Guangzhou Golden Pearl Yoga: Liu Fang

Guangzhou Golden Pearl Yoga: Liu Fang

Senior coach Liu Fang: Seven years of military frontline yoga instructor, member of Asia Pacific Yoga Education Association.

He was employed by Hong Kong Golden Pearl Yoga (International) Development Co., Ltd. as a senior coach of Golden Pearl Yoga Academy in China, and has extensive experience in frontline teaching and club operation guidance.

  Liu Fang, senior coach of the Asia Pacific Yoga Education Association’s China Mentor Training Institute, has been engaged in the guidance of Golden Pearl Yoga in the establishment of affiliated stores nationwide. He has rich first-line teaching experience and can tailor the best exercises according to the physical condition of the clientThe project has guided the successful opening and operation of the National Federation of Golden Pearl Yoga Clubs, and can well implement the club’s business plan and promotion plan according to market conditions.

In the national popularization and promotion activities of yoga body culture and sports, he has actively exerted his function and became one of the favorite yoga instructors in various places.

Four Basic Principles for Rice_1

“Four Basic Principles” for Rice

Many surveys at home and abroad have found that the total amount of food consumed is inversely proportional to the risk of chronic disease; however, a survey in Hong Kong found that the amount of white rice eaten is positively related to the risk of diabetes.
Similar findings were found in some US investigations.
Obviously, if you can’t eat rice wisely, you may cause yourself trouble.
  On the one hand, try not to add fat to the rice, so as not to add extra energy, and to avoid increasing blood lipids after a meal.
Therefore, it is best to eat less fried rice, add sausage to cook rice, or use rice containing fat to cook rice, which should also be avoided as much as possible.
On the other hand, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to rice, to avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it will not control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular accidents.
  What needs to be explained here is that adding vinegar, wrapping with laver, adding vegetables and raw fish in the middle is in line with the principle of lightness.
Vinegar itself can reduce blood sugar response and help control blood lipids; seaweed and raw fish are also cardiovascular beneficial ingredients.
Therefore, as long as you have not eaten salty dishes at the same time, laver rice rolls are a staple food suitable for chronic patients.
  健康米食一日推荐:   早餐:黄瓜三文鱼紫菜饭卷4个,牛奶1杯,柑桔2个   午餐:燕麦黑米白米饭,木耳炒黄豆芽,清蒸鱼,紫菜番茄鸡蛋汤   晚餐:自制杂豆八宝粥(无糖),芝麻酱拌菠菜,香菇炒豆腐,青椒炒胡萝卜丝   第二大原则——尽量让米“粗”   所谓粗,就是尽量减少精白米饭,也要少吃糯米食品。Their blood glucose response is too high, which is very detrimental to the control of blood glucose and blood lipids.
Only eating enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time can adsorb cholesterol and fat in the intestine, and play a role in reducing blood sugar and blood lipids after meals.
This can also make people eat slower and eat less, which is good for weight control.
In fact, most chronic patients are of the type with excess fat, and weight control is the first priority of diet adjustment measures.
  Some rice with particularly high nutritional and health value, such as brown rice, black rice, and germ rice, etc., have a relatively “crude” taste.
Although “coarse” is good for health, eating 100% brown rice every day makes me feel uncomfortable and difficult to maintain for a long time.
Therefore, when cooking rice, it is better to use some “coarse” grains such as brown rice, barley, and oats to “cooperate” with rice, and the taste will be more acceptable.
It is best to soak the “crude” ingredients in the water overnight so that they will mature at the same time as the rice.
  Special tips: Rice selection requirements for chronic patients Whether it is diabetic, hyperlipidemia patients, hypertension patients, fatty liver patients, etc., should not eat too much refined white rice as a staple food.
Diabetics require a staple food with a slower rise in blood glucose and a lower blood sugar load; Hypertensive patients require a staple food with as little saltiness as possible; Fatty liver patients require a dietary fiber-rich staple food; Hyperlipidemia patients require a choice to help reduceStaple food for blood lipids.
  The third principle-try to make the rice “disorderly”. When cooking rice porridge, it is best not to use a single rice, but rice, coarse grains, beans, nuts and so on.
For example, red bean rice, peanut oatmeal rice porridge, etc., are rice foods that are very suitable for chronic patients.
Adding these food materials, on the one hand, increases the B vitamins and minerals, and on the other hand, it can also play a role of protein and nutritional complementation, which can reduce animal foods while ensuring adequate nutritional supply.
  Of course, what’s more important is that this can effectively reduce the blood sugar response and control the rise in blood lipids.
Among them, the combination of beans and rice is the most ideal, because beans are rich in dietary fiber, the starch digestion speed is very slow, and some ingredients that delay starch to glucose, such as tannin and phytic acid, are the best for preventing chronic diseaseseffective.
  The fourth principle-try to make the rice “color”. Although white rice is crystal clear and lovely, it also means that it does not contain antioxidants and has low vitamin content.
If you choose colored rice and combine it with other foods to make the rice colorful, you can greatly improve its nutritional value.
For example, the addition of green peas, orange carrots, and yellow corn kernels when cooking is very beautiful, and it also provides vitamins and carotenoid antioxidants, which is particularly beneficial to prevent eye aging; for example,Choosing purple rice, black rice, red rice and white rice together can also provide a large number of anthocyanin antioxidants to help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  In short, because rice is a food that is eaten in large quantities every day, its nutritional and health care value is extremely close to everyone’s health.
If you think of these healthy principles of eating rice every day, you can accumulate it over time, and you can play a role in preventing disease and anti-aging, which is extremely beneficial to chronic patients.

