Zhejiang Dingli (603338) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Growth Interference Focusing on Arm-type Product Opportunities at High Base

Zhejiang Dingli (603338) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Growth Interference Focusing on Arm-type Product Opportunities at High Base

The impact of North American tariffs is expected to be gradually digested by the market, the company’s profitability will remain high, the promotion of arm-type products will be smooth, and the growth space is still broad. The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 5.

57 and 7.

01, 8.

US $ 8.3 billion, maintain “Buy” rating.

Profitability remained high during the single quarter transition period under a high base.

The company achieved revenue 14 in the first three quarters of 2019.

4.5 billion, an increase of 9.

02%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 4.

4.4 billion, an increase of 12.

02%, realizing net profit deduction 4

1.4 billion, an increase of 15.


Achieve operating income in the third quarter alone 5.

9.7 billion, an increase of 10.

41%, net profit attributable to mothers1.

8.3 billion, down 3.


Reporting average, the company’s gross margin is 40.

85%, compared with 40 last year.

66% slightly improved, compared with 41 in the first half of 2019.

A 73% drop from the previous month may be related to factors such as tariffs and income structure in the US market, and a net interest rate of 30.

69% high stable.

In the first three quarters, the company realized a repayment of 16.

28 trillion, net operating cash flow 3.

2.9 billion, ending accounts receivable5.

680,000 yuan, compared with 6 in the middle of the year.

12 ppm is down from the previous month, and the four expense ratios total.

05%, down by 1 per year / mo.

97 and 2.

10 pieces, the overall operating ability continued to excel.

The impact of North American tariffs may gradually be digested, and the domestic market is still the focus.

During the year, the company ‘s lowest product in North America has fully considered the impact of tariffs. At present, picking up goods is gradually recovering. The market is gradually digesting the impact of tariffs. It is expected that exports from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region will also form a positive hedge.

The domestic market is benefiting from the scissor margin bonus of rising labor costs and falling equipment rents, and sales are expected to continue to increase.

The company announced that it will increase the capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary by US $ 100 million. It is expected that it will enhance the financial strength, financing capacity and operating capacity of the subsidiary, provide better financial leasing services to the leaser customers, and promote the company’s product sales.

Arm-type products are advancing smoothly and are expected to become new growth engines.

We visited the Asia International Aerial Work Machinery Exhibition 2019. From the perspective of grassroots discoveries, leasing customers generally report that they are very optimistic about the rental level and leasing demand of boom products, and have a good evaluation of Dingli’s new arm products.

According to the company’s WeChat public account, the company has received nearly 800 leasing companies, and the arm-type intention order has exceeded 1,000 units.

At present, the domestic arm-holding ratio accounts for less than 20%, and the penetration rate still 北京夜网 needs to continue to improve. The company’s annual investment is planned to be invested.The US $ 9.8 billion new plant is advancing smoothly and is expected to drive revenue to a new level through arm-type products.

Risk factors: Less than expected development of domestic aerial platforms, changes in the exchange rate of the RMB, gradual expansion of overseas markets, and uncertainty in trade disputes.

Earnings forecasts, estimates and investment ratings.

The impact of North American tariffs is expected to be gradually digested by the market. The company ‘s profitability remains high. Arm-type products are advancing smoothly. There is still room for growth. Considering the impact of tariffs on the US market during the year, we lowered the company’s net profit 杭州桑拿网 forecast for 2019-2021 to 5.

57 and 7.

01, 8.

8.3 billion (previous forecast was 6.

06, 7.

75, 10.

7.2 billion), corresponding to EPS 1.



54 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Rimage (603730) 2018 Annual Report Review: Buy!

Underestimated reverse double-click value discovery first year

Rimage (603730) 2018 Annual Report Review: Buy!

Underestimated reverse double-click value discovery first year

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and gradually realized revenue42.

73 ppm, +31 a year.

61%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 5.

580,000 yuan, at least -4.

07%, the net profit of non-returned mothers was deducted 5.

2.9 billion, -4 per year.

35%, basically in line with expectations.

We 杭州桑拿 believe that the company’s excellent margin can be benchmarked against Fuyao, Minshi, and the interior decoration field has reached a global cost advantage. 2019 will be the first year of the company’s value discovery. We will continue to recommend buying.

The bottom is about to reverse and the faucet will eventually rise.

2018 was a low point for the company’s performance, and it also formed a historic bottom. Perturbations affecting performance include: ① the exchange rate of the US dollar was low in 18H1; ② the disturbance of changes in the fair value of currency exchange derivatives; ③ the rise of raw materials;The structural gross margin has moved downwards; ⑤ Sino-US tariffs dragged down 18Q4 sales expenses; ⑥ M & A consulting fees, equity incentive costs dragged down management expenses, and ⑦ cash acquisition 深圳桑拿网 financial costs dragged down.

