Shouting light up the bullets, but Bin also put forward the latest point

Shouting “light up the bullets”, but Bin also put forward the latest point
Original title: Dan Bin shouting “light up the bullet”, and put forward the latest point . A shares continued to strengthen after a brief tremor!The Shanghai Composite Index once again stood at 2950 points today.  On the first trading day after the holiday, Dan Bin, chairman of Oriental Harbor, who shouted “burn the bullets,” continued to be bullish on the market outlook.He believes that the epidemic will bring a short-term impact, but in the context of policy protection and industrial upgrading, the market trend of capital markets with value stocks and growth stocks will not change.  However, Bin believes that the stock market has gradually returned to normal after a week or so of oscillation. Calibration judgments, in the context of policy protection and industrial upgrading, the market trend of capital markets with value stocks and growth stocks will not change.  In the specific sector, Oriental Harbor believes that new energy vehicles, online education and other industries will enter a period of concentrated outbreak.Among them, new energy vehicles will be a real first year in 2020, and will break out this year, driving revolutionary changes in new energy vehicles in series.  The advent of 5G will provide more space for online medical care, online education, cloud games, etc., and transform the entire society towards the direction of more economical efficiency and better services.The release was affected by the continued fermentation of the epidemic during the Spring Festival, including online entertainment in games and short videos.Data show that the day before New Year’s Eve of a certain game was as high as 2 billion.  ”Actually, the occurrence of this epidemic has a great impact on our investment logic. We may still choose industries and companies that can cross the cycle, especially every Internet technology, medicine, and new energy vehicle sector that are more concerned, orWill lead to subversive changes in the industry or even change the times.Under the epidemic, these industries have instead become beneficiaries.”But Bin said.  Dongfang Harbor is also optimistic about consumption, pig cycle and infrastructure.However, Bin believes that the consumer sector that is currently generally focused on, taking the high-end liquor industry as an example, has been less affected by the epidemic, but has increased brand concentration.Among the basic industries, the steel and cement sectors are relatively optimistic. In the future, the country may start favorable policies such as infrastructure construction. Leading companies deserve special attention.  In the large financial sector, Oriental Harbour has doubts about the securities firms, banks and other industries and is relatively optimistic about the insurance industry.But Bin said that the brokerage industry, even in the past few decades, had a good return on US stocks, but it only concentrated on four or five companies, and there were more than 130 brokerage companies in China. Whether they could achieve the concentration of several leading brokerage companies is still facing uncertaintySexuality.  Although the banking sector seems to be estimated to be very low, the characteristics of its leveraged business model still need to be observed.Many banks and brokerage industries are more optimistic about the insurance industry, especially after the epidemic, they will raise everyone’s insurance awareness to a certain extent, and there may be better results in the future.  According to the economic indicators under the influence of the epidemic, it is expected that the real estate industry will introduce favorable policies and 杭州夜网论坛 focus on leading enterprises.The chip industry that is receiving market attention is currently estimated to be particularly high and needs to pay attention to risks.  Oriental Harbor is also optimistic about the expected additional home appliance sector, and some leading companies are very competitive; at the same time, medical test, blockchain, smart home, new energy batteries, and environmental protection and other sub-sectors in key areas can also focusFollow its leading companies.  But Bin also said that the market changes after the epidemic should be considered from a far-off point of view.It is not ruled out that some industries that can recover quickly after the epidemic may have the opportunity to report a renaissance rebound. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the changes in the industry and enterprises in the 武汉夜生活网 epidemic, focus on the changes after the epidemic.

Depth-Company-Changshu Bank (601128): Profit continues to grow rapidly, asset quality is stable and sound

Depth * Company * Changshu Bank (601128): Profit continues to grow rapidly and asset quality is stable and sound

Although the expected profit and revenue growth of Changshu Bank have fluctuated slightly, the overall growth has maintained rapid growth, in line with our expectations.

In terms of interest spreads, it is expected that due to the impact of the LPR reform in the fourth quarter, it will face some pressure to narrow, but the company’s active adjustment of its credit structure will help to hedge the impact.

Changshu Bank’s NPL ratio continued to remain low, and its provision continued to lead its peers.

As a rural commercial bank featuring small and micro businesses, the company has gradually explored a distinctive risk management model for small and micro businesses, maintaining its Buy rating.

  The main points of the official rating continued to grow rapidly. It is expected that the profit margin of Changshu Bank will continue to increase rapidly in the fourth quarter under pressure, which is in line with our expectations, but the growth rate is slightly smaller than the previous three quarters.

Among them, the net profit in 2019 increased by 20 in ten 杭州夜网论坛 years.

7%, a faster growth rate than the first three quarters (+22.

4%) down about 1.

7 units.

Revenue increased by 10 at the beginning of ten years.

8%, same as the first three quarters (+11.

9%) a small value of 1.