What is the effect of the massage Baihui acupoint?

What is the effect of the massage Baihui acupoint?

First: waking up the brain and opening the Baihui point on our brain, and the bladder is also to meet at Baihui.

Therefore, it is also recorded in the famous Chinese medicine classics of hypertension. Baihui acupoint is an important part of regulating brain function. Therefore, regular massage of Baihui acupoint has the function of refreshing and refreshing, and it has a very good effect on stroke and meningitis.Good therapeutic effect.

For the massage treatment of Baihui Point, there was a detailed record in the previous Warring States Period. The first one was the famous Bianque.

Modern medical research has found that moxibustion above the Baihui point can accelerate the blood flow of the arteries in the brain, which leads to an increase in cerebral blood flow and a good promotion of brain health.

In addition, if acupuncture is performed on Baihui points, it can improve the amount of bleeding in acute cerebral hemorrhage, effectively promote nerve function and restore limb health.

Second: Anshen puzzle in the Chinese medicine is the brain’s physiological and pathological diseases are attributed to the five internal organs, and Baihui points through a variety of points, so Baihui and back Yu points and the internal organs of the five internal organsIt belongs to the same.

Therefore, the frequent massage of Baihui points has the effect of appeasing the internal organs, calming the mind, refreshing the mind and the puzzle, and has a therapeutic effect on insomnia, dreams and forgetfulness.

Clinical trials have found that acupuncture at the Baihui point can improve the problem of senile dementia and vascular dementia, and the patient’s mental decline is obviously improved, such as apathy, slow response, and misunderstanding.Drowsiness and forgetfulness and so on.

Acupuncture on this acupoint can effectively expand the blood vessels inside the brain, and improve the blood vessel elasticity of the brain, so that the blood pressure is better reduced, so that the blood flow will increase and the blood circulation will accelerate.The brain reaction will naturally speed up.

Third: air conduction and pain relief If the body has a headache, then massage Baihui points can be a good relief of physical discomfort.

Because Baihui acupoints and many acupuncture points in the body are connected, the position of massage has a good effect of diverting the gas, so that the meridians are dredged, and naturally it has an analgesic effect, especially for those due to meridian blockage.The resulting headache is more effective.

In addition, if you are acupuncture at Baihui, you must pay attention to the direction of acupuncture.

Under normal circumstances, we all take the side of acupuncture patients with more serious problems, and at the same time with a variety of dialectical methods, this will get better results.

Fourth: Pinggan Xifeng Chinese medicine believes that the human body is divided into two parts, the upper part is positive, while the lower part is reverse, and the wind is active, so it is easy to invade yang, which is why the headThe Department is prone to the cause of wind disease.

The Baihui point is located at the highest position of the human body, so the possibility of wind disease is higher.

Baihui Acupuncture and the Acupoints of Sanjiaojing, so it has a good effect of calming the liver and yang. It has a good therapeutic effect on various wind-related diseases. It is common with hypertension and cervical spondylosis., Parkinson and other diseases, the treatment effect is very good.

Long cough?

Please 40
cough diet remedies

Long cough?
Please 40 cough diet remedies

When you have a cold, often after you have a fever, many people are even coughed for a short time.

For cough, there are many “remedies” for food therapy in the folk. We have collected the most complete cough and food treatment methods for you in history, so that you will not be prevented from trying to see these “remedies” when you have a long cough.

However, it is reminded that diet therapy can only be used as an adjuvant therapy, and you must first perform distance medication under the guidance of a doctor.


Radish, spring onion and white to cure cold and cold cough: 1 radish, 6 spring onions, 15
grams of ginger, cook the radish in three bowls of water, then put the spring onion, ginger, and cook into a bowl of soup.

  Application: Xuanfeijie table, Huatan cough.

Cough, cold, cough, frothy sputum, chills, fatigue and soreness.


Brown sugar, ginger and jujube soup to treat cold and cough: 30 grams of brown sugar, 15 grams of fresh ginger, 30 grams of red dates.

Use three bowls of water to fry over half, and then take it, and it will heal after a little sweat.

  Application: Dispel wind and dispel cold.

Cure cold, tingling of cold stomach, postpartum cold diarrhea, Yin and so on.


Xiangtangping cough practice: 30 grams of coriander (cilantro), 30 grams of sugar, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the rice first and add water to make the soup.

Take three tablespoons of rice soup and coriander, stir the sugar for 10 minutes, and take it once while hot, taking care to avoid wind and cold.

  Application: Sweating through the table to cure cough caused by colds.


White radish honey cures cold and cough: 1 large white radish, 30 grams of honey, 5 white peppers, and 2 grams of ephedra.

Wash the radishes, slice them, put them in a bowl, pour in honey and white pepper, ephedra, etc., and steam them for half an hour.

  Application: Sweating and dispersing cold, relieving cough and phlegm, and treating cold and cough.