However, the reversal in 2019 is imminent: ① Add order 1 every year.

400 million US dollars, the highest in the past 5 years, to ensure the growth of interim results; ② category expansion logic is gradually verified, the product gradually changes from sun visor (100 yuan) → headrest armrest (400 yuan) → ceiling assembly (1,000 yuan), currentlyHeadrest and armrest products have received new orders from US-German customers, and the global model of ceiling supply has been partially reduced. ③ Profit disturbance items have been reduced or eliminated. ④ Mergers and acquisitions have gradually transformed the synergy effect, and cost reduction and efficiency have been steadily advanced. ⑤ 19-year US dollar revenueDon’t be afraid of the depreciation of the dollar.

The cost leadership pattern is optimized, and repurchase dividends show value. 2019 is the first year of value discovery.

①The company’s core cost advantage is leading the world, with deep initial integration. It has existing multi-dimensional cost reduction methods for raw material formulas, component processes, and self-made production line molds. It has built cost advantages in the field of sun visors and headrest armrests and stabilized long-term profit margins.

② Overseas misplaced competition amplifies its advantages, provides prompt and thoughtful service + China’s labor cost bonus, which makes the company unique in North America. The sun visor quickly occupied the market.

The company expects to buy back 9.71 million shares + initial dividend 0.

5 yuan, the equivalent dividend is about 4.

6 trillion, equivalent index rate reached 4.

3%, highlighting the value of the company.

Investment rating: Revise down the performance forecast. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 7 respectively.



9 trillion, EPS is 1.



67 yuan, PE is 14.



0 times, maintain target price of 35 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: US auto market sales increase; Motus integration progress exceeds expectations

Baby-friendly Room (603214): The gross profit margin of mother-infant chain leader steadily increased, and the expected revenue growth will accelerate quarterly

Baby-friendly Room (603214): The gross profit margin of mother-infant chain leader steadily increased, and the expected revenue growth will accelerate quarterly

Key points of investment: The net profit attributable to the mother is 17.76 million yuan in 2019Q1, an increase of 46 year-on-year.

4%, faster growth than expected.

1) 19Q1 achieved income 5.

5 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

21%, net profit attributable to mothers was 17.76 million yuan, an increase of 46 year-on-year.

4%, mainly due to higher financial management income and government subsidies, deducting 14.48 million yuan in non-net profit, an annual increase of 24.


The business expanded steadily, profitability increased steadily, tax reform impacted the increase in stocking and dragged single-quarter cash flow, and overall asset quality was relatively stable.

1) The company’s profitability is improving and its gross profit margin has steadily increased.

In 1Q1, the company’s gross profit margin rose by 1 in the short term.

3pct to 26.

5%, leading to a net distance increase of 0.

7 points to 3.

6%, the company’s profitability has steadily improved.

2) The expansion of stores accelerated the current sales expense ratio, and the benefit scale effect of management expenses slightly decreased.

1Q1 sales expense ratio increased by half a year3.

2pct to 19.

9%, mainly due to the acceleration of store openings, and new stores are mainly large shopping malls, and the management expense ratio (including research and development expenses) decreased by 1.

3 points to 2.

3%, the cost is generally stable.

3) Receivables accelerate the 南京桑拿网 reduction of accounts receivable, increase the rapid expansion of stock preparation, and drag down cash flow in a single quarter.

As of 19Q1, the accounts receivable of 13.56 million yuan was 8.61 million yuan lower than the same period of the previous year, and the inventory was 5.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 31 in ten years.

8%, mainly due to the advancement of stock changes affected by the reform, dragged down net operating cash by 31.3 million yuan.

In 19Q1, it opened 1 to 224 directly-operated stores. The opening of stores in the second half of the year will accelerate, and it is optimistic that the company’s growth will accelerate quarter by quarter.

19Q1 opened 6 stores for a total of 3937 square meters, 5 closed stores for a total of 2211 square meters, mainly due to the adjustment of the channel structure. The newly opened area is significantly larger than the closed area.Prior to opening a store, it is estimated that Q1 same-store growth will be about a single digit, maintaining a better level.

Accelerated merger and opening of stores will accelerate the growth in the future.

Store sales accounted for over 90% of the revenue, and the gross profit margin of milk powder increased significantly, and the gross profit margin of various regions was stable and better.

1) In terms of business types: the gross profit margin of all items has been increased equally, and the sales revenue of stores that account for over 90% has increased significantly every year.

5% to 4.

9.8 billion, gross margin increased by 1.

41pct, e-commerce revenue was 13.46 million yuan, an increase of 84% in one year, and wholesale revenue decreased by 769 million, dragging down overall revenue growth.

2) In terms of products, the proportion of high-end products benefiting from higher gross profit margins increased, and the gross profit margin of milk powder, which accounted for nearly half of the revenue, increased significantly4.

89pct directly drives the company’s profitability.

