Guangzhou Golden Pearl Yoga: Liu Fang

Guangzhou Golden Pearl Yoga: Liu Fang

Senior coach Liu Fang: Seven years of military frontline yoga instructor, member of Asia Pacific Yoga Education Association.

He was employed by Hong Kong Golden Pearl Yoga (International) Development Co., Ltd. as a senior coach of Golden Pearl Yoga Academy in China, and has extensive experience in frontline teaching and club operation guidance.

  Liu Fang, senior coach of the Asia Pacific Yoga Education Association’s China Mentor Training Institute, has been engaged in the guidance of Golden Pearl Yoga in the establishment of affiliated stores nationwide. He has rich first-line teaching experience and can tailor the best exercises according to the physical condition of the clientThe project has guided the successful opening and operation of the National Federation of Golden Pearl Yoga Clubs, and can well implement the club’s business plan and promotion plan according to market conditions.

In the national popularization and promotion activities of yoga body culture and sports, he has actively exerted his function and became one of the favorite yoga instructors in various places.

The workplace is the most vulnerable career

The workplace is the most vulnerable career

Entertainment industry film, television and singing industry entertainers index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ love life is too rich, handsome men and women around, such as clouds, huge temptation, there are too many reasons for derailment.

Looks like a lot of choices, but I don’t know how to choose.

Those who are famous also have to stay single, make the lovers behind them invisible, and occasionally even create some gossip, and have a good reputation for audience support and career.

The outside world is wonderful, but the outside world is helpless.

  Military make-up, styling, photography professional dating index: ★★★★★ This performance is outstanding among male workers. Due to the work relationship, a large number of beautiful women have become the beautiful objects of their services in the places where women are piled up. TheyChange clothes and pose in front of the man without fear.

Working in such an environment for a long time, I can see that the man has severe visual fatigue, does not feel to the woman, does not blame him, his character is affected, and the quality of love is also affected.

  Fashion designer, artist’s love affair index: ★★★★ Never satisfy your own design clothes, often creative and seeking new things without hesitation in design, almost all passion is created, so it is difficult to maintain a long-lasting friendship with friends.Passion.

Costume design is also a matter of acquaintance with art. If the road is different, it is difficult to conspire, and there are always some people who are inexplicable and difficult to get along with the artist!

  Military financial, financial management, accounting professional dating index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Want to date on time, unlikely.

Answering a call is also a long story.

Dealing with digital money every day, he is too busy to be black and white, counting money to live, people easily become stingy.

People in the financial industry are well-developed and intelligent.

There are many opportunities to make a fortune. There are more days in the sky than on the ground. Opportunities will always wait for these people. They cannot see today and do not know where they will appear tomorrow.

The suitcase is always ready for use.

Busy, high-intensity work is also difficult to maintain stable feelings.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the man marry a flight attendant of the frequent flight route.

In this way, the two can be anytime, anywhere.

If you unfortunately take a different plane, that’s okay.

  Lawyer Broken Heart Index: ★★★ Men: Because of his professional relationship, he must be rigorous and rarely smile from the heart. “Romantic” is not a word for lawyers.

A decent gentleman.

Difficult to communicate with.

That serious face only made the girl sigh.

  Woman: The woman’s lawyer is very eloquent. It can make men afraid, and it is difficult for men to get close. It is really “only look at it from a distance, but not play”.

Finding such a person as a partner is as scary as finding a psychologist as a partner.

One is sharp and logical; the other can see the bottom of your heart at a glance.

Slightly wrong step, either they flew you, or you can’t stand the drool.

  Journalist for military propaganda, editor’s broken love index: ★★★ Generally think that they have more contact with the society, know more things, are very narcissistic, a little clear, and have a low attitude of learning tolerance.

They are more paranoid about things and accept suggestions slowly.

Those in the military journalism industry do not know which one must stay up all night to engage in surprise attacks.

In order to “news ideals”, sometimes I really have to dedicate myself, and the risk of falling in love is high.

What is compulsive personality disorder?

What is compulsive personality disorder?

“What about forced personality disorder?

What does it have to do with obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Or is it actually OCD?

“A question like this may have been buried in your heart for a long time.

Experts will now answer these questions.

