How to overcome social fear?

How to overcome social fear?

Animal parasites are outward-facing, and social fear seems to be a substitute for some people.

Feeling imperfect, ridiculous, and funny in the eyes of others, and even pointing out the shame, despicableness, and morbidity in others ‘eyes, and treating others’ normal behaviors, voices, and expressions as disgust and contempt.

The true meaning of social life disappeared, and those who stood opposite him were unaware, but objectively became a mirror of the ego.

  It is an almost unsolvable psychological obstacle for a person to fall into tension with himself, and this conflict will provoke a strong neurotic conflict, accompanied by obvious tension, fear, blushing, sweating, and agitation (referring to extreme restlessness, nervousness)Status) and even escape.

How can you escape what you don’t like?

The internal pain, shame, self-denial, and even self-hate caused by social fear are startled by senior psychologists!

Sometimes, it seems that only the desire for death can calm down the anger of oneself.

  Culture, superego, or are you too good?

  When I enter people who face social fear, my heart is filled with awe of culture.

These people have a transcendent, perfect, and authoritative self in their hearts. It controls themselves with harsh “must”. There is a little imperfection in society, profound self-denial, derogation and blame.

Who produces such a powerful superego?

Nature is a culture that animals do not possess.

Culture stimulates people’s excessive pursuit of self-esteem, idealized self, and honor. As a result, it leads to a reverse, which suppresses and negates the neuroticism that oneself produces.

The shame of Eastern culture may be one of the important reasons for self-intervention, so there are many yellow people in social fear, and Japanese psychologists simply call it phobia.

  However, social fear has a deeper meaning. Generally smart, sensitive, and some neurotic people are prone to fall into such conflicts, and such people happen to be creative people.

Just as the colony needs only one queen bee, the natural elimination causes the bees that may become the queen bee to be eliminated early.

Neurotic conflict is a shortcut to self-destruction. Excellent people become mediocre and lose competitiveness through such torture.

So how you interpret social fear is important.

If you think your social fear is a disease, you get recovery, morbid behavior, and failure; if you read that I don’t love social, then you get time, knowledge, and inner peace.

Socialization takes oxidants. Philosophy, politics, literature, and scientifically accomplished people are mostly people who don’t like society.

  Allowing yourself for imperfect treatments for social fear is often not directed at the fear itself, but often at how to accept it and to avoid social behaviors.

I received such a case in an outpatient clinic when I was an intern in psychiatry at Medical University.

  Case: There is a 22-year-old girl whose problem is not dare to fall in love. Whenever someone wants to introduce her friends, she will faint in panic.

Dr. Xi Xi has diagnosed her as a social fear, because social fear began to happen only to a specific person, and then the fear generalized to many people.

At the time of psychotherapy, the girl was very fluent when she talked to the doctor about her problems. Later, the doctor pointed at me and said to the girl, “Okay, now you think of him as your boyfriend.”

“As soon as the voice fell, she suddenly became very nervous, her face turned red, her eyes buried, her voice trembled, and she seemed to die.

  The girl’s mother introduced her to an object, and next week she asked her to go to a meeting. She was afraid she would get sick, so she came to seek treatment.

The doctor said to the girl, “Don’t rush to talk to him about friends first. Go and meet him. Ask him for his name and age. Come back and tell me.

“At the follow-up visit, my mother said she was doing well this time and talked to the boy for more than half an hour.

The girl thought of the scene and said, “Because all I want to do is ask his name, not so much.

“Actually the doctor is doing progressive desensitization.

The doctor changed the meaning of the girl going to see her boyfriend. She used to see her boyfriend to get married, but now she asks the doctor what she wants to know.

By rebuilding the meaning of the blind date, the doctor shifted her internal concerns and eased her social fears.

  Admitting yourself frankly, acknowledging that you are not social, allowing yourself to be imperfect, and even willing to be a little different, annoying, is a cure for social fear.