Milk powder revenue is increasing by 18 per year.

7% up to 2.

600 million, gross margin increased by 4.

89pct to 20.5%.

Cotton textiles were affected by the adjustment of product structure, and the gross profit margin decreased for the current period3.

19pct to 39%, it is expected that the proportion of independent products will increase in the future.

3) By region: Shanghai ‘s revenue accounted for nearly half of the gross margin increase, and Zhejiang ‘s growth rate.

Shanghai’s income grows by 3 per year.

78% reached 2.

6.7 billion, from 1 to 83 net closing shops.

Zhejiang has a relatively high growth rate, with one net closing shop reaching 45 and an increase in revenue of 41.

2% amounted to 92.84 million yuan, gross margin increased by 1.

65pct to 23.

9% higher than other regions.

Jiangsu has three net stores, with an annual revenue increase of 18.

5%, Fujian stores did not adjust revenue by 20%.

The company is the only high-quality mother-infant chain target, endogenous + extension promotes accelerated exhibition, and the increase in the proportion of private brands promotes gross profit margin and maintains the level of overweight.

Starting from 19 years, the mid- to high-level equity incentives are based on 18 years, and the three-year performance target CAGR is 20%, showing development confidence.

We maintain our original profit forecast and expect net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



12 ‰, corresponding to PE of 29/24/20 times, maintaining an overweight rating.

Xiaomi’s live broadcast conference brings several sections of the fire to collect A-share concept stocks

Xiaomi’s live broadcast conference brings several sections of the fire to collect A-share concept stocks

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  The live broadcast conference of the new product of Xiaomi Mi 10 not only brought the gallium nitride (the representative of the third-generation semiconductor) on fire, but also made WiFi6 popular quickly, allowing securities firms to quickly launch research reports, and the relevant stocks responded with rising voices.

  As of the close of February 17, Tianyi shares, Gongjin shares daily limit, Broadcom Integration, Espressif Technology, and Zhongying Electronics followed suit.

  Why is Xiaomi’s first WiFi6 router, the Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600, so hot?

  The primary reason is that prices are low and speeds double.

  It is reported that the router is equipped with AIoT’s exclusive 600M dual-band WiFi chip, which can support up to 248 devices.

On the surface of the city, thousands of yuan are broken down. Xiaomi AX3600 is only 599 yuan.

  WiFi6 is the latest generation of WiFi technology IEEE 802.

The popular name of 11b is about 802 used by existing home routers.

11n, the expected acceleration of WiFi6 can reach 9.

6Gbit / s is 2 for WiFi5.

7 times.

  Xiaomi is a “price killer” for electronics.

In the view of an electronics industry personage, once Xiaomi intervenes in a certain product or technology, it means that its cost can be made sufficiently low, which also means that the product or technology is about to enter a commercial outbreak.

  Data show that in 2019, 11% of new products launched in the market support Wi-Fi6.

Due to the higher price and performance of the technology door, the next generation, only Samsung S20, Apple 11 and a few other mobile phones on the market support WiFi6.

  After the price drops, it will detonate other companies to follow, eventually forming an industrial trend.

Intel predicts that by 2022, 56% of products on the market will support WiFi6.

  As for WiFi6, market participants have also given enthusiastic attention, and long-term securities firms have launched urgent research reports.

  CITIC Construction believes that in the era of the Internet of Things, the coordinated development of WiFi and 5G has a bright future for WiFi6; the commercialization of WiFi6 will accelerate, and industry chain companies will benefit from it. It recommends focusing on opportunities in the WiFi6 chip, module and router industries.

  The reporter learned that Xiaomi’s AIoT router AX3600 uses Qualcomm’s chips. Due to the high technology of biology, at present, manufacturers in the field of WiFi6 chips mainly include Broadcom, Qualcomm and other giant companies.

  Among A-share companies, although there is currently no company that directly provides WiFi6 chips, the companies in the upper level of the industry chain are also worthy of 南京桑拿网 attention.

For example, Espressif Technology, Broadcom Integration, etc. have WiFi chip business, and Universal Asahi Electronics has WiFi6 module business.

  According to the CITIC Investment Research Report, in terms of chips and modules, Espressif’s WiFi 6 chip is nearing the end of design and is yet to be taped out; Broadcom’s integrated WiFi 6 products continue to be developed and progressed in line with expectations; Huanxu ElectronicsIt is the largest supplier of iPhone 11 WiFi 6 modules. It is expected that Apple’s new 5G product launch in the second quarter of this year will benefit significantly.

  CITIC believes that in terms of terminals and foundry, Tianyi is the only domestic WiFi 6 manufacturer with supply qualifications within the telecommunications operator system. Its WiFi 6 router has been maximized in 杭州桑拿 November 2019. It is expected thatThe order volume is in the level of millions; Gongjin’s WiFi 6 project has been expanded in batches; Starnet Ruijie also has WiFi 6 related products.

