precipitation.

  Hawthorn Hawthorn is sweet and delicious, has the special effect of digestion and accumulation, and is one of the best fruits to increase appetite and help digestion, but too much is harmful and unhelpful.

Excessive consumption of hawthorn can hurt people because hawthorn is rich in vitamin C and fruit acid.

From the point of view of food medicinal properties, hawthorn is sweet and sour.

There is a record in ancient medicine: “Hawthorn is broken and it is not advisable to eat more.

Eat more gas and damage teeth.

“Hawthorn is a product that breaks qi to accumulate stagnation. People who are usually weak in spleen and stomach or who are taking qi supplements such as ginseng should not eat it.

Children are in the period of changing teeth. If often eaten in large quantities, it is not good for tooth growth and affects appetite.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat too much hawthorn.

  Bananas Bananas are glutinous and delicious fruits. Some people eat bananas in large quantities at one time.

As everyone knows, this is very bad for your health.

Banana contains trace elements such as magnesium and potassium. Although these mineral elements are necessary for human health, if they are repeatedly repeated in a short period of time, it will cause the magnesium and potassium content in the blood to increase sharply and cause potassium in the body.The proportion of sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements is out of balance, which is harmful to health.

In addition, eating more bananas will cause dysfunction of the body and excessive emotional fluctuations due to greatly reduced gastric acid secretion.

Therefore, bananas should not be consumed in excess.

  Apples Apples have a sweet and sour taste, are rich in nutrients, are easy to eat, and can treat a variety of diseases, so they are generally loved by people.

But if you eat too much or overeating apples, you can also bring a lot of ills.

This is because apples are rich in sugars and potassium salts, of which 100 mg of potassium per 100 grams of apples, and only 14 mg of sodium, the excessive disparity between potassium and sodium can overcome the disadvantages of heart and kidney health.

In particular, patients with hypertension coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis, and diabetes have increased the burden on the heart and kidneys and are not good for health.

Therefore, it is not advisable to consume apples in excessive amounts, and the general consumption amount is 1-2 per day.

Paradoxical understanding that beauty has gone the wrong way_1

Paradoxical understanding that beauty has gone the wrong way

Do you really know the tips for beauty care?

According to relevant surveys, only 10 out of 100 Chinese women clearly know how to choose their own cosmetics, and it is tedious to reduce beauty knowledge, beauty knowledge, and maintenance skills. Therefore, quite a few women have some self-righteousness or seem to beFei’s understanding led to many wrongdoings during beauty.


Freckles with precious skincare products Many women with freckles, stains, and butterfly spots often feel inferior and miserable for their “full bloom”.

Therefore, they often stop in front of the high-end cosmetics counters in various shopping malls, preferring to cut down on food and clothing, and spend a lot of money to find a panacea.

  In fact, there are many reasons for facial spots. In addition to genetic influences, most of them are caused by acquired factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency, and so on.

However, the most obvious factor is the ultraviolet radiation.

Because the skin has a self-protection function, everyone has melanin cells in response to ultraviolet rays, and its metabolism takes about 28 days. If self-care and conditioning are good, the melanin cells will automatically disappear, instead they will stay on the skin surface.The dark spots only absorb and not reflect the ultraviolet rays, and the colors can only get deeper and deeper. Over time, they become obvious stains and dark spots.


There are also ultraviolet rays A and B. In order to avoid ultraviolet rays, some women go out as little as possible.

However, according to some expert tests, there are two types of ultraviolet rays, A and B. Type B is called vacation UV. It generally does not penetrate deep into the skin and only changes on the surface of the human skin, such as darkened swimming skin, direct sunlight orAfter climbing the mountain and peeling, etc., it will return to its original state after re-naturalization.

Type A is called living ultraviolet light. Generally people think that there will be no ultraviolet radiation when it is raining or hiding at home, and the front spot will be reduced or not generated.

Actually, we still think wrong.

Even if you don’t go out, you still can’t escape UV rays on cloudy or rainy days.

Because the ultraviolet rays of life can pass through the window glass, the curtains penetrate into the deep parts of the skin, and the formation of stains and freckles is distorted.


