Prevent chapped lips and eat more salad

Prevent chapped lips and eat more salad

In the cold winter, delicate lips are most vulnerable.

Too many people are distressed that the crusts on their lips begin to appear, and they do not consciously tear with their hands or lick their tongues, but the more they lick, the more they lick, and the blood rips out.

Experts remind that the peeling of the lips in winter is because the human body has internal heat, so it is necessary to clear the heat at any time, and eating more cold dishes is one of the good ways to clear the heat.

  Experts in traditional Chinese medicine say that lips reflect a person’s spleen and stomach. If a person always uses his brain and eats hot food on his diet, his lips are prone to dry skin.

In addition, there are high heating temperatures in the house in winter, and many people like to sleep with quilts. There will be internal heat in the human body. It is best to eat more cabbage, cold salads such as cucumber, or white rice porridge and strong tea in winter.Clear the internal heat, or use the traditional Chinese medicine lily soup or prepared water to drink, you can also drink some raw land, you can clear heat and cool blood.

  In addition to dietary attention, lip care in winter is also very important because the humidity in the air in winter will first take away the moisture on the lips, so you should start with some life details.

First of all, do not try to tear the skin from the lips, as this may tear the lips.

Can be applied with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes, then use a soft brush to brush off the dead skin on the lips, and then apply lipstick.

The best choice of lipstick is to contain moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E oil. It can be applied to lips before going out, before applying lipstick and before going to bed.

  In dry weather, lips are more likely to dry out. Many people like to lick their tongues to relieve dryness. In fact, this approach is wrong.

Lip licking only keeps the skin on the lips temporarily moist, because saliva contains amylase, and evaporation of water left on the lips will aggravate its dryness, which will make the licking dry.

If the tongue keeps licking the lips, the bacteria in the saliva bring into the cracks and cause infections to form lick sores.

  Also pay attention to maintaining the indoor humidity, you can use a humidifier to humidify, or put a wet towel on the heater, at the same time drink plenty of water to replenish the body in time.

Various maternity clothes make you so beautiful

Various maternity clothes make you so beautiful

Young expectant mothers are increasingly demanding maternity clothes. Although the whole pregnancy process is only ten months, the mothers hope that they can be the most beautiful and most personalized pregnant mothers.The taste is displayed in the workplace and life.

What should the prospective mothers who are going to change dress look for when choosing a maternity dress, and how can they choose a desirable maternity dress?

  Correcting the Conceptual Mistakes Some mothers think that the pregnancy process is only ten months short. It is too wasteful to spend money on maternity clothes. Therefore, the first consideration is the price. Regardless of the fabric and style, as long as it is cheaper, this is the biggest mistaken area.

The first consideration when purchasing maternity clothes is the safety and health of the fabric. This is the most important.

  The choice of fabric Maternity wear is best to choose cotton or linen, this kind of fabric has good breathability and absorbs sweat.

Some mothers like synthetic fiber when choosing maternity clothes in winter. Although it feels thick and warm to wear, in terms of health, chemical fiber fabrics are not breathable at all and are prone to static electricity, which is harmful to the health of babies and mothers.In terms of fabrics, this kind of fabric is more draped and fits snugly. The belly of a pregnant mother gradually sticks out in the middle and late pregnancy. When you wear a maternity skirt of this fabric, you can only see a big belly at a glance.

  The choice of style should consider whether the style you want to buy is suitable for your daily work. You can choose different styles during different pregnancy periods: during the first trimester, the belly is still uncomfortable, but the waist is slightly thickened, so it is recommended to buy A-sizeOr no folded clothes and skirts, this kind of maternity clothes is not very exaggerated to look like a pregnant woman, it just feels loose and casual, and some clothes can be worn as casual clothes after giving birth to BB.

Mothers who want to wear pregnant women’s pants at this time pay attention, because pregnant women’s pants are generally adjustable elastic, and the grades of pregnant women’s pants, mothers who are used to wearing low-rise pants may not be used, andWithout protruding, the elastic pants will feel flipped, especially when climbing stairs.

  During the second trimester and the second trimester, you must choose a jacket or skirt with wrinkles on the waist, but you must consider the size of the chest and abdomen when buying.Not on; but if you buy too much, it will look awkward and sloppy.