  Soochow Securities mentioned that in the WiFi6 industry chain, it also pays attention to WiFi supporting chips and WiFi antennas and modules.

Zhuo Shengwei’s RF front-end chip products are widely used in products from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and other well-known terminal manufacturers.

Xinwei Communication and Qualcomm reached a cooperation in the field of 5G chip LCPRF antennas. The company has become an antenna supplier for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other well-known terminal manufacturers.

  Guosheng Securities believes that the spiraling network speed under the consolidation of mobile is the fundamental.

WiFi6 will drive the accelerated upgrade of fixed network-related infrastructure, with optical transmission / access equipment and optical modules as core components. The industry boom will continue to heat up and enjoy the deterministic demand growth dividend.

In addition to the WiFi industry chain, Guosheng Securities also recommends paying attention to fixed network access providers such as ZTE, Xinyisheng, and Zhongji Xuchuang.

  Edit: Quan Zeyuan

Shaanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd. (601225): Volume and price increase, gross profit increases, logistics benefits last long

Shaanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd. (601225): Volume and price increase, gross profit increases, logistics benefits last long
Event: The company released the third quarter of 2019 report on October 31, reporting that the two companies achieved operating income of 507.5 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.4%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.8 ppm, a ten-year increase2.5%.  Both the volume and price of the coal business rose, and gross profit grew steadily.In the first three quarters, the company’s coal production index was 8352, ranking second among listed coal companies, each time +4.3%; 12341 sales growth rate, listed coal companies ranked third, +21 per year.0% (the increase in sales is due to the increase in sales of trade coal); sales income reached 488.100 million, before +24.22%, the average ton of coal purity is 396 yuan, +2 throughout the year.7%; cost of sales 274.9 trillion, +47 a year.27%, the cost per ton of coal is 223 yuan, +21 in ten years.7%; gross profit 213.200 million, +3 a year.4%, gross profit per ton of coal is 173 yuan, -14 for the whole year.6%.The decline in gross profit per ton of coal stems from the rise in the cost side. The rise in the cost side is due to the depreciation after the conversion of the Xiaobaodang Coal Mine and the increase in the tax rate of coal resources tax in Yulin City from 6% to 9% from January 1, 19.  The release of production capacity welcomes Menghua.Eventually, the current Xiaobaodang No. 1 mine (1300 tons / year) and coal preparation plant project have officially entered into joint trial operation; the Yuandatan mine of 500 tons / year will be completed and put into production in the fourth quarter according to the schedule.In 2019, the company’s production capacity increased by 1,800 tons, of which the equity capacity was 1,070 tons.Relying on the Jingshen Railway that merges with Menghua, the company’s northern Shaanxi mining area can transport coal to Central China through the Jingshen-Menghua.  The opening of the Menghua Railway will help the company’s 南京桑拿网 continuous production of coal.  Cooperate with Rui Maotong to lay out the coal supply chain.The company and Rui Maotong (600180) jointly invested to establish Shaanxi Shaanxi Coal Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. The new company has a registered capital of 4 billion and the company’s equity accounts for 51%.The coal industry is a mining industry, and coal production is a process of realizing natural resource handling.Starting from strengthening the supply chain system and logistics efficiency, the company expanded the coal sales market and methods to realize the company’s development strategy.The layout of the coal supply chain business will have a positive impact on the company’s financial position and operating results.It can be predicted that the reduction of the circulation cost will increase the company’s anti-cyclical anti-risk 重庆耍耍网 ability, and the improvement of the circulation efficiency will increase the company’s trading coal turnover.  Profit forecast and investment grade: We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 694.7.9 billion, 799.71 ppm and 823.33 ppm, net profit is 160.4.7 billion, 179.3.9 billion and 208.950,000 yuan, the budget revenue is 1.14 yuan, 1.26 yuan and 1.49 yuan, corresponding to PE is 7 times, 7 times and 6 times.The opening of the Menghua Railway will help the company’s coal business to grow on the demand side and provide power for the company to increase production capacity and profitability; the company’s layout on the supply chain side will reduce the cost side and increase the company’s profitability and stability in the long run.We are optimistic about the company’s future development and give a “strong recommendation” rating.  Risk warning: coal prices fluctuate sharply; supporting construction of the Menghua Railway is less than expected.

Yoga clearing meridian breath regulation method

Yoga clearing meridian breath regulation method

The first stage: a posture that can sit comfortably for fifteen minutes.

Keep the front end straight. Use your right index finger and middle finger to place them in the center of your forehead, and place your thumbs and ring fingers on both sides of your nostrils to control airflow through your nostrils.

Let the left and right nostrils practise five complete breaths. It is best that there is no sound when the air comes in and out of the nostrils; the length of time to breathe (counting one to five) is the same.

  The second stage: exhaling and breathing alternately through the left and right nostrils, breathing deep and natural.