 The symptoms of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder are described in “Chinese Mental Illness Classification Schemes and Diagnostic Standards”: work requires perfection and step by step; unreasonable adherence to others must also do things strictly in their own way; sometimes hesitant; often notSense of security and diligence; often remorse and guilt after completing a job . It can be seen that people with compulsive personality disorder can still be clearly distinguished from others.

Of course, as a more common personality disorder, it is not equivalent to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is a personality trait that shows excessive pursuit of perfection, planning, over-tidyness, attention to detail, rigid behavior, stubbornness, and fear of making mistakes from childhood to early childhood. Its symptoms are realistic and sometimes invisible.Supports life and work stress; while the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder are often ridiculous, and the concept of obsessive-compulsive disorder is often an external manifestation of some internal worry. Compulsive behavior can only alleviate the internal worry, which not only does not help patients who are seriously affectedNormal life and work.

  Although it is indeed clearly different from obsessive-compulsive disorder, people with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder are also very painful and uneasy. They always feel a sense of insecurity in their hearts; they think too much and think that they have not met the requirements. As soon as others doubt it, they feel it.Uneasy; quick-paced, suddenly came overwhelmed by what happened suddenly, it was difficult to adapt.

Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to improve.

Prevent chapped lips and eat more salad

Prevent chapped lips and eat more salad

In the cold winter, delicate lips are most vulnerable.

Too many people are distressed that the crusts on their lips begin to appear, and they do not consciously tear with their hands or lick their tongues, but the more they lick, the more they lick, and the blood rips out.

Experts remind that the peeling of the lips in winter is because the human body has internal heat, so it is necessary to clear the heat at any time, and eating more cold dishes is one of the good ways to clear the heat.

  Experts in traditional Chinese medicine say that lips reflect a person’s spleen and stomach. If a person always uses his brain and eats hot food on his diet, his lips are prone to dry skin.

In addition, there are high heating temperatures in the house in winter, and many people like to sleep with quilts. There will be internal heat in the human body. It is best to eat more cabbage, cold salads such as cucumber, or white rice porridge and strong tea in winter.Clear the internal heat, or use the traditional Chinese medicine lily soup or prepared water to drink, you can also drink some raw land, you can clear heat and cool blood.

  In addition to dietary attention, lip care in winter is also very important because the humidity in the air in winter will first take away the moisture on the lips, so you should start with some life details.

First of all, do not try to tear the skin from the lips, as this may tear the lips.

Can be applied with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes, then use a soft brush to brush off the dead skin on the lips, and then apply lipstick.

The best choice of lipstick is to contain moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E oil. It can be applied to lips before going out, before applying lipstick and before going to bed.

  In dry weather, lips are more likely to dry out. Many people like to lick their tongues to relieve dryness. In fact, this approach is wrong.

Lip licking only keeps the skin on the lips temporarily moist, because saliva contains amylase, and evaporation of water left on the lips will aggravate its dryness, which will make the licking dry.

If the tongue keeps licking the lips, the bacteria in the saliva bring into the cracks and cause infections to form lick sores.

  Also pay attention to maintaining the indoor humidity, you can use a humidifier to humidify, or put a wet towel on the heater, at the same time drink plenty of water to replenish the body in time.

Gynecological consultation how to ask about menstruation

Gynecological consultation how to ask about menstruation

Inquiring about women’s menstrual periods and taking off conditions can help to understand the status of patients’ internal organs, meridians and qi and blood, which is of great significance for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

  Menstruation Menstruation is regular, and the uterine bleeding caused by it is the main feature of women’s maturity.

Menstruation has a normal cycle, menstrual period (indicating duration), menstrual flow, menstrual color and menstrual quality.

Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle is about 28 days. It is normal to lead or lag 7 days. The menstrual period is 3-7 days. The volume of a menstrual period is 50-80 ml.Sticky, blood-free, and odorless.


Periodic anomalies: Physiological periodic anomalies: there are points of conjunctive month, declining period, avoiding year and dark period.

Menstruation occurs once every two months and is called bimonthly. Menstruation occurs once every three months and is called menstrual period. It is called menstrual period once a year. Menstruation does not come for life and is pregnant.Dark scripture.

  Pathological cycle abnormalities: usually divided into early menstruation, late menstruation, menstruation has no regular difference.