Don’t think that buying too much maternity clothes is a waste, and these clothes are also good choices for home wear in the future.

  The size of the maternity dress is very particular.

  The clothes must be a little longer at the top, otherwise you will find that the clothes you bought in the first trimester will become shorter when your stomach is lifted up later.

  The length of the skirt should be reduced below. Firstly, it can protect the joints. Secondly, because the belly becomes larger during torsion during pregnancy, people seem to become more and more horizontal. Therefore, if the length of the skirt is too short, the proportion will be out of balance.

  Pants Buy pregnant women’s pants in the first trimester. It is recommended to choose a little longer, because the stomach will lift up the pants in the second trimester.

  In addition, do not want to make your clothes look like pajamas. In addition to choosing beautiful styles, you also need to grasp the size.

The shoulders, sleeves, chest and hips and thighs must not be too loose. These places are loose in size and feel like pajamas.

These parts will not change as much as the belly during pregnancy, so just a little loose when buying.

  The choice of colors is that some expectant mothers do n’t have a good skin tone. It is recommended to choose some light and bright colors to set off the skin tone. Mothers who do n’t usually wear beautiful colors can try this period. These colors not only make pregnant mothers look better.It looks rosy and looks healthy and mental.

Mothers with good races can naturally be of any color, as long as they enjoy the radiance of pregnancy.

More attention to eat bones and bones in winter

More attention to “eat bones and bones” in winter

In winter, it ‘s even more stressful to “eat bones and bones” and see the winter. At this time, the sun is short, the human body lacks vitamin D that can promote calcium to “camp in the body” in the body, and the amount of exercise is reduced.Can’t be avoided.
Moreover, in recent years, osteoporosis has leapt to the seventh place with frequent and frequent diseases.
More than 50% of postmenopausal women and more than 20% of older men suffer from osteoporosis.
Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to turn a blind eye to it.
So, what exactly should be used for “boning bones”, can “eat bones and bones” work?
There is much to learn.
  To know what to add, you must first understand what the bones are missing.
  From the perspective of western medicine, osteoporosis is caused by calcium loss, so “bone filling” is to add calcium and vitamin D, vitamin C, estrogen, etc. that promote calcium absorption.
But in Chinese medicine, the situation is much more complicated. The health of bones is often related to the health of various organs.
  The famous Chinese book “Huang Di Nei Jing” more than 2000 years ago said: “The kidney qi is hot, but the lumbar spine is not lifted, the bones are dry and the marrow is reduced, and the hair is bony.”
The “osteoporosis” mentioned here is basically similar to the clinical manifestations of osteoporosis such as low back pain, shortened body, humpback, and fracture in modern medicine.
  Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the root cause of osteoporosis is deficiency of kidney essence.
The kidney “main bone produces marrow”, while kidney deficiency cannot nourish bones, which can lead to weak bones.
In other words, bone health and “kidney” are closely related.
  In addition, spleen deficiency will affect the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus trace elements, proteins and amino acids by the stomach and intestines.
Qi stagnation and blood stasis are its contributing factors. Blood stasis obstructs the veins, and qi and blood fluid cannot support bones and bones.
  This tells us that if blood does not run smoothly, it will also prevent nutrients from being transported to the bones in time.
There is an old saying in China that “flowing water does not rot, and household hubs do not sting”, which also means this in bone health. Therefore, nourishing blood and strengthening the spleen are also the prerequisites for “bone filling.”
  Therefore, the regulation of osteoporosis should focus on “to make up for its deficiency”. Among them, the tonifying medicine is mainly tonify the kidney, the blood tonic is mainly to nourish the blood and nourish the spleen, and the tonic is mainly to strengthen the spleen and nourish qi.
From this, the current rules for the administration of osteoporosis in traditional Chinese medicine are introduced: the first one is based on the formula of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the spleen and benefiting qi.
Commonly used Chinese medicines are Shudi, Angelica, Astragalus, Lycium barbarum, Antler gum, Turtle board, Codonopsis sibiricum, Paeonia lactiflora, Cuscuta chinensis, Yam, Eucommia, Ligustrum lucidum and so on.
The second is to use Huoxue Quyu medicine as the main compatibilizer.
Huoxue Quyu medicine is the most commonly used Chinese medicine besides tonic medicine.
Commonly used drugs are Achyranthes bidentata, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Chuanxiong, Yanhusuo, peach kernel, pangolin, chicken blood vine and so on.
  In addition, pay attention to some bad habits that affect the effectiveness of bone filling.
Such as avoiding excessive consumption of tea, coffee and other irritating things; drink as little alcohol as possible in winter to avoid reducing the body’s resistance; do not add foods containing oxalic acid (such as spinach, amaranth, lettuce) and fish soup, bone soupCalcium foods are taken together to prevent the combination of oxalic acid and calcium into calcium oxalate, which affects the absorption of calcium; eating less greasy fried materials can also ensure tonic effect.