Spring health care should first guard against wind

Spring health care should first guard against “wind”

About the author: Cheng Haiying, Director of the TCM Specialized Ward of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chief Physician.
  Good at treatment: traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  Visiting hours: Tuesday and Friday morning; Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
  Nowadays, the temperature fluctuates a lot, and the chill in winter seems to be “reluctant to let us go”, so the spring breeze at this time should be guarded a lot. Don’t rush to “satisfy the spring breeze”.
  As early as in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, there is a record that “Wind is the leader of all diseases”, which means that Feng Xie ranks first among various external causes of disease, and Feng Xie strikes people and gets sick most often.
  Because the wind is pervasive, both inside and outside can be spread.
At present, the temperature will still change greatly. During this time, the human body is most vulnerable to the attack of wind evils, which causes many diseases to occur frequently, frequently, and recur in spring, especially cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, allergic diseases and so on.
  Spring prevention of the “wind” suggests that you do the following health care: First of all, you must remember to comb your hair when you get up in the morning.
Note that both the middle and sides of the head should be combed from the forehead to the hair roots behind the neck.
The best time to comb your hair is in the morning, because in the morning, when the sun is rising, combing your hair can promote the clearing of the meridians and balance the function of the human body. It is not easy to feel dizzy when you go out to blow hair.
  Secondly, in the spring, the Yang Qi rises. People should stretch their bones and bones, clear the blood and blood, and strengthen their immunity and disease resistance. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and cervical and lumbar spondylosis should pay attention to local warmth, stick to feet with hot water, and heat treatment.Locally to increase blood circulation and resist the attack of wind evil.
People with allergies should remember to wear a mask when going out.
  If you have a headache or a mild cold after being blown by the wind, you can quickly massage Hegu, Sun and Fengchi points, which will help alleviate the symptoms. Cerebrovascular patients can also cooperate with rubbing and massaging the Yongquan and Taichong points of the feet.

Eat meat to maintain women’s youthful vitality

Eat meat to maintain women’s youthful vitality

Health guide: In order to maintain a slim body or smooth skin, many women often refuse meat and use vegetables and fruits to fill their hunger.

There are also some women who often skip meals because of the tight pace of life, and use cookies, snacks, and instant noodles to make up a meal.

  However, such an estimate cannot supply enough iron, and it is easy to feel tired.

Therefore, eating more traces of red meat of heme iron is very important to maintain women’s abundance.

  Anemia is one of the important causes of unexplained fatigue.

Even women with normal hemoglobin can easily feel very tired.

Red blood cells have a lifespan of about 120 days, so hemoglobin content does not reflect a recent indicator of whether the body is deficient in iron.

The ferritin content in the blood can better reflect the recent iron nutrition status, but more experts believe that the iron reserve in the red pyramid is the most sensitive iron nutrition indicator.

  Researchers believe that the human body may be very sensitive to the supply of iron. If the amount of iron is insufficient, the body’s anti-fatigue ability will begin to decline before hemoglobin decreases.

Therefore, women must pay special attention to their supply of precipitated iron.

  New research has found that after iron supplementation, women’s physical, emotional and concentration levels have improved.

An experiment in the United States confirmed that the fatigue level of women of childbearing age has significantly decreased after using high-speed rail replacement, and the quality of life has been effectively improved.

  Heme iron in meat and internal organs has a high absorption of iron and is most beneficial for iron supplementation.

Initially, the redder the meat, the more heme iron it contains.

Heart, liver, kidney and other viscera and animal blood contain the most abundant heme iron.

In some cases, iron absorption in plant foods has generally improved, and dairy products contain enough iron.

  For a normal young woman, eating 100 grams of red meat such as beef, lamb, lean pork, etc. every day is necessary to stay beneficial.

Chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, and other animal offal are also delicious low-fat iron supplements.

If you are concerned about the small number of meats, you may wish to work hard on the case, choosing steaming, cooking, roasting, braising, etc.

  Conversely, if men have too much iron, it will increase the incidence of cancer and diabetes, and reducing iron reserves by donating blood will help prevent heart disease.

Men who eat a lot of meat often can cause sufficient vigilance.

Ice towel!

Expert in solving skin problems

Ice towel!
Expert in solving skin problems

The oily forehead and thick pores make the skin no longer as smooth as jade; swollen eyes, bulging bags under the eyes make people suddenly listless; and the sun turned red, hot faces and a lot.

In fact, solving these skin problems is also very simple, an ice towel can play a good role.

  Dr. Ran Liwei, Department of Dermatology, Beijing West Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that when needed, the towels that can be washed and kept aligned can be wrapped in fresh-keeping bags and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.It’s cold.

The ice towel has a function of shrinking capillaries, reducing skin burning, headache and itching, alleviating irritation and allergic skin reactions.

Using ice towel with some materials for cold compress can combine to eliminate eye puffiness, shrink pores and relieve skin sunburn.