 Valuable care products do not cure the symptoms, so many women with spots have pinned their hopes on high-end cosmetics.

Of course, some beauty drugs and expensive cosmetics have certain effects on pigmentation and freckles, but that can only prevent melanin cells from moving, and it cannot completely eliminate melanocytes.

  The scientific method is for women to pay attention to the use of solid powder when applying makeup.

Now many brand-name products are technically lead-free, and solid powders can make makeup more uniform and adhere, and can also protect against UV rays and contain skin care products and other health effects.

  On rainy or cloudy days, make up the habit of going out, even if you do n’t go out, you should wear a little light makeup.


Perfume is applied to exposed areas. Some women like to apply perfume on exposed areas such as skin, back of hands, neck, etc., thinking that this can not only bring a faint fragrance to people, but also play a role in skin care.

As everyone knows, this is a completely wrong use.

  The trace amount of copper contained in the perfume will accelerate the aging of the facial skin, weaken the skin’s elasticity and tarnish the skin.

At the same time, some of the fragrances in perfumes are volatile oils extracted from natural plants. Some of these volatile oils contain ingredients such as furan bean essence, such as bergamot oil.The long-wave ultraviolet rays will combine with these chemicals sprayed on the skin, and a photochemical reaction will occur, which will eventually lead to the appearance of skin and skin-like spots.

  The correct method of use is: if you use a perfume bottle with a spray head, you can use the spray method, and those without a spray head, use your finger to dip the perfume to apply.

The amount and range of smearing is easier to control.

This method is generally used for high concentration perfumes.

The most suitable parts for applying perfume are the pulse beats. These parts make the fragrance molecules vibrate and become active, and the diffusion and transformation are more thorough.


Long-term use of children’s skin care products Anti-aging There are some people who use children’s skin care products for a long time, such as children’s cream, Yumeijing, baby cream and so on.

Some people think that children’s cream does not age the skin and has no side effects.

  In fact, the aging of human skin is an irresistible natural law. Generally, the skin epidermis begins to age at about 25 years of age.

Children’s skin moisture point is 90%, and adults only account for 70%. Adult skin needs to be replenished and children do not need it. There is no substitute for children’s creams, but it can’t replace their own insufficient effect.

Therefore, it is ridiculous to think that the use of children’s cream can block the natural aging of human beings. The scientific attitude is to choose the appropriate skin care products for care according to their skin characteristics, so that the signal of skin aging will appear.


Dare to use alcohol?  Similar misunderstandings include toners, shrinkage water, and many people dare not use them because they contain alcohol. In fact, the formula of brand-name cosmetics is very scientific.

Alcohol is different from people’s imagination, as long as the content in cosmetics does not exceed the proportion that the human body can tolerate, it will not be harmful to the human body.Can be used on sensitive skin.

Of course, cosmetics such as shrinking water, as special cosmetics, have the effect of tightening pores. People with oily skin are naturally very effective, while those with medium and dry skin are harmful and useless.It requires us to choose to use according to our skin.


It is a very popular method to use the same cosmetics all year round.

The reason comes from people’s misunderstanding of the relationship between skin attributes and cosmetics. It is believed that skin with different attributes should choose different cosmetics. Long-term selection of a cosmetic can adapt to the skin’s care, consolidation, and nutrition.

  Indeed, human skin is divided into dry, neutral and oily, but this property is not static, but changes with the change of season and temperature. For example, oily skin will be neutral in winter; dry skinIt may also become neutral in summer, with the most common changes in normal skin.

Therefore, skin care should be changed according to the changes in the skin properties in order to obtain the best skin care effect.

For example, people with oily skin should choose milk-type nutritional creams, honey and the like in the spring, and powdery skincare cosmetics can be used in summer; skin creams that can be comfortable for normal skin in autumn and winter.


Immediately after bathing, make-up moisture-proof and wrinkle-proof bathing will have certain effects on the nervous system, endocrine system, skin pH and temperature of the human body, causing the capillaries to dilate.

Make-up immediately after bathing can cause bacteria or chemicals in cosmetics to infiltrate the skin and easily cause infection.