1 unit.

The growth rate of net profit is close to the double growth of revenue and revenue, which is expected to be related to the positive support of factors such as the reduction of the provision for the company in 19 years.

Know that the company’s scale expansion accelerated in the fourth quarter, surpassing value-added10.

7% (vs3 quarter +8.

31%), an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

38%, we expect the company’s revenue growth rate to increase, mainly due to the price factor has caused a certain drag on the growth of net interest income.

Affected by the LPR reform on the asset-side rate of return, the company ‘s interest margin in the fourth quarter may have slightly decreased.

  Credit assets continued to lean toward retail, and the asset quality was stable. The company’s negative capital value maintained a rapid growth overall, of which loans increased by 18% from the same period last month.

5% / 2.

31%, deposits increased by 19.

1% / 0.


Structurally, the allocation of corporate credit assets continued to tilt toward retail. The proportion of personal loans and personal business loans (included in personal loans) increased by 2 in the third quarter from the previous quarter.

37% and 1.

10% to 53.

8% / 34.

6%, an increase of 2 earlier.


83 tiers are good for the company’s asset-side income to remain stable.

In terms of asset quality, the company’s NPL ratio continued to remain at zero.

A low of 96%, unchanged from the third quarter in the third quarter; provision coverage increased by 14 quarter-on-quarter.

2 up to 481.

3%, the provision level continues to be at the leading level in the industry, and the company’s asset quality is stable and worry-free.

  It is estimated that as a rural commercial bank featuring small and micro businesses, the company has gradually explored a distinctive risk management model for small and micro businesses. We maintain Changshu Bank’s 20/21 net profit growth rate of 20%.

5% / 21.

4% forecast, currently the PE corresponding to 2020/21 is 10.1x / 8.

31x, PB is 1.

36x / 1.

24x, maintain BUY rating.

  The main risks facing ratings The economic downturn has caused asset quality to deteriorate more than expected.

Castrol’s first mixed reform fund: leveraged winding up

Castrol’s first mixed reform fund: leveraged winding up

Harvest Fund was squirted!

The first mixed reform fund was liquidated, and it was suspected that Sinopec’s sales equity was being sold off the new economy e-line, “making it quiet but the wind is endless.”

“The Harvest Fund is once again included in the whirlpool of public opinion.

On August 27, the liquidation report of Castrol Fund and Direct Investment Closed Hybrid Initiated Securities Investment Fund (Castel Yuanhe, 505888), which belonged to Castrol Fund, released widespread disputes in the market.

  According to the above liquidation report, Jiashiyuan and the last operation date are August 12, and the total owner’s equity is 103.

1.3 billion yuan.

After the completion of the liquidation work of Castrol Yuanhe Fund, the exit price of Castrol Yuanhe can be converted into each share according to the liquidation result.

0313 yuan (including 0.

02578 yuan cash bonus).

  However, from the perspective of the net value of the last trading day announced before the settlement of Castrol and liquidation, the net value of the fund was terminated on August 9th.

1546 yuan.

  For this settlement, many investors questioned and disputed for a while.

Investors have said that the liquidation results of Castrol and opaque operations are disappointing.

  ”The net value of No. 9 is still 1.

In 1546, it suddenly became 1 after liquidation.

00552, it’s so outrageous that the net worth is just a fiction!

Does the net value of No. 9 not take into account the discount of Sinopec’s equity?

“” Why did you sell more than 1 billion for no reason?

Why the stock price after 5 years is almost the same as the original price?

 ”Who is the buyer?

Is there a public tender for the transfer?

What is the 佛山桑拿网 basis for this price?

“” What is the high estimate of the previous fund company support?

Is the estimation method reasonable?

“” Jia Shi Yuan He charged management fees according to high estimates, but followed 1.

0055’s net worth liquidation, overcharged by 5 years of high estimated management fees, how to explain the fund company?

“” The annualized rate of return is less than 4%, and even some bond funds can’t achieve the returns.

“However, for the various queries from investors, as of the press release of the New Economy e-line that afternoon, the official fund of Harvest Funds did not announce a public response.

  Fund Net Worth Leverage Shrinking Fund. As the first public fund in China that can invest in the shares of non-listed companies, it is also the first fund to participate in the “hybrid reform” of state-owned enterprises. Various auras, such as Jiashiyuan, have been highly sought after in the market.

  On September 29, 2014, the fund was established by Harvest Fund with RMB 1,000,000, and the initial fundraising scale reached 10 billion yuan, of which 5 billion yuan was used to make a one-time capital increase in Sinopec’s sales, and held a total of 400 million Sinopec’s sales to participateIts mixed ownership reform promotes its completion of listing within three years; the remaining 5 billion is invested in fixed income assets.

  Initially, Castrol and He quickly completed a $ 10 billion initial offer, and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 16, 2015, with an increase of 4 on the first day.