The position of the hand and the number of exercises are the same as the first stage.

  [Note]During these breathing exercises, you shouldn’t have the feeling of shortness of breath. Breathing should be natural, deep and comfortable without any effort. Under the conditions you feel comfortable, gradually increase the amount of air you breathe.

  The third stage: advanced method of clearing meridian interest rate adjustment (internal suspension).

When you can practice the first and second stages comfortably, you can start the third stage.

At this stage, the time to inhale, rest, and exhale (one to five or eight dark numbers) should be approximated.

  The fourth stage: internal and external suspension.

At this stage, no matter if you breathe or breathe, the time should be changed.

  [Note]People with hypertension, intracranial pressure, or vertigo suffer from suspending.

  The meridian-clearing and breath-regulating supplement can remove toxins from the blood system in terms of physical health.

Gives the body extra oxygen to nourish the body.

All the old breath in the lungs is also excreted.

In general, if done correctly, the body will feel refreshed, peaceful and peaceful, and the heart will become more peaceful and clear.

This exercise helps clear the “obstacles” in the meridian system and allows the vitality of life to flow through the meridian channels.

Withdraw all kinds of human senses and consciousness from the objects of perception.

Health also needs to be pulled hard

Health also needs to be pulled hard

After entering middle age, the body develops more and more horizontally, and blood lipids and cholesterol also increase.

The gentleman who likes sports said: Come and learn to play table tennis with me, sports will help you get back to health.

The ancients: Do not learn art when you are over thirty!

But sir just dragged me to the event center.

  At the activity center, it made me an “eye girl in the study room” eye-opening, because they were live and alive, they were agile, little table tennis butterflies were flying in the air, and their mouths were still “degenerate””Ah” and laughter, joy filled everyone’s face.

  All of a sudden I was carefully rendered here, and whispered to the gentleman next to me: Well, you come to teach me to learn table tennis.

The gentleman briefly introduced me to the rules of the game, and I took a “blade” to shoot, and Fanmo appeared.

Only when I got on the “stage” did I know what it means “to watch the ball is easier to play than to play”. The racket was held in my hand and held the washing board.The racket and the ball fell out together.

There are a lot of people watching around, I feel very embarrassed.

However, I practiced again and again throughout the morning and finally sent the ball out. I was very happy.

  In fact, playing table tennis is a smart exercise. Every ball, hands, feet and eyes must keep up. Over time, you will practice sharp eyes and a strong body.

After about two or three months of practice, I can push back and forth with my husband for fifty or sixty times. Although I won’t smash it yet, I have developed a strong interest in the small national football.

  Now, not playing every weekend seems like something missing.

After more than half a year’s hard work, I almost “played” a slim figure, confident and healthy!

OL sedentary poses ass pain

OL sedentary poses “ass pain”