Steamed Fritillary Turtle Nourishing Yin and Reinforcing Lungs: 5 g of Sichuan Fritillaria, 1 soft-shelled turtle (about 500 g), 1 kg of chicken broth, green onion, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, and salt.

Slaughter turtles, remove heads and internal organs, and cut into pieces for later use.

Put the soft-shelled turtle into the steaming bowl, add fritillary, salt, cooking wine, pepper, spring onion, ginger, and steam for 1 hour.

Take while hot.

  Application: nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing lungs and relieving cough, and reducing fever.

Treatment of Yin deficiency cough, low fever, night sweats, etc.


Fresh pear fritillaria treatment of cough and lungs: 500 grams of fresh pears, 6 grams of fritillary, 30 grams of sugar.

Peel and peel the pears, pit them, fill in the powdered fritillary and sugar, put them together and steam them in a bowl.

Eat morning and evening.

  Application: clearing heat and resolving phlegm

It can be used to treat cough or dysentery, and the symptoms include chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth, dry throat, yellow sputum, pus, bloody sputum, etc.


Rock sugar bird’s nest porridge to cure lung deficiency and long cough: 10 grams of bird’s nest, 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of rock sugar, etc. After the rice has been washed, put it in a pot, add three large bowls of water, boil over high heat, and cook with gentle heat.
Put the pure bird’s nest in the pot and boil it with rice for about 1 hour. Add sugar to dissolve.
  Application: nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, treating chronic lung deficiency and cough and asthma.


Swallow’s Nest Pear Big Yang Yang Yin method: 5 grams of bird’s nest (water immersion), 2 white pears, 10 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong, 5 grams of rock sugar.

The white pear is cut out of the core, and the other three flavors are placed inside the pear.

  Application: nourishing yin, moistening dryness, relieving cough and phlegm.

Treatment of phlegm and cough for many years, shortness of breath and fatigue.


Radish pepper cough and expectorant method: 1 turnip, 5 white pepper, 3 ginger, 1 peel.

Add water for 30 minutes and drink soup 2 times a day.

  Application: Relieve phlegm, relieve cough and sputum.


Soy beans are soaked in grated sauce and boiled with rock sugar.

Drink 1 bowl on an empty stomach every morning.

  Application: spleen and wide, moisturize and dry water; clear lungs and cough, and reduce phlegm.

Treatment of emaciated emaciation, lung cough, etc.


Tofu sugar cough, phlegm and asthma practice: 500 grams of tofu, 100 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of white sugar.

Dig a hole in the tofu, separate the red and white sugar, and boil for 30 minutes in a bowl.

Finished once and served 4 times.

  Application: Qingre, Shengjin, moistening, cure cough, breathing asthma.


Corn crust and orange peel for coughing practices: corn beard, orange peel each amount, add water to fry, take 2 times a day.

  Application: Cough and phlegm.

Cough and cold, phlegm.


Radish pig lung antitussive soup method: 1 turnip, 1 pig lung, 15 grams of almonds.

Add water for 1 hour and eat meat and soup.

  Application: clearing heat and resolving phlegm, relieving cough and relieving asthma, resolving cough for a long time, phlegm and shortness of breath


Tangshui red eggs tonic deficiency cough practice: 50 grams of sugar, 1 egg, fresh ginger amount.

First beat the eggs into a bowl and stir well.

Add half a bowl of white sugar and boil, stir the eggs while hot, stir, then pour the ginger juice that has been taken out and mix thoroughly.

Served once daily in the morning and evening.

  Application: tonication, cure cough for a long time.

Sesame rock sugar water for night cough practices: 15 grams of raw sesame, 10 grams of rock sugar.

Put sesame and rock sugar in a bowl, and drink with water.

  Application: lungs, Shengjin.

Zhiye had more than depression and had no cough and phlegm.
Note: 1 sesame seed, 50 grams of ginger, a total of smashed sauce, also has the above effects.


Fried clams with sesame oil for long-term cough: 60 grams of sheep liver, 30 grams of sesame oil, salted out.

Slice the goat liver, add sesame oil to the pan to 80% heat, stir-fry the goat liver and salt to serve.
  Application: Runfei cough, cure long cough.


Steamed pear honey cures long coughs: 1 pear, 50 grams of honey.

First remove the core of the pear, fill in the honey, and heat and steam.

Eat 1 morning and evening each day for several days.

  Application: Shengjin Runzao, cough and phlegm.

Treatment of yin deficiency, lung dryness, long cough, hot hands and feet.

  18 years old

Bird’s nest Tremella treatment of dry cough and night sweats: 10 grams of bird’s nest, 15 grams of white fungus, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Pass the bird’s nest once with clear water, soak it in hot water for 3-4 hours, then remove the fluff, and soak in the hot water for 1 hour.

Put into a bird’s nest, tremella, rock sugar, stew in water, and serve in a porcelain pot or lid.

  Application: Tonic deficiency, nourishing the lung and yin, retreating deficiency of heat, treating dry cough, night sweats, or deficiency of the lung and yin.


Candied pork with yam for treating lung deficiency and long-lasting cough: 1000 g of yam, 10 candied dates, 100 g of diced oil, 350 g of sugar, osmanthus juice, wet starch, and a small amount of cooked lard.