  Five years passed.

According to the fund contract, the fund provides a five-year duration, but at least the transition of the fund’s maturity date on September 29, 2019, and the listing of Sinopec’s sales has not been conclusive. Therefore, Harvest Fund decided to fully realize the sales equity of Sinopec.

  According to the latest weekly NAV report released by the fund before liquidation on August 9, Jiashiyuan and the fund ‘s net value before reselling Sinopec ‘s sales equity.

1546 yuan, the net asset value is 115.

4.6 billion.

  However, in just a few days, the fund ‘s net assets have shrunk significantly to 103 after Castrol and the realization of Sinopec’s sales equity.1.3 billion yuan, equivalent to 115 on August 9.

4.6 billion decreased by 12.

3.3 billion yuan.

  In progress, some investors stated that according to the description in the liquidation report, the last operating date of the fund was August 12, with a net value of 1 per fund on that day.

0313 yuan, and the company announced a net variable of 1 per fund on August 9.

1546 yuan, crack before and after.

And on August 12, it was not agreed in the “Assessment Procedures” section of the “Fund Contract” that “every working day calculates the net asset value of the fund and the net value of the fund distribution and announces it in accordance with regulations.

At the same time, according to Section 4 of the “Estimation Procedure” in the “Fund Contract”, “the error error reaches 0 of the net value of the fund share.”

At 25%, the fund manager should report to the China Securities Regulatory Commission for record; the error deviation reaches 0 of the fund’s net value.

At 5%, the fund manager makes a temporary announcement and simultaneously reports to the China Securities Regulatory Commission for the record.

“From August 9th to August 12th, the net value of each fund shrank by 10.

68%, which is a serious deviation, but the company announced again.

  In fact, from August 9th to August 12th, only two days apart, Saturday and Sunday, Jiashiyuan and Benqian rushed to transfer their unlisted equity in Sinopec Sales Company, which caused a change in the fund ‘s net worth.Changes, this move has been suspected of touching the fundamental interests of fund share holders.

  Coincidentally, almost at the same time as Castrol and the liquidation one month in advance, on August 23, the CSRC publicly solicited opinions on “Some Provisions on the Pilot Program for Spin-off of Listed Companies’ Subsidiary Companies”.

Some market participants speculate that once the New Deal reorganization is implemented, will Sinopec’s sales company be split and listed on A shares in the future?

If it becomes a reality, Castrol and the transferees who are transferred may make a lot of money.

  At the same time, the well-known blogger “Hua Rong” questioned on Weibo saying that “the central company’s A-share spin-off and listing policy has been issued, and the sales company’s equity is fragrant and not hot potato. Why is it sold at a super low price?Fees, low net worth liquidation, is it illegal fraud; why not announce who the offeree is?

Investors intend to launch rights protection. It is also reported that a large number of investors have begun to defend rights, report to the Securities Regulatory Commission and China Fund Association under their real names, and look for professional lawyers to sue Harvest Funds.

  Some investors have stated that at the end of the closing period of the fund, the fund manager did not comply with Article 1 of the Fund Ownership Conference of Part VIII of the Fund Contract and should convene Article 11 of the Fund Ownership Conference.Minor provisions: the fund unit holders will be held in other matters that have a significant adverse effect on the rights and obligations of the fund contract, and the sale of the fund assets at a prominent discount at a private price will cause a significant adverse effect on the fund holdersImpact.

  According to this, the investor believes that the above matters “have a significant adverse effect on the rights and obligations of the fund contract” have already met the provisions of the Fund Unitholders’ General Meeting in the Fund Contract.

However, based on the company’s historical decision results and announcements, the company must complete the “honest and trustworthy, prudent and diligent principle of managing and using fund assets” in the Fund Contract.

  It is reported that the investor’s claim is to require the company to clearly explain the specific reasons for the termination of the fund contract, and whether it needs to be voted through at the general meeting of fund unit holders.

At the same time, the company should fully verify the change in the fund ‘s net value from August 9th to August 12th, which is precisely a prediction error, market behavior, or the transfer of profits suspected of being in the dark; and further explained that the fund was not announced in time on August 12th.Reason for net worth.

  According to public information, during the company’s transfer of Sinopec’s equity in the company, other operations and fundamentals have undergone major changes. According to the principles of openness, fairness, and equity, investors require the company to disclose the consideration of the allocation, and also explain the basis for the estimation and transfer pricing., Further explain whether the company’s behavior exceeds the agreement between the shareholders of the target company, the company’s articles of association.

  In addition, the investor also requested the company to publicly announce the transferee of the equity of Sinopec Sales Company to further explain whether the transferee has undergone open and strict market-based bidding and whether there is a “third party seeking improper benefits”; whether there is any suspected financial fraud, The situation of arbitrarily false high and low stock estimates.