  Ice towel + tea bag.

Eyes are swollen easily in the morning due to poor rest at night.

At this time, the used tea bag can be wrapped with ice towel and applied to the eyes for about 10 minutes, which can help relieve eye puffiness.

Because the tannic acid contained in tea is a good astringent, the ice towel can shrink the capillaries around the eyes, help the skin around the eyes to swell, and tired eyes can quickly recover.

  Ice towel + lotion.

For people who have excessive secretion of oil and large pores, the first thing to do is to wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing products, then apply some astringent lotion, and then apply cold towels with ice towels.Makes skin feel very fresh.

  Ice towel + aloe.

After exposure to sunlight, the skin will become red and hot. At this time, cold compressing with an ice towel will calm the skin and reduce the irritation.

After covering your face with an ice towel, cut the fresh aloe into thin slices and paste it on a wooden board, which can better alleviate the damage of the sun to the skin.

Because aloe vera has a good nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

High blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and other diseases make the old man’s temper worse


High blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and other diseases make the old man’s temper worse

Core Tip: Do the elderly around you always lose your temper?

Be careful.

銆€銆€Increased blood sugar in diabetes causes disturbance of metabolic function in the body, which causes the absorption and metabolism of B vitamins, which leads to the deficiency of B vitamins in the body, which will affect the stability of the nervous system, and the phenomenon of temper and moodiness.

銆€銆€Hypertension Chinese medicine believes that high blood pressure is mostly caused by an irritable mood, emotional sorrow caused by liver yang, and liver fire.

Hypertensive patients due to excessive liver fire, sympathetic nervous, central nervous system disorders, etc., can cause temper and irritability.

銆€銆€Hyperthyroidism refers to a group of clinical syndromes caused by hyperplasia of thyroid tissue, hyperfunction, and excessive production and secretion of thyroid hormone. Patients with hyperthyroidism often have emotional excitement and temperament.

銆€銆€Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease that causes mental retardation such as memory, computational power, language and cognitive thinking.

In the early days, it often manifests as forgetfulness, embarrassment, suspicious suspicion, and the meta-alternative memory is obviously degraded, and there will be obvious personality and behavioral changes.

What are the benefits of pedicure to clear the meridian qi and blood pedicure?


What are the benefits of pedicure to clear the meridian qi and blood pedicure?

The benefits of pedicure: promote blood circulation, blood flow in the blood circulation system composed of heart and blood vessels, transport nutrients, and discharge waste.

Promoting blood circulation is critical to the health of the body.

Healthy people have a pair of feet, but have you ever thought about how much pressure your feet are subjected to?

Every step, a 68-kilogram person will withstand 260 inches of pressure on his foot.

On average, your feet will withstand 2.6 million monthly pressures every day.

This number is roughly equivalent to the pressure exerted by 40,000 people on your shoes.

The foot is farthest from the heart in the human body. If the circulation of the foot is blocked, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation, resulting in poor metabolism and decreased function of the whole body tissues and organs.

Perform a foot massage to restore smooth blood circulation to the feet, promote systemic blood circulation, accelerate body metabolism, and supplement nutrients to keep your body healthy and functioning properly.

The benefits of pedicure: regulating the nervous system The nervous system is the dominant regulatory mechanism in the body. The nerve tissue is distributed throughout the body and plays an extremely important role in controlling and regulating the body’s activities.

The important and complex physiological functions of nerve tissue are accomplished through reflex activities, and the basis for accomplishing this activity is neurons.

Foot reflexology is a health care method that takes people’s health awareness and is expanding.

As the “second heart” of the human body, the foot is the shade table of the human body, which can accurately reflect the health of the human body.

Therefore, through the foot treatment can achieve the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life.

The benefits of pedicure: dredge the meridians, blood and meridians have the effect of connecting the organs and limbs.

The internal organs of the human body, the limbs and the limbs, the five senses and the nine scorpions, the bones and muscles and other tissues and organs mainly rely on the communication of the meridian system to coordinate and unify the body.

How to lose weight according to the five elements of Chinese medicine


How to lose weight according to the five elements of Chinese medicine

You prefer to see Chinese medicine to lose weight, I love to eat health medicated diet, she loves spa aromatherapy, these popular slimming methods, look at each and every one, there is no intersection, and in fact, combine these methods,Starting from the behavior of Chinese medicine five, plus the nutrition philosophy of nutrition and aromatic massage, you can lose 2-3 kg in 6 weeks!