Therefore, even if the skin feels tight after bathing, you should wait for an hour, and then make up when the skin pH and physical functions recover.


“Dead skin” is a common name for the cuticle of the skin. “Dead skin” is to help the keratinized cells in the skin to leave the mother body, remove the deep dirt on the pores, and make the skin breathe.

Depending on the cell growth cycle, this need only be done once a month.

If the skin is exfoliated every time the skin is removed, the skin loses a protective layer, which has the opposite effect.

Lemon diet recommendations for healthy weight loss

Lemon diet recommendations for healthy weight loss

Lemon is a nutritious fruit of vitamin c, which is generally used as a beauty food.

In fact, the substances contained in lemons are still very effective weight loss substances after reasonable formulation.

  Food recommendations: Get up every morning, drink a large glass of lemon honey water on an empty stomach, 2 spoons of honey, 1-2 slices of lemon, the best water is more than 500ml, do not use boiled water, warm water is the best.

If you insist on it for a Wednesday, you will find that your bowel movements are normal, your skin becomes white and tender, and your weight will be more than 2 kg / week. It is best to take cereals and proteins daily, otherwise your body may lose weight quickly.

  Take 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and 1 tbsp of honey with lemon mead and add an appropriate amount of brandy.

Night sleep can not only help you fall asleep, improve sleep quality, but also beautify and lose weight.

  Lemon kelp tea take 100 grams of fresh lemon juice, 100 grams of fresh kelp, clean the kelp with a knife and cut it, put 180 grams of water, soak in a stainless steel cup, boil for 1 hour, let cool, and add rock sugar when you can.

  Because kelp contains iodine, it can promote thyroid hormone secretion and improve the body’s metabolism.

Lemon juice relaxes and softens blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, and also improves digestion and digestion.

In this way, you can eliminate the excess subcutaneous agglomeration in the body and achieve weight loss.

The combined amount is discretionary, but should not be changed frequently.

Abstinence cannot achieve longevity


Abstinence cannot achieve longevity

The sexual life of the elderly can last until the age of 70. The sex life of most elderly people can last until the age of 70, some of them can be maintained until the age of 80, and individual to 90 years old only have sex requirements.

According to medical reports, until the age of 90, male retinal pills can still produce some sperm.

Jiangxi Province surveyed the sexual function of 146 urban retired people. Among the 65-70-year-old males, only 12% had no sexual requirements.

銆€銆€When the age is over, the sexual function will not be lost quickly due to the increase of age. The only loss of reproductive function is that reproductive function and sexual function are two different things.

銆€銆€Abstinence and insufficiency do not prolong life. Some elderly people mistakenly believe that abstinence and preservation can prolong life.

So, in the 60s, he stopped his sex.

Modern medicine believes that long-term abstinence of the elderly will lead to the loss of sexual function.

Because abstinence destroys the balance of the body, reduces the secretion of sex hormones, suppresses the sexual instinct of human beings, and the sexual desire of the human body is not released, but it will cause damage to the spirit and the body.

Relevant research at home and abroad shows that people who are abstinent have more than 30% higher aging and death than those with normal sex life.

The normal use of sexual organs can delay the decline of sexual function and maintain the normal secretion of sex hormones.

If you don’t use it for a long time, your sexual organs will decline and shrink, becoming something you can’t reuse.

銆€銆€Sex life in the elderly does not have to stay in the evening. From time to time, the sexual life of young and middle-aged people usually takes place after going to bed at night, and this time is not necessarily suitable for the elderly.

Older people are prone to fatigue. After a day of activities, watching TV at night, you will feel tired and tired. How can you study sex life?

Therefore, the elderly’s house plan is placed after a sleep, or before getting up in the morning.

Of course, this depends on the circumstances of each individual.

Sexologists believe that the elderly have to live sexually, not necessarily limited to the evening, what time impulses come, as long as the living environment permits, you can do it at any time.

銆€銆€In terms of the number of times, the male body’s ability to bear should be taken as the standard.

The ancient book “Su Nian Jing” said: “The 20th year of the people, the four days of a vent; 30, eight vents; forty, six vents; fifty, twenty vents, thisFrench too.