  In this regard, some institutions pointed out that the most controversial estimates of Castrol and the liquidation result should be calculated in terms of net value.

  Tian Xiangtou Gu Jiazhi publicly stated that the problem lies in whether the investor or the fund’s net worth projection method is not understood.

As Castrol and He invested in equity of an unlisted company, the valuation of equity does not equal actual value.

  According to Jia Zhi, according to public information, Castrol uses the latest market transaction price method, and refers to a comparable company’s P / B method to convert and display the net value.

This estimate more reflects the intrinsic value of the target company’s equity than the actual value. The true value is determined by the transaction price at the time of equity transfer.

  High morality, chief analyst of Haitong Securities (600837), said that Castrol has settled down. Innovation and improvement in product design in the future are more issues that should be considered by practitioners.

Sunshine City (000671): Xiangyang grows its way

Sunshine City (000671): Xiangyang grows its way
Investment highlights for the first time covered Sunshine City Company (000671) with an Outperform Industry rating with a target price of 8.98 yuan, a 40% discount from the 2019 NAV forecast, corresponding to 8 respectively.9, 5.9, 3.9 times 2019?The forecast price-earnings ratio in 2021 implies 37% upside.The reason is as follows: sitting on high-quality resources in core areas.The scale of the company’s unsold soil reserves is 4396 Universal (as of the end of the first half of 2019), which corresponds to a saleable value of US $ 546.7 billion, of which 72% are located in core first- and second-tier cities.The company’s stock of land and storage costs is only equivalent to 34% of the average selling price, which is at a low level in the industry. High turnover, strong incentives and marginal increase in profitability.The company has achieved high-speed growth by creating mainstream products for the masses, supplemented by a multi-level, widely-covered employee incentive system.At present, the company takes an average of 6-8 months to get the land to open (second only to Country Garden, known for its high turnover), and the turnover rate is at a relatively high level in the industry.We believe that the company’s period expenses and financing interest rates have entered a downward channel, and will continue to increase profit margins in the future. The financial side continues to improve.At the end of the first half of 2019, the company’s net interest rate decreased by 174% from 221% at the beginning of the year, and the rejected channel structure and term structure showed an improvement trend, and operating cash flow maintained a positive growth.We estimate that with the external net financing of 0 and the cash remaining unchanged, the company’s sales restructuring and budget expenditure in the second half of 2019 can still support about 54 billion land acquisition expenses, accounting for the estimated sales in the second half of the year.49% of the cash flow is safe. What makes us different from the market?We think the company’s earnings release rate and leverage decline will exceed market expectations next year. Potential catalysts: faster-than-expected earnings release; better-than-expected financial improvement; and China Mintou’s equity reduction has steadily landed. Profit forecast and estimationThe EPS in 2021 will be 1.00 yuan, 1.51 yuan, 2.29 yuan, CAGR is 51%.The company’s current consensus corresponds to 6.5, 4.3, 2.9 times 2019?Forecasted 深圳丝袜会所 P / E ratio in 2021 and 56% NAV discount forecast by 2019. Risk budget policies have been further tightened; the financing environment has been tightened beyond expectations; project carry-over speed and settlement profit margins are expected; cash repayment expenditures have been reduced; stock pledge risks; and the progress of China Minzhu’s reduction in holdings has fallen short of expectations

Zhongzhi Shares (600038) Semi-annual Report Comment: Harbin Branch Contributes Major Performance Increments, New Type Opens Significant Growth Space

Zhongzhi Shares (600038) Semi-annual Report Comment: Harbin Branch Contributes Major Performance Increments, New Type Opens Significant Growth Space

Event: The company released the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company realized operating income of 69.04 million yuan from January to June 2019, an increase of 28 over the same period last year.

75%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 241.2 million yuan, an increase of 35 over the same period last year.


  The Harbin branch contributed the main performance increase, and the new volume opened up more room for growth.

As reported in the baseline, the Harbin branch realized operating income.

840,000 yuan, an increase of 98 over the same period last year.

67%; profit totals 0.

660,000 yuan, an increase of 153 over the same period last year.


Benefiting from the delivery of newly-measured mass production, the revenue and profits of the Harbin branch achieved rapid growth, contributing a major performance increase to listed companies.

Due to the 10-ton medium-sized general-purpose helicopter plus the modification potential of other models, it can be used for army transportation, attacking the enemy, and also as a carrier-based helicopter., Reconnaissance, supply and other tasks, the application prospect is very broad.

We believe that the mass production delivery of the Chinese version of the “Black Eagle” has a gap in the 10-ton model pedigree, which is the main model of conventional general-purpose helicopters, which will open up more room for growth for the company.

  The aviation industry is in the ascendant, and the prospects for civilian helicopters are bright.