Maybe you are still striving to work in the morning, sitting in front of your computer and working diligently during the day. Even in the middle of the night, you are sleeping soundly, but you are suddenly disturbed by the pain that flashes from your hips like lightning.Your legs and feet are so painful that you have to stop your feet, stand up from a chair, or wake up from a dream . This pain even affects work and life.
“Sitting and dressing, and inattention to exercise, sciatica begins to favor women.
The doctor said that because the patient’s awareness of medical treatment is not strong, women who are affected by sciatica often have to seek help from their doctors when they are severe.
Two years ago, Zhang Xia worked as a clerk at a real estate company in the urban area. She sat almost in front of a computer for seven or eight hours a day, and the company stipulated that female employees must wear formal clothes and high heels to work.
Due to her excellent work, Zhang Xia has now entered the company’s personnel department, but her daily work is still inseparable from a computer. “She has always been called a” hard bench girl “when she reads books.
When it comes to Zhang Xia, she is very helpless.
After returning home from work recently, she always felt that her whole body muscles were stiff and stiff.
When writing a plan at a desk, Zhang Xia suddenly felt that one side of the hip was too painful to sit, and even the legs and feet on the same side were numbly painful.
She hurriedly wanted to get up from the chair, but who knew that one leg didn’t listen to the call and could not touch the ground with pain.
Zhang Xia stood against the table for about four or five minutes, and the pain gradually eased.
In order to work, Zhang Xia just rubbed her hips and continued to work.
“Now I can only sit on my side and not press my nerves, otherwise it hurts.
At the beginning, in order to alleviate the pain, Zhang Xia bought cushions and folded her laptop with a book so that she could stand and work, and then she would practice yoga or badminton after work.
But after two months, although the buttocks are not as painful as before, the paralysis of the thighs still exists, and there is a feeling of throbbing.
By the end of March, with the increase in workload, Zhang Xia did not have time to practice yoga and play ball, and this joint pain in the buttocks and thighs increased.
“Especially during the onset of the night, the buttocks hurt like a fire, making people sleepless all night.
Zhang Xia couldn’t hold on, and came to the hospital for examination.
Orthopedic doctors introduced that Zhang Xia’s problem was not just “butt pain”, it was actually sciatica.
Doctors said that many young people think that bone headache is a “patent” for middle-aged and elderly people, and has nothing to do with young people.
But this view just gives “sciatica” a chance.
“The main reason is that I usually don’t pay attention to sitting posture and lack of exercise. Over time, the butt on one side of the center of gravity must not be able to bear it.
“Actually, there are many urban female white-collar workers like Zhang Xia. Sedentary and sitting postures, coupled with long-term wearing high heels, have made sciatica a” office disease. ”
However, very few people realize that the problem is serious and consciously go to the clinic. It is not until the pain is unbearable that they realize the severity of the situation, but often the best time for early treatment has passed.
Low back trauma can cause disc herniation. Doctors explain that most of the sciatica in modern young white-collar women is related to their occupation.
Due to the spine of a normal human body, the waist is bulging forward, and the cheekbones (tail keel) are bulging backward, forming a normal physiological curvature.
However, most of the office chairs are straight-backed, and working postures such as putting your hands forward while using a computer, and working at your desk all add to the burden on your spine.
In addition, some women’s white-collar workers often wear high heels, causing people to lean forward, and the mechanics of the spine has changed, causing compression and abrasion of the lumbar intervertebral disc. As long as the disc herniation occurs, the sciatic nerve is pressed, causing severe pain.
In fact, in addition to sitting and high heels, some minor casualties in daily life may also cause sequelae of the disc.
Miss Zhao, who was undergoing massage treatment, said that about half a year ago, she participated in the tug-of-war competition organized by the company. At the moment when she leaned back hard, she felt her waist twisted. “I felt a little pain at the time, but I pinched my hands.Waist down, the pain passed quickly, and there was nothing unusual after that.
“But half a month ago, Miss Zhao’s buttocks often ached at night.
The doctor said that Miss Zhao’s ass pain was actually sciatica.
Trauma is actually a common cause of disc herniation, which compresses the sciatic nerve.
However, some trauma pain may be short in time and will pass in a few moments, so when the pain is relieved, the patient often cannot pay attention to it, thinking that “it is only a minor injury, and it is natural to not have pain”.
But in fact, at this time, the back muscles of the human body may have been damaged, and the protective function of the vertebral body was damaged, which caused the imbalance of the vertebral body. Slowly, the discs would protrude.
But some early lumbar disc herniations did not show back pain, but hip pain, followed by radiation pain in the lower extremities, numbness of the lower limbs, and by the time of walking claudication, disc herniation had gradually formed.
The doctor reminds the public that if there is pain in the buttocks and there have been injuries before, do not take it lightly and you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.
Frost-induced pseudo sciatica. Sciatica likes to “entangle” women, especially white-collar women. There is also an important reason-wearing short skirts and shorts in winter.
After the winter, many women like to dress like this: a pair of knee-high boots, a pair of black stockings, a pair of short cotton pants with exposed thighs, and a short coat, this dress is really set off by long hairA little more charming.However, it is not known that in cold winter weather and the costume of the knee can cause dysmenorrhea and pseudo sciatica.

Even in the cold and hot spring, you should not wear it like this. After all, there is still chill. If you don’t pay attention to protection, it is easy to cause some consequences.

The doctor gave an example. A woman who came to receive treatment before in winter likes to wear short cotton pants with a short coat, which is the same when she sees a doctor the same day.

Later, the woman developed lumbar pain, but it didn’t attract attention at first, and there was no change in her dress. She kept dragging it, and finally felt sore as soon as she sat down.

After examination, the female patient had “pseudo-sciatica.”

That is to say, the pain of sciatica is directly from the back to the side of the foot. Butt pain caused by pseudo sciatica is the most painful and painful stepping on the waist without pain.

Doctors believe that this type of pseudo sciatica is completely “frozen”, and the gluteal muscles in the back are swollen after frostbite, which compresses the sciatic nerve and causes pain.

■ Experts recommend wearing as little heels as possible. Experts in orthopedics point out that young women should not ignore tibia pain, which may be an early signal of lumbar disc herniation.

Especially office women who often sit in the office, they should pay more attention to correct their sitting posture. It is better to put a small cushion on the office chair, and they should get up and walk around every hour to relax the cervical and lumbar spine.

For women who like to wear high heels, it is best to change to flat shoes. If they cannot be changed due to work or preferences, the heel height should also be limited to less than 4 cm.

Don’t run fast in high heels and dance disco, because it can easily damage the waist.

For women who have experienced headaches and pain, functional exercises should be performed.

Get up early every day and walk backwards or lying on the ground with your abdomen on the ground and your head and legs up at the same time rhythmically, or take a supine position with your head and legs on the ground and rhythmically lift your belly up.