Seeing healthy Chinese medicine from your eyebrows

Seeing healthy Chinese medicine from your eyebrows

The ups and downs of the internal organs in our body will be directly manifested on the body surface, especially whether one’s health can be trimmed from the eyebrows. Healthy people’s eyebrows are neat and thin. How to trim and healthy from the eyebrows.

  How to polish health from eyebrows?

  1. Eyebrows become longer and easily aging. It is not difficult to find that the eyebrows of older people are longer than those of young people. The strong growth of eyebrows is a symptom of aging.

Such patients must pay attention to adjusting their lifestyle and diet, maintaining a normal appetite, increasing the amount of exercise, walking at least half an hour a day, and must not be too loose.

Usually massage the Neiguan acupoints and Hegu acupoints until the local soreness is felt.

  2, dry eyebrows indicate that the lungs are not good. If there are few eyebrows and dryness, this indicates that the patient’s lungs have a lack of lungs. Lungs can cause peripheral lung diseases, which are mainly chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough, and coughBlood, if not recognized, may cause dialysis, and when it is found, it has reached the middle and late stages.

When the eyebrows are dry, you must pay more attention and go to the hospital for a lung examination in time.

You can usually eat some foods that nourish the lungs, such as yam, winter melon, lotus root, radish, peanut, cabbage, lily, and white fungus.

  3. Eyebrows are prone to cystitis. Eyebrows are raised, which means that the hair itself is up, suggesting that this may be a symptom of cystitis.

When the bladder has a problem, the body’s detoxification work will also be restricted. The toxins on the body are not excreted by the urine and will condense in the body. The raised eyebrows also indicate that there are more toxins in the body.

Usually you must pay more attention to rest, to ensure that more than 2000 ml of water to wash the bladder every day, control the absorption of alcohol and caffeine food, do not urinate, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, choose cotton breathable underwear.

  4. Eyebrow replacement indicates insufficient blood. If the eyebrows are replaced for unknown reasons, it indicates that the body has a condition.

Patients with large eyebrows and easy implantation are generally frail and sick with qi and blood weakness. Such people are weak and prone to cold hands and feet.

Serious eyebrow obesity may indicate hypothyroidism, accompanied by deafness, tinnitus, dizziness, and dazzling symptoms.

  Tips: You should usually care for your eyebrows. When you wake up and wash your face every day, you should wash your eyebrows in order to remove the oil from the roots of the eyebrows and also help the growth of the eyebrows.

  How to protect the nature of eyebrows and eyebrows I think everyone has seen from the above, the scenery on its multiple sides is still closely linked to the health of the body.

So how do we care for eyebrows in our daily lives?

  I think everyone knows the nature of eyebrows first, and often combs eyebrows.

The eyebrows need to be combed just like the hair. Although the eyebrows are relatively short, there is nothing wrong with not combing them, but this editor recommends that you always use the eyebrow comb to massage the eyebrows and make them grow healthy.

  Second, wash your eyebrows frequently.

Not many people wash their eyebrows by the way when they wash their faces.

In fact, this does not achieve the effect of cleaning the roots of the eyebrows.

The roots of the eyebrows will secrete the oil from the eyebrows. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they will block the skin near the eyebrows, which is not conducive to the growth of the eyebrows.

  Conclusion: The four eyebrow languages are mainly introduced above.

These four conditions of eyebrows will be a sign of disease.

Longer eyebrows means premature aging; fewer eyebrows indicate a lack of lung air; upper eyebrows indicate problems with the urinary system.

Eyebrows are part of the body and one of the barometers that reflect the health of the body.

Are you doing the basic skin care steps right?

Are you doing the basic skin care steps right?