  (1) Wash the yam, put it in the pot, add water to submerge the yam, and cook with high heat.

When the yam is bad, remove it, peel it, cut it into a 6 cm long and 3 cm wide panel with a knife, and pat it flat.

Candied dates are halved and ready for use.

  (2) Absorb the cooked lard in the soup bowl, line the candied dates with a layer of yam, sandwich a layer of sugar, and diced butter, layer by layer to the mouth of the bowl, sprinkle the sugar, and fasten the cover plate.

Steamed in the basket for about 1 hour, then removed and turned over into the dish.

  (3) Heat the wok, filter the soup in the dish, put 100 grams of water, 150 grams of sugar and boiled osmanthus juice, boil with water starch, and pour it on the yam to serve.

  Application: tonify the kidneys and lungs, cure the lungs for a long time, cough, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, fatigue and tiredness, weak limbs.

Long food tonic kidney.


Pork and almond soup for sore throat and cough: 50 grams of lean pork, 10 grams of almonds, and 15 grams of North American ginseng.

A total of decoctions are taken 2 times a day.

  Application: clearing the lungs, resolving phlegm, regenerating jin, treating cough, reducing phlegm, thirst, dry throat, itching and so on.

  twenty one

Peanut Jujube Decoction for cough and phlegm: 30 grams each of peanut rice, jujube and honey.

Fried with water, rotten, drink soup, take 2 daily.

  Application: Cough and phlegm.

  twenty two

Peanut rice, ginkgo, lily, and North American ginseng each 25
grams, the right amount of rock sugar.

Decoction and add juice, 1 dose daily.

  Application: moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm, cure phlegm for a long time, shortness of breath and dry throat.

  twenty three.

Lily Sydney Soup nourish yin and lungs: 25 grams of lily, 1 large Sydney, 20 grams of rock sugar.
Soak the lily overnight with fresh water, pour the lily together with fresh water into the casserole the next day, add half a bowl of more water, and cook for 1.5 hours. When the lily is rotten, add peeled and sliced Sydney and rock sugar,Serve for 30 minutes.

  Application: nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, rests and relieves cough.

Consumption of those who suffer from lung deficiency and long-term cough can also benefit lung and stomach.

  twenty four

Tremella Duck Egg Soup Nourishing Yin and Clearing Lungs: Tremella 15, 25 grams of rock sugar, 1 duck egg.

Tremella and rock sugar are co-boiled. Duck eggs are boiled in water and taken twice daily.

Nourish the yin and clear the lungs, quench thirst and promote fluids.

  Application: Treatment of yin deficiency, lung dryness, cough, phlegm, dry throat and thirst.

Luo Han Guo Persimmon Soup Qingfei Lung Heat Practice: Luo Han Guo half, persimmon 3, rock sugar 30 grams.

Add two and a half bowls of water to a total of one and a half bowls, add rock sugar, remove the residue, and drink 3 times a day.
  Application: clearing lung heat, removing phlegm and relieving cough.

Treatment of pertussis and phlegm fire cough in children.


Fig rock sugar water treatment of lung fever cough: 30 grams of fig rock sugar, the right amount of rock sugar.

Wash the figs, cook with water and rock sugar.

Once a day, even for 3-5 days can be effective.

  Application: Expelling phlegm, nourishing lungs and cough, detoxifying and intestines.

Cough for lung fever, hoarseness, dry throat, mouth pain, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.


Sugarcane juice for lung deficiency fever and cough: half a cup of sugarcane juice, radish juice, 100 grams of wild lily.

Boil the lily first, then add the two juices.

Take before bedtime, once a day.

  Application: Runfei cough, Shengjin Runzao, Ningxin soothe the nerves, cure deficiency heat cough, the most suitable for weak people after tracheitis.


Milk soup pot fish cough and swelling method: 1 live carp, ham slices, magnolia slices, shiitake mushroom slices, green onions, ginger, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, “soup soup of chicken, duck elbow and bone stew” each amount.
Remove the scales from the carp, remove the internal organs, rinse them, cut them into the shape of a tile, take the oil frying spoon upside down a few times with the onion and ginger, add the cooking wine, salt and other spices.

Then add the “milk soup”, add the appropriate amount of ham slices, magnolia slices, shiitake mushroom slices, etc., and simmer in the hot pot for about 3 minutes and serve.

After serving, burn the white wine under the pot and serve with ginger and vinegar.

  Application: Cough, swelling, nourishing and strengthening, and sometimes coughing, asthma, and chest fullness.


Long-lasting peanut rice cough and phlegm practice: fried or cooked peanut rice.

Eat daily, uninterrupted, and replace after healing.

  Application: lungs and phlegm.

Treatment of elderly chronic bronchitis.

Note: Do not eat for people with virtual fire and fever.

  30 years old

Buckwheat noodles with egg cough for restless coughing methods: appropriate amount of buckwheat noodles and egg whites. Use egg whites and buckwheat noodles to form a ball.

  Application: Clear heat and breathe.

Use to cure chest fullness and bloating, coughing uneasy.

Lily honey treatment of lung heat and cough: 200 grams of new lily, honey amount.

Steamed with honey lilies, 1 tablet at a time, swallowed.

  Application: Qingfei Ningshen.

It can be used to cure lung fever and cough.