” Therefore, you can refer to this number, 60-65 years old, 2-3 weeks is appropriate; 65-70 years old, 4-6 weeks is appropriate.

Good health, you can extend the time and increase the number according to your sexual desire.

In short, you can get sexual gratification after the event, and the body does not feel tired or discomfort.

Dietary recipes: miscellaneous grains can cure infertility


Dietary recipes: miscellaneous grains can cure infertility

Traditional Chinese medicine has a biological relationship, and Chinese medicine advocates that “medicine supplements are not as good as food supplements”, which is regarded as a classic by nutritionists.

There are many diseases that can be adjusted through diet to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Medical scientists and nutritionists have learned through the experience and summarized the following 18 kinds of diseases, which deserve our attention and attention.

銆€銆€Vomiting and eating tomatoes: There are many causes that can cause vomiting. The direct consequence of vomiting is that the body’s absorption of potassium, calcium, sodium, etc. is greatly lost, which will have adverse effects on the body. Therefore, it is necessary to spit out the lack of timely absorption.

If nausea and vomiting have stopped, the easiest solution is to eat tomatoes or drink tomato juice.

Because the tomato juice is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium and other ingredients, it can just supplement the electrolyte deficiency that replaces the loss of spit.

Of course, don’t eat anything until you kill the spit.

銆€銆€Prostate cancer eats tomatoes: Prostate cancer is the killer of middle-aged men. Men are generally 50 years old. The prostate begins to proliferate due to various reasons, inflammation and even cancer.

Nutritionists suggest that you can eat more tomatoes accordingly.

Harvard University published a long-term follow-up report of 47,000 people in 1995, pointing out that people who eat more than 10 tomatoes a week have a 45% lower chance of developing prostate cancer than the average person.

The role of tomatoes is not only prevention, but even prostate cancer, and tomatoes can slow down nano-invasion.

I have interviewed Li Mu, a terminally ill doctor with prostate cancer. He often feeds on tomatoes and delays his life.

銆€銆€Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases drink beer: beer not only has a big belly, but beer can also be beautiful. This seems to be no news, but beer can reduce the risk of heart and brain vascular disease, but few people know.

Experiments have shown that if you keep a small amount of beer a day, it will greatly reduce the incidence of morbidity, so it is called a trace amount of alcohol can promote blood circulation.

However, beer can also cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the key is to re-quantify.

Every day, indiscriminate parasitism can cause disease.

銆€銆€Drinking tea with dental caries: Drinking tea is good for health. This is what people should do.

Recently, scientists have discovered another role of tea: tea has the effect of protecting teeth.

Tea is rich in fluoride and tea polyphenols, which have obvious anti-caries effect.

Therefore, in addition to good habits of drinking tea, it is best to use mouthwash after meals to protect oral hygiene.

In addition, the sugar, pectin and other ingredients in the tea and the saliva chemically react to moisten the mouth, while also enhancing the self-purification ability of the oral cavity.

銆€銆€Bad breath and more drinking water: Chinese medicine believes that bad breath is closely related to stomach fire.

In addition to thoroughly treating oral ulcers and insisting on brushing your teeth 3 times a day, a very simple method is to drink plenty of water every day.

This method also supplements the daily moisture required while treating bad breath.

Scientific research has shown that the reason for the lack of fresh breath is the spoilage of various food residues in the mouth. The bad breath caused by this cause can be alleviated by the flushing of water and the substitution of water.

銆€銆€Eating cold with garlic: Everyone has a cold. When the cold starts, in order to prevent the virus from invading your body on a large scale, you need to eat some garlic quickly. This will help you kill the virus that has not been completely eliminated in the cradle.Because garlic contains allicin, it has an anti-viral effect, which will enhance the body’s immunity.

If you change some garlic in the climate change, change seasons, or usually develop the habit of eating garlic, it is even better.

Suffering from a cold also requires more water to facilitate more excretion or sweating, to spread the virus out and restore health as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Heart disease drink apple juice: Apple is a fruit with high health value.

A recent study by the University of California found that regular consumption of apple juice reduces the incidence of high blood pressure.