I believe that many MMs who love beauty will not neglect the maintenance of their skin and will never tire of it.

However, if the steps of skin care are done wrong, it is not worth it.

Especially now, after experiencing severe winter, various skin problems gradually appear.

Then, quickly check through the following five aspects to see if your maintenance work is correct and whether it is most suitable for your skin condition.


hzh {display: none; }  A肌肤护理并非需要使用同一系列产品  商家一般都会建议我们最好使用同一系列的护肤产品。In fact, we should choose the product that suits you best according to the skin condition.

For example, if you like certain series of lotions, but do not like this series of beauty liquids, then you can choose your own beauty liquids.

In fact, all skin care products are similar, even if they are mixed, after 2?
After 3 minutes, it can penetrate into the skin, so it is OK to mix it.

  B clarify the effectiveness and order of use of various skin care products. Toner, beauty lotion, lotion, and cream all have their own functions.

Toner: moisturizes and tightens the skin; beauty liquid: further tightens the skin; lotion: keeps the skin supple; cream: further moisturizes the skin.

  Cosmetic liquid is a special care liquid. Generally, if the skin condition is good, you don’t need to use it.

The difference between lotions and creams is that the moisture and oil content are uniform.

The oily and rich texture is a cream. In the period when it is easy to dry, if you still feel that your skin is not moisturized after using the lotion, you can apply the cream again.

  In addition, the horny skin becomes harder when the skin is dry, and suddenly it is difficult to absorb liquid skin care products at that time.

You should use a less greasy lotion to soften and soften the skin before doing other treatments in order to receive better results.

You cannot easily determine that cheap skin care products are not good. C cannot easily determine that cheap skin care products are not good. The prices of various skin care products are generally determined by composition, packaging, advertising, company size, etc.

High-priced products use higher cosmetic ingredients, but they may also be expensive for packaging and advertising.

In addition, some are due to the high quality of products and the effect of brand effects.

To be assured, you should choose more expensive products, but some companies have lowered their prices due to their size and output, and the price of single products will decrease due to the large output. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that cheap skin care products are not good.

  D. Choose skin care products that are suitable for your skin instead of skin care products, you must first understand your skin texture.

How to judge your skin?

  After cleansing the face, do not apply any lotion or lotion. Look after 15 minutes: the skin is still dry and tight-dry skin; itching and reddening-dry sensitive skin; the skin is tight but T startsOily-normal skin; non-tight and soft to the touch-often skin as a whole begins to oily-oily skin.

  Due to different environmental and personal hormones, human skin is different at all ages.

It was oily skin in the twenties, and it was not necessarily oily skin in the thirties.

In addition, as the seasons change and the physical condition of an individual is good or bad, the state of the skin also changes.

Therefore, you should regularly check your skin quality and choose skin care products that are suitable for you according to the situation.

  E How to save skin care products There are products that are particular about unused or unopened products. If you store them in a cool place, you can generally save about two.

Pay attention to the preservation method after opening.

The best place to store is of course a cool place, but it should not be placed in the bathroom or near water.

If it is placed in a dressing room or closet, it is better to choose a moderately cool place.

  However, any skin care product may multiply bacteria after it is opened, so even in the best storage environment, please use it within one year after opening.

Of course, it is also necessary to keep in mind the shelf life of the product. If the product has odor, discoloration, etc. when it is opened, do not use it.

If you’re worried that you won’t run out in a year, buy the small one when you buy it.

For our skin, don’t reuse expired skincare products.

Sex may cause some kind of genital damage


Sex may cause some kind of genital damage

The situation of genital damage caused by sexual intercourse is continually seen, unless there is a potential abnormality in the genitalia.

But then again, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases is mostly related to genital damage, because the damage allows the pathogenic microorganisms to enter the patient’s body, of course, the damage is mild, often difficult to detect with the naked eye.

What we are talking about here are all very obvious injuries.


Urethra – Intense sexual intercourse often causes urethritis in some men, especially if the patient has phimosis, poor personal hygiene, or when the woman has vaginitis.

The urethra will have tenderness and sometimes dysuria. Diagnosis and identification of the cause can be made by microscopic examination and culture.


Urethral injury – long-lasting intense sexual intercourse or excessive pressure on the urethra can cause urinary tract trauma and associated pain.

Because the corpus cavernosum is congested and hardened during erection, it is vulnerable.