The company is the company with the highest technical level and the most comprehensive strength of civil helicopters in China. It has transformed into a series of AC311-AC312-AC352-AC313 product lines ranging from 2 ton to 4 ton to 7 ton to 13 ton.Light, medium and heavy multi-level civil helicopter R & D, test, production and service system.

  AC series products have repeatedly received orders in domestic and international markets, and nearly 1,000 helicopters have been delivered.

  At present, China has a small number of helicopters, few types, and low localization rates. Robinson, Bell, Sikorsky, Airbus in France and Agusta 杭州龙凤桑拿网 in Italy have more than 80% of the market share.

In the next 10 years, the fleet size of our national helicopters is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 15%, and the market prospects are very broad.

  Profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 6.

6.6 billion, 7.

810,000 yuan, 9.

07 thousand yuan, EPS is 1.

13 yuan, 1.

33 yuan, 1.

54 yuan, corresponding to PE is 42 times, 35 times, 31 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risk warning: The new budget mass production delivery schedule is less than expected; there is uncertainty in the reform of the military pricing mechanism.

Yoga for 10 minutes away from office syndrome

Yoga for 10 minutes away from office syndrome

For the usually shortened “sitting group”, only a comfortable chair, through a few sets of scientific and reasonable yoga movements, insist on 10 minutes a day, can help you alleviate the “office syndrome”.

  Deep abdominal breathing: sit straight on a chair with your eyes closed and your lips slightly closed. When you exhale, the abdomen is taken in and the breath is completely exhausted. When you inhale, the breath enters the abdomen and the abdomen is swollen.

  Best relaxation: Sit on the chair 1/3, straighten your back, put your hands on your knees, and relax your shoulders.

When exhaling, rotate the neck to the left and right in order to inhale. Then exhale and lower your chin to find the collarbone. Inhale and return to normal.

Exhale your left ear against your left shoulder and inhale back to right, exhale your right ear against your right shoulder and inhale back to right.

Breathe naturally for six seconds at each step.

Repeat ten groups.

  Shoulder and arm relaxation: sitting on the chair 1/3, straightening the back, inhaling the left hand from top to back bending, exhaling the right hand from the back to the bottom, the fingers behind the hands are interlocked, the limit extension can not reachYes, try to expand your chest and waist as much as possible, and keep breathing naturally for six seconds.

Do the exercises in the opposite direction.

Repeat ten groups.
  Waist-bend type: Sit on the chair 1/3, straighten your back, relax your shoulders, and put your feet together.

The inhaling arm is raised high above the head and the hands are folded together. With the big arm behind the ear, the exhaling arm drives the upper body to bend to the right. Here, you keep breathing naturally for six seconds, and the inhalation returns to normal.

Do the exercises in the opposite direction.
Repeat ten groups.
  Eye-pushing type: Sit on the chair 1/3, straighten the waist and do deep abdominal breathing.

Rub the palms of your hands back and forth in front of your chest, and press the palms of your warm hands against your eyes, turning the eyeballs three times to the left and right.

  Special reminder: Always practice abdominal breathing in practice.

Each step is preferably 2 minutes.

To stay up all night is still so beautiful!


To stay up all night is still so beautiful!

With the rapid development of the economy, the pressure is heavy and the work is numerous, it is a common phenomenon to stay up late and work overtime.

Don’t think that makeup alone can make you look energetic. Real beauty is real beauty.

Learn the following methods to make you beautiful from the inside out, staying up late is no longer an issue!


hzh {display: none; }  现代社会,少睡派不在少数.
The economic crisis, staying up late, working overtime, gathering with friends, and wandering online have created a large number of sleepless pie.

Don’t think that you are sleeping less. You can simply make yourself look radiant by applying makeup. The facial appearance after fat powder will affect your good impression.

  One of the less sleepy faces: the face is dull, and small spots are noticed throughout the body. The best sleep time from eleven to one point is missed. The skin cannot be smoothly metabolized. Old and dead keratin accumulates on the surface of the skin, and the skin is naturally dull.

Most people will find their cheekbones with spots under their eyes.

This is because the skin metabolism is slowed down and the pigmentation cannot be discharged in time.

If you are a video game player, the computer radiates, too strong light will also cause pigment generation.

  BiodorminTM plant dormant extract is extracted from the narcissus bulb of BiodorminTM plant dormant, which can effectively prolong the dormant period of skin cells, allow cells to grow and divide after obtaining more nutrients, and absorb more nutrients and reserve more energy for skin cellsLet you improve skin immunity from the source!

  Lancome Stereo Face Mask is a magical mask product with lifting and tightening effect, curling Lancome R.




Patented technology, once or twice a week, the skin gradually feels firm and energetic, deep skin cohesion Birou crystal moisturizing facial cleanser (100ml) mild and sensitive skin cleansing products, fine and soft foam, gentle cleansing dirt and excess sebumSkin is clean and comfortable from the inside out.