Qiuli cream cough relieving phlegm: 20 Qiuli pears, 1000 grams of red dates, 1500 grams of fresh lotus root, 300 grams of fresh ginger, 400 grams of rock sugar, moderate amount of honey.

   Application: Pear, jujube, coriander and ginger are smashed for juice, heated and boiled, melted with sugar, and then harvested with honey.

Can be taken at will sooner or later.

Clearing lungs and lowering fire, relieving cough and phlegm, moistening dysfunction, eliminating irritations and quenching thirst, dissipating alcohol poisoning, recuperating and recuperating, treating cough due to deficiency of labor, dry mouth and loss, thirst due to deficiency, and alcoholism.


Bird’s Nest Ginseng Decoction and Yifei Antitussive Method: 5 grams of bird’s nest and 5 grams of American ginseng.

First soak the bird’s nest with water, remove the feathers, wash it, and dry it with water.
Put it in a candle cup with American ginseng, pour 80% full water, cover, and simmer for 3 hours.


  Application: nourishing yin, moistening dryness, reducing fire and invigorating qi, treating dry cough, hemoptysis, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. caused by deficiency of lung and stomach yin, which is more suitable for patients with cardiovascular disease cough and asthma


Sugar overflow orange peel cough and phlegm practices: orange peel, sugar each amount.

Appropriate amount of fresh orange peel or soft dried orange peel, washed, cut into silk, put in an aluminum pan, add about half the weight of barrel skin sugar, add water to the barrel skin degree, boil over high heat, then use low heatCook until the remaining liquid is dry.

Put the orange peel in a plate, wait for it to cool, and then retreat to about half the weight of the bucket of white sugar, mix well and serve.

  Application: moisturizing the lungs, dryness, phlegm, Shengjin, cough and phlegm.

  35 years old

Candied pomelo meat asthma and phlegm measures: 500 grams of fresh grapefruit, 250 grams of honey, appropriate amount of white wine, pit the grapefruit meat, cut into pieces, put in a bottle, pour white wine, and seal tightly.

Then pour it into an aluminum pan and cook until the remaining liquid is dry. Add honey, mix well and serve.

  Application: Runfei, cough, phlegm, cure cough, phlegm or elderly cough.


Candied Shuangren Bushen Yifei practices: 250 grams of sweet almonds, 250 grams of walnut kernels, 500 grams of honey.

First fry the sweet almonds until they are yellow (do not burn), put them in an aluminum pan and boil for 1 hour, then place the walnuts. When the juice is collected, add honey to the pan, mix well, and then boil.Take 2 times a day.
  Application: Runfei and kidney, often eaten, can cure chronic lung and kidney deficiency, long asthma.


Lard honey cream tonic deficiency lungs: 100 grams of lard, 100 grams of honey.

The above two flavors are respectively boiled over low heat to boil, cease to heat and air, and mix and mix thoroughly.

1 tablespoon each time, 2 times daily.

  Application: Runfei cough, tonic, cure cough of lung dryness.


Broad bean flower rock sugar solution for hemoptysis: 9 grams of broad bean flower, the amount of rock sugar, add water to fry, take 2 or 3 times a day.

  Application: It has astringent effect and treats hemoptysis.


Amaranth white radish juice is used to treat hemoptysis: amaranth (also known as water spinach) with 2 roots, 1 white radish, and honey.

Wash amaranth and white radish, and smash a cup of ground juice.
Serve with honey.

  Application: For treating hemoptysis caused by pulmonary fever.

Mustard ginger soup expectorant cough: 80 grams of fresh mustard, 10 grams of fresh ginger, seasoned with salt.

Wash the mustard and cut into small pieces. Ginger slices, add four bowls of water to fry, and season with salt.

Take 2 times a day for 3 consecutive days.

  Application: Xuanfei cough, dredge wind and cold.

Cough, cold, cough, headache, nasal congestion, sore limbs.

Sleep less or longer can lead to reduced lifespan

Sleep less or longer can lead to reduced lifespan

Sleep length, less sleep or reduced life expectancy Less sleep or fatality Professor Francisco Capco, the leader of the “Sleep, Health and Society” project at the University of Warwick, UK, and colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine University of Federico II in Italy studied 16Xiang Yuan survey found the above impurities.

These surveys come from Europe, the United States, East Asia and other places, and the follow-up surveys last up to 25 years, involving a total of 1.5 million people.

  Findings show that lack of sleep is directly related to premature death.

For example, if all citizens over 16 years of age in the UK were not getting enough sleep, 6.3 million people would die as a result.

“The 5 hours of sleep a night is not enough for most people,” the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said on the 4th, citing Professor Jim Horne of the Loughborough Sleep Research Centre in the United Kingdom.

Insufficient sleep makes people doze, increasing the risk of driving and operating dangerous machines.

“Symptoms of sleeping more are less likely to lead to premature death, so is it beneficial to sleep more?”

  Investigations have shown that too much sleep is a sign of a loss of health, and that too much sleep may be a sign of latent serious illness in the body.

Horne believes that sleep reflects not only the quality of sleep itself, but also health issues.

“Sleep is an indicator of a person’s physical and mental health and is affected by emotions such as many illnesses and despair.