Use of a vacuum suction device or a physiotherapy ring at the base of the penis to promote or prolong erection may damage the urethra.

Abnormal complications such as urethritis, urethral stones, urethral diverticulum, and urethral slenderness that have existed before have increased the likelihood of urethral injury.


Penile skin creation – common in bites, potential foreskin abnormalities and the use of tools.

In particular, the use of the appliance may suddenly become edematous and often difficult or impossible to remove the appliance.

Most of them can be fully recovered unless they are delayed for too long.

Sometimes urinary edema is a serious cause of dysuria, you may need to use a No. 2 catheter or a suprapubic bladder ostomy.


The foreskin is embedded in a man who is too long and tight in the foreskin. When the foreskin retreats to the coronal sulcus behind the glans, the foreskin cannot return to its original position due to congestion of the glans and edema of the foreskin.

At this time, the blood supply to the glans should be limited, so it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately to deal with this problem.


Retinal Pill Damage – In general, the retinal pill white film can withstand 50 months of force without rupture, and its mobility and location are deep, so the chance of lactic acid pill damage during sexual intercourse is rare.

If damage does occur, it is likely that the retinal pill is squeezed into the pubis or groin area.

If you suspect that the retinal pill is bleeding or the rupture of the tunica albuginea, you should go to the hospital for surgical exploration and repair.

It can usually preserve its spermatogenic function and hormone secretion function.

Diagnosis is difficult depending on the history and tenderness of the retinal pill, or the presence of surface rupture.

Whether there is previous epididymitis or hydrocele will cause sexual intercourse due to the activity of plasma pills in sexual intercourse.


Abnormal erection of the penis – rarely occurs when sexual intercourse is too long and the movement is too intense.

If this defect occurs, a blood test should be performed to rule out sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

Should also be asked whether there is a history of neurological disorders, trauma history, special drug history.


Penile folds – it is usually caused by a tear in one or two penis sponges, which only occurs when the penis is erect.

When the erection is thin, the white film is only 1 / 4-1 / 2 mm thick.

The tearing occurs mostly in the middle of the penis and longer.

The patient will report a snoring sound when the injury occurs, followed by severe pain and rapid swelling.

Swelling, discoloration and deformation are common clinical signs.

With urethral injury can account for 30%.

Urethral injury should be suspected when the urethral orifice bleeds, when urine or dysuria is difficult.
Sexual intercourse is not the only and not the cause of penile injury.
Most occur when you squeeze into the penis to reduce the erection of the penis, or when the erect penis rubs on the bed or on a hard object; it can also occur when the erect penis hits a kick, hit, or falls; the penis breaks during sexual intercourse.The erectile penis hits the woman’s pubic bone, perineum, squirting and slamming into the bed, or sharply changing the sexual position.

銆€銆€Retrograde urethrography can rule out urethral injury and identify the location of slender and hemorrhage.

If damage is suspected, the damage should be promptly explored and repaired.

If the penis is broken and the urethra is not damaged, surgical exploration or conservative treatment can be used.

Conservative treatment consists of pressure bandaging the penis, cold pack of ice packs, analgesia, sedatives, and injection of streptokinase (thrombinase). If the hematoma is obvious, blood stasis can be withdrawn.

About 10% of patients have residual penile deformation, erectile dysfunction, and due to residual traces and weak white membranes, it is difficult to have sexual intercourse, requiring incision and repair after surgery.

Conservative treatment requires hospitalization for 2 weeks.

Some people claim that active surgical exploration can make the function better restored, reduce the incidence of impotence, and shorten the hospital stay.

Regardless of whether or not treatment is used, erection should be avoided during rehabilitation, so estrogen should be taken orally for three weeks.

銆€銆€Genital damage during sexual intercourse is about to bring temporary psychological stress and shadow, but since most cases can recover quickly, it generally does not become a serious problem, so the prognosis is more optimistic.

What is good for vas deferens?

Vas deferens dialysis diet considerations

What is good for vas deferens?

Vas deferens dialysis diet considerations

The vas deferens bleeding is directly caused by male infertility, and it is also one of the most common infertility diseases in men. For patients with this disease, it is necessary to treat them in time, and also pay more attention to the diet to prevent moreSevere mortality, which can be used for diet, is now introduced to everyone.