Water Sensitive Moisturizing Liquid Ingredients: Cleansing the face while helping to lock the skin’s natural moisture.

Ingredients of natural olive leaf cream: nourish every inch of skin from the inside out.

  Yaheya Brightening Whitening Night Cream prevents the reduction of diabetes and reduces the pigmentation of the skin. It also fully penetrates the whitening ingredients during sleep, creating a concentrated whitening night cream for “transparent and whitening” skin at night.

  The less sleep pie looks two: dark circles, the sign of “less sleep pie” almost no “less sleep pie” can avoid the problem of “panda eyes”, because sleep directly causes blood stasis in the veins around the eyes, showing bluegray.

It can be said that less sleep is the culprit of panda eyes.

  The way to cope 1: Correctly use eye mask gel. Essence type eye mask is generally used after eye cream. You can also add a little more amount to apply before bed.

Thick, nutritious eye masks are often used before eye creams.

  Coping Way 2: Doing Simple Eye Massage Exercises There is a set of the simplest and most effective eye massage exercises: rubbing with four fingers, putting it into the entire eyelid, pressing from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, and then placing the temple with the middle finger; every timeTo make a heavy press, lift it gently.

  SOFINA Water Mask Gel 30g / 270 yuan The last procedure of night maintenance, contains vitamin moisturizing granules. After massage to melt the granules, a mask is formed on the skin surface, and the moisturizing granules are tightly locked.

And add cuticle protective ingredients to moisturize the skin continuously overnight.

The skin becomes more moisturized and elastic after cleansing in the morning and morning.

  Orlevi Rejuvenating Night Cream is deeply nourished and repaired, and the essence of water infiltrates each cell.

Skin becomes moisturized and slippery during sleep.

  The less sleepy pie looks three: easy to edema, the face of melon seeds becomes bun face.

hzh {display: none; }  很多人熬夜后发现自己的脸“胖”了,虚搭搭地没有神采。This is because when you sleep less, your body’s metabolism slows down, and waste and water in the body can easily accumulate.

If you eat too much salt or drink too much water at night, edema is a “nightmare” that is difficult to escape.

  The way to cope 1: Put ice on the face, and raise the pillow against the “baozi face” after waking up. Big S once made a hard move. One is to drink black coffee immediately after getting up; the other is to soak the face in ice.Blocks of water.

In fact, the easiest way is to raise the pillows while sleeping to avoid the accumulation of moisture on the face or eyes.

  Coping Way 2: Exfoliate and massage. If you wake up in the morning and still swell, then use massage to help.
Massage your eye socket with your ring finger before bedtime to help lymph circulation.
In the morning, press the rotating bamboo on the brow, the clear between the eyes, the pupils and seats in the recesses of the eyes, press the breath, and inhale.

For the face, using your fingertips to press the breathing button short, from the earlobe to the nasal tip, the same is the exhalation button, inhalation and release, very simple but effective.

  Night eye cream that moisturizes dry and dull eye skin, leaving eyes shiny and transparent.

  Est Essence Rejuvenating Concentrate Firming Cream uses a new “elastic net strengthening theory”, which works from the inside of the skin through collagen firming essence to enhance the deep tenderness and elasticity of the skin, allowing you to re-radiate from the inside outOut of glory.

。   L’Oreal Paris New Creme Night Cream Every night, use the Creme New Creme Night Cream on the face and replace it, and repair it all night to make the skin elastic and rejuvenated.

  The fourth face of the less sleep pie: the face is as earthy as the makeup and the cheeks are hard to break, and the loose powder is not dare to use it.

The whole base makeup floats in brown, no matter how good the foundation is waiting, the tired face does not “eat” the makeup.

In addition, the complexion of the Sahara desert, unless a thick layer of powder, otherwise, no good brand cosmetics can not be covered.

  Way to cope 1: It is best to moisturize and wash your face with cold, warm water from the beginning of your face, so that the oil that has disappeared can be properly retained.

The basic skin care in the morning should always be “moisturizing”, and the foundation should also be moisturizing.

If the cheeks and the eyes are really dry, a mask or eye mask is the best first aid measure, and one piece can immediately increase the moisture content.

  Coping Way 2: 1: 1 Mixing of Lotion and Foundation Professional makeup artist taught us a trick to deal with “card powder”: Mix the lotion and foundation at a ratio of 1: 1, so that the humidity of the foundation is sufficient.

Use a slightly damp foundation brush to apply foundation cream over a large area, then push it away with your fingers.

  Impressive Beauty Vitality Firming Cream delivers the nourishing ingredients to the skin, creating a beautifully revitalizing cream.

A luxurious rejuvenating cream with linden tree essence, full and round to the touch.

Deliver rich nourishing ingredients to your skin during sleep, focus on skin care and create a vibrant impression.