People who mention too much plasma are like tigers. In fact, cholesterol is not completely bad. It is also divided into two types: “good” and “bad”. “Good” plays an important role in maintaining normal blood circulation. “Bad” plasmaCauses the occurrence of myocardial infarction.

Scientists’ experiments on 25 men and women have shown that apple juice can alleviate the risk of “bad” blood pressure raising blood vessels.

銆€銆€High blood pressure to drink orange juice: Orange juice is rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin C, which can help blood pressure drop in patients with hypertension to a certain extent.

Therefore, the habit of constantly ingesting orange juice helps to maintain normal blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular rupture caused by a sudden increase in blood pressure.

銆€銆€Hair loss, red dates, steak: “Three dates of eclipse, the face is never old.”

“Red dates are fully nourished, and there is also the effect of treating hair loss.”

Eating three or five dates a day can effectively prevent hair loss, which is a good way to prevent hair loss by many people.

In addition, there is a food that can treat hair loss, which is steak.

Saying that eating steak can cure baldness, many people will feel very annoying.But after research by scientists, the steak does have this effect.

If you don’t want to be “placed around the center” when you are young, don’t forget to eat a thin steak every time you eat.

It is scientifically proven that people who regularly eat lean beef can at least delay the arrival of this day, even if they cannot completely solve the problem of hair loss.

銆€銆€Vision fatigue eats more green vegetables: People often say that 鈥渙pening your eyes is a day,鈥?describing it as busy, the eyes are even more busy, except for sleep, which is always open every moment, and visual fatigue is frequent.

Green vegetables can supplement enough nutrients to help protect eye health.

Of course, there is another reason for the blurred vision of the eyes, that is, vitamin A. At this time, vitamin A should be added, and vegetables such as carrots need to be eaten frequently.

Pig liver is recognized as a good food for the eyes, but the plasma content is also high, and middle-aged and older people seem to need controlled intake.

銆€銆€Civilization and Vegetables: Greek scientists have found that the more green vegetables are eaten, the less likely they are to develop arthritis.

This is the fact that scientists have experimented with 330 people. The elderly patients who love vegetables can only suffer from arthritis, which is 1/4 of that they do not like vegetables.

In addition, timely calcium supplementation, eating more fish and ribs, etc., is also very likely to prevent arthritis.

銆€銆€Asthma eats more fish: Asthma is usually a disease of the lungs, and very few are tracheal problems.

The latest research has found that eating more fish can moisturize the lungs and replenish the lungs, thus alleviating the symptoms of acute diseases.

This is because the fish is rich in magnesium, just as doctors use magnesium-containing drugs to relieve symptoms in the emergency room.

For patients with high blood pressure, doctors recommend that it is best to take at least 1 sample or other seafood-based food for 3 meals a day.

In addition, spinach has the same effect in green vegetables.

銆€銆€Tooth bleeding to eat kiwifruit: Gum bleeding is a dental disease that many people will encounter. Don’t worry if you encounter this situation. This may be due to the lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C is called ascorbic acid, and some vitamin C can be added.

Usually eat more vitamin C fruits, such as oranges, grapes, pomelo, lemon, kiwi, etc., especially kiwi, known as the “king of the king of C”, and sometimes even have immediate results.

銆€銆€Exercise fatigue eats bananas: life lies in sports, and many people like sports.

Some people feel that they are weak after exercise. This is because the body exudes a lot of water during exercise, and the body’s absorption is also excreted with sweat.

The main electrolytes lost are potassium, sodium, and especially potassium, which play an important role in maintaining muscle strength.

Therefore, it is necessary to add potassium in time after intense exercise. The most ideal choice in the long run is to eat bananas, because bananas are rich in potassium.

Therefore, the doctor recommends that you bring one or two bananas before you go to exercise.

銆€銆€Infertility to eat miscellaneous grains: Folic acid is a vitamin that a woman must supplement when she is preparing to be a mother, because it is beneficial to the development of the baby’s nervous system.

In fact, men also need to add folic acid, because the latest survey shows that male sperm content is also related to folic acid in the body, and some male infertility patients are due to too little folic acid in the body.