What is good for vas deferens?

1, patients implanted with vas deferens are usually considered to eat more high-protein, high-transfer foods in the diet, such as patients to eat more lean meat, soy products.

2, during the patient’s illness, we think that we should eat more zinc supplement food, because zinc can relieve the patient’s condition, so patients should eat more food such as spinach in their lives.

3, patients We believe that in life to eat more vitamin-rich B1, B2, B6 food, which has a great effect on the treatment of this disease, need more attention from male friends.

The vas deferens diet diet notes male friends in addition to supplementing some nutrients in the usual time, too spicy food is also inedible, avoid smoking and drinking, eat less high-pressure meat, to the end of the source of damp heat, because the lower body is cold, sexual intercourseExcessive, urinary and other susceptibility to sympathetic nerves cause dysuria, should also be avoided.

In some patients, BFH is invasive, and uremia symptoms appear at the time of treatment. Therefore, elderly men with urinary abnormalities need to be examined and treated.

Usually take part in physical exercise, this can prevent diseases such as colds, and do not wear tight underwear.

Male friends must pay more attention to personal hygiene, and should develop good eating habits and regular work schedules.

The vas deferens anesthesia needs mental conditioning, keep the mood comfortable, do not overwork, should participate in physical activities such as Qigong, Tai Chi and other physical fitness, prevent colds, avoid urinating.

When do you get up every morning, is it better for your body?


Health care people don’t tell you casually

When do you get up every morning, is it better for your body?
Health care people don’t tell you casually

In today’s society, staying up late is a very common phenomenon.

Many young people are keen to stay up all night, or play electronic products before going to bed, which eventually leads to a late night’s sleep, while also getting up late in the morning, but in fact, such behavior is very unfavorable to their health.

Many people may question whether it is better to get up in a few days every day.

Scientific research has found that getting up between 6 am and 7 am is often good for your health.

If you can get up at this time, it will be good for your health.

However, if you get up at 8 or 9 o’clock, it is no longer the morning. People are prone to get up and get confused.

However, due to differences between individuals, the specific situation is often based on individuals.

It should be noted that after waking up in the morning, don’t worry about getting up immediately, instead of trying to move on the bed, unless you move your limbs and first-class parts, then lick your face. The purpose of this is to improve the circulation of the body’s facial blood as soon as possible.Wake up.

In order to ensure the quality of sleep, reduce the incidence of insomnia.

One hour before going to bed, try not to touch tools such as computers and mobile phones that can stimulate the brain. It is best to avoid some actions.

You can choose to listen to some light music in combination with the actual situation of your body to help sleep.

It is generally believed that when the time is broken, the sun is about to come out, and the yang in the human body is gradually rising.

If you choose to go out to exercise at this moment, you can better promote the operation of the large intestine.

In fact, accelerating the growth of the body’s yang, the body is bound to be more energetic, and even able to maintain energy throughout the day.

In fact, in normal life, it is best for people to consciously develop a habit of getting up early on time.

Once you arrive, you should get up on time, go out to exercise, and combine the actual situation of your body to try jogging, tai chi or morning exercises.

In order to ensure the effect of exercise, it is best to drink a cup of warm water when getting out of bed, and then pay attention to defecation in time, it is best to develop the habit of daily bowel movements to increase the effect of physical exercise.

All in all, in order to ensure the health of the body, everyone must adhere to a regular life and consciously work on time.

This will ensure the maximum intensity of day and night and reduce the incidence of disease.

Guidance expert: Gao Lingyu, deputy chief physician, Department of Internal Medicine, People’s Hospital of Geely District, Luoyang City, the first top 100 doctors in Luoyang City.

He has worked in military clinical medicine for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in internal medicine.

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10 kinds of fruits that are thinner and thinner


10 kinds of fruits that are thinner and thinner

Losing weight is one thing that many obese people can do, especially women. Some women lose weight even if they are not fat. There are many ways to lose weight. Most people choose to lose weight through diet and exercise.What are the 10 kinds of fruits that are thinner?

How to lose weight the fastest and most effective?

do not eat dinner can lose weight?

The following small series for everyone to explain.

銆€銆€The more and more thinner the 10 kinds of fruit, the apple apple contains excessive fiber, and the replacement fiber is good for gastrointestinal motility, resulting in detoxification.