  (1) Premenstrual period: refers to the menstrual cycle more than 7 days in advance, or even twice a month, known as the premenstrual period.

The causes of this disease are mostly related to Qi deficiency and blood heat.

If the menstruation is early and the amount is large, the color of the menstruation is purple or crimson, the texture is thick, and the patient’s tongue is red, it is blood fever, causing blood to be delusional.

If the menstruation is early and the color is light, the menstrual scale is thin, and the patient’s lips and tongue are pale, it is a deficiency of qi, because the qi deficiency is incapable of controlling the whole body, causing the menstruation to advance.

  (2) Late menstruation: Refers to the menstrual cycle that recedes more than 7 days, or even once every 40-50 days. It is called late menstruation, also known as delayed menstruation.

The cause is both deficient and real. Most of the deficient ones are caused by camp blood, and the yang deficiency is caused by insufficient blood, and the blood is not filled.

Most of them are blocked due to qi stagnation and blood stagnation, or cold coagulation and stasis.

If the amount is small in the late menstrual period and the color is dark, there is a block in the cold abdomen and the person who refuses to press is a blood cold; if the amount is small in the late period, the color is dim, the menstruation is thin, the abdomen is cold and painful, and the person who likes to press the temperature is a cold.In the later period of menstruation, the amount is small, pale, and the quality is thin, which belongs to blood deficiency; in the later period, the amount is small or normal, the color is dull or red, and the abdomen is full and painful, which is Qi stagnation.

  (3) Irregular menstrual cycle: It means that the menstrual cycle is indefinite, or one after the other, advanced, and more than 7 days back, it is called irregular menstrual cycle, also known as menstrual disorder.

The pathogenesis is mostly liver stagnation and qi stagnation, but also kidney deficiency.

If the menstrual cycle is not fixed, the menstrual flow is more or less, the color is dark and red, or there is chest pain, breast cancer pain symptoms, mostly liver depression, emotional damage, liver dysfunction, qi and blood disorders, Blood Sea’s ability to accumulate blood is abnormal.


Abnormal menstrual flow Under normal circumstances, the amount of menstrual flow may vary slightly due to individual differences (physical or age). When the human body is affected by pathogenic factors, there will be too little or too much menstruation, or even suddenlyPathological changes that continue to shed blood.

  (1) Menstrual cycle: refers to the menstrual cycle is generally normal, but the menstrual flow is increased than usual, and the menstrual cycle is said to be more.

Mostly due to qi deficiency, blood is not taken, or blood heat precipitates blood, and blood stasis is cohesive and blood is not due to menstruation.

Those with a large amount of light and light color, thin water, and shortness of breath are mostly qi-deficient. If the amount is large and bright red or purple, sticky with spots and accompanied by upset and thirsty, it is blood heat;If the amount is large and the color is dark with blood clots, and those who refuse to press with abdominal pain are blood stasis.

  (2) Lack of menstruation: It means that the menstrual cycle is basically normal and the menstrual flow is significantly reduced; or the menstrual period is shortened and the menstrual flow is reduced, which is called less menstrual flow.

The disease is mostly caused by insufficient blood, empty blood, or blood stasis, dampness of phlegm, blocking blood vessels, and poor blood flow.

Usually the menstrual flow is small and the color is light, and the person with dizziness is blood deficiency; the menstrual flow is light, red or dark, the space is thin, and the lumbar spine is weak, the kidney is deficient in essence and blood;And the color is purple and black with blood stasis, accompanied by lower abdomen, pain and refusal to press, belongs to blood stasis; less menstruation and reddish color, thick gaps, mostly phlegm dampness.

  (3) Collapse: refers to a sudden vaginal bleeding or inexhaustible bleeding during menstruation. The former comes rapidly and the amount of bleeding is large, such as landslides, which are called collapses, and most drips are constantly leaking like a house.

The two can be transformed into each other and often appear alternately, so they are generally referred to as collapse.

The formation of metrorrhagia is mostly caused by blood heat, spleen or kidney deficiency, blood stasis and other factors that damage the impulse, which leads to loss of solidity, which can not overcome menstrual blood and cause blood delusion.

Those who have a lot of blood and are eager or inexhaustible, with bright red and thick gaps, are blood heat; if they are both upset and hot, they are hypothermia; if they are thirsty and hot, they are real heat.