銆€銆€鈻燱hat is the new Express reporter Liang Yu’s five elements?

銆€銆€The five elements of Chinese medicine are gold, wood, water, fire, and soil. It is a circulatory mechanism of mutual grammar: wood affects the liver, fire on the heart, soil belongs to the spleen, gold tube lung, and water is the kidney, which is interlocking.

The attributes of human beings are not completely single. It may be that the water is biased or the wood is too hot.

銆€銆€The first step: Which kind of gold wood fire and soil is asked?

銆€銆€Since it is the five elements of Chinese medicine, the first step is of course the Chinese doctor’s hope, smell, question, and cut. After these four clinics, the doctor can judge which of the gold, wood, water, fire, and soil is your body.May have a neutral constitution, puffiness or lower extremity edema, and in turn the right medicine, designed a suitable prescription.

銆€銆€The second step: acupuncture and temperament, after the thin part of the body to determine the physical condition, then it is necessary to adjust the body.

The body can be adjusted through acupuncture, that is, according to the body of the slimmer, to find the points that need to be strengthened and stimulated to adjust, the fire will be reduced, and the qi will be qi.

In addition, local obesity can also strengthen local acupuncture to make local metabolism active.

銆€銆€The third step: medicated bath conditioning metabolism, symptomatic slimming According to different physique and body shape, different herbs can be used to make medicated bath bags.

The medium and wide body type needs a medicated bath bag made of medicinal materials such as schisandra, schizonepeta, forsythia, ephedra, hawthorn, rhubarb, etc., and a yummy bath bag made of anti-self, jaundice, atractylodes and other medicinal materials, lower extremity edema typeThe medicated bath bag made of aconite, medlar and white peony is used.

Bathing in the medicated bath promotes metabolism and, over time, achieves the goal of promoting slimming.

銆€銆€Step 4: Massage and relax the meridian According to the physical attributes of the slimmer, choose the essential oils of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and massage the massage points of the adjacent acupuncture points.

Since everyone does not specifically belong to certain attributes, it is possible to use a variety of essential oils for massage.

Massage massage is also very suitable for local slimming.

銆€銆€In the spa, oil is used for massage, but the masseurs rarely have a certain knowledge of Chinese medicine. There are professional Chinese medicine massagers in the Chinese medicine hospital, but they almost never choose aroma oil that is very comfortable to smell.

Choose a spa therapist or a Chinese medicine tutor, follow your preferences!

銆€銆€The fifth step: medicated diet to eat thin Chinese medicine conditioning is not only a Chinese medicine that can only eat bitter tears, the combination of Chinese herbal medicine and food, is now also used in many pharmacies, very popular.

It should be outstanding that these medicated diets should conform to the physical attributes in order to achieve the goal of slimming down.

Chiropractic treatment of diarrhea in children


Chiropractic treatment of diarrhea in children

Chinese medicine believes that: children with diarrhea is caused by spleen and stomach dysfunction or exogenous sensation, clinical can be divided into wounds and diarrhea, scare and diarrhea, wind and cold diarrhea, damp heat diarrhea and spleen diarrhea, children with autumn diarrhea with spleen diarrhea most common.

Pediatric diarrhea in addition to stool is not normal, there will be many plus card: such as fever, vomiting, thirst, runny nose, cough, abdominal pain, anorexia, face yellow, fatigue and so on.

銆€銆€For children with diarrhea, Chinese medicine is often treated with traditional Chinese medicine orally, plaster attached to the umbilical cord, diet therapy and massage and pinching.

Eating Chinese medicine requires the doctor to perform syndrome differentiation according to the symptoms and signs and the tongue coating pulse.

Plaster paste paste, there are some varieties on the market, can be used as appropriate.

Diet therapy for children with diarrhea, yam, raw glutinous rice, lotus seeds, etc. can be added to the rice to cook porridge, the rice in the porridge should be boiled, and the rice soup can also be given to children.

銆€銆€When using massage and pinching therapy to treat children’s autumn diarrhea, you can replace the spleen soil, the scorpion door, the foreign labor, the sputum in the sputum, the umbilical cord, the abdomen, the sacral spleen and other massage techniques.Push, lick, pinch, lift, press, wipe and other techniques, combined with other massage techniques and acupoints, to treat children with autumn diarrhea has a better effect.