Stick to 15 every morning and evening?
30 minutes can help increase the muscle tension of the facet joints, reduce the pressure on the disc, and also delay the progress of the disc herniation.

Experts remind that if tibial pain cannot be relieved by taking the above measures, patients should go to the hospital for examination in time.

After a series of conservative treatments such as drugs and physiotherapy are not effective, minimally invasive treatment methods such as collagenase discolysis, radio frequency, and freezing can be used.

If the patient’s disc herniation has been associated with severe symptoms such as spondylolisthesis, osseous spinal canal fractures, and obvious calcification of the disc herniation, you can follow the doctor’s advice for surgical treatment.

5 bad phenomena after getting up indicate that you are getting older

5 bad phenomena after getting up indicate that you are getting older

Five bad phenomena after getting up indicate that you are getting older-unclean you didn’t expect-this guy coiled up to 5–6 meters is the place where your aging begins-indeed, because interconnection is ourAn important digestive and absorption system in the body, where nutrients are absorbed, toxins, and waste are discharged from here.

Medical experts point out that 90% of diseases in the human body are related to uncleanness in the body, and one day of not defecation is equivalent to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

  The most direct problem caused by initial aging is constipation, which can accumulate up to about 6 during initialization.

5 kg of stool, a large amount of stool was inserted in it, resulting in toxins, garbage can not be transferred in time or even re-absorbed as “nutrition”, resulting in a large amount of dullness, spotted acne, bad breath, both.With too much waste oil, the small “waist” essence was upgraded directly into a small “belly” woman.

  Dietary recommendations: sweet potatoes, miscellaneous grains, and other foods that add expected fiber.

Spine-After 35 years of age, the spine and lumbar spine begin to recede.

The S-shaped figure that women desire is not to say that your spine has to be S-shaped.

Scoliosis of the spine can cause many diseases.

The proportion of women to men is 3 times that of men with scoliosis. Women with scoliosis are particularly vulnerable, and a slight movement of one thing may result in lying in bed for a month.

Spinal diseases may also affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health.

  The investigation found that long-term distortion of Erlang’s legs could easily lead to bending over and hump, resulting in uneven pressure distribution between the lumbar and thoracic spine. In the long run, it will inevitably compress the spinal nerves, and warping Erlang’s legs will distort blood circulation in the legs and cause leg varicose veins.

  Dietary recommendations: Proper supplementation of collagen and calcium, sun exposure!

Teeth-rabbit incisors. If you find that your teeth have become longer than before, it’s not because they are growing, but because the gums are shrinking, and even some of the roots are exposed.

The average length of the incisors is usually 10-12 mm. The roots are exposed through the shrinkage of the gums. This number will increase to 15-17 mm.

The gradual aging of body functions causes the skin to lose its elasticity and the gums begin to relax.

  The best way to protect yourself is to keep your gums free from germs: make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and clean them with dental floss.

Gingival peristalsis caused by bacteria will aggravate the condition of gingival atrophy. Similarly, excessive brushing of the teeth will also take away the gingival tissue, which must be avoided.

Nose-Pinocchio effect The nose has a beautiful time limit. The most beautiful time of the nose is 20–40 years.

After 40 years of age, you wake up every morning and you will find that your nostrils are drooping, your nose shape changes, and the bridge of your nose is slightly sunken. Even, you can feel that your nose is much larger than before, so after 45, you can’t tell any more lies!!

This is because the nose atrophies like other soft tissues (skin, aunt, and muscle).

Over time, the bones will shrink, and without the support of the bones, these soft tissues will lack a supported base frame.

  Hair-getting thinner Under normal conditions, everyone replaces some hair every day.

However, if you find that your hair is thinner and thinner, and you have retreated the hairline, or the place where the hair replacement becomes thinner is getting bigger, then you are aware of the problem.

After the age of 35, the same proportion of men and women will gradually leak thinning hair.

The reason is also related to the secretion of estrogen, which has been considered as a protective umbrella for hair growth.

  Dietary recommendations: sesame, walnut, jujube and other foods for brain and kidney.


Eight Branch Yoga

Eight Branch Yoga

I have always felt that the yoga instructors in the gym are very watery, thinking that they only understand yoga asana, but do not understand the core of yoga-spiritual cultivation.

  Unexpectedly, a Chinese dance teacher I have always liked, but I have been practicing yoga for many years.

I talked to her that day, and I simply learned about the eight-point yoga, also called “King Yoga”.

  The eight-point method is the principle followed by yogis. Through these yoga practices, practitioners replace discriminative power, which allows us to produce false appearances in life and gain the ability to relieve pain.

  The colonial aspects of the eight-part yoga: 1) Yamas: refers to external control, the moral precepts of the universe.

This includes observing the commandments, not killing, being honest, not stealing, acting cleanly, and not greedy.

  2) Niyamas: Internal control, self-purification through self-discipline.