When the blood is faint and thin, accompanied by shortness of breath and fatigue, the person with pale face is spleen deficiency and Qi depression; if the waist and knees are weak, the person with cold chills and limbs is a kidney yang deficiency; the color is bright red and slightly sticky, andThose with dizziness, tinnitus, and weak waists and knees are of kidney yin deficiency.

If the time is now, the time is collapsed, the time is leaked, the blood color is purple and black with bruises, the lower abdomen is painful, the tongue is dark, and the blood is dark.

  (4) Amenorrhea: Healthy women usually have menarche at about 14 years old. If they are more than 18 years old, they will have menarche, or if their menstruation is normal and interrupted for more than 3 months, it is called amenorrhea.

However, women’s temporary menopause during pregnancy, lactation and some girls may have menopause for 1-2 years after menarche, which are normal physiological phenomena and not amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is formed due to deficiency and reality. Most of those who are deficient are due to liver and kidney deficiency, weakness of qi and blood, yin deficiency, blood dryness, or spleen deficiency, resulting in insufficiency of essence and blood, emptiness of blood and sea, which leads to amenorrhea.Wet block, so that the blood vessels are blocked, and the menstrual blood does not flow down to form amenorrhea.

If the 18-year-old has not had menstruation, or the amount of menstrual flow is gradually reduced to amenorrhea, and the waist and legs are soft, dizziness and tinnitus are liver and kidney deficiency.

If the menstruation is gradually postponed, the menstrual flow is small, the color is light, and then the menstruation is dizzy, the palpitations are short, the patient’s tongue is pale, and most of them are weak in qi and blood.If the menstrual flow is small and gradually ceases, and the five are upset and hot, the two frowns are red, there is night sweats, the tongue is red, and the moss is less, it is Yin deficiency and blood dryness.

If menstruation is stopped for several months, it is accompanied by depression, irritability, irritation, fullness of the chest, or refusal to press the abdomen and pain, and those with spots on the tongue are qi stagnation and blood stasis.

If the menstruation is stopped, and the chest is full of stuffiness, vomiting, phlegm, and obesity, it is a dampness of phlegm.


The color and particle size of the abnormal color are generally dark red with thick consistency and blood heat. The light red color is thin and the particle size is small.Retention; dark red with bruises, blood stasis.


Women with menstrual abdominal pain have menstrual cramps and lower back pain during menstruation or before and after menstruation. They are called menstrual abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea.

The cause of the disease may be due to emotional injuries or six sexual kinks, causing choking and stasis, and impaired blood flow; or due to inadequate congenital endowment or acquired dietary fatigue, resulting in liver and kidney deficiency and lack of essential blood;Or the spleen and stomach are weak, the biochemistry is insufficient, and the responsibility is lost.

Clinically common symptoms include qi stagnation and blood stasis, cold and damp stagnation, damp and hot betting, qi and blood weakness and liver and kidney deficiency.

How to overcome social fear?

How to overcome social fear?

Animal parasites are outward-facing, and social fear seems to be a substitute for some people.

Feeling imperfect, ridiculous, and funny in the eyes of others, and even pointing out the shame, despicableness, and morbidity in others ‘eyes, and treating others’ normal behaviors, voices, and expressions as disgust and contempt.

The true meaning of social life disappeared, and those who stood opposite him were unaware, but objectively became a mirror of the ego.

  It is an almost unsolvable psychological obstacle for a person to fall into tension with himself, and this conflict will provoke a strong neurotic conflict, accompanied by obvious tension, fear, blushing, sweating, and agitation (referring to extreme restlessness, nervousness)Status) and even escape.

How can you escape what you don’t like?

The internal pain, shame, self-denial, and even self-hate caused by social fear are startled by senior psychologists!

Sometimes, it seems that only the desire for death can calm down the anger of oneself.

  Culture, superego, or are you too good?

  When I enter people who face social fear, my heart is filled with awe of culture.

These people have a transcendent, perfect, and authoritative self in their hearts. It controls themselves with harsh “must”. There is a little imperfection in society, profound self-denial, derogation and blame.

Who produces such a powerful superego?

Nature is a culture that animals do not possess.

Culture stimulates people’s excessive pursuit of self-esteem, idealized self, and honor. As a result, it leads to a reverse, which suppresses and negates the neuroticism that oneself produces.