Calcium in apples helps to metabolize excess salt in the body, which helps to eliminate edema caused by high salt.

Malic acid can metabolize metabolism in the body and prevent excessive lower body; pectin can also promote the discharge of lead, mercury and manganese in the stomach, regulate the blood sugar level of the body, and prevent the sudden rise and fall of blood sugar.

Apple is rich in potassium, potassium can almost alleviate the edema caused by excessive sodium, but also the role of diuretic.

銆€銆€2, the enzymes contained in oranges and oranges effectively inhibit the production of trace amounts of cells, coupled with the reduction of the body’s traces of dietary fiber and easy to produce satiety, so there is weight loss.

Oranges are supplemented with vitamin C and citric acid. The former has a cosmetic effect and has the effect of relieving fatigue.

If you eat the thin skin of the orange squeeze together, in addition to vitamin C, supplement the fiber, it can be laxative, and can lower cholesterol.

銆€銆€3, strawberry strawberry contains pectin and rich supplement fiber, can help digestion, smooth stool, also has an extraordinary effect on regulating free radicals and trace content of the human body.

Strawberry contains a substance called aspartic acid, which can remove the “slag” in the body naturally and gently, and has the function of detoxifying and nourishing the skin.

Combining strawberries and yoghurt is very effective for weight loss.

You can eat strawberries directly to drink yogurt, or you can mix strawberry juice with yogurt to quickly eliminate the feeling of being hungry.

銆€銆€4, dragon fruit dragon fruit is first of all a low-content, high-fiber fruit, eating this fruit can effectively detoxify and slim down, so won the weight loss people love.

Pitaya contains vitamin C for whitening skin and is rich in the ability to lose weight, lower blood sugar, moisturize the intestines, and prevent the function of colorectal cancer.

銆€銆€5, Hawthorn Hawthorn contains tannic acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, sugar and protein, protein, etc., has blood pressure lowering, promote digestion and digestion.

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn can strengthen the spleen and eliminate the product, which is beneficial to weight loss and can help secondary obesity.

Hawthorn is sour, sweet, temperate, stomach, liver.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Hawthorn diet, eliminate meat, symptoms, sip, sputum full of acid, stagnation of blood and swelling.

“This product has a strong ability to decompose and absorb meat and hard-to-digest oily foods. This function is beneficial for slimming.

銆€銆€6, banana banana is quite effective for weight loss because it has low conversion and rich dietary fiber.

Bananas are very sweet, so people are often mistaken for a certain high, but it is not.

A banana (with a net weight of about 100 grams) has a volume of only 87 calories, which is only about half of the amount of white rice (150 grams and 220 cards).

銆€銆€Bananas contain almost all of the vitamins and minerals, and they are rich in dietary fiber, but they are low.

Therefore, bananas are the best food for weight loss.

銆€銆€7, the enzymes in grapefruit grapefruit can “affect” the way the body uses and absorbs sugar, so that sugar can not be easily converted into sputum.

Grapefruit contains a special nutrient in natural pectin that reduces blood plasma.

銆€銆€8, kiwi kiwi contains a very good source of dietary fiber.

These dietary fiber can help the human body to digest, absorb and carry away many harmful substances and greasy small amounts inside the series. It has obvious effects on preventing and replacing constipation symptoms, and is an indispensable substance for weight loss.

銆€銆€9, pineapple and pineapple as long as it is rich in bromelain, also known as pineapple enzyme, has a similar effect of papaya enzymes, can decompose protein, effectively dissolve adults, especially to help meat protein digestion, reduceThe absorption of cockroaches by people.

銆€銆€10, lemon lemon with citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids and orange peel substitutes, pomelo peel mixture, ginsengyl and other flavonoids, also contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and niacin, sugar,Calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, as well as coumarins, sitosterols, volatile oils and other substances, can promote the secretion of protein-degrading enzymes in the stomach, increase metabolic peristalsis, help digestion and absorption and weight loss.

Talk about the main dietary principles of vegetarian diet


Talk about the main dietary principles of vegetarian diet

The scientific mix of diet 1.

Proportion of vegetarian diet: Some scientists calculated according to the physiological structure of human body, and the optimal ratio of human and animal food to humans is 7:1.