Capucho expressed a similar view: “Less sleep may cause the body to deteriorate, and more sleep is a manifestation that the body has deteriorated.

“Beware that sleep apnea is closely related to the length of sleep, and the public is distorted.

Sleep apnea is another “killer” that threatens people’s lives.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States published a report in the journal “Science and Public Library Medicine” in 2009. They reported that 6400 patients between the ages of 40 and 70 are closely related to sleep, sleep and breathing and no sleep breathingA survey of over 8 years of normal people found that the mortality rate of patients with severe sleep apnea is 46% higher than the average death rate.

Among them, the mortality rate of men with sleep respiration between the ages of 40 and 70 is the highest, which is twice that of healthy peers.

Preventing high blood pressure in spring can eat some food


Preventing high blood pressure in spring can eat some food

Honey: Honey contains traces of bee venom, which is used clinically as an allergic disease such as bronchial respiration.

Honey also contains certain pollen grains. Drinking honey can produce certain resistance to pollen allergy.

Therefore, insisting on drinking honey can keep away from symptoms such as colds and asthma.

Yam: The most characteristic of yam is into the lungs, spleen, and kidney. The main site of action is in the kidney.

Yam is a flat supplement in the lung, through the spleen can be able to transport the spleen and stomach, improve the efficacy of phlegm and phlegm.

In patients with acute diseases, yam can be eaten in spring to alleviate the onset of chronic diseases.

Jujube: The study found that red dates contain a lot of anti-allergic substances, which can prevent allergic reactions.

People with allergic constitution can often decoct with water or raw red dates, 10 grams each time, 3 times a day.

Therefore, regular consumption of red dates has a good effect on preventing the onset of acute diseases.

Carrots: Carotene in carrots can also regulate the balance of cells while supplementing a large amount of vitamins in the body, which can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as pollen allergy and allergic dermatitis.

Glutinous rice: Hypertensive patients are mainly caused by excessive moisture in the body, and the biggest effect of glutinous rice is dampness.

Therefore, the consumption of glutinous rice can eliminate the moisture in the human body and eliminate the suffocation of the human body to achieve the purpose of relieving high blood pressure.

Flammulina velutipes: Flammulina velutipes contains a protein that can inhibit allergic reactions such as induction, rhinitis and eczema.

Therefore, regular consumption of Flammulina velutipes is good for detoxification and beauty, and enhances the vitality of the body.

鑺?鑺? 鑺?can play the role of spleen and stomach, phlegm and phlegm.

Surgical patients are mainly due to the birth and death of the body due to too much moisture in the body, so tamping can achieve the prevention of surgery.

Because pollen, solid particles in the air, etc. are also the source of dialysis.

Therefore, patients with hypertension should reasonably arrange their outing time to avoid excessive contact with the outside world.

Eliminating some potential sources can reduce the chance of recovery.

The liver is not easy to be old, it is a natural detoxification king, eat every day, repair and destroy liver cells


The liver is not easy to be old, it is a natural detoxification king, eat every day, repair and destroy liver cells

The liver can convert the sugar in the human body into vitamins and minerals to provide energy for the human body. In addition, the liver also has the effect of detoxification and detoxification to provide health for the human body.

As one of the five internal organs, the liver can also perform the function of blood and hematopoiesis, thereby ensuring the residual blood of the human body and the normal delivery of blood.

People with bad liver may have toxins to be discharged from the skin, which may cause damage to the body and may accelerate the body’s aging, which is not conducive to health.

In normal times, we can eat these kinds of foods. They are known as 鈥渘atural detoxification kings鈥? They eat a little every day and can repair liver cells and help the liver to eliminate toxins.

1, bitter gourd: often eat bitter gourd can help the kidneys toxins, this is because bitter gourd is rich in bitter melon, this substance acts on the human body, can metabolize toxins in the body, thereby reducing the burden on the liver.

Eat more bitter gourd can even detoxify and detoxify, but also prevent constipation and promote digestion in the stomach.

People with poor liver can eat bitter gourd and can also remove excess oil attached to the liver to protect the liver.

2, black dates: Chinese medicine believes: the liver is not good, to eat black.

Black dates are very helpful for the maintenance of the liver. This is because black dates are rich in calcium and iron. These two substances can be used to supplement the liver and improve the hematopoietic function of the liver.

Moreover, black dates contain a lot of aloe vera, which is very helpful for lowering cholesterol, so eating black dates can not only clean the liver, but also benefit blood vessels.

3, fungus: people with bad liver, you can also eat more fungus, fungus has a clear toxin, lowering cholesterol.

The fungus is rich in vitamin b2 and hydrochloric acid. These two substances act on the human body, which can lower the body’s cholesterol and prevent ulceration in the liver.

Therefore, people with poor liver can eat more fungus, which can help the liver to excrete liver poison and protect liver cells.

4, dandelion: dandelion has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, people with poor liver use dandelion soaked in water to drink, can inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the liver, but also repair damaged liver cells.

Dandelion also has the effect of detoxification and detoxification. This is because dandelion has the effect of diuretic swelling, which can eliminate toxins by urination.

Therefore, drinking water with dandelion is too toxin to the liver.

If the liver has problems and cannot be excreted from the body, it will accelerate the body’s aging. Beyond these foods, it is a “natural detoxification king.” Eat a little every day, which can replace the toxins for the liver, repair damaged liver cells, and make the liver moreClean and good for health.