  TCM experts say the fundamental solution: double the effect of sleep time maintenance!

.hzh {display: none; }  1、新陈代谢快   人体有自己的代谢行程表,当夜间11点-2点时,正是肌肤细胞修复新陈代谢最快的时期,也是预防老化的最佳时机。Apply nourishing anti-aging cream to the skin before going to bed, so that the ingredients “accelerated metabolism” effect will help you.

You can see the good race in the morning.

  2. Immunity becomes stronger. In “deep slow-wave sleep”, the body’s immunity is 10 times higher than when awake.

As we age, the body’s immune system functions gradually decrease.

This is why it seems that the older the skin, the more susceptible it is to allergies!

  3. Why do you pay more attention to the night maintenance than the morning?

This is because the sleeping environment is clean, without the interference of daytime dust and ultraviolet rays, coupled with the increase in skin temperature of the skin itself, the expansion of pores, and the opposite amount of oil output, which is a good time for nutrients to penetrate into the cells.

I usually feel a little greasy cream, you can move to the last step before going to bed, you can see the difference the next morning.

Men ‘s skincare remember not to “go astray” _1

Men’s skin care remember not to “go astray”

Guide: China’s beauty and cosmetics market is called “beautiful economy”. At present, male consumers are becoming more diverse in the types of skin care products they use. In addition to common facial cleansers, facial milks, creams and lotions, male consumers are also beginningUse skin care products such as toners, sun creams, nose patches, masks, and eye creams.
However, many male friends do not know how to care for skin care is the most reasonable, and some people will inevitably go astray.
Therefore, remember that men’s skin care should not go into a misunderstanding.
  According to surveys, many men actually don’t know much about skin care, so they often fall into six misunderstandings about skin care.
  一:每天用香皂就可以了  小张平时工作比较忙,对于护肤这块他觉得只要洗干净就行,每天出门前他一般用香皂随便洗洗就好,时间一长,他也发现了皮肤越来The tighter it gets, the more uncomfortable it is.
  Experts explain: Soap is not the best cleansing choice, because regular use of soap will affect the pH of the skin.
When the skin feels dry or tight, the sebaceous glands secrete a large amount of oil, which makes the facial oiliness worse.
  二:暗疮可以自生自灭或是可以用手挤掉的  周先生是天生的油性皮肤,脸上经常长东西,为了让自己看上去舒服些,每次都用手去挤弄,长时间下来,Large and small scars appeared on his face, and he realized that these things could not be resolved by hand.
  Experts explain: acne is caused by the accumulation of pores on dust and dead skin, which prevents sebum from being discharged normally, which causes the skin to be infected by bacteria. If you squeeze the acne with your hands or leave it alone, it will make the acne deeper and deeper, or evenLeaves uneven bumps.
Therefore, you can’t neglect to use facial scrub for basic cleansing.
  3: Diet and living have nothing to do with beauty. Mr. Tan is a Sichuanese and loves spicy food. Because he is busy with work, he starts to use smoking to relieve boredom, and often stays up late.
At the beginning, I didn’t feel any bad.
But a few months later, he found that his skin was getting worse and worse, much different from a few months ago.
The doctor told him that it was caused by a long period of poor diet and living.
  Experts explain: If you do not have good eating habits, often eat greasy, spicy, irritating food, and have a habit of smoking, then your face must look healthy and lack luster.
Therefore, you must develop good eating habits, eat more light food and fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more water, and smoke less, in order to effectively improve the skin.
  Four: The skin care products used by women can also be applied to men aged 20 years old. Chen began to find that people around him were buying skin care products such as facial cleansers. He felt that he should also do skin care in a timely manner.
But he didn’t know how to choose skin care products. Professionals told Xiao Chen: Men should choose skin care products that are suitable for them.
  Experts explain: Most men’s skin tends to be oily, but also lacks water.
And women’s skin care products are mostly moisturizing, and most women’s products are not suitable for men.
Therefore, men should choose more refreshing men’s skin care products.
  Five: Sun protection is only a topic that women care about. Few people in the men’s group talk about skin care. Everyone also thinks that this is just a topic for women. In fact, it is not as important as men’s skin care.
  Experts explain: Sun protection is not the same as being afraid of being tanned. The black hole that the ozone layer cracks is getting bigger and bigger, and the lethality to the skin is getting stronger and stronger.
Therefore, regardless of gender, sun protection should be something everyone cares about.
  六:用毛巾洗脸  李先生最近发现自己脸上的毛孔越来越明显了,他的朋友告诉他,那是因为他长时间使用的毛巾有问题,加上天气潮湿,细菌滋生,对皮肤伤害很Big.
So Mr. Li immediately changed the towel, and gradually, his skin condition began to improve.
  Experts explain: towel loops are tens to hundreds of times larger than pores. It is difficult to penetrate into the pores and remove the dirt and oil deep in the pores.
Prolonged wet towels are conducive to the growth of various microorganisms. Washing your face with a wet towel is the same as applying a variety of bacteria to your face. It is best to use a soft cleansing sponge and often dry it to sterilize.
  Message from the editor: Although men’s skin care does not need to be as delicate as every inch of skin like women, basic skin care common sense is still needed, especially when facing the computer, the radiation damage to the skin far exceeds our imagination.
Coupled with the usual inattention to diet and living habits, the harm to the skin is more serious.
Therefore, experts urge men to have skin care knowledge and do a “skin care project”.