Folic acid can help the synthesis of DNA. There are more folic acid in males and more sperm.

The easiest way to supplement folic acid is to eat more whole grains.

Because of the high folate content in the grains.

Therefore, for couples who want to be parents, it is a matter for both husband and wife to eat more grains and supplement folic acid.

銆€銆€Memory and coffee: Coffee contains caffeine and has a nerve-stimulating effect.

The Dutch scientist’s experiment found that if the testee drank 32 mg of caffeine coffee, not only the memory was enhanced, the reading speed was improved, and the mind became more clear and intelligent.

Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of brain work, it is best to drink a cup of coffee half an hour in advance.

But the caveat is that coffee can’t drink too much, otherwise it’s over-excited, affecting rest and sleep.

It is understood that tea also contains a certain amount of caffeine, tea also has this effect, but relatively weak.

銆€銆€Snoring to eat white sugar: Although it is not a serious illness, it is not only difficult to accept a long time, but also very annoying.

There is a proven method: try to put a spoonful of sugar under your tongue, and snoring may stop.

This practice has not been explained scientifically. Some doctors say that sugar can stimulate the nerves on the back side of the throat, and once the nerve is stimulated, it will interrupt the nerve signals in the body, including the nerve signals that cause sputum.

The nerve signal that is re-continued after the interruption is new, and the snoring often stops.

銆€銆€Cataract and lutein: After suffering from glaucoma in the elderly, it is easy to suffer from cataract.

To prevent the occurrence of cataracts, you need to eat more foods such as lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene.

Among spinach, kale and broccoli, lutein and zeaxanthin are the highest, and lycopene is also high in cooked tomatoes.

Black tea anti-flu flower tea anti-depression


Black tea anti-flu flower tea anti-depression

Different teas have different “characters”: black tea can warm the body’s yang, green tea can be cold, oolong tea is moist, throat, and tea.

From the theory of TCM health, drinking tea also has the effect of curing diseases and preventing diseases, but different teas have different “indications”, and everyone should choose the variety that suits their own replacement.

銆€銆€Drink black tea to prevent flu in the winter and drink black tea as the top grade.

Black tea is warm and can raise human body yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which is hot and warm, can enhance the body’s cold resistance, and can help digestion and greasy.

In some of these places, there is also the habit of replacing black tea with sugar, milk, and sesame seeds, so that it can not only produce heat and warm the abdomen, but also add nutrients and strengthen the body.

銆€銆€Studies have found that black tea can reduce the incidence of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Stroke and high blood pressure are high-risk diseases in winter. Therefore, elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often have a cup of warm black tea in winter, which not only warms the body, but also prevents diseases.

In addition, the use of black tea gargle or direct administration also has the effect of preventing influenza, which is also necessary in winter.

Drinking black tea also has a unique effect on preventing osteoporosis and reducing the incidence of skin cancer, thus making the audience of black tea more extensive.

Because black tea is a kind of fermented tea, it is very irritating, and it is especially suitable for people with weak stomach and body.

銆€銆€Dr. Liu Yang, Department of Sub-health, Oriental Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that when drinking black tea, the amount of tea is controlled at 3 to 5 grams. Pay attention to hot drinks. It is best to drink freshly. If it takes a long time, nutrition and taste.Will be discounted.

銆€銆€Different teas have different “characters”: black tea can warm the body’s yang, green tea can be cold, oolong tea is moist, throat, and tea.
From the theory of TCM health, drinking tea also has the effect of curing diseases and preventing diseases, but different teas have different “indications”, and everyone should choose the variety that suits their own replacement.

銆€銆€Looking for green tea to help the winter climate dry, plus some people like to eat greasy, spicy food, getting angry has become a lot of people’s health problems, and bring constipation, dry mouth and even tongue sores and other consequences, and thisYou can ask for green tea at the time.

Green tea is unfermented tea, which is cold and can be used for heat. Therefore, it is the best to go to the fire, to quench the thirst, to eliminate phlegm, to accelerate the healing of mild gastric ulcer, and to lower blood fat and prevent hardening of the arteries.