People with bad livers should not only pay attention to healthy living habits in daily life, but also care for the liver through diet therapy to make the liver healthier.

In addition, do you know what foods can help the liver detox?

Characteristics and harms of hypertension in the elderly


Characteristics and harms of hypertension in the elderly

After middle-aged people, due to the reduction of physical activity, the basal metabolic rate is reduced, and the body gradually becomes blessed.

After obesity, if you don’t lose weight in time, it will continue to be obese.

Older high blood pressure is accompanied by high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, obesity liver, osteoarthrosis, etc., and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebrovascular accidents and myocardial infarction may occur at any time.

銆€銆€What are the characteristics of obesity?

銆€銆€Old age obesity is not the same as that of young people. Its characteristics are: 1.

The relative error of the old age is gradually decreasing with the increase of age.


Civilian personnel and administrative cadres are temporarily higher in rural areas.


There are more mental workers than manual workers.


Often combined with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, cholecystitis, gallstones and so on.


A history of improper medication, such as long-term use of hormones.


Changes in mood, changes in eating habits, and changes in the environment can also promote excessive production.

銆€銆€The elderly are obese, prone to various diseases and affect health.

銆€銆€Mainly: 1.

Diabetes mellitus and diabetes are closely related.

A survey of more than 3 million people in 14 provinces and cities has shown that the incidence of diabetes in the normal population is zero.

26%, and the incidence of overweight is implanted 2.

82% is more than 10 times that of the former.

Obesity eats more than the body needs, too much eating excessive stimulation of islet secretion, hyperinsulinemia, because the cells of the excessive disease are not sensitive to insulin, will increase insulin secretion, so that islet load is aggravatedThe islet cells proliferate and hypertrophy, which can lead to diabetic island failure and diabetes.

In addition, high blood pressure is often accompanied by hyperlipidemia, often occurs in micro-metabolism, which increases free fatty acids, aggravates the disorder of glucose metabolism, and is more likely to induce diabetes.


Hypertension and hypertension are risk factors for the development of hypertension.

A survey of middle-aged and elderly people showed that the body mass index was less than 20 and the incidence of hypertension was 7 .

55%, the body mass index 24-26 between the recovery of hypertension and 20.

26%, when the body mass index is greater than 28, the prevalence rate is 36.


Hypertensive patients have a large increase in mild tissue, and must increase blood volume and cardiac output to meet the needs of the body. Long-term cardiac overload causes left ventricular hypertrophy and elevated blood pressure.

As a result, hypertensive patients often have hyperinsulinemia, and insulin can promote the reabsorption of sodium by the end of renal tubules, causing sodium retention and causing hypertension.

In addition, the adrenal cortex function is active in hypertensive patients, the cortisol conversion rate is increased, the hydroxylation of corticosterone and deoxycorticosterone is enhanced, and the blood pressure is increased.

Therefore, high blood pressure is an important risk factor for hypertension.


A survey of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease showed that the prevalence of coronary heart disease was less than 20 in the body mass index.

72%, body mass index 24-26, the prevalence of coronary heart disease is 9.

91%, the body mass index is greater than 28, the prevalence rate is as high as 16.
Hypertensive patients often have hypertriglyceridemia, which can cause atherosclerosis.

Overweight, increased body surface area, excessive individual tissue, increased cardiac load (including increased myocardial load caused by fecal deposition inside and outside the myocardium) can cause cardiac atrophy and hypoxia, decreased physical activity in obese patients, and coronary collateral circulationOr insufficient.

These factors lead to arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.


Respiratory insufficiency is clinically known as obesity-hypopnea syndrome, also known as hypoventilation syndrome.

Extremely obese people have abnormal chest wall and abdominal wall, restricted respiratory activity, superficial breathing, reduced expiratory volume and reduced functional residual capacity, so that the lungs are close to the exhalation position. As the tidal volume is reduced, the alveolar ventilation is reduced.Ventilation concentration causes carbon dioxide retention, arterial oxygen saturation decreases, and patients may have purpura.

Due to long-term hypoxia, secondary polycythemia can occur, and blood viscosity increases, the circulation resistance is aggravated, the heart load is aggravated, pulmonary hypertension occurs, and chronic pulmonary heart disease develops.


Mild hepatic obesity can cause minor abnormalities in the liver, leading to enlargement of the liver.

Diabetes patients have long-term hyperglycemia, high adult diet, and hyperinsulinemia, which makes the liver synthesize triglyceride much faster than its ability to transport out of the liver, or cause very low-density lipoprotein to transport triglycerides.An obstacle occurs that causes triglycerides to accumulate in the liver and unfortunate liver.


The incidence of cholecystitis and cholelithiasis in obesity patients with biliary tract disease increases with obesity and age, and is associated with the synthesis of endogenous obesity in the kidneys and other tissues of obese patients.

The ratio of bile salt plus lecithin to plasma in normal bile is 11:1. If the plasma ratio increases, the plasma will precipitate crystals and precipitate, and easily merge into gallstones.

Gallstones have a direct stimulating effect on the gallbladder mucosa, which is easy to cause secondary bacterial infection and form cholecystitis.