The sedimentary structure of this vegan ratio is the perfect proportion that human beings have gradually evolved through the survival of the fittest after millions of years of hardship.

The Chinese Nutrition Society clearly stated in the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines”: “Different foods, cereals, eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes, often eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, eat less fat and simmeroil.

Experts have suggested limiting the intake of high-cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, animal offal, squid, squid, and quail eggs.


Reasonable structure formulated by nutrition experts: In 2000, the per capita annual consumption was 400kg for food and vegetables, 18kg for beans, 24kg for eggs, 10kg for eggs, 15kg for milk, 14kg for fish, and 24kg for meat. The annual consumption of vegetarian food was 442kg.The annual consumption of foraging is 63kg, of which the ratio is exactly 7 to 1.

Human beings are mainly vegetarian, which is determined by many factors such as human physiological structure, providing nutrition and reducing diseases.

銆€銆€Vegetarian makes healthy and long-lived plant foods provide most of the energy of the body’s life activities, about 60%-70%. Vegetarian food is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and vitamins and trace elements are irreplaceable important substances in life activities.


Vegetarians are healthier and less ill: Vegetarians contain a lot of crude fiber, which can reduce fat and prevent constipation.

Vegetarians can improve the body’s immunity. Vegetarians suffer from cardiovascular disease, cancer, gout, arthritis, kidney failure, and cerebral palsy.


The revelation of the emperor and the monk: long-term adherence to vegetarian diet is mainly beneficial to health and longevity.

A comparative study was conducted on the lifespans of 838 monks and 28 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As a result, there were 736 monks over 60 years old, accounting for 87.

8%, while the emperor over the age of 60 is only 9 people, only 32.


The difference between the life of the monk and the emperor is of course multifaceted, but the monk is vegetarian, the tea is light, the emperor is savory, the extravagant and extravagant, the overeating, the overnutrition can not be said to be one of the important reasons.


Vegetarians suffer from a significant reduction in cancer: modern research has shown that vegetarians have very few cancers, Mormons in the United States, and Harts in Germany have a lifelong vegetarian diet, and almost no one has had cancer for nearly a hundred years.

A comparison of the blood pressure of 700 monks and nuns with a lifetime vegetarian diet with a non-vegetarian social population resulted in a blood pressure of 77.


3, and the social population is 82.



Vegetarians are smarter and overcome endurance: when a person’s body fluid is slightly alkaline, the speed and effect of transmitting information between brain cells are at their best, and people become smart, while the body fluid is acidic, the brain reflectsSlow, slow, and the efficiency of learning and work are in a low state, people are awkward.

Alkaline, meat is an acidic food, which increases the body fluid to become acidic after being implanted into the human body.

Therefore, vegetarianism not only brings health, but also makes people smart.

銆€銆€The cheetah is a typical carnivore. It runs fast, but it doesn’t last much.

Non-carnivorous animals such as zebras, antelopes, and camels. Although they are not as fast as cheetahs, they are very endurable. They run faster in a single breath than carnivores such as cheetahs.

Scientific experiments have also proven that vegetarians exceed endurance.

銆€銆€The main principle of vegetarianism is 1.

Every day you must eat certain foods: such as oil, eggs, milk, oysters and other meat products, to ensure the body must be nutritious.


Eat more soy products: Soybeans have the best protein quality and rich calcium in plant foods.


The staple food should be mainly rice noodles: in addition to rice noodles, potatoes and corn can be added.Potatoes have high nutritional value and can be used as staple foods or as a scale.

Eat more yeast-fermented steamed bread, bread to improve the substitution of trace elements, try to avoid whitening.


Guarantee fresh vegetables and fruits: more than 500g per day, especially red and green vegetables.

The variety should not be single, to ensure 尾-carotene, vitamin C and enough dietary fiber.


Do not avoid oil: the right amount of vegetable oil can avoid artificial deficiency, but also avoid the lack of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.


There should be a variety of supplementary foods: such as seaweed, black fungus, sesame paste, peanut butter, black sesame, walnuts, etc., from which calcium and iron and other trace elements and vitamin E.


More sunshine: to supplement vitamin D, which is rarely contained in plant foods.


Change the net vegetarian habits: It is recommended that the net vegetarians be converted into a dairy egg vegetarian diet. Drinking 1 bottle of milk and eating 1 egg a day is good for health and helps to increase life.