銆€銆€Replenishing the spleen: the spleen hole is on the side edge of the thumb, the doctor uses the left hand to eat, the thumb pinches the child’s thumb, and uses the right finger to press the side edge of the thumb of the child to push straight toward the palm root.


銆€銆€Foreign workers: The foreign labor palace is in the middle of the palm of the hand of the child. The doctor uses the right index finger to the abdomen, and presses the foreign labor palace at the center of the palm of the hand.

銆€銆€Yunnao Gossip: The inner gossip is in the palm of the hand, with the palm as the center, from the center of the circle to the middle finger, about 2/3 of the horizontal stripes are made up of circles, and the inner gossip is a circle.

The doctor pinches the child’s finger with his left hand and uses the right thumb to make a circular motion in the palm of the child.

銆€銆€鎻?umbilical: the navel is the navel, the doctor uses the middle finger to the abdomen or the palm of the hand.

銆€銆€Abdominal abdomen: The abdomen refers to the abdomen of the child. The doctor uses the four-finger finger or the whole palm to place the abdomen in the abdomen of the child.

銆€銆€According to the foot of the three miles: Zusanli point in the knee three inches outside the inch, the doctor used the thumb or middle finger to press the button in the Zusanli.

銆€銆€Pinch: When pinching, the main method is to apply to the spine and humerus of the back of the child. The spine belongs to the Chinese medicine governor, the main body of the yang, the chiropractic can adjust the yin and yang, spleen and kidney.

During operation, the doctor used the index finger of both hands to lightly resist the long strong hole below the spine and push it up to the Dazhui cavity where the spine was inserted.

At the same time, the two hands of the thumb alternately press, pinch, lick, etc. on the spine, and pinch it six times.

In the fifth time, in the spleen, stomach Yu, Yu Yu do the pinching method.

After the end of six times, use your thumb to gently wipe the Shenshu point of the child three times.

Pinching therapy works best in the morning or morning.

銆€銆€In children with diarrhea, when diarrhea occurs, it is especially important to replenish the liquid. It can be drunk frequently with oral rehydration salts.

In normal times, care should be taken not to hurt the spleen and stomach. Try to avoid eating cold foods, not overeating, not eating too much food, increasing or decreasing clothing as the weather changes, preventing colds, etc.

Children should be allowed to participate in appropriate physical activities to enhance their physical fitness.

The phenomenon of psychological saturation of the elderly should not be ignored

The phenomenon of “psychological saturation” of the elderly should not be ignored

One day, I was sitting in the psychological clinic. I suddenly came to a 60-year-old man. When I sat down, I didn’t say a word. The weather-beaten face burst into tears and it took a few minutes to calm down.
From his whimper’s narrative, he learned that he was an old public security cadre, and both sons had established a family business. The old couple retired and spent their old age.
Three days ago, two sons and two daughter-in-law came to the old man’s house and immediately placed four laid-off certificates in front of the old man. They blamed the old man for not being assigned a good unit when they were in office. They are now laid off.What will I do in the future?
The old man’s psychology is very sad. The traditional concept of eating by the unit for a long time makes him unable to accept this fact. In these few days, he often feels headache and chest tightness. During the physical examination, he found that the heart beats faster and the blood pressure is higher.
After patient psychiatric treatment, the mood of the elderly has improved.
銆€銆€This psychological phenomenon of the elderly is called “psychological saturation” in the clinic, which means that the psychological endurance reaches the limit.
In life, this phenomenon can be seen everywhere and is a “unstable factor.”
It can bring great mental stress and psychological barriers to the elderly, such as: anxiety, fear, depression, insomnia, and even disease, such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease.
銆€銆€But “psychological saturation” is not an incurable disease. How can the elderly maintain mental health?
In this case, we must first have confidence in life. When our children are in a bad mood, we should give comfort and guidance, and discuss countermeasures. After analysis, we can’t solve it now and we don’t have to complain or be nervous. We should have the courage to change the environment.Create the world that suits you.
To reduce the psychological burden, you can also participate in some fitness exercises, explain your narrative with your friends and friends, and distract your nervousness. This will reduce the mental stress that 鈥減sychological saturation鈥?brings to the elderly.
If you have a mental illness, you can also consult a psychiatrist. After patience and counseling by the psychiatrist, and the cooperation between the family and the society, the physical and mental health of the elderly will definitely return to health.