Other skins may have fine reddish lines, distributed on the outside of the buttocks, upper cheekbones, upper abdomen, etc.

Skin wrinkles are prone to wear and dermatitis and skin diseases.

Long-term weight bearing can have low back pain and joint protrusion.

Is there any way to increase the weight naturally?


Is there any way to increase the weight naturally?

Q: I am 19 and the height is 167 and the weight is 52 kg. Is there any way to increase it to 175 and increase the weight to 120 kg?

To naturally increase weight gain, do not drugs?
A: If you want to increase, you should eat more protein, especially foods containing “amino acids” such as: flour, wheat germ, beans, shrimp, crab, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, pork legs.Meat, eggs, milk, cheese and dark vegetables.

On the contrary, white rice, glutinous rice, desserts and other foods should try not to eat.

Coke and juice are also less delicious, because it contains more sugar, which will hinder the absorption of calcium. Eating too much will affect bone development.

In addition, salt is also the enemy of increased, must develop the habit of eating less salt.

銆€銆€For those who are thin, if they want to effectively gain weight without getting chubby, they must eat high amounts of food, and low fecal foods should increase food intake.

But if you increase, then eat more, eat more protein-containing foods, fish, eggs, lean pork and beef, drink more milk, and exercise a lot!

It is bouncing, running.

The height is really hard to say!

I often go to the gym, and now I bought a bottle called You En’s heavy muscle powder, not advertising, I don’t know if you have heard it!

Already contain whey protein, there are a lot of transformation, rich residue and multi-vitamin minerals, which are all very helpful for gaining weight gain!

Don’t eat brown sugar, you have to eat!


This is the most effective way to eat!

Don’t eat brown sugar, you have to eat!
This is the most effective way to eat!

Drink ginger tea and add some brown sugar!

Drink tea and add some brown sugar!

Dizziness, feeling anemia, eat brown sugar!

Anything to order brown sugar, right?

You are not suitable for eating brown sugar, do you know it?

As the old saying goes, “Women can’t be without sugar for a hundred days” means brown sugar.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: brown sugar has “and spleen and liver”, “blood, blood, sputum and sputum”.

In progress, Director Yu Meixiang pointed out that eating brown sugar has certain advantages, but not everyone is suitable, it varies from person to person, and it is best to eat it under the guidance of a doctor.

(Knock on the blackboard, the following is the key!

First, dysmenorrhea, menstrual bloody sputum for women with dysmenorrhea, if there is a cup of brown sugar water in the moment of pain, it is a gift!

Brown sugar has the effect of warming and activating blood. It has been a must-have item since ancient times.

And it has ergometrine inside, which can promote uterine contraction, help the discharge of blood stasis, and has the function of warming the palace.

Women with bloody cold, blood deficiency and dysmenorrhea, drinking brown sugar water can alleviate discomfort.

However, irregular menstruation, women with frequent dysmenorrhea should also go to the hospital to find out the reasons for the treatment.

And can’t rush to drink brown sugar water!

Second, postpartum women have such customary places in many places: after the maternal birth of the doll, her mother will certainly give her a bowl of brown sugar water to drink!

Brown sugar has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so it is the best product to recover during the maternal month. It can help the contraction of the uterus in the postpartum period of pregnant women and help the mother to discharge the lochia.

Generally, you can drink some brown sugar water after delivery, but don’t overdo it. Usually take 7?
10 days, use boiling water to boil or boil, 30 times a day?
50 grams is enough.

When the lochia turns yellow or white, it can be replaced. Otherwise, the blood circulation of brown sugar will lead to an increase in lochia and prolong the duration of lochia.

Third, yin deficiency and fire, obesity and dampness, brown sugar is completely useful for women, and the elderly and children with weak resistance can also be used.

However, the brown sugar is warm, and the yin deficiency is not suitable for consumption.

Common yin deficiency fire anger is irritability, libido, dry mouth, hand and foot fever, hot flashes, night sweats, red tongue and little moss, always feel the fire in the body, more common in menopausal syndrome, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure,Diabetes, etc.

Therefore, these people do not eat brown sugar!

In addition, brown sugar is sweet, obese, and people who are damp and heavy should not eat.

If you can’t tell if you are suitable, it is best to ask a doctor.

Fourth, sealed storage, to avoid dampness Xiaobian remember to buy brown sugar before, the whole bag is wet after pressing, and there are ants.

Therefore, brown sugar must pay attention to sealed storage.

It is best to seal it in a glassware. Do not put it together with other items with strong odor, otherwise it will easily “absorb odor”.

Many people mistakenly believe that brown sugar does not have a shelf life, and how long it takes to put it for a long time is not correct.

When brown sugar is selected, it is generally selected to have a package, and the product with the shelf life indication is stored in the storage, otherwise the brown sugar is prone to deterioration and mildew.

Brown sugar is best accumulated after an hour or so after a meal. It is not advisable to eat on an empty stomach. Eating brown sugar on an empty stomach will increase gastric acid secretion, cause digestive tract metabolism, and cause blood sugar to rise. Therefore, people with peptic ulcer and high blood sugar should not eat it.

The high-quality brown sugar is bright in color and has a strong sweet taste. It must be preserved in quality and taste, and the flavor effect is excellent.