Therefore, people who are prone to get angry, who usually love to smoke and drink, and those who are fatter (generally hot) are more suitable for green tea; those with debilitating cold should not take green tea.

銆€銆€Different teas have different “characters”: black tea can warm the body’s yang, green tea can be cold, oolong tea is moist, throat, and tea.
From the theory of TCM health, drinking tea also has the effect of curing diseases and preventing diseases, but different teas have different “indications”, and everyone should choose the variety that suits their own replacement.

銆€銆€Dry mouth and help Oolong Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, between green and black tea, the color is green and brown, so it is also named “green tea”.

In terms of taste, oolong tea has both the scent of green tea and the natural floral fragrance, and the mellow taste of black tea. It is not cold or hot, and moderate in warmth. Therefore, it has emollient, throat, and fluid, and removes the heat accumulated in the body.Adapt to changes in the natural environment.

In the winter, most of the air in the room is dry, people are prone to dry mouth and chapped lips. At this time, a cup of oolong tea can be used to relieve dryness and distress.

In addition, oolong tea has a better decomposition effect on protein and a few, which can prevent the liver from accumulating slightly. For those who are afraid of sticking in the winter, green tea also has certain weight loss effects.

銆€銆€Different teas have different “characters”: black tea can warm the body’s yang, green tea can be cold, oolong tea is moist, throat, and tea.
From the theory of TCM health, drinking tea also has the effect of curing diseases and preventing diseases, but different teas have different “indications”, and everyone should choose the variety that suits their own replacement.

銆€銆€Depression does not harm the tea flower tea, including jasmine tea, magnolia tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea, rose tea, etc., which is made by adding green tea to the tea slab and adding different fragrant flowers.

First of all, the flower tea can raise liver and gall, strengthen the limbs and clear the meridians.

Taking jasmine tea as an example, it can clear away heat and relieve spleen and calm the nerves, and has a good effect on treating ulcer disease and preventing stomach pain.

Honeysuckle tea can clear away heat and detoxify, refreshing thirst, retinal sclerosing and so on, and has a great effect on preventing influenza.

Therefore, in the winter does not hinder proper selection, especially women are prone to depression and temperament before and after menopause and menstruation, may wish to use the method of drinking tea to eliminate depression.

These things need attention!

锘? things after a meal are comparable to “chronic suicide”

These things need attention!
7 things after a meal are comparable to “chronic suicide”