The shame of Eastern culture may be one of the important reasons for self-intervention, so there are many yellow people in social fear, and Japanese psychologists simply call it phobia.

  However, social fear has a deeper meaning. Generally smart, sensitive, and some neurotic people are prone to fall into such conflicts, and such people happen to be creative people.

Just as the colony needs only one queen bee, the natural elimination causes the bees that may become the queen bee to be eliminated early.

Neurotic conflict is a shortcut to self-destruction. Excellent people become mediocre and lose competitiveness through such torture.

So how you interpret social fear is important.

If you think your social fear is a disease, you get recovery, morbid behavior, and failure; if you read that I don’t love social, then you get time, knowledge, and inner peace.

Socialization takes oxidants. Philosophy, politics, literature, and scientifically accomplished people are mostly people who don’t like society.

  Allowing yourself for imperfect treatments for social fear is often not directed at the fear itself, but often at how to accept it and to avoid social behaviors.

I received such a case in an outpatient clinic when I was an intern in psychiatry at Medical University.

  Case: There is a 22-year-old girl whose problem is not dare to fall in love. Whenever someone wants to introduce her friends, she will faint in panic.

Dr. Xi Xi has diagnosed her as a social fear, because social fear began to happen only to a specific person, and then the fear generalized to many people.

At the time of psychotherapy, the girl was very fluent when she talked to the doctor about her problems. Later, the doctor pointed at me and said to the girl, “Okay, now you think of him as your boyfriend.”

“As soon as the voice fell, she suddenly became very nervous, her face turned red, her eyes buried, her voice trembled, and she seemed to die.

  The girl’s mother introduced her to an object, and next week she asked her to go to a meeting. She was afraid she would get sick, so she came to seek treatment.

The doctor said to the girl, “Don’t rush to talk to him about friends first. Go and meet him. Ask him for his name and age. Come back and tell me.

“At the follow-up visit, my mother said she was doing well this time and talked to the boy for more than half an hour.

The girl thought of the scene and said, “Because all I want to do is ask his name, not so much.

“Actually the doctor is doing progressive desensitization.

The doctor changed the meaning of the girl going to see her boyfriend. She used to see her boyfriend to get married, but now she asks the doctor what she wants to know.

By rebuilding the meaning of the blind date, the doctor shifted her internal concerns and eased her social fears.

  Admitting yourself frankly, acknowledging that you are not social, allowing yourself to be imperfect, and even willing to be a little different, annoying, is a cure for social fear.

There are many recipes for olives

There are many recipes for olives

Olive has certain medical effects and is a traditional Chinese medicinal material.

Olive flavor is astringent and astringent, it is flat, enters the lungs and stomach meridians, has the functions of clearing the lungs, clearing throat, regenerating Jin, and detoxifying.

In folks, there are many prescriptions for the diet of olives. They are ready-made as follows: 3-5 fresh olives for cough, 1 fresh radish, cut open radish, cook a total of tea for several days.

  For measles fresh olives, 3 grams each of licorice. Broken olives with licorice and decoction once a day for 7 days.

  Thirty olives for abdominal distention, calcined charcoal, finely ground, 5 grams per serving, 3 times a day.

Ginger soup is taken after meals, for 2-3 days as a course of treatment.

  Treatment of pregnancy vomiting green olives are not restricted, smashed, decoction.

  100 grams of fresh olives poisoned by mushrooms, pitted and smashed, add a small amount of water and mix thoroughly, take the juice.

  100 grams of fresh olives for eczema, smashed, add an appropriate amount of decoction, so that the medicinal solution is blue.

Apply sterilized cotton inhalation solution to the affected area.

  For the treatment of sore throat olives 2 pieces, including chewing in the mouth, soothing its juice, 3 times a day.