How to care for fragrant shoulders


How to care for fragrant shoulders

Guide: how to care for fragrant shoulders, beauty experts have coups.

Experts say that the usual office life causes us to rarely wear off-the-shoulder clothes. It is precisely because of this that it is difficult for us to find problems on the top.

First of all, if the daily cleaning work is not in place, it is easy to block the pores on the shoulder skin, thicken the stratum corneum, and feel like sandpaper.

How to do.

So how to care for fragrant shoulders?

Cosmetologists say it’s very simple. What to do with your arms, just do it with your shoulders.


The first trick of shoulder care: beauty is born from the heart.

  How to care for shoulders, long-term mental stress and irregular daily life and other psychological and physiological problems all cause abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands. Therefore, in order to ensure the health of the skin inside the shoulders and the health of the entire body, you should adjust yourself.Working state, to ensure adequate sleep, so that happy mood blooms again.


Shoulder care second trick: clean and moisturize.

  How to care for fragrant shoulders, first of all, exfoliate.

When bathing, first use a cleansing product suitable for your skin to clean your whole body, then take natural washing products such as loofah, and use the exfoliating product to wipe in a circular manner on your shoulder.

Obviously, be gentle, especially to avoid irritating acne on your shoulders.

In addition, for OLs with long hair, as the oil on the hair or styling products are also likely to be the source of acne, it is best to avoid letting long hair contact the neck and tibia.

  The second step is to replenish the water.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin on your shoulders, apply body toner and moisturizing lotion to prevent moisture loss.

Avoid using excessively moisturizing care products in the summer, because these products have high oil content, which easily clogs pores and breeds acne.


The third measure of care: focus on care.

  The shoulder is where our sebaceous glands secrete too much.

Not only that, with age, the metabolism of the shoulder skin will gradually decrease, which can easily cause skin problems such as clogged pores.

In addition, in summer, people’s skin is more prone to oil and sweat, all blocked in the hair follicles, and acne will come out relentlessly.

In this case, it may be possible to use a deep cleansing film to remove dirt from the pores, so that you can apply some fruit juice like a mask.

In my experience, massaging the shoulders with cucumbers, tomatoes, or honey after replacement can make the skin on the shoulders smooth, tender and beautiful.

Message from the editor: In addition to the habitual problems mentioned above, beauty professionals also said that in daily life, they can also strengthen physical exercise, enhance the beauty of shoulder lines, and enhance the metabolism of the body and skin.



Persimmon was originally called Persimmon.

There are many types, including red persimmon, yellow persimmon, green persimmon, home grown and wild.

Raw, dried fruits for food.

Persimmon cake, persimmon cream, persimmon syrup, persimmon paint, etc. are all used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual flavor of persimmon, sweet, cold, astringent, non-toxic.

Persimmon: Gan, Ping.

Shidi: Astringent, flat.

Persimmon paint: astringent and cold.

  Ingredients contain sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc.).

Diospyros contains tricarbonyl acid (for ursolic acid, leucolipid acid, oleanolic acid, etc.).

Persimmon contains mannitol, glucose, and fructose.

Persimmon leaves contain a lot of vitamin C.

  The antihypertensive ingredients contained in pharmacological persimmon paint are not clear, but the antihypertensive substances extracted in persimmon liquid can significantly reduce blood pressure in rabbits, which may be related to the tannin-containing substance-Yabunao.

  Function of raw persimmon: clearing heat, hangover poison.

Persimmon: Moisturize the heart and lungs.

Shidi: Hey, eh.

Persimmon is an excellent antihypertensive hemostatic drug, which is most suitable for hypertension, hemorrhoid bleeding and constipation potential.

  [高血压,有中风倾向时]  生柿(一般用野柿)榨汁 (名”柿漆”),以牛乳或米汤调服,每服半杯,作急救用。  [痔出血,大便干结]  柿饼适量,加水煮烂当点心吃,一日2次。  [慢性支气管炎,干咳喉痛]  柿霜12-18克,温水化服,每日2次分服。  [呃忒,咳逆不止]  柿蒂3-s个,刀豆子15-18克,水煎服。  [避孕]  柿蒂42个,于瓦上焙燥,研末,每月行经前后各服1次,每次7个,连服3个周期。