Quietness, contentment, asceticism, chanting scriptures, respect for God.

  3) Asanas: refers to yoga postures.

Also called tune up.

Keep your posture straight and keep your body stable. 4) Pranayama: refers to breathing rhythmically and controlling exhalation.

Also called interest rate adjustment.

Control breathing.

  5) Pratyahara: The spirit is freed from the enslavement of feelings and external things.

It means the feeling disappears and the heart is controlled.

Also called tune.

Control the senses.

  6) Dharana: Concentrate on your attention.

Interest rates are concentrated and focused.

  7) Dhyana: Meditation.

The spirit continues to the object of meditation. 8) Samadhi: The superconsciousness from meditation is fully concentrated in the soul and unites with the universe.

Into the setting, the so-called oneness of mind.

  Then she suggested that I start with the simplest and most core meditation practice, half an hour morning and evening.

Came back and searched the relevant knowledge online.

  The essentials of yoga meditation need to be mastered; first, as soon as we are seated, we must adjust our body, then adjust our breath, and then adjust our heart.

So how can we adjust our body, breath and heart?

  To readjust, you should first sit in your own sitting position. You can take different sitting positions according to your specific situation. For example, you can sit at random, sit loose, and sit with your left foot on the lower right foot in the single lotus position on your thigh.Double lotus seat on thigh, perfect seat and gold steel seat with lower left foot and lower right foot on lower leg.

The two thumbs with overlapping hands lightly touch each other, and various fingerprints can also be arranged; the thumbs of both hands touch the forefinger, the other three fingers are opened, and they are gently placed on the plated Tenggai, which is naturally comfortable.
  The performance at this time is to sit sideways, notice relaxation, and relax appropriately and appropriately. Use the top of the head as the reference point for adjusting the posture. Notice that there is a thin string pulling your head up, and then use thisLine to adjust the midline of the body to support it with the front end, not to align and support the head.

And feel that the head is empty, it may be empty, the front is loose, and even in normal walking, in terms of sitting posture and so on.

We need to meditate with bones, not with muscles.

The so-called meditation without muscles means that we don’t use muscle strength and let the center of gravity of the body form a triangle.

That is to sit on the bottom, shoulders, and then to the top of the head.

Note; our skeleton is used for balance, not for support. In the sense, muscles have no force at all, such as sitting, standing, and walking.

Yoga predicate is called the blue sky above the head.

  Then, adjust your breath, adjust the posture of the sitting position, start to adjust your breath, take two natural breaths easily, then take a few deep breaths, then relax again, and then breathe with your thoughts, knowing when exhalingI’m exhaling. I know that I’m inhaling when I inhale. During the entire exhalation process, my thoughts are only exhalation. During the entire inhalation process, my thoughts are only inhalation.

If the speed of thoughts is properly controlled, the speed of breathing must follow the thoughts. If the breathing is like a human body, the thoughts are the shadows under the lamp or the night light. Let the thoughts follow the breathing, and follow the pace.

Let your thoughts follow your breath step by step, and follow them easily and freely, but do n’t leave at all. When you follow your breath, you are inseparable. When you exhale, you know that the entire process of exhaling is exhaling.  And then there’s aligning.

This stage of reconciliation refers to the thoughts other than breathing, and this thought we call miscellaneous thoughts. Then, we have no resistance to miscellaneous thoughts, no unnecessary, any resistance to and disregarding miscellaneous thoughts.Come back to our own breath, come back to the breath of in and out.

Know when you exhale and when you inhale.

During the entire exhalation process, the only thought is exhalation, and during the entire inhalation process, the only thought is inhalation.

No matter what the distraction comes, continue to[exhale, know exhalation, inhale, know inhalation], whether it is some kind of distraction, whether it is intentional or unintentional, let our physiology relax, do n’tTake care of it, don’t reject it, don’t don’t want it, but simply return to income and income. This is what we call tune-in.

  The first five branches of the eight branches of yoga are the outer branches, the last three branches are the internal branches, the first two branches are the moral respects, and the last six branches are the practice respects.

Through the last six exercises, you can use various magical powers, such as insight into the inner activities of others, invisibility, knowing the predecessor, and so on.

There are five sources of supernatural power: innate, herb, Sanskrit, asceticism, and shamisen.

  If the yogi later also causes magical power, that is, the elimination of all karma, troubles and impureness can produce Fa-rectification, and she can destroy everything and achieve liberation.

  The Eight Branch Method adheres to the concept of “a healthy body is appropriately contained in a healthy spirit.” It contains all aspects of life, it helps people to change wrong habits, establish a correct lifestyle, and thus avoid the attack of disease; itTeach people how to look at people and things around them and actively adjust their mentality.

.In summary, the eight-branch method clearly divides yoga practice into two steps. It is a major yoga genre in India that promotes the systematic exercise of body, mind, and spirit. It is the most suitable yoga genre for Easterners.