Four Basic Principles for Rice_1

“Four Basic Principles” for Rice

Many surveys at home and abroad have found that the total amount of food consumed is inversely proportional to the risk of chronic disease; however, a survey in Hong Kong found that the amount of white rice eaten is positively related to the risk of diabetes.
Similar findings were found in some US investigations.
Obviously, if you can’t eat rice wisely, you may cause yourself trouble.
  On the one hand, try not to add fat to the rice, so as not to add extra energy, and to avoid increasing blood lipids after a meal.
Therefore, it is best to eat less fried rice, add sausage to cook rice, or use rice containing fat to cook rice, which should also be avoided as much as possible.
On the other hand, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to rice, to avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it will not control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular accidents.
  What needs to be explained here is that adding vinegar, wrapping with laver, adding vegetables and raw fish in the middle is in line with the principle of lightness.
Vinegar itself can reduce blood sugar response and help control blood lipids; seaweed and raw fish are also cardiovascular beneficial ingredients.
Therefore, as long as you have not eaten salty dishes at the same time, laver rice rolls are a staple food suitable for chronic patients.
  健康米食一日推荐:   早餐:黄瓜三文鱼紫菜饭卷4个,牛奶1杯,柑桔2个   午餐:燕麦黑米白米饭,木耳炒黄豆芽,清蒸鱼,紫菜番茄鸡蛋汤   晚餐:自制杂豆八宝粥(无糖),芝麻酱拌菠菜,香菇炒豆腐,青椒炒胡萝卜丝   第二大原则——尽量让米“粗”   所谓粗,就是尽量减少精白米饭,也要少吃糯米食品。Their blood glucose response is too high, which is very detrimental to the control of blood glucose and blood lipids.
Only eating enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time can adsorb cholesterol and fat in the intestine, and play a role in reducing blood sugar and blood lipids after meals.
This can also make people eat slower and eat less, which is good for weight control.
In fact, most chronic patients are of the type with excess fat, and weight control is the first priority of diet adjustment measures.
  Some rice with particularly high nutritional and health value, such as brown rice, black rice, and germ rice, etc., have a relatively “crude” taste.
Although “coarse” is good for health, eating 100% brown rice every day makes me feel uncomfortable and difficult to maintain for a long time.
Therefore, when cooking rice, it is better to use some “coarse” grains such as brown rice, barley, and oats to “cooperate” with rice, and the taste will be more acceptable.
It is best to soak the “crude” ingredients in the water overnight so that they will mature at the same time as the rice.
  Special tips: Rice selection requirements for chronic patients Whether it is diabetic, hyperlipidemia patients, hypertension patients, fatty liver patients, etc., should not eat too much refined white rice as a staple food.
Diabetics require a staple food with a slower rise in blood glucose and a lower blood sugar load; Hypertensive patients require a staple food with as little saltiness as possible; Fatty liver patients require a dietary fiber-rich staple food; Hyperlipidemia patients require a choice to help reduceStaple food for blood lipids.
  The third principle-try to make the rice “disorderly”. When cooking rice porridge, it is best not to use a single rice, but rice, coarse grains, beans, nuts and so on.
For example, red bean rice, peanut oatmeal rice porridge, etc., are rice foods that are very suitable for chronic patients.
Adding these food materials, on the one hand, increases the B vitamins and minerals, and on the other hand, it can also play a role of protein and nutritional complementation, which can reduce animal foods while ensuring adequate nutritional supply.
  Of course, what’s more important is that this can effectively reduce the blood sugar response and control the rise in blood lipids.
Among them, the combination of beans and rice is the most ideal, because beans are rich in dietary fiber, the starch digestion speed is very slow, and some ingredients that delay starch to glucose, such as tannin and phytic acid, are the best for preventing chronic diseaseseffective.
  The fourth principle-try to make the rice “color”. Although white rice is crystal clear and lovely, it also means that it does not contain antioxidants and has low vitamin content.
If you choose colored rice and combine it with other foods to make the rice colorful, you can greatly improve its nutritional value.
For example, the addition of green peas, orange carrots, and yellow corn kernels when cooking is very beautiful, and it also provides vitamins and carotenoid antioxidants, which is particularly beneficial to prevent eye aging; for example,Choosing purple rice, black rice, red rice and white rice together can also provide a large number of anthocyanin antioxidants to help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  In short, because rice is a food that is eaten in large quantities every day, its nutritional and health care value is extremely close to everyone’s health.
If you think of these healthy principles of eating rice every day, you can accumulate it over time, and you can play a role in preventing disease and anti-aging, which is extremely beneficial to chronic patients.

Angelica jujube tea office workers must drink

Angelica jujube tea office workers must drink

Now, office workers are sitting all day, tired and exhausted, especially their eyes.