Three meals a day must be met every day. It can replenish energy for our body. Generally, many people like to eat some fruits after eating. In fact, it is not advisable to eat fruits immediately after eating, which may cause digestive problems.
銆€銆€7 things after meals are comparable to “chronic suicide” 1.
Eat fruit after a meal Many people like to eat some fruit after meals, that is conducive to clearing the mouth.
In fact, this is a wrong habit. Eating fruit immediately after a meal will affect digestion.
Because, when the food enters the stomach, it needs to be digested for 1 to 2 hours to slowly eliminate it. When the fruit is eaten immediately after the meal, the fruit will be blocked by the food that was eaten before, but it cannot be digested normally.
楗悗鍠濇祿鑼躲€€銆€鑼跺彾涓惈鏈夊ぇ閲忓崟瀹侀吀锛岄キ鍚庡枬娴撹尪锛屼細浣垮垰鍒氬悆杩涚殑杩樻病娑堝寲鐨勮泲鐧借川鍚屽崟瀹侀吀缁撳悎鍦ㄤ竴璧峰舰鎴愭矇娣€鐗╋紝褰卞搷铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ殑鍚告敹锛涜尪鍙朵腑鐨勭墿璐↖t will also hinder the absorption of iron, and develop the bad habit of drinking strong tea after a meal. It is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia. In addition, drinking tea immediately after a meal, a large amount of water enters the stomach, and will dilute the digestion secreted by the stomach.Liquid, which affects the digestion of the stomach on food.
Smoking after a meal Some people think that “a cigarette after a meal, the game has lived a fairy.
In fact, this practice is extremely harmful to the human body.
Because the gastrointestinal motility of the human body is very frequent after the meal, the blood circulation is also accelerated, and the digestive system begins a comprehensive exercise.
If smoking at this time, the lungs and body tissues absorb the smoke greatly, so that the harmful components in the smoke are absorbed in large quantities, which have a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory and digestive tracts, which will undoubtedly bring about the human body function and organization.Usually smoking much more damage.
Drinking water after a meal Drinking water immediately after a meal will dilute the gastric juice, so that the food in the stomach will enter the small intestine without digesting it, weakening the digestive capacity of the gastric juice, and easily causing gastrointestinal diseases.
If you drink soda after a meal, it is even more unsuitable for the body. The carbon dioxide produced by soda water tends to increase the intragastric pressure, leading to acute gastric dilatation.
Singing Karaoke after a meal After eating, the stomach capacity is increased and the blood flow is increased. At this time, singing will cause the diaphragm to move down, and the pressure in the abdominal cavity will increase, which may cause indigestion, and cause other symptoms such as stomach discomfort.
Therefore, it is best to sing karaoke after eating food for about 1 hour after a meal, or simply sing and then go to dinner.
Driving after a meal After the meal, due to the need for digestion, the blood is mostly concentrated in the stomach, and the brain is in a state of temporary ischemia. At this time, driving is likely to lead to operational errors and car accidents.
Therefore, it is safer to drive again after 1 hour.
Exercise within half an hour after eating. Generally speaking, people who are not exercising regularly and infirm are better at 0.
5 to 1 hour of exercise is more appropriate.
Formal exercise and intense competition, preferably after a meal.
5 hours to proceed.
It is not advisable to exercise vigorously after a meal. It does not rule out easy exercise after a meal. Everyone can exercise according to their own conditions, such as walking or doing other minor activities, which is beneficial to health.
Can not exercise vigorously after eating, because the stomach is full of food, if strenuous exercise, it may lead to stomach pain, it is best to exercise after half an hour or an hour after eating, riceAfter exercise can be based on your own physical condition, it is best not to be too intense, you can take a quick walk or walk in a better way.

What is the best for men with dermatitis?


What is the best for men with dermatitis?

Every day, people must have three meals a day. The food supplemented every day can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body. The doctor said that people who need to eat more need to strengthen the scientific diet. Male patients with dermatitis can replace the disease through dietary adjustment, then male foreskinWhat is good for inflammation?

The following article is mainly for everyone to share the treatment of male dermatitis.

Therapeutic method of male dermatitis 1, loofah previous rice porridge: 1 loofah, the previous rice 50g, white sugar right amount.

First porridge to semi-cooked, into the loofah to cook porridge, go to the loofah and add sugar, eat porridge, can clear away heat and detoxification, cooling blood to eliminate phlegm.

2, mung bean previous rice porridge: mung bean 50g, the previous rice 100g, a total of porridge to take food, can clear away heat and detoxification, eliminate edema.

3, winter melon drink: tender winter melon (about 500 grams), washed with green skin cut into pieces, add water, add salt, seasoning, cooked food, have the effect of heat and dampness.

4, stewed pig’s trotters: 4 pig’s trotters washed, add onion 50g, the right amount of salt, put into the pot Chinese fire stew until cooked, split into meat and soup, detoxification and swelling effect.

Care for male dermatitis 1, pay attention to personal hygiene penis is an important reproductive organ of males, easy to dirty.

Therefore, men should pay more attention to personal hygiene in daily life, and often clean, especially glans and foreskin hygiene. As a key part of men, care must be taken.

2, do not wear tight underwear men’s dermatitis men do not wear some tights and tight underwear, which will cause a certain squeeze of the glans.

Not enough glans are not comfortable.

3, living habits Male dermatitis patients in the usual life to develop good habits, but also pay attention to their own eating habits, do not eat spicy food, should eat light things.

The doctor said that balanitis patients not only need good therapeutic methods, but also need effective male dermatitis care methods, in order to more effectively treat the disease, away from the impact of male dermatitis, and have a healthy life.

Related recommendations Do not let the dermatitis drag into a urinary tract infection dermatitis effective treatment method for the foreskin balanitis diet any taboo? Diet should pay attention to what the foreskin balanitis has any performance will bring some harm to men