Angelica red jujube tea has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the face, and regulating the effect of qi and blood. Here is how to make angelica red jujube tea.

  60 red dates and 100 grams of angelica slices.

  How to make it: Jujube is split open, Angelica sinensis is cut into thin slices, divided into 10 portions, and put into 10 tea bags.

  Usage: Take 1 bag at a time, brew with boiling water, exchange after 10 minutes, you can brew repeatedly.

  The above is the production method of Angelica jujube tea. Angelica jujube tea can effectively prevent eye fatigue, spleen and liver, nourish qi and blood, and make the complexion ruddy. What are the office workers waiting for?

Various maternity clothes make you so beautiful

Various maternity clothes make you so beautiful

Young expectant mothers are increasingly demanding maternity clothes. Although the whole pregnancy process is only ten months, the mothers hope that they can be the most beautiful and most personalized pregnant mothers.The taste is displayed in the workplace and life.

What should the prospective mothers who are going to change dress look for when choosing a maternity dress, and how can they choose a desirable maternity dress?

  Correcting the Conceptual Mistakes Some mothers think that the pregnancy process is only ten months short. It is too wasteful to spend money on maternity clothes. Therefore, the first consideration is the price. Regardless of the fabric and style, as long as it is cheaper, this is the biggest mistaken area.

The first consideration when purchasing maternity clothes is the safety and health of the fabric. This is the most important.

  The choice of fabric Maternity wear is best to choose cotton or linen, this kind of fabric has good breathability and absorbs sweat.

Some mothers like synthetic fiber when choosing maternity clothes in winter. Although it feels thick and warm to wear, in terms of health, chemical fiber fabrics are not breathable at all and are prone to static electricity, which is harmful to the health of babies and mothers.In terms of fabrics, this kind of fabric is more draped and fits snugly. The belly of a pregnant mother gradually sticks out in the middle and late pregnancy. When you wear a maternity skirt of this fabric, you can only see a big belly at a glance.

  The choice of style should consider whether the style you want to buy is suitable for your daily work. You can choose different styles during different pregnancy periods: during the first trimester, the belly is still uncomfortable, but the waist is slightly thickened, so it is recommended to buy A-sizeOr no folded clothes and skirts, this kind of maternity clothes is not very exaggerated to look like a pregnant woman, it just feels loose and casual, and some clothes can be worn as casual clothes after giving birth to BB.

Mothers who want to wear pregnant women’s pants at this time pay attention, because pregnant women’s pants are generally adjustable elastic, and the grades of pregnant women’s pants, mothers who are used to wearing low-rise pants may not be used, andWithout protruding, the elastic pants will feel flipped, especially when climbing stairs.

  During the second trimester and the second trimester, you must choose a jacket or skirt with wrinkles on the waist, but you must consider the size of the chest and abdomen when buying.Not on; but if you buy too much, it will look awkward and sloppy.

Don’t think that buying too much maternity clothes is a waste, and these clothes are also good choices for home wear in the future.

  The size of the maternity dress is very particular.

  The clothes must be a little longer at the top, otherwise you will find that the clothes you bought in the first trimester will become shorter when your stomach is lifted up later.

  The length of the skirt should be reduced below. Firstly, it can protect the joints. Secondly, because the belly becomes larger during torsion during pregnancy, people seem to become more and more horizontal. Therefore, if the length of the skirt is too short, the proportion will be out of balance.

  Pants Buy pregnant women’s pants in the first trimester. It is recommended to choose a little longer, because the stomach will lift up the pants in the second trimester.

  In addition, do not want to make your clothes look like pajamas. In addition to choosing beautiful styles, you also need to grasp the size.

The shoulders, sleeves, chest and hips and thighs must not be too loose. These places are loose in size and feel like pajamas.

These parts will not change as much as the belly during pregnancy, so just a little loose when buying.

  The choice of colors is that some expectant mothers do n’t have a good skin tone. It is recommended to choose some light and bright colors to set off the skin tone. Mothers who do n’t usually wear beautiful colors can try this period. These colors not only make pregnant mothers look better.It looks rosy and looks healthy and mental.

Mothers with good races can naturally be of any color, as long as they enjoy the radiance of pregnancy.